Holiday quiz

English riddle

2. What kind of flowers grow on your face?


Holiday quiz 1

Now is on the Golden week.
I will give holiday quiz "English Riddle" once a day for 8 days, from today until May 6.
Each answer will be whole together on May 6 in Japanese version.
Hope you will join the game,

1. What has four legs and a back but no body?


What a wonderful walking

It's season in full bloom after Sakura.
I enjoy walking around my neighbor with my dog.
It's the best season to walk in the morning.


Nothing special

I have nothing special today.
But I noticed I have no nasal problems such as sneeze, runny nose and uncomfortable nasal confection.
I'm very happy to walk my dog easier this morning compared with yesterday, it was too bad for my nose.
I wonder what is happening and searched on the net about the pollution.
See what is happening now.


What a wonderful walking!

Yesterday I was walking along the river where the cherry blossoms were blooming. Now is the greenery changed from the pink.

What a wonderful walking


Something strange

It's reported that something strange in the sea.
The deep sea fish has been caught in the sea. The other day, at the Muroto cape such rare deep sea fish were caught alive so many number.
It happened here and there at some points in Japan recently.
I'm worried about something wrong might happen, a sign for Nankai Trough. It has been warning to occur in the near future.
Something strange in the sea


Generic articles

It's titled "generic" not only for medicine but also other products such as electric products.
Generic means no brand, no high qualified special permission but general simple object.
So it's easier and cheaper than famous makers' ones.
It said that the generic household appliance helps family finance.
Generic electric products


Blossoms in the field

The other day, I had passed through the road in the field in my car and had seen a lovely grove of trees with pink blossoms.
It had caught my attention so strong but I had been hard to stop there at that time because of the traffic problem.
I was so eager to see it badly and went there early in the morning yesterday and tried to take pictures of them.
I could take pictures of the fantastic view of the blossoms.
What do you think of this?


Let's sing!

It's such a fancy animation movie presented by Disney "Frozen".
It was already on broad from last month. There are full of music and songs in it like a musical.
I watched it on the plane on my way back from Singapore last month.
Among them "Let it go" is high reputation and sung by many languages. The Japanese version is by Takako Matsu, also very impressive and great work in Japanese.
Let's sing together!

Let it go



その点、iPhone は格安スマホに比べるとセキュリティーは安心だと信頼していますが....。

Cheap smartphone

Not only Aeon but also Big camera and Yodobashi such as Japanese big electronics retailers offer to sell cheap smart phones.
It starts wars of "Smartphone"year.
I wonder if the cheap one could have security....so they must need security programs!
I'm in confidence with iPhone because of its good security.


The happy black at the White House

It's introducing the new face at the White House.
His name is Sunny.
It seems they are really happier than usual pet dogs in the world.
As it were, celebrity dogs they are!

The White House new face


Sakura after Sakura

It shows different Sakura "Shidare" from "Someiyoshino".
Its color deeper and thick flower is like a reed screen. It usually blooms after Someiyoshino.
It really comforts the lost of the season as well as tulips and other flowers.



I was very excited to see the car of ISUZU running forward to mine yesterday.

It was a RV vehicle which I like the most.
I heard that ISUZU had retired from the passenger cars but specialized to buses and trucks.
I have a good memory of the first car which I got to ride when I was young. That was "Gemini" by ISUZU. I knew it was my favorite car and loved it very much.
I've never seen ISUZU vehicle for a long while.
But that one was so cool and run away fast left me behind.


The Mountains and the blossoms

It lasts for a long while of the cherry blossoms view and warm this year.
I could see them anywhere I went.
Finally I found the best match with the mountains and the blossoms.
It was really a dreaming collaboration.


Sakura in the day and evening

It was mild and calm yesterday.
Sakura bloom was almost after peak and getting fallen petals here and there.
There were still many people in love with Sakura watching and staying under the tree.
They were enjoying the day.
I watched different scene of Sakura shining with the evening sun and white moon in the sky.
The day and evening, I also enjoyed Sakura very much.
Sakura in the day and evening


Cool app

It's a splendid app which I've been waiting that we can listen to the radio on the phone for free.
I can listen to the radio( but only for NHK1,2 and FM)
My favorite program "English conversation" with Ken Toyama is easy to catch once of three streaming a day. And the more, you can listen to it any time from archive streaming.
It's a fabulous item of all my app.
There are many programs to listen to if you want to keep learning English on the radio every weekday.
I really recommend NHK language programs to listen to once a day.


The first tulips

There come out tulips in my garden.
They are tiny and thin because I didn't take care of them last year...didn't notice about replanting from the planter or the ground.
I'm very sorry for their growth in bad condition just left them in nature.
I'm very glad to see their blooms never forget the promise with the season.
Compared to those in the garden in the neighbor, they are poorer in my garden but very lovely and special for me.
Thank you for letting show me the best smile!

It got rainy and cold in the afternoon. The tulips closes in the afternoon.

This photo is 14:00 today.


A notice

There is a notice on the telegram poll. It says,
" We are observing "
What do you think it means?
It's full of mystery...guess what!

The answer will be in the Japanese version later.



It was really lovely day for cherry blossoms for viewing yesterday.
I went out to see around the popular place. Even being the weekday on Monday there were many people visiting.
I'm sure Japanese can't spend life without Sakura watching in spring.


Free call

There are lots of benefit and useful applications ( called app ) with the smart phone. In my case, all of my family use iPhone so we can connect for free call and messages even in the abroad it follows via wireless network ( called wifi ).
I use iMessage and FaceTime talking or exchanging files with my daughter in Australia and friends of iPhone users.
But it doesn't cover other smart phone like android or windows. So it makes much cost to make a phone call to them who are not iPhone users without using Line.
Many people are using Line because it covers all smart phone call free. But it was not me. I don't use Line because of some reason.

While this occasion, I found Facebook messenger enables free phone call on every devices on the net! It's not only smart phone but also tablet and PC.
It's really cool. I tried it to an android user in the U.S. as well as those who are in Japan.
But they are Facebook users only.
Anyway, things are getting improved and more convenient so it might be too easy to keep in touch with friends.
I'm afraid that "Easy comes easy goes". I will be careful to use it.


Allergic rhinitis

I've got allergic rhinitis for these days especially in the morning.

It's really annoying me a lot.

Frequent sneezing and runny nose make me so bad that I have to take  medicine to stop the allergic syndrome.

So to speak, I went to the doctor and got allergy block medicine last year. 

But I don't want to go to see a doctor this time. Instead, I'm going to take a herbal medicine to prevent allergy.

I need to make my immune system in order than temporary cure.



The feast in spring

It was fantastic lunch in spring.
We ate out at the place with Japanese traditional garden and hospitality.
The restaurant is a Japanese old house and now is renovated to the guest house for lunch and dinner service.
You can also enjoy without meal just tea or sweet.
If you are interested in having precious time with someone or by yourself, worth trying to go there.
But you need to take a reservation with meals but not for tea or sweet.
It's a kind of secret place,still new, but getting popular by the reputation in Toyama city.
You might have already known it.


Good flower morning

It's really good morning for walking to see around blossoms and flowers.
A woman talked to me and showed me the blossoms when I was taking photos in my phone.
She seemed to be honored to introduce the blossoms "kobushi", one of Japanese magnolia.
It was really elegant with white and a little pink.
There are a lot of flowers in spring. I'd like to enjoy them day by day.

Blossoms and flowers in spring



What's BeA?

I've heard about the sound "bea" seems like "bear" in English.
It's much expressed about Japanese company for employers.
Employers association claims their wage up.
Yes, it's about the money.
Workers in the company ask for much money every year....as it's said " base up" is Japanese English though.
You know, "BeA" means Japanese salary increase after all.
BeA is not bear but from Japanese English "base up".
I was very confused now is okay!