Sim free

It's announced that Sim lock free iPhone is sold finally in Japan, however those sim free devices have been common in the world.
It means that users can choose device and network service differently and change easily.
It brings much benefit to those who uses in the foreign countries more often than Japan.
Sim lock phone is limited to use abroad. So sim lock free can promote more more people to leave the fix career.
I'm also thinking to use the old iPhone4s overseas to unlock.

Sim lock free iPhone


Poverty and obesity

Obesity among children whose parents are college-educated has dropped, while obesity among those in less- educated families continues to increase, the U.S. study said.

Poverty and obesity


Good life

My oldest friend,Sadako 93 years old, is quite well in good health condition without pain or fear. She lives in a senior apartment with care and protected by right treatment as her level.
Recently she's got to the 2 care level. She is forgetting easily about days or events. But she is very happy because she has always full of gratitude to others, "Thank you".
She talks to me "I was given life by goodwill".
She's also loved by people.
I'm convinced good life exists in a healthy heart.



I've heard about some new words "Monster patents" or "Monster claimer" more often recently.
"Monster" is originally from the definition below.
a legendary animal combining features of animal and human form or having the forms of various animals in combination.
Monster parents is used for the big problem makers such as patents who complain or claim for school system or teachers mischievous.
Monster claimer is as well big claimer for social life around us.
I know we are free to express our feeling and opinion directly to the public. We should be responsible for our own words.
But Monster...are sometimes only making noises or troubles to other people, too.
I think we don't have to be Monster to solve problems but want to have better communication face to face.

To tell about the "Monster", I recall the song " Monster" by Pink lady.
I used to enjoy that song when I was young.




Peaceful last moment

Shozo ,the father-in-law of Meiko has passed away this morning program.
I was really impressed with the words of the two Shozo and Shizu before the moment of his leaving.

" You've lived through full of good and bad in your life, so it's a draw."

" Indeed, I'm full and appreciate everything, Gochisosan."

His peaceful ending of the life is significant for the word "Gochisosan". I'm very inspired with the word not only for the food but also for the life.
I'm sure each life would be fulfilled and satisfied with peaceful ending such as "Gochisosan."


It's a beautiful morning!

Freezing cold but sunny and lovely morning today.
The temperature is 0C and feeling temperature is -2C on the thermometer.
I'm very fine and comfortable bathing the morning sunshine.
I don't feel cold though still frost on the ground.


Snow is cute for only a little bit.

It's said in NYC now in the news paper today.
Horrible much snowstorm attacks the Big Apple.
People residents as well as travelers are in problem there.
I'm sure "White Christmas", "Snow man" or "skiing gelaende are fantastic but too much amount of snow are disgusting.
Thanks to snow melting system, in my area on my way to work has no worry to go along.
I'm sorry for the extreme cold weather and much snow problem in the town.
Arctic snow blust


After the coldest day

It's now raining.
I feel a bit warmer than yesterday.
But I can't take my dog for a walk because she doesn't like walking in the rain.
It seems different from the real temperature and feeling.
Today is said as the temperature 1C and feeling -1C.
I wonder it was yesterday much colder than today.

Yesterday I talked with Adam who is from Wisconsin, he said that it was -70C feeling there....so amazing!!
I never want to go to such a heavy cold place where even blood would freeze.
The other side, the Western Australia where my daughter lives has lots of bush fires because of ultimate hot and dry in this season. Yesterday there was one near her area and she couldn't go back home so asked rescue her two dogs and let them evacuate from the danger.
They are both terrible!
I don't want either of them.
I hate both extreme cold and hot!


Snow whip

It's really cold but dry in the morning. Frost and new snow flake on the road.
Marie walks and smells on the snow. It's very cute that she has snow whip on her nose.
It was hard to take a good shot of her funny face because she rubbed it immediately with her long tongue.
I missed a lot of the good shutter chances.
Finally I took some of them...but they were not so natural.
She seems unhappy to play a model.


A funny reuse

I usually use a clip to tie my hair. The other day I lost a new pin to tie my hair up. I was very regretful to have lost the one which I just bought recently.
I felt lost and didn't want to buy a new one but instead of it I arranged to try another item to make my hair up.
I used a small stick of ear cleaner to put my hair tied. It was useful to help it.
No need to buy another new pin.
I'm really satisfied with the reused item.
I'd like to find funny things in my life!


Winter day

It's got white covered with snow flake on the ground for an hour or so.
It's really chilly and gray as regular winter season.

I've been driving a 4WD car only for the reason in case of snowy or icy road,a bit longer than a month in winter.
It's common to be safety drive than wasting lots of gasoline...actually my car runs less than 10km per a liter of gasoline.
I don't want to drive in the early morning and late in the evening because of the slippery by frozen cold.
I need to be careful even I take 4WD.
We'll miss the sun during these days.


The sun, walking and coffee break

It was great fine day though the air was cold.
I enjoyed walking with my dog in the park and encountered some dogs walking like us.
Bad weather prevents me from taking my dog for a walk because my dog is short legs and her bottom gets wet badly...it's so annoying to wash her body and legs from the dirtiness.
I immediately go out with my dog when it's good day to walk as possible.
After walking I stopped into the convenient store which has eat-in.
I like to take a coffee break in there.


Cutting the New Year's rice cake

It's the season event that cutting the New Year's rice cake.
I made red beans sweet soup yesterday. I like the Japanese sweet dessert "zenzai".
Then I put grilled rice into the soup tasted with chestnut.
It's really good to eat in cold winter.
I think it very wise of the Japanese tradition.


Beautiful morning after the death of cold

It's got a very beautiful morning though the road is sherbet ice.
It's very dangerous to walk.
Be careful to go either by car or on foot.
Yesterday I've got a mail from a friend in NYC, she was telling that terrible extremely death of cold and she had never had before. Such coldness turned her on and she was immediately back to work mode after the long vacation in Japan.
I was really impressed with her potential and passion.
I also need to turn me on for work soon.


100-year-old cat

It's amazing that 20-year-old stray cat stays in safe and peaceful at the Mallory-square in Florida. He is supposed to be 100 years old as a human age.
The photographer Iwago traveled to find the oldest and happiest cat there.
He(I mean the oldest stray cat) is free and loved by people.
It's a kind of the paradise for lovely cats!


Hakone Ekiden

An annual new year event "Hakone Ekiden" is my favorite time to spend at home.
It's really exciting to watch youth athletes power every year.
I admire their strong passion and consistent effort.
I expect their great aspiration will make the way to the next age.


Social business

Do you know 'Social Business' to help poor people to unite the difference of the price.
I've heard that Uniqlo had founded the shops in Bangladesh and joined the Grameen Bank.
So the name is "Grameen Uniqlo".
It's a challenging business to open the door for the Social Business.

Grameen Uniqlo

Thirty-five years ago, I did not know that I would start a bank, and that I would lend to poor people, especially to poor rural women. Like many other teachers, I was busy teaching in the classroom, far from the realities on the ground. But Jobra village took my future into a completely different direction. I saw, first hand, how the loan sharks enslaved the villagers; I thought that if I were to lend money to the poor, then the villagers could be free from the grasp of the loan sharks. That is what I did.
A Letter Addressed to Grameen Bank Members from Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus on the Occasion of his departure from Grameen Bank

Date: May 15, 2011