Increasing the number of foreign workers

It's reported there's increasing the number of foreign workers in Japan. It's because of students and job training so on.
It's said that the number will be 1 million in several years.
We should learn how to get along with different kinds of people and culture as well as succeeding our traditional good culture.
Foreign workers in Japan


The BOJ adopts negative rate

Bank of Japan adopts negative interest on Friday.
What's " negative interest rate"?

It's saying "By lowering borrowing costs, the central bank is hoping that consumers will spend more and stimulate inflation, or rising prices."

Do you understand?
What's negative rate?


Radish, season vegetable

It's very seasonable and sweet as well as good cost performance. The daikon radish has great deal of recipes on the table.
I use it for salad, oden, namasu, in the miso soup, ankake, grated daikon and so on.
There are many different kinds of recipes in here.
Which do you like to eat?
I'd like to try something new,fried daikon or sour daikon etc.

How to cook radish


The feeling of warmth

It's got warmer than last two days even 2 or 3 centigrade in the morning though.
Yesterday Mai spoke about it she felt spring after the cold weather since last week.
We can feel the differences of cold and warm comparing to the latest one.
So we can feel warm from winter to spring, while from summer to fall cold instead.
It reminds me of the precious wise word by Walter Whitman.
" About those who tremble in the cold feel the warmth of the sun . The more a person who has passed under the troubles of life know the preciousness of life."


The first word

My daughter says that her 1 and 2 months old son, Jace spoke a word which makes sense for the first time.
It was when he was taking his toy and happened to fall it down on the floor and he suddenly shouted out " Oh, no! ".
It was the first word though he had murmured a lot but not clear as a word.
He could finally start to use the communication tool.
It won't be long before he'll be able to speak and make understand himself.
We're looking foreword to seeing his growth every moment.


The Internet TV

It's very important and useful site by the government.
There are increasing the number of intelligent frauds here and there.
Especially old people are easily encountered damage recently.
So we need to be careful to protect not only others but ourselves.
The Internet TV


How much snow has fallen?

It's got huge amount of snow fall not only in Japan but also other countries in the north hemisphere.
It's really serious especially today, frozen and icy road are very dangerous to walk and drive.
It's rather safer to drive than walk on the slippery and sherbet road.
Everyone, be careful and watch out when you go out.
How much snow has fallen?


The funky vehicle

It's reported that the latest Toyata funky vehicle, "The i-Road's a new kind of three-wheeled concept that Toyota thinks we'll one day use to zip around city centers burning nothing but rubber.
It's so pretty and cool. It's more than 2 wheels motor bike less than a 3 wheels motor car.
The funky vehicle


Learn from songs

One of the enjoying and helpful ways to learn English is by way of English songs. If you like to listen and try to sing the favorite song, you can learn English effectively.
It says the Disney's songs are very fun to learn English from the young to the old.
The newest one is "Let it go" in the movie of "Frozen".
It's very famous and representative now in the world.
Let's start to learn by singing songs.

Learn from songs


The worst passwords

It's reported the worst passwords you should avoid and careful about those lists you should never use for.
There are lots of hackers and breaking programs on the web. We need to take it very important.
You know " Better than sorry ". We should protect ourselves by secure and unforgettable password. But forgetting may be the worst thing, may not?
The worst password


Rescued cub helped by a dog

The orphan elephant Ellie longed for a herd, a friend, someone he could make a strong connection with, and that someone was Duma the sniffer dog.
It's like an animation movie "Dumbo". It's real Dumbo.
Rescued cub was helped


Five stars lined up

Have you seen stars line up in the same sky?
The news report there will be five stars such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn shown to line up in the same sky early in the morning for a month.

"This is only for higher latitudes like the United States, Canada and Northern Europe, though — you might not be so lucky south of the border, but it's worth a try."
But I'm sorry it doesn't seem to be seen in our area because of not so high latitude and winter snow clouds cover all in the sky.
It would be so nice if we could see the stars show in the sky.
See five stars lined up


Did you know?

It's a little old article two years before but the content is still now.
It's about the toilet roll which we are using every day and having a very important roll as well.
Actually I didn't know how to use the tissue nor conscious about front and back side on it.
It says the right way to use it on the front side, otherwise you are having deficient effect.
It makes me very surprised and improve to use better way.
What about you?
The secret of the toilet roll


Let me be free...

The advertising got reputation recently. It's an homage of "Ofelia". The character is Kirin Kiki who had been affected by cancer all her body for years.
Her life is really independent and dominant for being an actress by her own sense.
She denies to get medical treatment but instead live naturally. She is saying " Let me be free when if I'm gone. "
It's so cool and decided life which we feel like admirable.
What do you think?
Let me be free when if I'm gone


How to make a king of waste

It's a very proud worthy topic about Japanese project of waste treatment.
Waste and garbage problems are very serious among developing countries because they don't know how to treat waste just throw away and makes amount of garbage mountains. But the poisoning bad smell and bacteria cause bad effects on people and environment.
The specialist of waste treatment, Dr.Matsushima has helped such developing countries just like being Japan by using " Fukuoka way ". This is very interesting and efficient project.
I'm very surprised at his great work; "Bikkuri pon!".
His project makes not only dirty countries clean but also poor people king of waste!
How to make a king of waste


5 years diary

It's been a half the month since the new year.
I've kept the new year's resolution so far....one of them is writing a diary for five years.
I have a five years diary which has 366 pages and one page has 5 columns for five years.
Actually I started from Dec.24 last year so my diary makes 366+365+365+365+365=1826 days from the end of 2015 to 2019.
I'd like to make my day important.


Hot water

It's informed that hot water makes you detox and healthy.
I've heard a cup of water in the morning is good but recent cold days it's impossible. So hot water is easier to take every morning.
But in my case I boil water by electric pot. It's saying the right way to make hot water is by pure water and kettle boiled for 15 minutes.
I feel like to do the simple method being healthy from today.
Hot water for good health


Nao; a robot teacher

It's reported that the refugee children are having problems with language. They need to learn German as long as staying in Germany.
So they help those who are not ready to go to school because of language. It's a robot teacher to give children language lesson.
It's so great and powerful support. IT technology will work a lot for the people in trouble.
A robot teacher Nao


Love in peace

It's so cute they are!
Incredible scene like a movie.
Infant species could love each other even for children!
So cute


There are 30,000 days

It's an encouraging speech by Drew Houston a CEO and a Founder of Dropbox.

Quote from the speech
I read something online that said "There are 30,000 days in your life." At first I didn't think much of it, but on a whim I tabbed over to the calculator. I type in 24 times 365 and — oh my God, I'm almost 9,000 days down. What the hell have I been doing?
( syncope )
So from then on, I stopped trying to make my life perfect, and instead tried to make it interesting. I wanted my story to be an adventure — and that's made all the difference. ( at MIT speech in 2013)
There are 30,000 days
I'm not sure how many days left in my life. But average of active life would be countable. It would be less than 10,000 days.
I'd like to make every day life new.


The cheap gasoline

Recently the price of gasoline has been down. So the differences of oil are competing between gas stations.
Yesterday I tried to buy gasoline at Costco for the first time. It's an amazing price ¥103 per a litter. It's much lower than regular gas station I used to go.
It's far to go to Costco for more than 20Km to drive but it will pay the distance by the cheaper gasoline. I could go to fill gasoline twice a month there.

The lowest price of the gasoline


A brave woman

It's so amazing video here.
I suppose that any one wouldn't see it without having great fear.
What do you think of this video?
I ask you to explain it.
A brave woman


Happy birthday song

I heard a good song on the radio in the morning yesterday.
It was celebrating "Happy Birthday". The lyrics are very warm and gentle, makes me happy.
It also reminded me it was the birthday of my son yesterday!
I immediately sent a message and attached this song in it.
" Happy Birthday to you. Please listen to this song during lunch time when you are free."
After a while, he sent "Thank you" to me. I was also happy to get it.
Does anyone have a Birthday person around you? Let them get this beautiful song and share happiness with me!
Happy Happy Birthday


Premium voucher expiration

I heard that premium voucher which issued from the local government in Toyama prefecture has not been used 60% though the expiration is coming soon.
I have not bought it nor didn't know it. It seems very profitable but it was being forgotten and left, it would turn lost at all.
Please be careful for the expiration.


Helping the senile dementia

There are increasing the number of the senile dementia as the older people are getting expanding society.
Some people who are having problems to wander around and got lost missing.
Some are saved, the others are found dead.
It's very sorry to have one in family.
I've heard an old man in my area has been missing since the end of last year. His wife has had heart diseases and didn't know when and where he had gone until the next morning at the New Year's Eve. The police and police dogs were sent and searched all day and night following his track. But he couldn't been found for a week.
It's really awful that many senile dementia are missing so much.
They might not been seen as they got diseases outlooking though.
Are there any effective ways to protect them?
The lack of police dogs


Computation may save the globe

It's reported really ideal and welcomed if it would come true.
The technology units human and computer and enables solve the global conflicts.
It means human power makes use of big data produced by super computer such as collaboration does working well in the medical problems, Alzheimer's diseases.It says that proves it.
So we wish the project of human and computer could solve the serious and dangerous problems in the world now.
Human computation technologies


1 year and two months Happy New Year

Greeting from Jace for 1 and two months years old Happy New Year.
Jace has grown a little boy not a baby any more. And my daughter said " Jace has finally given up breast milk! " He graduated from a milk baby.
It's so surprising for a year old baby growing incredible fast!
I hope he'll make his steps merrily and gently.


Friendship than food

It's so rare and amazing couple of a tiger and a goat. They have unbelievable friendship between the predator and the victim.
We're not knowing what's going on beyond expectation.
It's good to see good relationships to help each other.
Friendship than food



I've often noticed "IoT" in the articles recently.
What's "IoT"?
It's of course abbreviation of "Internet of Things".
There are lots of things which are organized with Internet around us.
They say Internet of Things.
I'm sure our life is much controlled by Internet. Without Internet, life line would be difficult now, then more and more coordinated with IT and IoT even helped by iRobot.
Let's learn new word.
IoT 1
IoT 2


The first dream

I made my resolution for this year " confident, steady and forward ", something like that.
But the first dream last night was a kind of puzzled and uneasy one such as a nightmare.
I couldn't sleep any more and couldn't help waking up free from the bad dream.
Anyway I'm going to enjoy "Hakone Ekiden" so far.
Let's have excited and big cheer.


Happy New Year

Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

The first sunrise from the Mt.Fuji around 6:50am