Words of wisdom by the second wealthiest person

I've got a ppt file from my friend via mail.
It is an interview by the CNBS of Warren Buffett, the world second wealthiest person who charitably donated total amount of US$310billion.
It was very interesting and stimulus for me to learn his view of life.
I'd like to share it with you here.

At the age of 11, he bought his first stock and now he regrets that he has started too late. At that time stock was very cheap. Encourage your child to invest.

At the age of 14, he used the money saved from his delivery of newspapers job and bought a farm. One can buy many things using his own savings. Encourage your child to start doing some business.

He still lives in a 3-bedroom house bought, after his marriage, 50 years ago. He said that this house meets all of his needs. The house doesn’t have walls or fences. Do not buy “More than What you Need” and encourage your child to think and act the same way.

He drives his car everywhere; no driver or bodyguards. Be yourself, maintain your own nature.

He never travels by a private jet plane even though he owns the world’s largest private jet company. He always think about how to get things done economically.

His company, Berkshire Hathaway) owns 63 companies. Each year, he writes only one letter to his CEOs. Give them with this year’s target. He never holds regular meetings or makes regular phone calls. Get the right person for the right job.

He only gives his CEOs two rules and regulations:
Rule 1: Don’t make a loss on the shareholder’s money.
Rule 2: Don’t forget Rule 1.
Set targets and ensure that everybody must not forget these targets.

Mr, Warren Buffett doesn’t carry a mobile phone nor has a computer on his desk.

He doesn’t engage in upper-class society activities. At home, his leisure activities is making some popcorn and watching TV. Don’t show off, maintain your true self and enjoy everything you do.

5 years ago he met with Mr. Bill Gates, the world’s wealthiest person, for the first time. Bill thinks that he and Warren are two different people. Therefore, that meeting was planned for half an hour only and as a result, they chatted for 10 hours. Finally, Bill became Warren’s believer.

His advice to the young people:

Wealth will not bring up people but people can bring
about Wealth.

Live a simple life. Don’t do what others say, listen and do what you think is right. Stay far away from credit card (bank loans), invest by yourself and remember the following few points :

Don’t go after branded names; wear what you feel is comfortable for you.
Don’t waste money on unnecessary things; spend it on those people who really need it.
After all, this is your own life, why let others influence it?

The happiest person doesn’t necessarily possess the best thing.
They just simply cherish everything that comes along their life path.
Let us select this kind of life path!

Warren Buffett ' Words of Wisdom '

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Earthquakes in the early morning

We were hit by earthquakes twice in the early morning.
The first one was at 02:19, originated from Hida area in Gifu prefecture Magnitude 4.9.
I felt shaking in the bed and woke up. I was just patiently covered with futon and waited for a while until the shaking's done. I didn't do anything but went to sleep without thinking too much.

After three hours later at 05:38, the second shake occurred from the same origin of M.5.4.
I really had a fear but didn't get up and thinking about what would happen next....What should I do for the next time and so on. I couldn't do without thinking of NZ's earthquakes. Many people got lost, injured and still missing.

I know there is no place to live safely without any disasters or accidents, so I should live now and live well to the end.



Cold wave comes back again.
We had a slight snow fall.
I found white patchwork in my garden in the early morning.
White islands were fading as the sun comes up.
Whether it is fine or chilly cold and snowy, there have been blooming in the flower pots, in which I planted some Pansy last fall.
It's incredible tough and strong even under the snow.
I think it a great survivor in winter but seems to be weak in summer.
If I want to see the flowers again, need to take care of them from the heat.
I really thanks them to give me happy feeling with long life.
So I will give a good rest and nutrition.

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A tip to use English as a strategy

I'll introduce a tip to make your English improved more comfortable and easier. I've found a good column to let you know good tips with English.
Even if you want to speak English better but you don't have any native friends around you, don't have to worry about. If you try this way you might be able to use English more skillful than ever.
Anyway, why don't you try to check this site?

'A flash' English learning

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The first spring storm

It was windy all day so I wonder if it could be the first spring storm.
But I can't find any information about that .....I took the wrong page for this year's
' The first spring storm has come on Feb.22.'  I found it was 2010, last year.

I can't tell that we had the first spring storm today but we will know later soon.
I can tell the color in my garden has changed from  snow white to dark red.
Spring melted cold thick ice.




The earthquake and the whales stranding

It's very scary that a devastating earth quake has caused widespread destruction Christchurch, New Zealand.
I'm very sorry to hear multiple fatalities as massive quake destroys Christchurch.
I wonder if a hundred whales died in a mass stranding at a New Zealand beach a day before the earth quake having something to do with the earthquake or not.
The natural instinct might have had an inspiration to avoid the disaster but they couldn't.
We can't also escape from the natural disaster but really wish no more harm on people but facilities.




The father and the son stay forever

It's good for them that Dread and Bell, the real father and the son get together and stay forever after a tough separation.
Bell who lost his memories recovered to see his father and cried with joy.
Dread was also great happy to find his son and finally gave him a birthday present. They happily said good bye to Charo and gone.

I can understand how much heart breaking if parents lost their children and can't help regretting too much and can't live without dreaming of them....
I remember a song which one father mourn his son dead and trying to get him back in the heaven....but it was impossible because he didn't live in the heaven yet.

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Eyes in my heart

I went to the spring concert which 5 OGs' live from music school. They united chorus group after graduation.
This song is the most impressive song they sang on the opening.
I liked these lyrics very much.
I'd like to translate it into English before long.

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Going back to the North

It's time to go back to the North for the swans.
There are some spots for swans inn in Toyama. I visited one of them the nearest from my area. It's actually rice field from spring to autumn for the rice but they provide their land for swans three months' inn in winter
I wanted to see the last view of them before leaving.
They seem trying to leave and enjoy the final season in Japan.
Hope to see them coming winter again....Adios, Bon voyage!


What's sign spinner?

I watched the news about 'sign spinner' on TV this morning.
It's a type of performance to advertise everything on sponsor.
If you want to try that job, need to train how to spin the board and dance with it. It requires high leveled skill to attract people on the street.
The spinner gets money depends on the skill.
It originated from Ca U.S. and now some spinners in AU and Korea.
They say some day in Japan, you might see sign spinners!

I think it's very unique because it's definitely opposite of technology today but it's kind of slow and warm sign of body language.
I like such a new and old wave as human power.
It reminds me of old Japanese advertising by 'Chindon'. We can't see it any more but only see on the festival 'Toyama Matsuri' in every spring.
You know Chindon is not working on the business but it survives as a traditional play or art by few amateurs.
Anyway I'd welcome to see the sign spinner on the street some day near here.

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Incredible voice

Almost of all the people were amazed and charmed with the voice of an only ten years old girl.
Her name is Jachie Evancho.
She gave all the U.S. a big sensation since Susan Boyle.

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Udon & Mt.Tate

Lovely beatiful day!
Blue sky, udon and Mt.Tate.
No other word but appreciate for the moment.

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I got a Facebook account more than 3 years ago but I didn't make it because I couldn't trust on the networking with the security. At last I almost forgot the ID and Pin. It was useless for me.
But recently the social networking are very popular, especially Facebook.
I watched the movie " Social Network ", which is being made the model of Facebook and the founder.
Now that Facebook is a world wide network. It's said Facebook and Twitter brought people in Egypt promoted to stand up and protested the dictator to the end. Finally, they won and got free from the old bad government.
I've just made my Facebook active and found an old friend in the U.S. 10 years before.
I will try to keep it not to fail a contact.

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The giant chocolate sign

OSAKA -- A giant chocolate bar-shaped sign produced by confectionery giant Seika Kaisha Ltd. has been unveiled. It's about 380,000 times the size of a real chocolate bar.
It's named "Big Miruchi" and officials have applied to have it registered by Guinness World Records as the world's largest plastic advertising billboard.
In order to attract the attention of locals and customers, the company works to erect it this year. ...........................................................................................................................
According to the today's news, China surpassed Japan as the world's No. 2 economy after the U.S. I hope Japanese economy would be progressive promoted by the Valentine's day.
But I'm not sure that long term depression might be recovered soon.

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Power of people opened the door

On Egypt's first day in nearly 30 years without Hosni Mubarak as president, its new military rulers promised to abide by the peace treaty with Israel and eventually hand power to an elected government. Protesters, still partying over their victory in pushing Mubarak out, now pressed for a voice in guiding their country's move to democracy.( Jiji press )

Egyptians adore nature and they have life in harmony with nature. They never damage on nature nor effect on nature.
That's why they are not arrogant but more natural and simpler in life and  being one of the ancient civilizations.....says Dr.Yoshimura, who is speciality to Egypt in his book ' Value of life in Ancient Egypt '

I expect democracy in Egypt.


A concert of Charo's voice

I went to the concert of Junna Lisa alias Charo.
Actually, she is a singer and had played in Women's theater, Takarazuka.
She sang from the classical opera songs to modern musical songs.
I'm impressed with her artistic professional singing and amazing voice as a skillful artist.
I'm sure she will grow greater and expecting her more and more popular in the show biz.
I will keep an eye on her and support her as the same as to Charo.

I'm sorry I can't show you her view but I'm going to show fantastic original one,which she covered to sing there.
Lisa sang it as 'Junna Lisa, Junna Lisa' instead of ' Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa.'
It was funny covered version presented by the producer.

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To be or not to be ?

We have lived to die since we were born.
Someone says that he lives to live his life.
The other one says that she lives to know her end.
They say they just live and enjoy their life.

But I say that I live my life for the last moment to die.
We go on our life on foot, by car, on the local train, on the express or by the air.
People are getting to be in a hurry
But time is always the same as before and never dies.

Life time is different on each person.
I don't care about the length of life time.
I care much about quality of life.
How much precious time I have.

I'm impressed with the word by Nobunaga Oda,
who was attacked by his right-hand man unexpectedly.
He said on his last legs
"Don't let my dead body leave, even a hair nor a piece of bone."
(referred from the drama,' Gou ' episode 5 on NHK)

His body never be found finally.
Just before committing suicide,
He thought himself he was good age for leaving
He was 50 years old then.

His ambition to govern whole the country was failed.
He had been fighting and had made many people dead.
He might have done beyond the power throughout his life until killing himself.
He is said an uncompleted tragic hero and one of the important historical persons.
He also contributed a lot to civilize the old closed society into modernized .
That's why he is called a hero in history.

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Green vase

I've planted green small trees in the vases with aqua balls instead of soil.
It really makes me feel spring and refleshment.
But I'm sorry that cold weather comes back again and the tiny plants get cold!
I'm afraid of them going bad and dying. I need to protect them into warmer place.
Is it ever going to be without heater?

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The longest life in the world

Besse Cooper, who at 114 years and five months old, sits in her room at a nursing home Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011, in Monroe, Ga. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Besse Cooper

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper, Cooper gave this recipe for her longevity when she turned 113: She minds her own business and doesn't eat junk food.

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The King of Sweet

Have you eaten big, shiny red and fat strawberries?
It's the star of strawberries now in Japan.
It tastes very sweet and juicy.
It's " amaou ", the king of sweet.
Once you eat it, you can run 4km.
In my idea, I could run to get it if I had no car.
There are a lot of confection using amaou but I'd better eat it with condensed milk.
Why don't you try?

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Cool and fresh song

I've heard a song on the radio which is rhythmical, fresh cool and familiar.
The DJ introduced the singer and her profile.
She is a Swedish singer-songwriter but her father is Japanese. She looks like very Japanese but she can speak Japanese a little and used to sing in English.

I started to hum this song because it makes me very bright and smooth to drive a car.
I think it good for this season, spring has just coming and getting brighter and brighter in the evening.

 ♪  IT DOESN'T STOP JUST BECAUSE~ ♪   " It doesn't stop "

You know this is used into the commercial film^^
That's why it is familiar to me.



Compare to the young and the old face. She was only 600g when two months old.

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Not a model but a dog

Marie doesn't like to be taken a picture. Whenever I try to take a good shot,she pretends to sleep.
She gets old enough to be active and show around her playful.
But she loves to eat, so I buy her joyful face by food.

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Trials and errors

I've been trying to do with the app BlogPress on iPhone and found something. I couldn't connect to my web album Picasa, so I couldn't download my photos from my web album. What I could do is to use photos in the local folder in the iPhone.
I made my blog via uploading from iPhone. Then I clicked the photo in my blog and it got to be copied to my web album Picasa.
It means that BlogPress enables the photos on the web copy to the web album.
I misunderstood that the photos in my web album can be copied and downloaded to the new web page in my blog...but it was my fault. If so...It doesn't helpful so much but a little.
If I make blog via iPad, I can use only the photos in the local folder.
That's not what I wanted to do at all. I'm disappointed with the app but appreciate much to some people who helped me online.
My problem is solved now, thank you so much guys!

Scent of spring 2

The cottage at the river side

Big trees under the sky

What a wonderful day!
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Scent of spring

the green Lathyrus odoratus

A friend of mine arranged flowers.
You can find green colored Lathyrus odoratus, not the usual red one.
It really looks cool for early spring, doesn't it?

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I need help with BlogPress

I wanted to post my writings and photos from my iPad or iphone, that's why I bought BlogPress from AppStore .....but I can't connect to my web album 'Picasa' although I chose the album on my Picasa album.
I'm very frustrated!
I searched on the net and found some solutions but It doesn't work to me.

I need help to answer me how to solve the problem?

I can't change the storage service provider picasa album to my own.
Is it possible If I remove the app from iPad and iPhone and reinstall and set again? I was very confused with the instructions to choose the album when I set the web album.

Please help meヽ(;▽;)ノ


Trial to use the new app

It's been easy to post blogs since I began to use iPad except using photos.
It was annoying to attach photos later at home with the pc.
Now that I've found a new app to upload photos from iPad.
I just bought it from Apple store and going to test it.
Let's try....


Spring is coming soon

After the heavy cold waves, we have rain instead of snow today.
The weather forecast says it will be warmer than usual year from now on.
I'm relieved with warmth from freezing cold in the past two weeks caused by La Nina phenomena, which connects to the abnormal weather, kind of the hottest and the coldest weather.
Anyway, it's said that the La Nina phenomena is ending now we can back to be safe.