Words inspired

Yoko Ono has got 79th birthday this month.
You know she has been struggled since1980 when her best half had been dead for more than 30 years.
She is amazing positive and spirited after having overcome hard times.
I always feel sympathy with her,not only Japanese but also a kind of similar value for life.
She recently tweets those below.

When you say "I love you" to the one you love, know that you are not only saying it to your love, but to our planet and the Universe.

You don't have to do much. Just do what you can do. For instance: Say PEACE as you wake up in the morning.


The show in the west sky

It was really cold this morning though the Sun shine and bright beautifully in the blue sky. It was because of cooling out of heat from the earth, no cloud no barrier to keep warmth in the air last night.
I found the moon of early crescent and two big bright stars beneath the moon in the west dark sky.
I wondered what they were at around 7:30pm last night.
Fortunately I found out the site which someone saw the same sky and took the good photo.
I'm very happy to remind of it and share with you all here.


Congratulations! Mr.Fujiwara

A jobless free runner got a goal of Japanese champion at Tokyo marathon.
He is the husband of my acquaintance's grand daughter, Fujiwara Arata.
He has been struggled and hungry for getting the entry sheet of London Olympic.
His dream almost comes true and cheered his dedicated family in Toyama.
Congratulations for all of their efforts!

The goal of the Japanese champ


45 lessons by 90-year-old man

There are 45 lessons in his 90 years life on the web.
I happened to catch it and now want to share some of them in English.
It was written in Japanese, so I would like to pick up some good ones and translate them.

1. Life is not fair but I don't care about it.
3. Life is too short to hate someone else.
8. You can get angry with God because he would take you all.
14. You should step away from the relationship if you need to keep it secret.
18. If you were saved from the dead, it would make you strong.
25. You are always responsible for your life.
27. Be positive and choose alive.
29. You are not controlled by other people but you should be yourself.
31. Anything good or bad would change.
32. Don't take yourself too seriously but others not care too much.
35. Don't count your life but enjoy life.
38. What is the most important in life is to have loved someone.
39. Let's go out everyday and you can find miracles everywhere.
42. You can count on the happiest comes around here.
44. Give your goodness.


Special live

I found an exciting site composed with good music 'music-cloud'
I was so happy to hear Yoko Ono uploading her good music on it.
I really appreciate her passion and soul still alive and active.

I remember she owned 'John Lennon museum' at Saitama Super Arena for ten years, where I often visited to share the sound of the Beatles. It was one of my favorite events to feel Yoko's passion.
Now that I've found her stage via twitter and start visiting her sometimes.

Yoko Ono Live


migraine and depression link

(Health.com) -- Middle-aged women are roughly 40% more likely to become depressed if they experience migraine headaches, new research suggests.

What's more, their risk of depression appears to stay elevated even if the pain stops. Women whose migraines had not troubled them within the past year were just as likely to become depressed as women who were still enduring the sometimes crippling headaches, the study found."For women at least, migraine is a risk factor for depression," says lead author Tobias Kurth, M.D., an epidemiologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital, in Boston. "But there's no good biological reason why the link would not apply to men."


Beautiful words

There are many wise and beautiful words in the world.
I'd like to introduce some of them one by one.
Let's share good thought together.

True friends are very difficult to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget.


Steady mind

Everything is in a state of flux. Hērakleitos

Water in the river goes on and never the same as before.
Chomei Kamono 'Hojoki'

They say that nothing is forever and everything is changing as it goes.
This theory is 'mujokan' in Japanese.
I used to think about what would cause us by changing.
One of good things is new born and growth.
The other hand, one of the bad things is getting old and dead.
I found we can't be happy without accepting that nothing forever but myself.
So I conclude to be steady mind myself. It makes me to fight against the difficulties.



Holly quiet night
After quite cold wave
No star nor moon in the sky
Only sorrowful and lingering
Deep injury and scar inside

Time will tell you
How much love you've earned
How much tears you've poured
You will see something
Life is not so bad....until then

I will pray for you
Facing to 1 year memorial day Tomorrow after the bad dream

I can understand what you have in your mind
'I would even be the devil if you give me smile again!'
I give my donation to those who lost their loved one and in despair.


Spring out again!

Today is finally I've found spring here!

There are a lot of meanings of 'spring' as you know, not only for one of the seasons but other nouns and verbs.
Actually it sounds like acting or moving suddenly, also jumping and leaping.
We use the word spring for 'bane' in Japanese which is made coiled by thin steel and cause things jumping or elastic force.
It is very Interesting to learn different taste of culture from the word.


TV this morning

I happened to watch tv program
' Gacchiri Monday ' and found my town familiar railway train in it.
It reported about being prosperous railways all over Japan.
There were some other advantageous trains which are making lots of money and popular lines. Their companies have been making effort for the people to use conveniently.

My town has 'Light rail', a kind of tram. It was renovated from local declined railway train to town convenient street car.
It's been popular and doing good business since the reformation.
I'm very proud of my town being successful for going foreword to the future.
It's designed for next senior society without cars.


The definition of the word

It's got huge amount of snow here...
The news says we have 90cm much snow fall after 26 years.
It seems weaker of the cold weather and bright clouds appear in the sky now. But not sure it won't snow any more again. Knowing that tomorrow will be fine. I'm relieved.

By the way I had a funny conversation with my room mate when I was in a dormitory. She was from Kansai area where the pacific ocean area with no so much rain nor snow all the season.
While I was from Toyama where rain and snow fall much amount all the year around. We often see gray and dark sky without sunshine. So we sometimes say 'It's got clear sky after rain drop' even in cloudy sky.

One day in rainy season in the room, I talked to her 'It's clear from the rain' in Japanese ' Ame ga HARETAYO '
She replied me 'It stops raining but not clear !' It means 'ANE ga AGATTA DAKE de HARETENAI YAN ' in Japanese.
I was so embarrassed at that time....
I had never keen thought about my strange Japanese. Her saying was right but mine was our local concept not for public one. Our Hokuriku area dialect is from the original situation.
When we had much rain or snow being bothered by the depression without sunshine for a long time, we tend to feel free from stopping rain or snow fall even it would not really clearly fine.
I had learned that different definition of word in a small country.

Now it is getting clear and clear in the sky but still cloudy ....I could say Fine!


How much ......!?

The strong cold weather comes and snow falls continuously, makes almost 20cm on the wall this morning.
We will be enclosed by powder snow as if being at the ski gelaende.
I can't help sighing 'How much snow will it be !?'
I need to accept that only nature knows!

While I've got a photo from my daughter in west Australia. She happened to catch a sight of a wild kangaroo near her area, in the suburb where she lives.
According to her saying,in the end of summer there still be 30 Celsius in the day time!
I'd like to exchange each different temperature if I could!


Obesity epidemic strikes U.S. pets

CNN news reports about pets in the US.
It says about serious problem with obesity of pets.
In my case, my pet dog Marie had been obese more than 5kg while her perfect weight should be less than 4kg. The vet advised me she had to decrease her weight soon, otherwise she would be serious sick, such as diabetes or uterus problems.
She was seen pregnant and often wet with breast milk of her own because of unbalance from hormone. That was said to be one of the sign caused by obesity.
I've learned to get medical treatment with my dog every month and she's got to lose 1kg weight since then.
She is still under diet control by the vet advice and keeps healthy.
You know if you love your pets, don't give them delicious food except dog foods.
( from the article)
The majority of adult dogs and cats in U.S. homes are overweight or obese, and the problem has gotten worse over the past year, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Fifty-three percent of adult dogs and 55% of cats were classified as overweight or obese by their veterinarians.


Alarm for much snow

Japanese Meteorological Agency says it will be cold weather coming back and much snow from 17 to 19,this weekend.
We will have to prepare for the persistent unwelcome visitor in the end of winter.
It's said much stronger cold wave this year than the past H18 cold one.
Though we've longed for spring so much this winter seems to stay longer than usual....can't help it!


Walking on the snow

It's been rest of cold weather these days.
It stopped snowing but a little rain to melt snow. I tried to walk after a while.
It looked clear without snow on the main street but sidewalks were still slippery pavement with solid snow.
I had a hard time to walk 3km around my area.
I'm afraid almost of all roads are not for walkers but for cars in Japan....it made me sad but i'm convinced we will improve our society and get back our humanitarian spirit later soon.
I remember those of humanity in Barcelona. There was a wide pavement with trees, flowers and benches in the center. Both sides of the big pavement cars go each different direction.
It was really humanitarian culture there.
I want to have road for human more and increase active and healthy street for the mature society.


Words by Sadako

What often makes me laugh is Sadako's words which my oldest friend replied to me.
Her pronunciation is different from Toyama dialect but the ancient Tokyo dialect 'Edoben' because she was born in Tokyo and brought up and lived until her 20 years old.
The typical pronunciation is that 'shi' for 'hi'. She says 'shakuen' for 'hyakuen', 'shiroi' for 'hiroi' or 'shima' for 'hima' and etc.
It makes me funny and I always try to correct her like playing game.
She doesn't care nor feel ill for that.
Our conversation is always having gap but fun like learning foreign languages.
When I had tea break with her I talked about tea and Japanese tea to her.
She willing to repeat it 'Japanese key'.
I said it again 'tea' not 'key'. Then she tried to say 'pea'. 'No..no..it's TEA ' I carefully said to her. She understand it from TE and TEA.
It was nice chatting and exchanging languages with her.
I think old people have power in their long life.
So we need to take advantage of coming aged society and love it.


A big star is dead

It comes into in my news box New York Times,
Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Whitney Houston has died at age 48, media reports said on Saturday.
It's really shocking news though.
She is famous for the song of the movie 'Body guard'.
Her passionate and powerful song is very impressive to me.
I'm very sorry and give my condolence to her. Please keep yourself in peace.
Whitney Houston


My oldest friend

My oldest friend Sadako is young in her spirit.
She is curious, independent, talkative and friendly.
That's why she makes her life younger for her age.
She is almost 92 years old, actually 91 and 9 months.
She sometimes forget how old she is and notice the reality soon.
She admits that she is enough old and whenever she may be gone.
She wishes a happy ending without suffering.

I'm learning my life in the future from her.
Making growth as getting old...
She has a rival of the same age.
Her name is Mitsuko Mori, who is a famous actress.
She says that she competes with her for the length of life.
I hope both of the powerful ladies live healthy and long.
I want her to make herself great each day.


footsteps of spring

Buds of tulip have come out in the planter.

I planted them in the ground and in the planter in my garden last year.
Though the ground is thickly covered with snow and can't see the naked land, the planter is under the roof and being protected from much snow falling.
I'm really excited to find the pretty buds. They alarm the spring bell to wake me up from the frozen ice.
Still being freezing cold but nature starts working for coming bloom.


Snow storm all day

I was busy for sending my parents to doctors' in the morning and afternoon.
It was terrible snow storm and chilly wet all day long.
I've often heard ambulance passing in a hurry and seen accidents on the road .
It was one of my worst days....busiest, coldest and wasteful of time...
But I will never feel worse than today.
Just hoping tomorrow will be better.


snow white again

The strong cold weather comes back again.
I woke up and found white world around my house.
It was stormy and snow flakes fell down when I was leaving home.
But it stopped suddenly and light blue sky peeped into the top of the sky.
It makes beautiful decoration of snow trees.


Favorite TV recently

Allison Dubois works in the Phoenix District Attorney's office.

She uses her psychic abilities to help crack criminal cases. Her dreams often give her clues to the whereabouts of missing people, and by touching someone she often gets to see beneath the facade into the person's soul. Allison juggles this stressful job with her role as wife and mother of three children, including a daughter who seems to be developing similar powers.


Worrisome issue

We live in one of the most dangerous lands where the earthquakes absolutely occur so often. It's our destiny to be here.
Earthquakes are natural products while our society is made up of being against nature.
We can't avoid natural disaster and know how to do with nature to live well.
But we are somehow blind for the worst scenario and let it put away from us.
But the worst situation will come soon or later.
Then ....what should we do now?
Try to avoid tall things compiled or reduce things as possible.
Most of all, I talk to myself not to be panic when it might happen.
Think myself we are not alone but try to survive by ourselves helping others.
We should know natural disaster will happen to us but never lose your temper and keep your body and brain clearly for the matter.

I don't get nervous nor claim for the terrible situation because I can live peacefully and healthy Now.
But you should know that good preparation will save you in problem.


Early Spring Song

There is a famous old Japanese song ' Early Spring Song'.
It says below

It comes Spring but it's only the name not reaches real warm spring yet
The wind is still cold

Nightingale was to start singing but failed
Because it's not the time yet

Though ice melt down and reeds start to grow
Wondering if it were Spring or not

Both of the two days are snow falling
Yesterday and Today...

If I didn't hear that spring had come
I wouldn't have expected too much

How should I deal with my disappointment?
I have no idea what to do these days


Where is spring?

I was very excited to see the first day of spring, today.... but it's incredible much snow falling in the morning!
Not like yesterday white world covers in my eyes, feel like going back to winter again.
We are all disgusting with snow and coldness.....but I know spring is near here around just being postponed by something annoyance.
Let me think positive and not to take it badly. I'm confident with my lovely friend Nature. He behaves how he needs. I will never hate natural things.


Last day of winter

It's the last day of winter in the traditional Japanese calendar today, after the greatest coldness gone over Japan.
I'm a little relieved at the weather news and morning sunshine just now.

"Demons out, fortune in"
That is heard here and there all over Japan because it's the day before beginning of spring, Setsubun.
We are glad to go through out winter season.


Still under warning

Today is still under the warn of much snow by the attack of big cold weather.

Winter life should be slow and free from time shift.
Feel the nature and know how small part we are.
But we have to live and get creative life as we can.
Don't fight against Nature just enjoy our time of Now.
We will know how to love life and ease the difficulties.


The monster coldness

It's said once in two decades the strongest coldness comes around Japan now!
It was really cold last night around -5C, freezing cold.
It's still snow falling all day and night.
It's alarming for driving and walking.
Much snow will be annoying to be cleaned, it will make budget bankrupt.
Anyway we will be more patient and keep warm by ourselves.