animal therapy その2

Have you seen a pet owner  talked to the pet with such word as to be used for the babies?

I thought it was strange to see the old lady who was speaking to the dog, " Good boy! ", " Come this way" or 

" You can eat food later " with high tone and gentle voice.

But it happens to me and also to my family members when we talk to the pet dog in my house.

It's funny to think about why we tend to use the word slowly and clearly as letting it to be understood by the pet.

I think it  because human beings might instinctively  try to help and protect someone who is inferior to themselves.

There was an old woman who couldn't walk nor speak to anyone being depressed in a nursery home. 
One day a helping dog visited the home and met the old women. 
She loved dogs and wanted to touch the dog. 
She tried herself at the most to go get to touch the dog and finally she moved by herself .
Then she had a passion inside her and her love made her break the disability.
For her, the dog treats her well enough to recover her ability.

When I took my dog for a walk near my area and came across an old man who seemed blank. 
But as soon as he found my dog walking with small body and  tiny legs shaking, he smiled and bent his legs and said, " Small doggy coming here, walking and walking ". Even he was a stranger to me but he talked to my dog not me!  My dog made a good communication with him.

Nothing to say, pets are good at communication among people.
They can be naturally communicative  if we live in harmony with them.
I strongly  recommend better life with pets and happier time with pets.


animal therapy

" As I'm a cat, I can't catch your words but I can feel your heart inside I don't know why"

" I was born as a dog. The only thing I wish is to stay with you

These are good lyrics of the songs I often listen to on the TV
' I'm a cat ' and ' I'm a dog '

They really makes me feel happy and peaceful.
I think pet animals with you are no less than family members like babies,
who can't speak nor understand languages but learning a lot from your heart.

I'd like to share the good video with you.
Hope you like it !



the prescription of laughter

A female doctor tells about "  the prescription  of  laughter "
She learned from her doctor's career that the effective treatment for the fatal disease of cancer.

She once had a friend doctor who had been infected cancer of the final stage and he was seemed not to live less than 20%.

She tried to encourage him and sent "the prescription of laughter", it told that you can raise your immune system by laughing five times a day and you should get moved five times a day. The sideeffect of this treatment would be the twists of your stomatche caused by laughing.

After a year, she heard from him great recovery from the cancer.
Then, she convinced that she would like to effort to make the environment for the patients to be relax and healed and make laugh. 
It will surely help them to prolong their immune system , strengthen the NK cells called killer cells, which work a lot  fighting with cancer.
So she supports many people to survive.


Autumnal Equinox Day

Rainy & cold Autumnal Equinox Day.
I felt ' mementomori ' of the day, giving service of my good heart to the person passed away and try to share good memory in my mind.
It's a custom for us to thank and pray for the prosperity of our life on
each opportunity in a year.

Vernal Equinox Day in spring and Autumnal Equinox Day in autumn are both Japanese National Holiday.
We show special respect to the ancestors on the day.
I didn't visit to the grave but attended the ceremony to give prayers from  goodwill. I want to live my life with no regret.


Incredible film 2

This is much rare you will never see..
A snake caught a frog almost of its body in its mouth.
But the flog finally survived.

The reason why the food for the snake could escape from the snake was another frog jumped and attacked the snake to save the fellow frog.

How courageous the frog was!
You might tell that "Even the frog aimed by the snake can escape and survive."

Incredible film

It's incredible scene I've ever seen!
' The few stronger defeat the mass weaker.'
But this is totally different from the saying.
Nature lesson gives us something relieved but somehow strange.
Are lions giving the seat of the king of all animals?
Was it just a human's dogma that lions are the strongest of all the creatures?
Anyway, this film is amazing for us.


True happiness 2

Little Charo 2 episode24 'True happiness'

The migrant water bird Rubby suggested the penguin Muu who has dreamed to be able to fly with Shiny, the leader of the migrant flocks,Rubby used to be there,

"Love is different from admiration. You should know someone you need is around near you."

It reminds Muu she had the right one who cared her while she didn't notice.

I refrain about the scene again because I had a good phrase on the radio this morning.
I just want to write down not to forget and share it with you.
The professor Matsumoto told at the ending of the program of 'Little Charo 2.'

He said,
"True happiness exists. You should not catch it but feel it!"

It hits me much enough to enjoy life feeling happiness.
How do you feel?

リトル・チャロ2 番組紹介はこちら


Michio Hoshino

I watched the biography of Michio Hoshino on TV,who was a great photographer and a poet, dedicated his whole life to express the life and the death in the nature in Alaska.
His life was exploring and traveling to the death which was always facing the vivid and the wild in harmony with the nature.

His works warned human life not to forget the gratitude and the fear for nature and fate of all creatures in the world.
Our life are given and we should give back in turn. As a rule, after the life would give birth a next life. The new life has been supported by the old one and it will continue to the end of the life.
It's called ' reincarnation '. The cycle of life in the world has its own way to destination.

Hoshino's life went into the wild in Alaska but his soul is still alive and guiding us to live as naturally as possible to the end.  



True happiness

Charo this week episode 24 "true happiness"

Charo is sick in bed because he ate sausage inside poisoned. His life would be in danger, as the life globe was almost faded away.

His good friends Muu and Duma went out to find medicine plant far away from the residence but they couldn't help trying to save his life even though it would be hard or far away.

This story is not only about friendship but also relationship for love.

The migrant bird Ruby asked herself "What is true happiness?"
She once left her boyfriend and wanted to know how good she could with a new flock.
She wonder if she might have been happier with ex boyfriend. But no one knows the answer.
She just advised Muu that true happiness might be nearer around yourself than where you might think.
It means that Muu doesn't have to try to fly like an migrant bird and better to find the good love near her. I'm sure it will be one of the important theme of the program "Little Charo 2"





Here comes the season for the harvest of sweet potato in my garden.
A friend in the neighbor planted several potato seeding late spring holiday  in May. She was not sure if she could make it possible to get well. But she liked to eat potato and looked forward to seeing the result.
We were not so good care takers but just expected good harvest.
Four months later now, we got pretty good products from the garden farm.  
It brought us small presents from Fall.



Shape of my heart

When I listened to the radio in my car, nostalgic and sweet voice singing in there. I was really hung up and careful to the song. I couldn't help pursuing the song what it was.....the voice is of course
STING who I used to listen to his songs but  it was not exactly for me.  May be I had just picked up some of his songs, but not all of them.  I was searching for the song until I could find it.

Finally I made it !  The song is " Shape of my heart "
This song shot my heart and made me hold with the strong impression of this message in it.
I felt like being  light feather floating in the air without sorrow, pain and disappointment but with decided love.
I will never complain nor estimate, just appreciate the life.
His song heals and gives me different taste of love and life.

Will you join me?

Mi Corazon !



The book I read is to recommend fasting if you want to live long healthy.
It says ' Eat less and twice meals a day, you should skip breakfast forever.'
The doctor who has mastered holistic medicine and cured many sick
people is telling the cause of the disorder or the illness. It's
'eating too much' to harm the body sick.
It reminds me of the wise saying,
" Eating in moderation keeps the doctor away "
I'm going to try fasting, skip breakfast for a while.


A book on the Cloud

I read a book on the web war,'Apple,Google and Microsoft,which will take over the Cloud?'
It's really thrilling and I feel very curious how the big three companies are going on.
The writer says that the new round of the Cloud era in a few years will tell the one.
Actually I'm using Windows xp, Ipad and Iphone of Apple, blogger on Google.
All of them are my good company. I love to follow them and use it for my cloud.



Cloud in the sky

Today thick cloud in the sky prevented the sun shining.
So it was not so hot as yesterday but still high temperature, 32 degree C in September!
I used to miss sunshine in this season at the beginning of fall because the sun light is going to fade and gets dark earlier and earlier.
But this time, I'm almost fed up with the strong sun beam every day. I feel like familiar to the the thick cloud today.
Anyway, to talk about another cloud.
I'm now interested in cloud computing.
The new technology is shifting to the cloud computing network.
I wish I had my cloud to prevent me from the killer beam.


Which brain are you using?

Which brain are you using?
I've heard an interesting estimate which part people use their brain,
the right or the left.
Let me give you an instruction how to tell it.
Hold your fingers both your right hand and left hand. Making your
palms touch and fingers are clinging each other. Then if your right
thumb is on the top, you are using your left brain. If your left thumb
is on the top, you are using your right brain.
The left brain is working for the languages or memory, such as reason.
The right brain is working for the inspiration or art, such as
It shows which brain you use when you input something.
Next, hold your arms crossing. If your left arm on the right arm, you
are using the right brain. It means you are instinctive when you
output. If your right arm is on the left arm, you are using the left
brain reasonably when you output.

One person would be better use both brain when to input and output, it
needs balance to be good. What is your result?
Isn't is interesting?