Twilight zone

In the evening it was great.
I like to go to the west to see the end of the sunset.
I happened to take the photos of the view on my way home in the evening yesterday and before yesterday.


Use your noodle

"English conversation time trial"
The target this week is "Use your noodle"
What does it mean?
"noodle" is as you know long, thin and soft food like pasta. We can eat in soup or sauce. I often eat Japanese noodle "soba" or "ramen", of course Italian pasta as well.
By the way, why do we need to use those noodle in English conversation ?
Answer is "noodle" used as the same as "brain" or "head".
It's just a slang in English.
So the program in the English conversation tells you to use your brain well!


The miracle game

It's been a great reputation on the net since two days before when the miracle game had been taken place. I didn't know it but I found the dramatic 20 minutes' game on YouTube.
It was pre match for the national senior high school baseball competition between Seiryo vs Komatsu Ohtani,
Seiryo made a miracle game on the 9th inning from 0-8 to 9-8.
Finally Seiryo won the game and got a ticket to the national baseball competition entry.

Miracle 9th inning

USA today article


The shape of cloud

It's so amazing the interesting shape of the cloud on the web.
I sometimes see different kind of funny shape of cloud but these are extraordinary great ones!
I hope they are not fake.

There were some cloud like fish in the sky by my own view.


A baby-sitting dog

It's a funny video which the dog is sitting the crying baby with the toys.
It says "Guilty dog apologizing baby for stealing her toys. It's never too late for apologize for friends."
The dog apologizing the baby for stealing toys


Nothing special

Yesterday it was hell hot!
I parked at the hospital to see Sadako. (She had been emergent sick for two weeks in the hospital but now getting better. She is to get back on Monday.)
My point is when I was back to my car the thermometer in my car was more than the counter, over 60 degrees C.
It was from 11:00 to 13:00 and the most highlight hotness in the daytime.
If a little baby or animal were left alone in a car, they absolutely went to die!

Be careful of heatstroke not only for the little children, old people but yourself!
Drink tea or water every moment and take a nap if you need.
Summer heat supplies great energy but makes us emit much water and power as well.
So eat and take moderate sleep, too.


Scare crow!!

What do you think it is?
I found the black hanging on the small field.
There were a few products, water melon something like that might be.
It was queer that the black one hung over it. Is it guarding the melons?

When I close to see it was a fake crow made of plastic!
Oh...it's a perfect scare crow shaped a crow itself.
Crows are said to be clever enough to see their fellow was sacrifice. So they won't approach to the field.
Does it make sense?
I wonder how much crows are afraid of the toy trick.


Dr.Mota today

What I've learned today from Dr.Mota ....thanks!

Words of hope
Words from your heart,
Good and bad
Both together

There are always the front and the shade.
They are both together.

You also have good and bad in yourself.
You can control your life to make happy or not.
It's a kind of habit you make sure
To produce a good life by yourself.

The word by Dr.Mota


Art in the picture

I took photos of the scenery around the pond when I walked in the morning.
It was thin and weak reflection in the water at the beginning but as time goes by it got very fine and strong one.
The beauty of the natural art made clear my heart. Nothing beauty compares with natural art!


The cumulonimbus

The cumulonimbus was seen in front of my sight in the east sky in the morning yesterday.
I felt it was perfect summer around me.
Today is the day of the sea and on Happy Monday!
I didn't give any weekend quiz yesterday because we have no class and relaxing , enjoying summer for a while.
Let's have good rest and fun!

In the afternoon it became to rain heavily. It was the large drop of rain which upset a bucket.


The sunset view

It was really a beautiful sunset in the evening around 6:00pm yesterday.
Though it was alarmed that heavy rain and thunder lightening in the day time, changing a lot rain and sunshine.
I felt fantastic viewing the red sky.
I enjoyed unspeakable brilliant moment for a while.


Psychology today

Oxytocin is a hormone that is made in the brain, in the hypothalamus, and it is transported to, and secreted by, the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain.

Recent development on oxytocin as potential therapy
Oxytocin activates "social" brain regions in children with autism. A research study involving 17 children with autism spectrum disorders, published in December 2013, used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to see differences created by oxytocin in brain responses to social and non-social pictures. Albeit in a small study, the researchers found "oxytocin temporarily normalized brain regions responsible for the social deficits seen in children with autism."
Love hormone 'Oxytocin'


Health today

I've read an interesting topics about arteriosclerosis.
It's said that you can find the sign of the disease easily. If there are wrinkles on the earlobe you need to be careful about arteriosclerosis.
I think it a kind of superstition but it has somehow reasons.
Why don't you check yourself?

Looking out disease from the sign


Words today

I happened to watch a TV program "Motasan no kotoba" this morning from 6:20 am.
It was really impressive and beautiful. I was very moved with the narration and picture, a kind of drama of single story teller.
There seems archives review once a week when Dr. Saito Shigeta was alive.
I enjoyed it very much and want to watch it next week,too.
Words by Dr.Mota


A book today

I've met a book which represents my own thought and opinion totally .
I couldn't help without crying in joy.
It's "Thank you all for letting me alive"
I think it gives enlightenment and realization to be balanced and happy. It also makes life simple and easy.
I've learned a lot in my life and it's time to give it out.
The author who is an emergency medical doctor having treated ER patients,says "Better give and give than give and take because we are given life by others."
I've read it once but I'd like to read carefully again and again and quote some of important lines now on.
"We are connected even after death with loved one."
It makes me really healed, helpful and sympathized because I'm still in pain with the loss of my father who has passed away last year.

This is my own consideration in my mind .....
I'm convinced that his new life would start close to me.
"The baton of life" will be replaced to next the generation.
I don't know what will happen in the future but I remember the memory in my life.


Idiom today

" My husband rented a RV on a whim."

This is from "English conversation" on July 14.
"whim" means impulse or sudden desire.
People sometimes do things on a whim for example, shopping or eating.
I used to buy clothes on the bargain sale on a whim.
But those which were bought on a whim are mostly thrown away because of useless anymore.
I won't buy anything really unwanted on a whim.


The final match

The FIFA final match Argentina vs. Germany is over. The World Cup has ended for a month.
It was of course full of excitement and unexpected happenings.
It's said you can't imagine what will happen in the game because there lives a monster to control it.
But the German 11 has won expectedly while the Argentina couldn't catch the miracle.
Finally good fortune smiled on German's team.
I'd like to give my smile both of them!

Anyway it's a brand new day all after the heated battle.
The sunflower in my garden starts to bloom.
It's in the summer now.


Super moon

Do you know the Super moon?
It's said that could be seen today!
The orbit of the Moon is the closest to the earth and seen a full moon.
Let's try to watch out the Moon tonight.

A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth.
The most recent occurrence was on 30 January 2014. The next occurrence will be on July 12, 2014. The closest supermoon of 2014 will be on August 10.
(From the Wikipedia )
Super moon


World Cup

It was very tight and defensive game all for 120 minutes at the semi final Argentina vs Netherlands.
I thought Netherlands would win because of their powerful tough bodies and the higher ball possession.
But it was wrong!
Argentina didn't allow Netherlands goals, instead Argentina made no less than shoots.
The game was over with PK.
It was also supposed Netherlands was superior because they did it the before semi final vs Costa Rica.
But they had the last card to change the goal keeper to prepare for the PK. This time no other card to change.
I'd like to give born of them good fortune but it was only given to one team.
Argentina is the one which was made to go to the final vs Germany early in the morning on Monday.
By the way I found an interesting video which guessed the World Cup Champion.
Whether you believe it or not, it will be proved.
World Cup jinx


How much sugar ?

It's said we take too much sugar easily in our diet, especially cold beverages in our daily life.
WHO( World Health Organization) proposed new guidelines that recommend consuming less than 5% of our total daily calories from added sugars.
The American researcher compared the amount of sugar found in some of America's top-selling beverages-according to Beverage Industry magazine's 2013 State of the Industry Report - to the sugar found in common sugary snacks.
How much sugar in that drink?


English subtitle

It's good news that Japanese news should have English subtitles. It's because for foreigners living in Japan but I think it's very helpful also for Japanese who are studying English.
Actually Japan is isolated from other countries and not so influenced immediately by other cultures nor languages or foreigners. But recent globalization without tripping nor visiting, internet enables us to be close to the different culture easily.
Now we need to use the second and third languages as tools to live in the world.
As you know English is a good communication tool for us at first!
We should live to be more familiar to English in the daily life.
It's a good way adopting subtitle English to the TV news.

Japanese TV news should have English subtitle


The strongest attack

It alarms that the strongest typhoon 8 is to land Okinawa main land on Tuesday early morning.
It's supposed so highly alarm level that people should evacuate as soon as possible.
We are very cautious about the tracking of the typhoon.

It's much better safe than sorry.

Typhoon 8


Cleaning futon

In this humid and rainy season we are very annoyed without drying in the sun, especially futon.
It's very comfortable sleeping in the clean and sun lighted futon.
It's also said there are innumerable
numbers of ticks in the futon.
So I was worried and wanted to remove them.
Finally I bought "Raycop" to help clean my futon.
I ordered it on Saturday around at noon and it arrived yesterday afternoon on Sunday!
I was so surprised at the so quick arrival. It made me satisfied to have got rid of ticks from the futon.


Summer vegetables

There are 8 kinds of vegetables Mariah growing. Thanks to her I can eat fresh vegetables.
First of all I quickly started to use basil to make into basil paste because the leaves have to be in fresh.
Next is to make pickles of radish with salt and press for a night and then add sweet sour.
I'm going to cook "sauté eggplant and sweet pepper with miso".
What else should I do with potato, peas and green papers?
Danshaku potato and string peas would be boiled and into salad.
What else would you recommend to cook summer vegetables?



I learned about "quinoa",which is grown around the Mt.Andes and high nutrition. It's been much reputation as a very perfect food recently.
I bought it in the market store in Perth when I visited my daughter.
I sometimes cooked with rice.
It tastes good texture seems like tapioca or rice cake.
Yesterday I happened to watch TV program and they reported about quinoa. They introduced good recipes of it.
It's getting popular using quinoa in salad or sandwiches sold in the special store in Tokyo because of healthy boom.
So I cooked salad using quinoa with the vegetables in the fridge.
Onion, paprika, tomato and so on are being mixed in home made olive sesame dressing sauce. You can add a little soy sauce and salt as you like.
I like it very much!
I will try to use quinoa more often into my cook.



A few days ago, a morning glory in my garden bloomed for the first time and it announced summer.
Today I can pick up the first harvest of petit tomatoes.
They are still small number, only four but it will increase day by day after tomorrow.
It's good season to harvest summer taste for a while.


Now on raising

I happened to see chicks of swallows in the nest when I went into the toilet in the park.
There were four faces in the small nest. They looked big enough to leave there soon.
When I was trying to take photos of them parents seemed very anxious seeing to me.
I said to them " Thank you for taking. Hope your children going to fly safely! "
They immediately rushed into the nest to see their kids.
I was very relieved and felt warm that they were being taken care of by the people working there because there were old papers to catch the droppings.
Some people hate and remove their nests because of the dirty droppings. It's very annoying...I agree if it were.
Anyway it would not be so bad if I were a owner of the inn for them during summer.


What's this?

I've got a round vegetable which was grown up in the field.
I had never seen it before and wanted to taste it, so I asked her to give it to me.
She is Maria on Monday.
I'd like to cook it.