Curry and Rice pretty dishes

Japanese would like to eat curry and rice at least once a month.
Some people would like more often once a week or every another day.
Young people tend to like curry more than old people because curry attracts the youth of its hot and sweet taste and easy to eat all in one on the dish.
These are some of the exhibitions of students cafeteria's curry.
Which do you want to eat?


How to make Gyoza inside soft, outside crispy

It's very useful recipe how to make grilled Gyoza soft inside and crispy inside.
This is the way to do.

1. Prepare some boiled water, 50cc per 10 Gyoza
2. Warm the pan and put Gyoza on it.
3. Pour the boiled water prepared and put lid and steam in it
4. When the water disappear get out the lid and put some sesami oil into the pan
5. Make sure to make the heater low power and burn Gyoza slowly until getting brown

That's the way you can eat Gyoza well done if you like!

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New Port Bridge

The new built up bridge 'New Port Bridge' is now on the road.
It opened a few days ago.
I crossed over the bridge for the first time and arrived Kaioh Maru park.
There are two symbols in my eyes , Kaioh Maru and the New Port Bridge.
There was also a tour boat going around the bay.
It was a really lovely day and happy time.


ATM without card

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank (Japanese site) customers will register their biometric information at a branch, according to Gizmag's Darren Quick. Then they'll be able to go to one of the new ATMs and get cash simply by scanning a hand and then typing in their birthdate and a four-digit PIN.
Japanese bank ATM


I wish I could ride on the cloud

Seeing the cloud today, it reminds me the song. It was sung by Jun Mayuzumi in 1969.

I wish I could ride on the cloud
It looks like soft
That's why my dream was blown into the air
Loneliness in my heart will never be known even by my sweet heart, darling.
I wonder why people fall in love, after all lots of tears falling
So I'd better be alone
I wish I could ride on the cloud
I want to be a stranger in a different town

It's the lyrics of the song.
Do you still remember it?


Sunset in the autumn cloud

Thick cloud was hanging over the sky

A bit of orange sunset burning was seen

In the autumn evening


Water hyacinth

A friend of mine sent a photo of water hyacinth which she had taken care of in the bowl of ceramic dish for a long time. She changed water several times a day during hot in summer. She made a shade for the grass and it looked very fresh and cool even in heat up day time.
At the beginning of late autumn, a few days ago, it bloomed a flower.
She was greatly glad to see it and took a picture to share with friends.
I guess she was blessed by the spirit of flower because she dedicated to care of it very much.


Gain and Loss

I've talked with an old lady who used to take a good care of her grandchildren when she had visits of her grandchildren.
The relationship between she and her grandkids was very good and she loved them very much.
Recently the situation has changed.
As they are grown up they are interested in digital devices which they brought and no talk no reaction to her. Even if she talked to them they didn't reply but asked her to stop to talk to them.
She felt very lonely these days.
Life is getting much easier and more convenient. It's the merit we've got from the progressive technology but something is missing and we feel like lost something important such as human relationships.
I don't claim the technology but appreciate the gain. I hope young generation will learn a lot from the technology and cover the loss which they didn't learn yet.


Cellphone my love?

According to the survey, less young people want cars than before nor demand less travel as before because of recent hot relationship with cellphones including of smart phones and tablets.
They don't have to drive cars nor going on trips to see friends or meet new world.
Instead, SNS and new network technologies easily help them to access the different world of their own. That's why they don't have to pay much money on vehicles or tickets to travel.
In addition to the bad economy, not a few young people are jobless and suffer from poverty. They might have no choice except sitting on the Internet and having virtual experiences cheaply.
They love to connect Internet every half an hour and put it beside their bed all night.
How long will the close relationship between cellphone and young people?
Referred to this article
My cellphone, my love
Youth drive trend away from cars


Picking seeds

Lingering summer heat has finally gone and cool autumn air has come back!
This morning I picked up seeds from the sunflower which is dead and left seeds behind.
It was the second generation from the last year whose seeds I had bought before last year and made it for two years.
It will be the third generation as it were the grandchildren if I will take care of them next year.
I've got abundant of grandchildren which will show me beautiful summer smile next year. They are kind of miniature size and easy to grow in the flowerpot.
I'd like to share my grand kids with who will be able to take care of them.
Anyone who wants my seeds can ask me. But it's limited to give you ...as long as you live near my town, sorry.


Curiosity killed a cat!

It's an odd and funny news from Ohio in the U.S.
A 18 months curious pet cat hid in the suit case and traveled with the owner for 10 hours' air trip to Disney-world in Orlando.
It made a big reputation among airplane security check and carelessness of the owner.
However the cat was safe and he was taken back in the new pet cage when returning to home.
Anyway, be careful of too much curiosity...it says that curiosity killed the cat!

A cat hides in case for Disneyland trip


Heat at night

It was warm and windy last night.
I couldn't go out in the day time because it was too hot and shiny outside, instead I went out at night.
However, not comfortable it was when I was walking at night.
The sky was dark without clouds but warm air blew to me and made me sweat badly.
I found nothing special but lovely red blossoms high in the tree.
It was like illusion reflected by the light.
Today is cloudy but not cool.
It says kind of fad called typical autumn weather today.


Respect for the aged day

Today is National holiday 'Respect for the aged day'. Now in Japan is the renewing the record of the rate of the aged people among the whole population.
We have lots of senior power and wisdom in the aged people.
I'm introducing some of their great ability of intelligence and black jokes in the comic haiku called senryu.
It's more than ever that makes you laugh.
You can imagine your elder life from their real good jokes.

Got dizzy after blowing my birthday candle

Getting old, you have to be careful to give a sneeze, it might kill you

Getting up, nothing to do for me until going to bed

Going to live and making a que to buy a lottery

Wanna go on a one day trip to the Heaven

My father scolds to the answering machine 'Speak more slowly'

Those are only a few of the laughter pathos collection.


Sunflower in September

I'm very surprised to see the sunflower standing alone in the flower vase in the apartment houses near my house.
It's rare to find such a summer flower in this season.
It's because of change of weather these days, summer heat is still lingering over 30C in the day time. Living things can't feel the regular season and might have to miss beautiful autumn color.
The sunflower blooms getting the strong summer heat. They are just natural to the biology.



iOS6 will be released soon.
But in my case, using iPhone 4S( for 9 months ) and being satisfied with iOS5, no need to upgrade to iOS6 which reduces google map and YouTube instead of high quality multiplied applications.
I also feel disappointed with the failure of the iPad first version. Apple dropped their two years products in their list.
I can't catch up with such rapid evolution!


iPhone5...what's LTE?

iPhone5 is unveiled.
Apple Inc.'s new iPhone will support a wireless technology called LTE. Sound familiar? If the answer is no, you aren't alone.
Research firm Park Associates says 69% of U.S. smartphone users know little about LTE or have never heard of it, even though it can have a big impact on how fast they surf the Web or how much they pay each month. Now that Apple's in the game, more people are going to start figuring it out. Here's a primer.( WSJ )

What's LTE?


One coin for lunch

It's a secret place to eat sushi lunch for only one coin(500yen) almost 6$.
It's because the simple sushi restaurant is owned by fish dealer who sells fresh fish next to the door.
I think it's very reasonable business to attract people and make happy.
Even more the restaurant opens until 3pm beside the almost of all the restaurants whose lunch time is over 2pm.
I can eat delicious sushi lunch much later around lunch time after a long time medical service of my patents at the general hospital.
They are also happy to have LATE LUNCH once a month.


Little Charo

I watched Little Charo Tohoku area version episode 9 ' Still dreaming ' this morning.
It's the review from the last term from April to June and followed up last week. However it's the first for me and it's so impressive.
The main character is Basho Matsuo who is a famous Japanese poet 300years ago for The narrow street of Tohoku.
His ghost appears and guides Charo how to get a tailman.
It's very fantasy but gentle as well as moving a lot.
I felt like being waken up from the good dream.
It is said in the story.
'After the bitter winters come beautiful springs.'


Morning shower

There was a morning shower in the early morning after a long while.
The land needed water as the heat kept drying and making plants dead.
But this morning shower brought coolness and moisture.
The frog in my garden sings with joy.
I found some new buds on the ground.
Lovely petals with rain drop are smiling .


My favorite things

A song has stuck in my memory for a while but I haven't recognized what the song was. I remembered that it made me easy and glad if I listened to and I would like to sing aloud.
I hummed and hummed it until to recall the song hardly.
Finally I've come to met the name of the song. I'm very happy now.

I sang the song and wrote it by myself.
That's it!

"My favorite things"

The song of ' My favorite things ' in Sound of Music
Well burnt crisp bread and juicy fresh pear
Watching the sky to find cotton candy
There are a few of my favorite things

Sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening
Viewing and climbing Mt.Tate
Cherry blossoms bloom in the blue sky
There are a few of my favorite things

Trout sushi, fresh water and good rice
Vernal growth and autumnal colors
Snow fall covering all the ground white
There are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad.



Season for harvest
The rice field turned green to gold
Birds are singing and flying lower to catch food left on the field
It's nature that lets the products share with all together
Farming and producing are given to raise our life
Thanks to all the effort my life is also given time to live today


White flower in autumn

It was last year, when I took a walk I often found tiny white and lovely flowers in the small garden on my ways.
I really liked it and wanted to plant in my garden and asked a friend of mine where I could get it.
She kindly gave me a piece of roots.
It's 'tamasudare'. I immediately planted it on my garden late fall last year.
A year has passed now!
I can see lovely white flowers in my garden.
They are only two just now...but I'm looking forward to seeing more later on.
Summer flowers are gone and tiny elegant flowers are heroines now.


Apple tv hulu

It's good news for me to hear that hulu can be seen on Apple tv.
I wondered it couldn't be done though U.S. hulu plus could be seen since a while before.
I can choose any kinds of dramas and movies via fulu and watch it on any devices iPhone, iPad, PC and TV.
I could watch lots of series of drams during summer holiday but not so much now.
I'd like to watch favorite movies at home theater from now on.
Apple tv hulu


Rain cloud

It was covered with rain cloud and heavy rain started for a while and stopped and started weaker and weaker.
We seldom had rain during the summer though some thick clouds could be seen above the sky.
According to the news this morning, it was because of heat island phenomena which caused heavy partial rain or guerrilla rain in many parts of Japan, especially in the town with high tower buildings.
It tells the thick clouds called Cumulonimbus clouds, whose hole makes heavy shower partly.
I'm sure human technology changes the location of the clouds in the sky.


Cool down

Summer heat is gone
Cool and cloudy morning
I don't have to tie my hair up
Because I don't feel annoyed with hair on my neck.
Season tells we need to change wear, sheets, carpet and so on to in fit way.
I have to remove dying green curtain and summer vegetables.
I welcome the good season for walking and cycling.


Mamma cloud

If it could happen in my area, it would be big reputation and cause scary sign for the coming unknown disaster.
Nature tells something in future.
I wonder what Mamma cloud means for.
Mamma cloud



I visited 2K540 where craft men's shops are selling their products, located under the railways between Okachimachi and Akihabara.
There are many different kinds of manufacturing art spaces which attract visitors to buy face to face with producers or craftsmen.

I was interested in leather works and bought some small stuffs for the bags.
I couldn't buy expensive masterpiece but enjoyed looking around their skil and work.
It means the distance from the center of Tokyo '2Km and 540m' by the name of the shop town.
It's very funny and good spot to visit when you have chance to go to Tokyo.


A Girl with a Pearl Earing

At the end of summer, I went to the special exhibition at the Tokyo Museum to see Vermeer's ’A girl with a Pearl Earing'.
It's been held from June 30 until September 17.
I rushed to see it at the last minute before summer holiday's end.
With my expectation it was a long queue. The first line is to get a ticket, the second to enter the hall and the third is the longest time to take a view of the picture ' A Girl with a Pearl Earring' in front of my eyes but walking through it for 5 seconds.
I made it to have cost almost 2 hours.
But it was worth watching without going on a trip to Maurice House.
I think nothing is compared to its beauty.


Breakfast in Karuizawa

Cool and quiet in the early morning in Karuizawa.
Karuizawa is best known resort spot in Japan. I visited SHERIDAN, which is breakfast and lunch restaurant opened in May.
There are many immigrants to stay in summer in Karuizawa.
People enjoy cool summer in there to avoid the heat.
It was nice moment to have a petit summer bourgeois.

Oven Baked Open Faced Salmon

Traditional Pancake 1950' Chicago Recipe