G.W. Quiz

Here are some common idioms based on animals. Each entry includes the meaning of the idiom and shows the idiom in context in an example sentence.
I'll introduce each of the idiom quiz each day during golden week.
Please try to answer it.
You can put a word from these words
( rat, pig, horse, cat, zebra, dog, cow,) You can make it properly.
Today is
I sleep in the basement during the ( ) days of August.

I will tell you all the answer at the end of G.W.


Golden week quiz

Animal idiom quiz

Here are some common idioms based on animals. Each entry includes the meaning of the idiom and shows the idiom in context in an example sentence.
I'll introduce each of the idiom quiz each day during golden week.
Please try to answer it.
You can put a word from these words
( rat, pig, horse, cat, zebra, dog, cow,) You can make it properly.

Entry No.1
I'm going to have a ( ) nap while you're cooking dinner.


The most spendthrift?

I found an interesting title "the most spendthrift prefecture is Toyama!" according to the survey from their original way, interview or research.
I don't totally agree with the result but it showing an aspect of the truth.
Actually people in Toyama tend to spend much money on ceremonies both celebrations and memorial event as well as having own house not rent for a long period.
I don't think it a good value but rather spend money on life itself than costing the maintenance for the estate.
Anyway it's a big propaganda by the promoting agency.
The most spendthrift !


Spring quiz

We're having spring holiday "Golden week".
Many people are having plans to go on trips and coming back to hometown.
It's so crowed here and there so I'm giving up to move around.
It's better having joy near or staying at home than going out for a long drive.
I'd better going out off season but these are best season to travel around that's why they like to travel even being crowded after all.
If you stay at home, why don't you spend time solving quiz?
Spring quiz


Weekend quiz

1. Progress is in the ( wind ) so don't worry.

2. I have a lot on my ( mind ).

3. I really appreciate your ( concern ).

4. Let me know if there's ( anything ) I can do.


5. Never mind. These things ( happen ).
Weekend quiz


The first brushing

Jace has started brushing teeth though not having even a tooth.
He just began to eat baby food such as liquid paste one.
He seems to like using spoon or tooth brush by himself.


Love hormone "Oxytocin" can work with dogs

Analysis showed that owners whose dogs looked at them longer in the first five minutes had bigger boosts in oxytocin levels. Similarly, dogs gazed longer got a hormone boosts, too
It explains that dogs started gazing at owners at a social strategy when they became domesticated, rather than inheriting it from their wolf ancestors.
The hormone "Oxytocin" called love hormone plays a role in bonding between owners and dogs as well as among species.
The bond with dogs
Japanese version


104-year-old woman fell in love with Doctor Pepper

It's so amazing lady who was kept warning by doctors for her habit drinking soft drink "Doctor Pepper". But she still live to be 104 years while doctors who had warned her are all gone!
I think her life power and brain are too strong to get ill even by the chemical unhealthy things.
Hmmm...it makes me a lot. I wonder if anything can be turned in a healthy body and mind.
104-year-old woman fell in love with Doctor Pepper

毎日がドクターペッパー 104歳


Have a confidence to speak English!

They say the most Japanese has learned English for a long time and the skill must be excellent. But there are still few and many people feel being bad at speaking English.
This is not only Japan is isolated from the continent and no need to use English in the daily life ...but also Japanese people tend not to speak loudly. Japanese is not strong intonation in the vowel sound. If Japanese should be spoken strongly in the vowel sound it would be more childish.
So Japanese people should learn more phonics when to start to speak English or speak out loudly and opening mouth bigger like children.
Speak loudly when you speak English


Jace for 22weeks

Time to grow up of the baby is as fast as like an arrow!
Jace is 22weeks old now.
Everything is new for him.
He's now getting to start to creep soon.
Jace creeping


Welcome back to Japan

My daughter and Jace have come back to Japan yesterday.
As the weather above the sky was a bit in a turbulence, their arrival was delayed. When I was waiting at the airport the announcement told that the thick fog was preventing the plane to reach to the ground and the plane was going around in the sky and seeing the chance.
I was worried if the plane couldn't land and might go back to Tokyo.
But half an hour the plane finally could land.
They have got to Toyama after 20 hours since leaving home land from Perth.
I was very happy to see their big smile.


Weekend quiz

Sorry to upload answer, I was very busy last night(≧∇≦)
1. Do you have a ( minute ) ?

2. Let's ( fix ) a time to meet.

3. I'm sorry to ( make ) you wait.

4. It took more time than I had ( expected ).

5. ( whenever )

Weekend quiz


Incredible woman

It's reported that 65-year-old woman is pregnant twin babies. She is expecting to deliver the babies this summer.
It's so amazing not only she is old enough to have a baby but also she already had13 children.
They warn it will be medically dangerous for her being in pregnancy. I also feel afraid of her attempt. I don't know why she should take such a risky planning.
65-year-old pregnant woman
Japanese version


Petal carpet

The cherry blossoms are nearly gone except some different kinds.
The majority of the cherry blossoms is Someiyoshino along the riverside in the city have green leaves after the blossoms.
The wind blew them under the tree and makes carpet with petals.
They said " the life of the flowers are too short just like us to get old and faded."
It's a destiny to grow up and decay in a life.
Let's enjoy getting old and loving life.


Does it need for life insurance?

It's said almost of all Japanese have life insurance which will support the family instead of the lost of life.
I'm sure it's a typical Japanese style insurance not be found in other countries.
The life in Japan has grown mature and everyone got average level of life so the insurance companies promoted to take the money for the future unknown.
If the rich people wouldn't need life insurance and if the poor couldn't buy the expensive life insurance.
So the majority of the middle level Japanese bought life insurance as common.
I felt doubtful to pay so much money to life insurance so I gave up it and only pay for medical insurance.
This article explain how weird the system of Japanese life insurance.
I totally agree with it.
What do you think about this?
Life insurance


Stray cats

There are lots of stray cats in the vacant field where they can play and live together.
I used to find some new born babies and grew up at once and then they gave birth other babies when I walked my dog.
The neighborhood community alarmed not to feed them nor give them good bed.
I'm not sure which is which or which is parent or child.
But they seem to live and change the seats every year.
It's said pet cats can live more than 10 years but stray cats can't live long less than 5 years or so.
They know how to survive by themselves not to be controlled by selfish human.
They are never familiar to human. So they run away immediately when I get close to them.
It might be happier for them to live in nature.


Happy 5months

Today is the fifth months birthday of Jace.
He has amazingly grown up so fast!
Seen a baby but a small kid though still a crying and diaper baby.
I'm glad seeing his growth every single day but feeling missed his baby face. It's kind of complicated.
I just wish him being healthy and happy.


News brightened up

It was last week that the team goat started to work in the field.
They work to eat grasses and promote with non-chemical organic.
I want to borrow their help in my garden to clean the grasses.
Does anyone own a goat?
Goats help the field


Weekend quiz


1. You must be ( excited ).

2. What do you ( say )?

3. You look ( great ).

4. What ( was ) that ?

5. It's very ( doubtful ).
Weekend quiz



It's time for Chinese quince liquor to taste.
It was given from Mr.Muir which was made in his garden last year.
I made the quince liquor for the first time. It's sweet and good medicine for throat.
I love to take it every night on the rock or in the sparkling water.


Cherry blossoms

It's not been good weather during the season for watching blossoms this year.
I just hunted to watch their blooming earlier when it was fine but cold a week ago. But I'm too badly infected by allergy this year to walk around.
So I'm giving up to walk under the blossoms any more this year.
I happened to find a different kind of Sakura from Someiyoshino in my neighborhood.
It's much deep pink color and long branches. Is it Kawazu or Shidare?
I'm not sure but it's very pretty just standing alone in someone's garden.


Warm recipe

It was very cold like winter yesterday.
I wanted to eat something warm.
There was something left in the fridge.
Mushroom, onion, potato and milk make me cook warmth.
I cooked mushroom potage soup.
It was really good putting pasta in it. I was very happy with perfect one without shopping using the leftovers in the fridge.
What do you like to cook and eat with law cost?


The first turn

There came a message "Jace did the first turn finally!"
Since 4 months have passed he tried to turn his body move from side to side but it wasn't successful to turn.
I thought his body was too heavy to move or not enough power with his muscle yet.
He began to eat baby food such as soup or liquid meal and juice, so getting stronger and stronger.
Yesterday it was his 4 months and 3 weeks from his birth.
He did the first turn and made his body on the floor by himself.
Every body clapped hands with joy.


Learn better

It's good reader for your new term to learn English.
I just recommend to read and learn this topics before starting the class.
If you really want to learn English you should keep trying to listen, read or watch on English topics once a day.
It will make you useful to enlighten your time.
The point to learn English


Police dogs

It's a very gentle and pleasant news about police dogs. They will help difficult situations to search and rescue at the incidents or disasters.
I'm sure those dogs are happy to work for people.
Police dogs


Weekend quiz


1. ( No ) ( way )!

2. ( Be ) my ( guest ).

3. Who is ( in ) ( charge ) here?

4. ( Here ) ( we ) ( are ).

5. ( Have ) ( you ) ( ever ) ( been ) ( to ) Japan?
Weekend quiz


Spring bloom 4

It's said almost full bloom along Matsukawa rivers aide, the annual beauty of the cherry blossoms.
These are sent by Mr.Muir the day before by his fine camera.
They're really bright and awesome color.


Spring bloom 3

Today is scary stormy and bad weather today.
It was a lovely day yesterday.
According to the weather forecast, it would continue rainy days for a week so it was the lucky chance to walk and watch Sakura in spite of in half bloom.
I've taken some part of pretty blossoms and the blue sky.


Spring bloom 2

Blossoms are in full broom now.
Beautiful photos are sent from Mr.Muir recently in his collections.
These are almost alive now in his garden except cherry blossoms in the park.
Can you tell the name of each flowers?
Thank you for the sharing the great photos with us, Mr.Muir.


Different is good

Angelina Jolly made a speech at the kid's choice award "Maleficent" of her role of the movie.
She's known as a brave and gorgeous humanitarian as well as a famous actress and celebrity.
She adopts orphans and raises them as her children.
Of course you know she is happy marriage with Brad Pitt.
In her speech she told that different is good. She grew up having felt out place and dropped out. But she thought and found herself in good balance being different.
There are many people who have different environment and different situation in the world.
We have no need to be the same with others. She really encourages children who are not satisfied with food, welfare or education in the world.
Different is good