Holiday quiz final

Fill in the blanks.

1. Let me get this ( straight ).

2. Good luck on your ( match ).

3. I'll do it on one ( condition ).

4. ( Focus ) on this task first.

5. This report is ( due )today.

* 5 has no correct answer.


Hokuriku Bullet train

It's announced that Hokuriku Bullet train will start on March 14 next year.
It's been very much expected and interested by many people not only local residents but also those who are involved in Hokuriku area.
It seems great change will happen to our area facing the Japan sea area because of the fast arrival from Tokyo for about two hours on direct. It'll be much more convenient than the air.
There will also be dark sides of declining of local lines and the air routes.
Hokuriku Bullet train



It's a horrible incident reported that a guide dog was injured somewhere in the train or on the way to the work place with the blind owner.
The dog was found to be stabbed and bled several injuries on the body.
But the trained guide dog was patient enough not to scream for the ache even getting injured.
I feel very furious about the crime than sorry. 
It's very sorry for such cruel deed should happen to the weak.
I'll never forgive such a merciless arrogance.

The guide dog injured


There is no such thing...

Yesterday I watched a movie on the web.
The title is "Evening" but the Japanese subtitle is translated more meaningful
" Before being gone off some day", " itsuka nemurini tsuku maeni".
The female main character is facing dead and her two daughters are caring for her last moment.
She wanders about in her consciousness when she was young. Her only regret about apology and heart break running like waves in her memory.
She takes time to prepare for leaving the life.

In that film I take an impressive word from her.
" There is no such thing as a mistake in a life".
She encouraged her daughter in problem and left.
It is her happy ending story.
Before going away I'd like to say that word.


Real suspense story

According to the article about sales targeting to elder people are very shocking and tricking.
They are said to learn Carnegie's theory "Feel to be important" and badly make use of leading people to their own fake trading.
They approach to the people for the first with "profit " and the second with " importance ".
Pushing sales are tend to be disgusting and more sophisticated technique is brought into their crime.
I feel very ill of this because I liked this theory "Feel to be important" was a kind of basic focus on educating and coaching people in the society.
We can't believe sales easily, especially don't get involved to "profit" story!


Sad rain

It's been raining since last night. It's not so strong but continuously falling wet on the ground. The temperature got down and heat went away.
I've heard an acquaintance's death who used to be gentle and decisive working woman through her life for city government as a manager.
She was very respected and adored by many people from young children to elder people because she had worked in the social care support, orphanage and senior and children home.
I remember her smiling face and warm words for me when I had been in difficulties.
I didn't see her so often nor get close to her in private but she really treated me like a close friend and full attention.
I'm sure her life contented and loved by many people.
I'm going to say good-bye at the funeral today.
It seems like the weeping rain to give her beautiful life.


The final match

The Koshien 2014 year's title match is going to be held from 1:00pm today.
The finalist Mie and Toin are never expected for me though I'm not so familiar with baseball.
I'm just an instant fan for Koshien.
So my guess was wrong but close.
When I watched the first and second game I estimated the winner of this year with my friend.
My friend is a core fan of Okinawa, of course she cheered Okinawa Shogaku, while I guessed Tsuruga Kehi.
Finally both were lost but we were much moved with their great play.
Whatever I will enjoy the final game as much as possible.

Every year summer is gone with the passion of Koshien.
The final match reminds me of the end of summer.



We can't be without in discouraged and deep sorrow for facing the terrible disaster of landslide and mudslide in Hiroshima.
Heavy rainfall hit many houses and made many people dead and injured for a night. There are still tens of thousands of people refuged from their destroyed houses.
Much grief and regret are compiled in the destruction.
Our land is said to be dangerous for an accidental disaster such as guerrilla rain fall. We need to check and have cautious preparation for the future disaster.
Hiroshima landslide disaster


To dear young ladies

Life is mixed up with joy and sadness or sweet and bitter.
We are learning every day how to get well and being happy.
Now I can tell you one of the ways how I got over my difficulties in my mind and got steady cheerful mind.
To my dear younger ladies who are still suffering from your own discontented mind.
Just free to listen to this song and open your heart to elder's word.
This is "I've been to paradise but I've never been to me".
This is saying your happiness and joy will stay always with you. It's not far from you but near you. Open your eyes and find what's the most important for you. You can't find blue bird far away.
Does it make sense?

I've never been to me

More information


Animal healing

Have you heard that people who have high blood pressure went to the park ( sorry but zoo )and saw animals giraffe, monkey, elephant, tigers or bears and so on. Then their blood pressure gets down.
Another story about senior nursery home, an elder woman who couldn't walk on the wheel chair tried to touch the therapy dog visiting there, she could finally walk to the dog.
This shows that animals such as pets as well as wild animals which are different from humans but all the same creatures with us on the earth. The animals can't talk to us but they feel something and appeal something by their own performances.
It means the exchange between animal performances are a kind of therapy for us. So it makes us get blood pressure down or slow breathing and calm down.
Animals give us pleasure and lovely intention.
People feel genuine love with them.
That's why animal therapy cause effective to mental diseases.
This is the article why they look younger if they have pet dogs.
Why they look younger?


How to make a decision

If you are in puzzled which way to choose, how do you make a decision ?
You may ask parents or seniors and take an advise. You'd better take it as hard as possible because you would never regret for the choice as the matters are so big.

To make a decision from what you would eat for breakfast to what kind of job you would belong to wouldn't be the same issue I think.
But this presenter Dr.Chang says any decisions are the same as in yourself and make it easy as possible. There is no answer around you but inside yourself.
This is a very strong passion and persuasion.
But I still can't totally agree to the point which is such a view of life.
For example, in Buddhism we are given life and share it in the society but in the different kind of philosophy "We make our life and plan to coordinate own life by ourselves."
It could be said in an aspect but not at all....what do you think?

By the way today is the best 16 of Koshien baseball game. I hope Tomisho can win to the best 8.
Although to win or lose is the top list of the high school baseball, the most important is fighting to win to the end and got their goal "guts".
TED idea spreading


Knowledge for health

It's an interesting topic for health.
Dr. Kobayashi at Juntendo University is saying that chocolate and curry are useful to prevent dementia.
I rarely have chocolate but curry once a week. So I'll take chocolate more often and also taste curry.
And the more useful knowledge on the radio program I'll bring you below!
Let's get knowledge with fun


Summer cold

My son and daughter in law catch a cold in summer now.
First the son was runny nose and couldn't take away from tissue boxes then the daughter got a high fever around 39 temperature. So she fell down and in bed for a day.
I'm having a slight sore throat.
I have to take care of not having badly.
I need to gargle and eat something antivirus, garlic or ginger.
They say that summer cold is not cured easily.
Be careful yourself !


Nothing special

I have nothing special topic today but next high school baseball game the best 16 match.
I'm just being relax and doing homework after Obon holidays.
This is one of interesting videos to be easy with fashion coordinate.
It's cheap and saving fashion coordinate worth watching for ladies. Please have fun!

How to enjoy scarf


Heavy rain all day long

It's been raining badly since last night.
It's very strange such heavy rain and cool summer in the end of Obon. It seems like cold summer this year a after all, isn't it?
I'm afraid summer vegetables are poor and cost up after these days.

I saw clouds hanging lower in the middle of the mountains yesterday.
It looked like deep fog around the foot of the mountain but it was clear on the top of the mountain.
Was it the sigh of the heavy rain for today?

It's the image picture of yesterday.


Tiny corn

A pot of corn has the second fruit this season.
It's small and pretty but good taste as well as the regular one.
I hope more fruits but the thin tree in the pot is poor to bear more fruits.
I'm sorry that I'm not a green thumb.


Country roads

It's highlight for people to come back to home town during Bon period.
It's a tradition to welcome passed spirits and gathering all family.
But nowadays life is not so easy to come back regularly if they live apart from the hometown.
So we can see each other on the net and sending messages frequently.
Even we are not living together, not alone each other.
Please listen to the song in your heart.
Take me home country roads


Be careful for the phishing fraud lately

I've got a new kind of phishing mail in my cellphone address.
I'm not sure how they know my private email address but something wrong happens to my email information.
I'm really worried about the security of the information such as being stolen the customers information in the company.
The scam is very very sophisticated and skillful.
It's attempting to offer to get money from their company but it's a lie. They are waiting for the reply from who wants money but they will take money instead.
Please take a look and watch out!

Phishing fraud


Holiday quiz

Now Bon period starts!
Please relax and take it easy.

Fill in the blanks with a good word.

I'm getting ( ) .



A dragon in the east

Look at these photos!
This is a three series of photos in the evening on Sunday just after the typhoon 11 passing through.
These splendid burning sky were taken by John Muir. He kindly sent me to share his great pictures with us.
Thank you Mr.Muir!
I can see a dragon in there and it run away burning in the sky with the monster typhoon.
It really stimulates my imagination.

I hope that the dragon is a buster of the typhoon.
Or it might be the master of the monster typhoon?!
Which do you like to make a good imagination?

These are presented by John Muir.

This is in the evening yesterday by myself. There was no dragon anymore.


The sky after the typhoon

The sky is still changing, cloudy, windy and rainy this morning.
It seems temperature is higher than yesterday.
Nothing is so precious that no destructions or victims during the typhoon passing the nearest.
We can enjoy summer time again!


Typhoon 11

It's making great warning of typhoon 11. Fortunately we are safer than the most dangerous area where is made evacuation directive.
We are going to have the typhoon the nearest moment in the afternoon.
Be careful every one and be safe.


The nursery home for senior dogs

It's really interesting and heart aching topics about senior dogs having got old and aging problems like people.
Before decades, dogs as well as other pet animals lived not so long died around 10 years or less.
Humans also lived only for 50 years old or less.
But now we come to live longer than 80 and pets live far more than 10 years old.
As the longevity of life gets prolonged sickness and diseases live together as the medical progressed.
We need to pay money for the length of life so much in the future not now and force young people to pay for it, too.
I think it silly to prepare for the unknown future but every one doesn't want to bother young people for themselves.
To live long healthy is not so easy ...but we care for the weak and help each other as long as we live.
It's the one of the phenomenas in the urban and long life's society.
What do you think?
The senior home for dogs


More harmful than tobacco!?

It's seriously shocking that one of the food I was using more harmful than tobacco.
I knew that junk food or instant cooked food are not healthy but I didn't know can of tomato has something poisoning for health.
I should stop using and better use fresh one or in the bottle of glasses.
It's very easy to use processed food but need to know the risks of them. So we have to watch out when we eat out or buy food.

Harmful food than tobacco


Guerrilla heavy rain

It suddenly rained heavily in the evening, as it said "guerrilla heavy rain".
It was really hard to see forward and drove slowly and carefully at that time.
After a while, as it was getting weak to rain bright sky appeared.
But it was like a paint in the sky.


A pack of funny companies

I met a pack of a good companies, four dogs, two kitties and a man.
The leader of the pack was a big man holding six leads to tie with each one.
They were walking slowly and waited patiently for the cats playing and winding on their way.
The pack was so unique and funny that they were being paid attention by the people there.
They were really like stars.


The hero kid

It's so amazing that three-year-old boy saved elderly man who was trapped inside hot car.
He is a hero boy to have saved a man.

The hero kid


Hot news

I've happened to listen to the news on the radio about the heavy disastrous flood in Serbia.
Japan government and non-government started to donate to Serbia because of the reward at the great disaster 3.11.
Serbia had helped immediately at the Japan earthquake even the country is not so wealthy but rich in mind.
Serbia had been very familiar to Japan sice the war(1991-2000).
Japan had helped a lot of financial problems at that time. That's why Serbia payed back for Japan from the sincere.
I'm very touched with the wonderful friendship between Serbia and Japan.

Serbia and Japan


Holiday quiz in summer

It's been hot even at night.
It seems like tropical summer night these days....be patient a little longer coz the peak of the heat is getting to be weaker and weaker.
I can find it in the early morning.
The time of the sunrise is getting slowly late and breeze is comfortable.

Here you try the summer quiz!
Holiday quiz in summer


Empty nest

I saw the swallow nest already empty yesterday.
I had found chicks and parents in there more than a month before.
When I checked it a few weeks ago there were an adult swallow on the nest.
And then there were no one in the nest.
It's in August. They might fly away to the South.
I hope to see them next year, too.


Morning sun

I saw some interesting scenes in the morning when I walk my dog.
There are abundant of natural color in the sky and on the earth.
I like blue, green, white and vivid creatures.
I feel refreshed with the morning shower of breeze and sunlight.