The subtropical climate

A sudden thunder storm attacked in the afternoon after the ultimate heat covered all over the land.
The dreadful thunder might hit and damaged something.

They say Japan has got the subtropical climate area not warm but hot in summer.
The killer heat is to bring terrible disasters for example,guerrilla typhoon or monsoon.
We need to be careful about the weather changing quickly and badly.

However, after the rain fall the air has got cool and mild. I hope to sleep well tonight.


Special in summer

Green tea and frappecino is special in summer.
I'm sure Macha flavor is original in Japan.
I wish to let my American friend could taste it.

The dog days

It goes very hot in the dog days.
Then cools off - gets nice and hot for small time. Indian summer comes soon.

The dog days means that it's really hot. My American friend, Jimmy told me.


Summer heat never dies

It's amazing midsummer heat still strong and heat island phenomena here and there at the end of August.
I can't go out during day time because the sun attacks very badly on my car and it would kill me with terrible hot if I should leave it for a while in the shopping center.
There are many people killed by the heat stroke this summer. We can't care of ourselves too much because the weather forecast is telling crazy heat would long for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, the Sun will be getting farther and farther it will be surely cooler and cooler gradually. We will miss summer heat soon! Let's enjoy a little longer summer for a while.

What's a wonderful life?

I ask myself if I'm happy or not, the answer is I'm happy and the happiest in my life.
The happy exists in my mind when I feel free and independent. It's impossible to be without being strong and responsible.
If I might get sick and my heart would also get sick and then I will feel unhappy.
I need to have simulation if I had problems like sickness, accident, or anything to harm me when I'm safe and sound. That's what I suppose to keep myself independent and set free from any annoyance.
It's said,"Think of the hard while you are in the good and think of the easy while you are in the bad".
I don't want to be afraid of anything bad would happen to me but seek for the smile even if it looked like unhappy. I wish my happiness would live in my mind.


Way to be happy

I've found the way to be happy as I've been getting old these days.
There are many ways that lead you each goal where you want to go.
I'm sure no one wants to be unhappy nor unlucky. But we sometimes misunderstand what is to be happy. I can tell that being rich or successful in business are not always happy but you should know the most precious in your life is how happy you feel in your life time. It doesn't matter of the length of the life, short or long.

However hard you work for yourself you won't get the right way to be happy but you can get into the happy road automatically if you work for your friends or the people around you.
I believe in the law of the human being to be happy in the space.


An angel came down from the heaven.

I've watched the heart warming tv program this morning. It's about the daughter who was born of Down's disease.
Her mother Yasuko Kanazawa,who is a calligrapher had an interview and told her tough life with her disabled daughter.
It took a while for the mother to accept the fact that her daughter wouldn't live by herself. She thought her daughter would have been better die than live for nothing. She tried to commit killing her baby daughter by stopping feeding or holding off the cradle on the slope. Though every time she had such bad impulse, her husband helped her to come back. He  really loved his daughter never have complained her disability whole his life. (He passed away when his daughter was 14 years old)

Yasuko finally admitted she couldn't escape from the fate she was facing and she found great thanks in her daughter's smile. She noticed her daughter was sent from the God. ' Shoko is an angel who came down from the heaven.'
Wherever she goes she makes people happy. She is an incredible someone who doesn't want to win nor defeat, she just loves peace and smile.
I often think of what a life is. The answer is not known yet but I will see every moment in my life what is  worthy and just being grateful.
I recognize the daughter, Shoko lives her life for the moment fulfilled just like me.
I remember one of my favorite words,'No day but today'.  It reminds me of her angel smile.



Mr.Brain has come.

I've waited for him for a couple of weeks and finally he has arrived at my house.
I prepared a sheet of protect seal for the display and the jacket cover.
I named him James Brain, which reminds of James Bond and James Brown.
They are both famous,one is hero in the movie and the other a great musician in the show business.
While my friend James Brain is so cute and smart that he is a hero to me.
He has an answer to my every question. He is easy to be carried with. I will always be with him where I go. I can read books or write blogs whenever and wherever I like.
We already know that convenient goods are not always helpful but too kind to make me lazy.
I'd like to have a good connection with him.
However, I need  setting him for the updated version.
I will be stuck in him so far so long until I would be board.
Mr.Brain has more interesting tools than I expected. Now that I'm into him so much!

Japanese script

my Ipad, alias James Brain


Kanon ends up leaving… from the episode 20

'Please remember me,my precious one. Sayonara.'
Kanon left Charo singing this song.
Kanon wanted Charo to be happy and strong without a mother. While her love for him is very true,somehow too severe to accept it for me.
She chose to let her son live strongly at last. I think it more than Love,which I have in my mind,it's deeper and steady not being affected by anything else.
Mothers' love is more precious than anything !
I think Kanon taught us what a life is full of painful but beautiful.

Little Charo 2 Episode 20

Japanese script


Heat came back to be a killer.

I went on an errand for some shopping in the morning.
Going around a shopping tour until noon,I found the temperature in my car was 45 degrees centigrade, I couldn't even touch an handle! I leff my car almost for an hour outside at noon, it really got hot. I felt very uneasy if had left someone, for example, a baby or a dog or a cat, she would have been dead of heat stroke.
Anyway I was relieved nothing was damaged by the deadly heat.
I needed a break after ten minutes' drive,so I dropped into the Mos burger and ordered one of the special menu in summer'Nan tacos'.
It sounds like tasty but it's just curry taste and Nan with some green leaves,Tacos' chips.
And most of all, it was very hard to bite!
I felt sorry I were not an Indian using fingers to eat it.
It was inconvenient for me to eat the Nan tacos without usig fingers. I should have asked for folks then.

Japanese script


65th anniversary of the WWⅡ's end and.....

Think of 65years ago, Japan was attacked by nuclear bombings twice and gave up to the United nations. Our ancestors devoted to work hard for themselves not for the emperor nor the loyal family. They just wanted to live and worked to eat.

I can only know from the news or the story those days but my parents had hard life when they were  still small at that time. My mother sometimes told me about her painful life after the end of the war, her family had to escape from China and deadly severe on the way back to Japan.

I went to see the movie ' Caterpillar ', which had a great reputation and got a prize in Berlin movie festival. It symbolizes a soldier who was injured and lost both his legs and arms in the war.
His wife had to take care of him as a precious contributer for the nation but she had painful in her life until the war ended.
The movie was something thoughtful to be seen on the 65th anniversary of the war's end.
I really hate WAR for any reason !  We should never arrow the war would be committed.

By the way,we have a peaceful constitution and it protects us to keep the peace.
However other serious problems happens those days.
Neglect and child abuse are often reported on TV.
War is the worst but neglect and abuse are no less than killing people in the war.
I'm worried about young mothers losing their affection for their babies.

I'm very sorry that young mother had no one to support her to breed her babies.
Only one person should have helped her to be a right mother.
I would like to be the one who could help someone who suffers from her problem.

Japanese script


A little fall is coming

After the typhoon, the temperature has cooled down and it becomes easy to stay and have good sleep.
Summer strong heat caused a lot of people sick last week but we feel like in the natural cooler for these days.
I find the long shadow of the sunlight and earlier sunset day by day. Autumn is coming soon.

There are several summer events during summer vacation.
I'm going to join the reunion of my school days.  We are going to celebrate our mentor for the well aged retirement from his job as a school master.
He has worked as a teacher for 38 years until 60 years old now.

I really respect his contribution for students and schools, countless numbers and more than 10 schools in his life.

I'm also looking forward to seeing old friends and seniors there after a long while no see.
It's the season people make good memory as well as going back to see old times.

It is said that you can learn the new reviewing the old.

Japanese script


Midnight summer lecture 'Justice with Michael Sandel'

Do you want to attend the lecture at Harvard University?
Anyone who wants it, come over the TV at midnight today (0:15 am to 03:13) from Wednesday to Friday and on Saturday ( 1:00am to 3:58 )
There are 12 series lectures for 4 midnights.

I will try to join the program on TV, NHK BS hi. I set my alarm clock at 0:05am because I'm going to sleep earlier before watching TV.
I'm very interested in his attractive lecture with thousands of students in his class. His lecture is interactive and a lot of arguments and debates I've never had before.
I envy those people who can attend his lecture and describe their own opinions in the mass class.

I would like to be a student of the TV Harvard University for 4 days and learn a lot on the summer night University.


Mid summer event

I attended all the early morning yoga practice from Aug. 1st to 8th.
I really enjoyed morning yoga and going on a bicycle for 20 minutes for one way.
It gave me not only regular good life but also having good experiences as those days  when I was a school girl used to go to "the physical exercise on the radio" near the park. It also reminds me of growing moments full of dreams. Anyway I give myself good word "You did it! You will get good luck in the near future. "

Now is the mid summer festival called 'YOSAKOI TOYAMA'.
I went to see the YOSAKOI dancing performance in the evening.
They say about 60 dancing team made entry to the festival from here and there and from young and old.


On the mid summer night I was very excited with passionate dance.
Yosakoi means heating up super WELCOME service in summer.

I needed Japanese shaved ice topped with honey, called 'kakigoori'.

Japanese script