Jace a toddler

It's Jace for 10 months and 2weeks. He starts to toddle.
He can't be taken eyes off because easy to fall down.
I'm sure he'll be good at walking day by day.

Jace a toddler


Do you know "Sakura neko"?

It's an article "Sakura neko". It means stray cats and let them give sterilization not have to give birth babies any more. Abandoned or stray cats increase if they don't finish that operation.
It's a problem to kill them being increased.
It's a pretty sign with each ear cutting Sakura mark.
I've never seen such mark on it.
I hope it will be promoted and stop the killing kitties.
Do you know "Sakura neko"?


Before the super moon

It was after 5:40 pm when the full moon appeared from the clouds in the east sky. I was waiting for the full moon rising just before the sunset in the park.
It was more beautiful than I had expected.
The night before super moon
Super moon in the world


Weekend topic

It's a small and lovely crew cat in Toyama New Port.
Her name is Mie and loved by every one as well as tourists.
A lovely cat

17:40 full moon appears!


Wise quote

"Nature never deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

It's very golden and inspired word to make me assured.
We can't avoid anything what will happen in the great nature but it should be.
I really respect great nature and protect as it is. So I easily get along with the nature near me.
We should know we are only a part of nature as well as lots of creatures.

In harmony with nature
Sunshine on the palms


Rainy blue

It had been great fine day for all the silver week but it got to drop rain fall after the holiday.
I remember the beautiful color in my photo album showing the short and top beauty.


The sea, the clouds and the mountain

In the silver week, ocean blue and the sky are beautifully reflecting on the mountain behind.
People are playing with the waves at the beach.
I was enjoying collecting stones which might contain jade but if not so doesn't matter because the shape of the stones are round and smooth. I like those of different color of stones. They seem to me like jewels.
And then I had a great holiday lunch near the seaside valley.
It was a very relaxing holiday.


Autumn taste 4

I made up "umeshu" and started to drink from this week.
But I don't want to waste the ume fruits left in the bottle.
Actually I threw them all of the leftovers (liquored ume) last year.
This time I tried to reuse them for my taste.
First I picked five pieces of ume and cleared alcohol in the microwave. I removed seeds from the fruits and cut into small pieces. Then I made miso and sesame powder mixed up into paste, and then get together with ume and into"ume miso ae"
I wonder how it could use for? I tried to eat on the cucumber. It's so much and tasty!
Next one is "ume jam".
I just boil some ume in a pan until boiled up and then put sugar into and kept boiling for more than 30 minutes. While boiling the ume I added some dried fruits such as plum and berries. It made it from dark green to red. So that makes mixed jam including ume, plum and berries.
It's more natural and sour than the commercial items.
I'm very satisfied with my taste from the leftovers.


In the latter half of Silver Week

It's in the latter half of Silver Week.
Many people move around not only in Japan but also overseas.
There are different ways to spend the week. Those who unfortunately met awful disasters have to spend hard life. I used to convince that every life should be equal, devised and given blessing but something misfortune makes me confused a lot. But I'm sure whatever happens we can make our life fulfilled until the end and find out the better satisfaction by ourselves.
This is an aspect of recent change of life. This topic is hard to solve but we can't help accepting it.
What do you think?
Hating marriage


Autumn taste 3

It's season for fresh fish and vegetable in the kitchen.
I like to eat out and drink with friends once for a few month.
These are some of the good food and drink recently.
Season sashimi fish such as buri, suzuki, tai, shorebirds and so on.
Cooked fish kajihata is also nice.
"nasu and sanma agetoro" is really tasty in this season.
I love autumn because good food and abundant of delicious taste.


Weekend quiz


1. That'll be (all).

2. Give me a ( ride).

3. How should I (put) it?

4. Let me (get) ready.

5. (Hang) in there.
Weekend quiz


Autumn taste2

The second menu is fried chestnuts. It's special and season food this time.
It's very simple and natural flavor.


Autumn taste 1

I was given lots of persimmon from a friend in the garden. They are almost matured enough to be eaten quickly. I chose some of them and made into persimmon jam.
It's useful for topping into yogurt or tea. I can taste special autumn taste and introduce it first.


The super moon

It's reported that the super moon this year will be the fourth Sunday night on 27th after the silver week, 10 days forward.
I hope the day will be clear fine so as to see the super moon.
The super moon


A lucky wan!

It's been a week since the devastating down pour and the refugees from the disaster.
It was a good news no other victims in the list which were missing.
Among it there was a heart warming topic here.
A brave man saved a drowning dog in the stream in front of his house. The dog was rescued and taken care of by the warm hand and finally returned to the owner's.
It was really a tiny but good news.
A lucky saved dog


National census

Every 5 year there is all National census in Japan.
This year they offer an Internet reply. It's being advertising now on TV.
I knew it and made it on Internet at once.
It took me only several minutes and easy.
I think it very convenient and effective for low cost because of not using man power to get back.


A dreadful nightmare

Suppose the river Arakawa were destroyed by the unprecedented downpour what would happen in the central metropolitan Tokyo.
This is the dreadful nightmare but it might be unless the cautious protection and secure provision should be done.
It happened that east Japan enormous flood disaster unexpectedly. It was an awful devastating.
They say it may happen in everywhere in Japan. I'm really worried but we need to learn from the bad experience and seek for better life.
A dreadful nightmare


Weekend quiz

1. He is in the ( prime ) of his life.

2. I'm having wheels ( replaced ).

3. One thing's ( for ) sure.

4. What's it ( going ) for.

5. She called ( in ) sick.
Weekend quiz


What's in the bag?

A dog is walking having a plastic bag. Wondering what she had in her bag, it's clear!
Can you find what's inside the plastic bag?
A dog walking with a bag


An awful unprecedented downpour

It's an awful unprecedented downpour yesterday.
We can't take our eyes off on the horrible scene on TV.
Though we are in the safe but very sorry and heart aching to see them in the disastrous area.
We know how powerless for the nature.
It's reported by English news.
A wife and husband waiting for the rescue with two dogs on the roof
Great rescue


A therapy dog

It's about a therapy dog which was called Baddy.
He was brought to an elementary school and spent with students.
He gave children a lot of pleasure and potential to be active at school. No student failed to come to school at last. Being with a dog affects the life of school children a lot. Thanks to Baddy school life gets joyful and happy. That's great.
Baddy saved children


An elegant flower

I planted the small plant of hydrangea which was brought up by the warm hands. It was made from a cutting tree by her and gave to me.
I will try to breed and let broom flower after next year or after next.
Thanking for the lovely heart which was in it.
I also found an elegant flower, very charming white in this season.
It's called "Tamasudare." I like this because of being simple and noble not so showy.
I can see colorful cosmos here and there. I also like their bright and pastel color.


The wisest dog in the world

It's an amazing video about the wisest dog in the world.
The dog is very smartly trained by the trainer incredibly!!!
It's like a comedy and funny to watch.
Dogs can be great actors or actresses to share joy with us.
The wonderful wisest dog in the world


Seeds of the flower

Yesterday it was cloudy in the morning and started rainy all day long. According to the weather forecast, it would keep raining for longer than a week.
I immediately took seeds out of the dead sunflower before falling rain.
I'll put them dry until next year.
I hope the beautiful flower will come out next summer.


Weekend quiz

Please check the answer A or B.

1. If I won the lottery, I'd go on a cruise.

A. This is about the present.

B. This is about the future.

Answer is B

2. It might not have been Sally

A. The speaker thinks it probably was Sally.

B. The speaker is fairly sure it wasn't Sally.

Answer is A

3. I'll kill you unless you give me the money

A. The speaker is making a threat.

B. The speaker is making a suggestion.

Answer is A

4. Had I known, I'd have come

A. This is about the present.

B. This is about the past.

Answer is B

5. Suppose he came, what would you do?

A. It is unlikeky that he will come.

B. It is fairly likely that he will come.

Answer is A

Weekend quiz


It's a big difference between the photo of now and three years before. It's the same place and the same season near my area where one of my walk routes with my dog.
I was very surprised at the change of the scene. It used to be a beautiful rice field on September 8 in 2012 when I took the photo.

I think about the deserted place. No hand took after the old people after they couldn't work any more.
I guess not only this but also other such problems would happen because of lack of young people to succeed the land.
It's a pity for the treasure land it used to be.
Marie also seems to worry about it.



A funny video

It's so funny that a dog owner girl pretends to make up her pet dog.
She really seems like to be close to her pet dog.
I like dogs but I'm not going to do like that. She looks like a musical actress playing "Dogs" on the theater. I've known "Cats" but not "Dogs" yet ....LOL.
A funny video



I've visited the renewal city library and the glass art museum building in the central town.
It opened last month.
It's grand and gorgeous design of six floors. You can stay in the library and open space from the first to the fourth for free but exhibition floors are from the second to six' for 1,000 yen.
I stayed there for about 2 hours and finished reading "scrap and build" in the magazine, which won the Akutagawa novel prize.
It was a nice moment walking around the city walk yesterday.


Therapy dog

Today I pick up a topic of the therapy dog.
Recently human life seems to lose real life far from going along natural but being with technology a lot. Not only children but also adults are enjoying artificial pleasure. I think it might cause the people make the hurdle for the good communication.
It's said living with pets effect good communication.
Therapy dog
The power of love