In full bloom

Here comes perfect blossoms in full bloom at the river Matsu.
Mr. Muir has sent them at their most beauty in his eyes.
Thank you again.

This is across from the river in my place. 
This big old cherry tree is my background scenery every year.


Bad food

It's an alarming issue that processed cheese contains harmful inclusion.
Our life style has shifted to westernized and bread for breakfast with cheese or eggs are very common.
I often use processed cheese in different kinds of cook, gratin or pasta and omelet so on.
I'd like to avoid using such processed cheese from now.
Bad food


Getting to bloom 2

It's so rapidly blooming yesterday.
As I said about the day before the bloomers are ready. But it almost blooms much faster than expected though.
Mr. Muir sent beautiful pictures of blossoms at the Matsu river yesterday.
I'd like to share one of the lovely photo.
Thank you John for your artistic work.


Getting to bloom

It's my report on Sunday morning yesterday when I walked along the riverside the Akae, Itachi and Matsu where the blossoms are getting ready to bloom in a few days.
It was very good to walk for the first chilly cold but later warm enough to take the jacket off.
But it's not good for me to wear mask and glasses to protect pollen. I can't help having runny nose during walking.
It's my happy and unhappy season so far.


Power food

It's introduced which makes you powerful and healthy to use simple gradients.
Vinegar and ginger are good combination to bring you active homeopathy and better condition not like the effect of medical support.
I used to like using herbal effect and taking good food to remove the chronicle diseases.
I don't take medicine regularly yet but temporary treatment.
So I usually use vinegar and ginger different occasions.
I'd like to make the good combination power food now.
Power food


The precious words

I was moved with the words by Mr.Narusawa who established the first women's university on the TV program "Asa ga kita" yesterday morning.
He said
" Alive and dead are not so different for me because life is the front and death is the back behind. The body is just the clothes and the real one in the deep inside would never die."
I also have the same thought since I had lost the important person. I can see it through in the different places or situations. It made me strong.
The other day Sadako said
" I lost all my family and I'm only left alone. But I can feel they are around me. They're watching me."
She will become 96 years old soon so I cheer her to be 100 in the next Olympic year.
Yesterday it was lingering snowfall in the morning. Thin snow covered in the ground. But it disappeared soon.
Asa ga Kita


Before languages

It's very deep and important thought to learn foreign languages.
The two ladies who are concerned with foreign languages, one is a translator and the other is a professor, are talking about things more important than languages but background culture.
I think culture and tradition or habits are parts of essence to learn foreign languages.
It's worth for reading and discussing.
Background of languages


After blossoms

My garden has almost finished with cherry blossoms. They were in full bloom before yesterday when it was sky blue.
I took photos of the blossoms this year in the blue sky.
I'm looking forward to seeing cherries of their fruits in a few months.


Lymph therapy

It sometimes happen to me uncomfortable unbalance of autonomic nerves. It makes me feel bad.
I knew lymph therapy is good for treating good balance and prevent sickness.
It's a small and easy treatment by myself.
When it comes to warm and cold changing very hard healthy condition would go worse. I'd like to keep healthy by doing lymph therapy.
Lymph therapy


Too happy to be 3Y?

It's reported that Taichi Sakaiya who is a famous writer and worked a cabinet officer before, talked about Japanese society.
Young people tend to be effected by the phenomenon, he calls it " 3Y such as Yoku nashi, Yume nashi and Yaruki nashi".
He brought to this mention from the letters for the application.
They are from the young people to the old who wrote their wishes.
Then from the content Mr.Sakaiya found there were no more eager wishes nor dreams for the future but the caress and love for family or friends. It makes him to worry about the future in Japan.
The worse issue is there supposed to be unmarried 40s males comes to 20% in 2015.
It because of the social problems he says.
Japanese society is developed and growing to be matured, so people are not hungry any more than old days. Does it matter worse to Japan?
I think We need to focus on education for young children who need to be inspired by humanitarian dignity not only for technology nor business.
We Japanese got rich from the ancients' high qualified virtue for life such as politeness, pride, self effort and so on. We should never forget " We should not build happiness on others' unhappiness."
What do you think about this article?
Too happy to be 3Y


Where to see good view of Sakura

It's season for Sakura viewing around the corner.
Though in our area will be a week behind Tokyo area, they are preparing for the big event of "Hanami".
There are 17 great Sakura spots including Shibazakura.
They're much more luxury than our areas but I'd like to enjoy the spots where I can walk for several minutes, the Matsu river, Kansui park and Inari park. I can also drive for minutes to see the Kureha hill, along the Jinzu river and the Johganji river side.
More mover for an hour drive to see Uozu Momoyana park, The Funa river side are also fabulous.
We will see them once a year, don't miss it.
Splendid view points of Sakura



This man is supposed to be popular on TV because of real high educated profile instead of fake resumed Sean K.
Real high educated man

I wonder why he had sealed false label on his profile.
I guess he must be full of talent and acted his life the role of "Sean K". His work seemed too sophisticated and intelligent for every one to find his lie profile out except "Bunshun".
They say a small lie makes a big lie. I'm sorry if he would not have a small lie he would keep a cool MC and play a talent.
The right learning overseas


The first bloom

It's the first cherry tree blooming in my garden yesterday.
It's a week earlier than last year preferring to my blog last year.

The bloom last year

Though it was cloudy being warm enough for them to bloom.
I'm sorry that I can't take them in the blue sky.
I wish I could take photos of them in the blue sky.
I hope they will keep blooming until the fine weather.


An amazing penguin

This is an amazing topic of the Patagonian penguin, which is called Dimdin regularly comes back to the place in Brazil from Patagonia for thousands kilometers migrant.
4 years ago the retired man saved the baby penguin, which was covered with oil. He took good care of the weak Dimdin and released to the nature.
After that Dimdin comes back to his place in Brazil and stayed for 8 months with him.
It's so wonderful and lovely relationship between the two.
Patagonian penguin found the second house in Brazil

An amazing penguin


The cherry blossoms front

It's reported that the cherry blossoms front is earlier than usual this year.
The first bloom is said in Nagoya.
It's really good to hear.
I can't wait for walking under the cherry blossoms.
The cherry blossoms front


Life is miraculous

There are a lot of review of Charo video online.
I found it and enjoyed what I had before. The first season " Charo in New York" was broadcasted April 2008. The first one was Charo was left in the New York air port by accident and lost his way back to Japan. But he never gave up his hope and wish. Many friends helped and encouraged him to get his goal.
Especially among them an unforgettable mate, Dread was like his father and mentor to lead him. He loved Charo deep and gentle and guarded him warm. I can't watch Dread made his end without tears again and again.
The " Dread forever" is the final moment for Charo with Dread.
I still love a lot to watch " Little Charo ".
I uploaded the Dread memories in my blog 5 years ago to remind myself. I'll show it.
A guardian Dread
Dread forever


How brave to rescue a dog!

It's a very brave and heartwarming video to rescue a dog which was left alone on the drifting ice.
It seems very cold such as minus temperature.
I think the dog and the human relationship will be more closer and help each other.
How brave to rescue a dog!


Histamine food poisoning

It's a serious season for food allergy caused by histamine.
It's said "To provide a method for producing fermented seasoning using fish and shellfish comprising utilizing the whole or part of a fish body or a shellfish body as raw material, and reducing the content of histamine as a food poisoning causative agent."
Be careful to eat frozen fish if you have allergy.
Histamine food poisoning


How to communicate in English

English is now a world language to communicate between people from the world.
Even if you visit non native English countries except England, US, and Aussie, you can communicate in little English because most countries choose it the second language.
Many young people are educated via English.
It's very interesting topic about native English people who don't have to study other languages to communicate with people around the world. But the native English is said to be too bad to make them understood. The native English people also can't easily understand the world language "English".
How to communicate in English


Checking and charging

It's the best season to clean and clear both the room and head.
We're having spring break and the time to refresh and charge.
I recommend you checking your skill and make a plan to study routine.
If you really know your status you can easily continue the fit program.
Hope you enjoy your time and getting along with English.


Gargle water recipe

It's a wonderful recipe to make gargle water.
The ingredients are already at home, easy to make it.
Baking soda and peppermint oil can make perfect home made gargle water.
It's an useful item to keep oral care every day.
How do you like it?
Gargle water


Spring in Tokyo

I viewed back spring in Tokyo with photos.
I happened to see kissing of the two super expresses " Yamabiko" and "Komachi". They are said to go orbital rendezvous to Sendai.
It's so funny scene for me.
The last impressive one was the early cherry blossom alone in front of the building.
We'll see it soon here, too.


Tokyo walker

I walked around Tokyo Marunouchi, Ginza, Nihonbashi and Tsukiji area for 2 nights three days.
It was really renewal and renovated everywhere.
Marunouchi is constructed with underground walkways from Tokyo station to extended area to Ohtemachi.
Ginza is prosperous with foreign travelers shopping course especially Chinese big shoppers.
Nihonbashi is refreshed with
" Coredo " buildings by developers and the old traditional area become modern artistic area.
Tsukiji is said to be the kitchen of Tokyo and the main market is to move to Toyosu this year. There are still big attractions for visitors to get fresh food.
Tokyo is now growing to be more attractive for tourists from overseas. Moreover the next Olympic will be held, so enormous money and manpower are pouring to it.
I felt that energy and power there.
The never sleeping town would be too tough to spend all life.




There is a place which I never fail to visit in Tokyo. It's Apple Store since I bought iPhone several years before.
I went to Ginza Apple Store and had lecture about "iCloud" and "How to edit and organize photos".
It's very helpful to get skill up for using devices.
I'm very satisfied with lecture by professional staff of Apple products.
It's also amazing there are many senior audiences learning how to use iOS even in the weekday afternoon.
I think it good for me to live in the rural and visit the urban so far.


Early boomer

It's still March 7 in Tokyo, I saw cherry blossoms blooming along the street.
It's not Someiyoshino but deep pink, small kind.
Unfortunately it's raining today I can't enjoy walking so much around the town to town.
Today I have a plan to have " joshikai lunch " at Ginza.
We'll have a small alumni association after a few years.
Seeing each other to share and exchange the valuable things.
Though I'm the only one from the local town the others are around Tokyo, they can't often see. So we all can see only when I go to Tokyo. That's why I need to see them together once for a few years. Maybe more often from now.
Anyway our life go to see the grandkids, it means we are in the grand age now.
I'm going to love my life and love my friends in the final stage of my life.


Cyber rescue dog

It's introduced about the collaboration of "research and rescue dog" and "rescue robot".
They plan a new research for the disasters "Cyber rescue dog".
Gonta is ten-year -old Britain spaniel that had worked as a super rescue dog.
He is now trained as a cyber rescue dog having a device bag in which GPS camera and transporting data program.
It's being expected to help for the difficult situation.
A cyber research dog


Weekend topic

It's very useful ways to keep the book clean.
If you made dirty on your book, for example the stain by coffee or the sun.
It's very good to remove stain magically.
It's worth trying for you, don't you?
How to remove stain from the book


Page renewal

I've finished my webpage "eigodedojo.com" renewal with new photos.
I haven't changed the image of the front page of the web since last year.
I can only work with the web contents when I'm free in this spring break.
I show the early Ume blossoms this year and Jace growing for a year in the photos.
I'd like to extend more page gradually.
Please check it.
My web renewal


G pop

What's "G pop"?
I've heard of "J pop" or "K pop" but never of it.
I happened to watch the topic about it on TV at the waiting room of the dentist before yesterday.
It made me laugh and laugh at the time.
I think people in this video from 59 to 80 years old are growing serotonin transporter up in their senior life.
It's so amazing power of Kochi prefecture ....it's the mother land of Ryoma Sakamoto and Yosakoi dance.
G pop


Snow flower in the blue sky

When I woke up it was much snow and thick snow piled up and covered my car.
It was so unexpected snow mounted in the first of March.
I removed snow and walked to the dentist around 8:30 yesterday morning.
On my way to the dentist it got shiny and blue sky appeared.
I can't help without taking photos of the sudden beautiful scene in front of me. The trees are covered with soft snow like blooming snow flowers and the back ground of the brilliant blue.
It was one of my impressive scenes living in here....never met so often in the Pacific Ocean area.
I really thanked for seeing the beauty of the nature so much.


What's serotonin transporter

It's very interesting article about Japanese from the view of the brain scientist, Nobuko Nakano.
She is often seen on TV and one of my favorite commentators.
She is a scientist and a researcher for the human brain.
Her opinion is very vivid and clear to understand for me.
She tells most of Japanese have little serotonin transporter that causes the weaker of mastering foreign language than other races.
If Japanese had more serotonin transporter, not so much fear nor afraid of failing and being good at speaking English well!
It might be true ....so we need to try " Don't be afraid of making mistakes " in practicing English conversation. It proves.

What's serotonin transporter