A baby elephant was rescued

It's an amazing news that an elephant fell into the drain and rescued by many people in Sri Lanka.
A baby elephant was rescued


What a lovely resort!

It's definitely the most beautiful season in a year with fresh green and a lot of energy from the woods. I had a very good time to have great resort in the park not from the distance but in the neighborhood in the town.
It's so fantastic to be able to enjoy forest therapy easily.
What a lovely resort!


Flowers bloom

There are a lot of animation heroes in Japanese animation.
I was brought up watching them, Atom, Reo, Hyuma Hoshi and so on. They gave me great pleasure at that time and now they revive to show you how to get your dream back and make good passion. We can help each other to make our world happy like animation heroes.
Flowers bloom


Historical speech

It was finally realized that U.S. president Obama has visited to see Hiroshima and made a speech after 71 years from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing.
It's really historic and one of the most important events in 21 century.
I'm very impressed and think about those who had suffered and made efforts to make it come true in the backyard not only the Japanese but also the American. It was very lucky of the ambassador being Caroline Kennedy and the president being Barrack Obama and the staffs, too as well as the prime minister Abe and staffs.
It's the great step forward to the world peace without wars.
Historical speech


The oldest elephant died

It was suddenly appeared on the newsflash that 69-year-old elephant Hanako died.
Hanako in the Inogashira zoo got 69 years old this year but she canceled her birthday ceremony because of her bad healthy condition. I'm sure she was being taken a good care by the good hands.
The oldest elephant died


Ethnic restaurants

It's one of the pleasure time to eat out with friend or family. But it comes to be hard to find good places to visit again.
So I can show you the good one which I recently had.
Ethnic restaurants


What's this?

Today's topic is about food which I've eaten, my friend gave me.
It was for the first time for me. It tasted new but very familiar.
What's this?
What's this?


Dance party

The hydrangea is waiting for the rainy season.
In my garden tiny buds are starting to bloom now.
They're still young and small, cut and grown last year by Cherry who loves them and gave a good care.
Thanks for your lovely child! I'm a foster mother of it.
Dance party


96th birthday

How to get old well... Sadako always shows me. She forgets everything even just before what she ate or what we talked, so many things repeating and the same topics.
But I find it very important that her truth and gratitude never die after getting dementia. It's so amazing.
I think her life is really honest and confident.
96th birthday


Funny face

I feel very comfortable these days, no heater no air condition.
I come to think why nature is busy to be active and growing day by day. It's the best time to live close to the nature. I love it very much.
Funny face


New product

I really love Dyson cleaner Digital Slim in my house.
I love to use it and clean all my places easily and fast.
I couldn't use it when I had hurt my right arm but I could handle both arms, left one covering the right.
This time Dyson's released a new product, a hair dryer of cool and stylish design.
I'd love to try to use it.
New product by Dyson


Raising children

It's a lovely scene to see a wild duck family in the river.
A mother had 6 babies and caring them carefully. I really pray for the little tiny life could survive and grow well and fast like a mother.
Duck family



The power of seeds

It was much colder yesterday morning than those past a few days. It was about 10C difference below than before. So it made my shoulder ache more than a little. It's so clear that the temperature caused a lot of influence to me, recently as getting old...it's kind of sad but I need to accept it.
Anyway I tried to build another new page on "Wordpress" because "jugemu" didn't effect any comment by Odekyu and mine,too.
Let me do "trials and errors" till getting good results.
I'll never give up!

The power of seeds-It's a new world


Cat acrobatic tightrope

It's been a problem that you can't post comments from iPhone on this "Blogger".
I tried to research to improve it but it doesn't make any solutions.
So I'm testing that another space of "jugemu" can make it possible to get comments from any devices.
Please try and send comments from the new space.
Cat tightrope


Hero dog saved 7-year-old girl

It's very shocking and breathtaking news that a family German Shepard dog saved 7-year-old daughter from the rattle snake though he got bite 7 injured, fighting against the rattle snake.
He was deadly wounded by the attack of the rattle snake. And fortunately he was immediately rescued and got treated with a high quality medicine by the warm hands' donation. Because his act was widely praised as a great hero dog.
Hero dog saved 7-year-old girl from the rattle snake


What's this?

What do you think it is?
I give you a question.

The answer is the following.

It's a porch made of zipper.


Walking with a pet tortoise

" Bon chan " is an idol in the area of Tsukishima. It's a 20-year- old Geochelone sulcata tortoise.
Mr. Mitani walks with Bon chan every day around the neighborhood. They are very popular among people and tourists visiting there.
I'd like to see them and touch Bin chan someday.
Walking with a pet tortoise


Clear sky

It was really beautiful sky yesterday and the top of the mountain showed up above the cloud.
I felt like in the brightness and in peace.
I thank it for giving me an excellent view for the day long.


A new born baby from 70 years old mom

It's so sensational that 70-year-old woman in India gave birth to a baby for the first time.
The husband is 79 year-old.
What will happen for the baby in the future, I'm worried but the couple doesn't care about it.
Is it sane or not?
A new born child from 70 years old mom


Basil seeds

It's season to plant in the garden.
I'm thinking to grow basil as last year. But I took seeds from the one last year.
So I try to seed but it's not easy to sprout it.( I used to buy young plants because it's much easier)

I planted the seeds on the plate two weeks ago. And then it sprouted after about ten days.
Now it's growing a little by little.
I'm not sure how to make them grow healthy.
Maybe I would replant into the rich soil carefully.
It's very interesting to see the sprouts getting to grow.


PM 2.5

Yesterday it was cloudy so I walked my dog without wearing mask or hat in the afternoon. And more I was working outside weeding for a while until pulling the tall rapid growing plants out.
I didn't feel cold or sick at that time but I began to get sneeze and sore throat at night. I felt bad and went to bed early with a medicine.
I think it was something wrong in the air....so I checked it on the net.
Obviously the pm2.5 was a lot yesterday even though less yellow sand because of no wind.
Be careful this week!
There will be caution of pm2.5 a lot this week.
So never forget wearing mask and glasses and hat when you walk outside.

pm 2.5


How do I look?

It's very funny and playful site that Microsoft releases.
It's "How-old.net".
You can be estimated how old you look through the web camera by the computer.
I tried twice but it made me flatter to look much younger and treat to feel in the magic.
The site would attract people to tell you younger and make smile.
How do I look?


A mom for zoo orphans

It's so amazing that a dog raises orphan animal babies at the zoo.
"A 5-year-old Australian shepherd who mothers orphaned baby animals at the Cincinnati Zoo (too cute, we know). This patient rescue pup shows baby cheetahs, wallabies, foxes and the occasional warthog how to play and socialize like real, well, animals."
A great foster mother


May Storm

It's been very stormy for weeks.
Weather reports say "May Storm" when getting warm the cold weather crushes and battles to cause the strong storm like typhoon.
I feel it very uneasy and dangerous every day.
There were many problems caused by the storm here and there.
And it makes the matters worse that storm brings us yellow sands which contaminated with virus and poison pm2.5 from the continent.
So you should wear masks when you go out and avoid from getting sickness.

May storm
Alert of pm2.5


Shinda surprised to give birth a baby

Nobody noticed that 24-year-old gorilla Shinda - who is a bit overweight - was pregnant. After several miscarriages, she was expected to remain childless.
From the video, Shinda is really caring for the baby and treating her baby like her treasure.
Hope she will do mother work well.
24-year-old gorilla surprised people

Shinda gave birth a baby

I wonder how old Shinda for the human age. It can be estimated.

How old is it for a human age?
So Shinda gave birth a baby as 53 -year-old as the human age!
It's so amazing.


What's this?

I walked around the neighborhood and found a big tree more than 5 meters tall, which has blossoms on the top but almost green leaves.
The blossoms are falling and the shape is like a trumpet.
I wonder what this tree is.
Has anyone ever seen it?


GW eat and fun

Drove to the south on the route 41 before Takayama you can reach to the old restaurant, which serves Tofu steak, hormon famous in those area.
It's open 11:00am but there was already a long queue around 10:00 am.
I finally ate them at 12:00pm.
It was a long wait and drive day.


Hiving the nest

I look for swallows to nest in the countryside.
I used to find swallows nesting at Rinrin in Nirehara villege.
This time nests in the restroom were destroyed and broken because of droppings' dirtiness.
I felt very sorry for that.
Then I went into farther and found the nests were inside the shop.
I'm very happy to see them welcome and bough fresh mountain vegetables.


Flea market

I went to the flea market after a long while.
I used to go there when my children were small and enjoyed walking around each open street stall.
Once my daughter asked me to open a stall there and we tried one with some friends there. It was just fan of old memories.

Yesterday many people were coming and going at the area.
I wanted to some fresh vegetables but it was too late at around 8:30am though....I finally found the last two packages of small bamboo shoot.
I joyfully bought them and a wild plant "Yomena" at the other stall.
I'll go get fresh vegetables next month earlier in the morning.


Color Amber

It's time to open a barrel.
I made soaked the Chinese quince in the liquor last November, which was picked in the John's garden.
I tasted Karin liquor last night.
It's good on the rock and with sparkling water.