The last summer holiday

I set out going to Tokyo to go around museums and meet friends.
It was not scheduled in my list but happened to make it out.
I arrived at Ginza and ate pasta lunch for 500yen!
I supposed to bite subway sandwich before going to the Apple Store but the shop was very crowded and found out reasonable lunch near there.
I was amazed that it was less expensive than average pasta lunch in Toyama. It might be because many people come and eat much more food in Tokyo area.
I could eat lunch very calmly and enjoy time in the restaurant.


A watcher

Looking down the view, he( or she )
stays still on the roof.
I always find him( or her ) alone never hanging out while almost all the flocks of birds are around.
He looks a lonely guy but cool and stylish.
He lives by himself independent and wild in harmony with nature.
If I were a bird I would be like him.


Cloud this morning

Stormy last night, windy morning today.
I can see the cloudy sky above and it makes me wonder how different shapes of cloud and feel autumn cool wind for a moment.
But it seems getting hot later soon. Lingering summer heat will stay longer so far.
I almost get tired of summer but I'd better enjoy the rest of the summer as long as I can bear.


Changing the color

I'm worried about no rain for a long time.... It makes us problem.
I found the frog this morning when I watered the garden, but it changed white!!
What happened to him?
They say frogs protect themselves by changing color. He might protect him by the environment.
I wonder he could survive during drought.


medicinal cooking curry

I ate medicinal cooking curry at the exhibition of home town restaurant.
It was managed by the famous medicine company using Chinese medicine.
The gradients are summer vegetables such as red pepper, zucchini, asparagus and included Chinese medical herb, jujube,Chinese matrimony vine and pinenut.
It was not only healthy but also tasty, I was so satisfied with curry and the dessert Kame jelly, too.


Smart craft

I saw a fine craft at the senior house where aged people work and act during the day service.
It was happy moment for them to emit energy.
They are training their abilities to stop getting old.


Hot and Dry

I was betrayed by the rainy cloud in the evening, the day before yesterday.
I expected evening shower often happened in usual summer. But it's irregular without any drop of rain being hot and dry this summer, while the other areas in Japan were attacked by heavy rain and caused flood.
I have to water much in my garden every morning and evening.
I'm afraid of expensive fee of water this month.
Not only plants but also a small habitant in my garden begs for rain fall.
His body looks different from the familiar color green. He seems to wear summer skin and pray for shower regularly.



I found two of pupas in my garden are already empty. It means they finally made their butterfly life!
I was trying to watch the moment when they were changing to appear but I failed it.
Though I kept observing them every morning and evening carefully but I didn't notice their pupas broken on the top....it was very sorry for me!
But to take it better, they could succeed to make their mission after all. I feel happy to know they departed from their nests in my garden.....wharever.


Clearly fine day

It's a clearly fine day.
Blue on the top of the sky and cloud beneath the mountain side.
But it looks like shower in the evening.
We need wet because of too drying.
I'm relieved to find rainy cloud in the evening.

In the morning....

In the evening!!


Cats whisper

One day in the evening, there was a cats meeting in the empty field.
There were three cats sitting apart from each other.
I know cats are independent and individual not like dogs faithful.
Recently stray cats survive here and there because they are clever and protective against familiarity.
I think it wild sense of life which they have been given to survive from the ancient.
As long as they never lose their quality, they will never extinct.


Summer event

I regularly clean the fan in the kitchen once a year at this season in the end of summer.
It's very easier and more refreshed in this season than in the end of year the one which we call it 'big cleaning in the end of year'.
It's the typical in Japanese culture when people have long holiday and meet and stay at home in the end of the year and new year.
But these days I've been free from the tradition and do whatever I'd like to do in need.
In summer cleaning is much easier and speedy to remove the dust as long as early in the morning.
There is much time to spare in the day time after the small cleaning in the early morning in summer.


Late bloom

The sunflower has finally bloomed in my garden!
It took a long time to make it.
But they are in time for the summer.
It's terribly severe hot in these days here.
The high season has gone but still strong sunlight attacks.
Summer life is gradually changing to next season.


The voice of nature

It was very good voice to hear of birds singing.
They are calling to find companies each other.
It was in the forest where we could soak the energy from the nature.


Get healed

I went for a drive to the mountain to get healed by the natural power.
I stopped and saw two head of ponies on the way.
They had very cute and gentle eyes.
Their innocent lovely existence healed me for a moment.
But I hope they would be free in the nature.


Change free

It was a very nice service at the charge counter.
It says 'You can use 1yen coin until 4 if you need to pay'.

It's an amazing lip service but I didn't notice it before finishing to pay.
Anyway it made me smile.


Bon period

It's season for the family going to the grave together.
We went to the cemetery early in the morning. It was rainy and cloudy,much cooler than usual year.
We gave good service to the ancestors and pray with peaceful mind.
We recognize that gratitude and joy of life would lead us to go forward.
The memory of the decedents brings us something special in this season.
We feel blessed by the ancestors in our mind.
I heard of the voice of cicada 'tsukutsuku boushi', a different kind of regular one in my area.
It's a funny sound.
It's also sort of nostalgic.


Closing ceremony

It was such a great show biz that Brian May and Roger Tailer appeared in the ceremony!
I was so excited to see their old grey hair and skillful session.
I just miss Freddie and The show must go on!
Good bye to London and hello to Lio in next 4 years!


Summer food

Nothing special but special food in summer I ate for lunch yesterday.
It was Thai curry that stimulated my stomach chilly and hot, however it's kind of herbal taste and effective medical treatment for the low temperature.
When you were in the air conditioned cool room, you need to take something hot to make you warm.
It's said low temperature will cause you sickness. So eat summer food to keep your temperature average level.


Blade runner

"You're not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have."
It's said by Oscar Pistorius, who was born on 22 November 1986 without the fibula, the long, slender bone running along the outside of the leg from below the knee joint and down to the ankle, in each of his legs.
He is called 'blade runner' running with carbon legs.
He represents a South African athlete of 4x400m relay in London Olympic.
Oscar competed across a number of able-bodied races in the summer of 2011 and posted three times under 46 seconds.
It's really amazing and encouraging!
He is telling us a lot to live by our own.

Oscar Pistrius



I found the caterpillar still on the same place as yesterday in the morning.
And then I watched its change to pupa in the evening.
What a wonder it is!
I didn't know how it was going.
It's one of the masterpieces of nature.
We can't transform so rapidly.
It's said the life of pupa would be a couple of week. It will take a while when I will see a beautiful transformation.
I can't miss it!


Empty nest

As the season changes the wild life should get dressed up and move on.
The caterpillars have gone and find an empty nest.
I really worried about them because it's said that only 2 of 100 of their life could survive....most of the short life end by being attacked by the enemy.
It's really hard of the wild life!
But this morning I found one which is stopping at the cucumber stalk. It's just preparing to become a pupa.
I was very relieved one of them is found safe. But just after the moment,I saw a sparrow flew out from there with its mouth having a green worm.
Oh my baby worm has been taken by the sparrow!
I rushed to go out in the garden... The baby was still there.
I know the wild life is always in danger but I can't help it...it's the nature.
I just pray for the life would be safe.


Autumn on the Calendar

It was the day 'autumn' on the calendar yesterday. It was just like cool as fall and no need AC all day.
But I felt tired and sleepy all day.
I couldn't help taking a nap and went to bed early last night.
I woke up fine this morning because of good sleep.
You know it comes tiredness after summer here and there.
Be careful for your healthy balance.
I noticed the difference of the rice field.
They don't need much water anymore and just preparing for the harvest next month.


Bug's painting

I came across a bug with fancy painting on its back.
I guess its name is 'stink bug' which smells bad when they are attacked by the enemy.
I remember when I went to the mountain camp there were lots of stink bugs in the cottage. I thought I never see it in my area. But I happened to see it in my garden yesterday!
It makes me funny to keep observing his back, it seems like a doll or a face of human girl.
I feel very familiar to its lovely painting.


The twin Mothra

A month ago I saw a swallowtail butterfly in my garden.
She seemed to seek for the place to lay eggs.
Almost of every year I plant parsley which they love to breed their babies.
About two decades ago I happened to find grotesque worms with psychedelic color, green, yellow, orange and black.
It made me so sick that I removed them from the parsley and made food for birds.
It was not until when I went to searched in the encyclopedia later that I knew those worms were the baby of yellowtail butterflies.
I apologized the mother of the yellowtail butterfly when I saw her coming back in my garden.
I've never bothered their life since then and giving them food every year instead.
I'll never know they will grow up and come back when they get mother.
But I like to see Mothra every year.


Beautiful sunset

It's incredible beautiful red in the west sky.
I'm really impressed with the natural color.
Wishing the peace and safe in the world!


I chose one of the flappuccino, coffee jelly flappuccino.
It is bitter and sweet taste with whipped cream.
I couldn't take it in the cool room with AC and stayed out in the hot terrace.
It's comfortable for me 'outside hot inside cool.'
I hate to stay in the cold place and better like to be blown in the wind.
I feel it is getting weaker and weaker, shorter and shorter of the summer sun heat.
It is just starting lingering summer heat.


Cold noodle

It's too hot to eat anything but feel like eating cold noodle in this season.
I ate out Korean cold noodle whose paste is made of konjak flour.
Its toppings are tomato, boiled egg, cucumber and kimuchi which is Korean pickles.
And the soup is sour and cold.
I enjoyed yummy food special in summer.


The best movie

It's announced that the best movie that the directors chose in the world is Japanese one ' Tokyo story ' directed by Yasujiro Ogi.
It's so amazing as I've never watched because it's very old in the early era of Showa.
I'd like to watch it on the Internet via 'Hulu' later soon.
News source


Big sky and green field

I really feel happy to see the scenery of the country road when I regularly go on a drive.
It's mid summer and the brilliant green is spread in my eyes.
Sky, trees, farm and wind make great art.
Colors, smell and pure air bring me ultimate healing to remove stress.
Let's have joy in nature!


Smart and Cool life in summer

I've found a smart and cool way of life in hot days.
A Japanese restaurant owner showed me her small pond in which some water grasses whose name is 'Hotei aoi'. She is very proud of breeding them because a frog appears and stay at night and it bites mosquitos.
What a wonderful idea which works with nature. So she doesn't have to use poised chemical killer.
I found another more cool ecology system on the roof.
The green leaves cover the roof from the heat.
The tree is called 'Kiri', the traditional Japanese tree used for expensive furnitures in old days.
In spite of killer hot in mid summer, she can spend cool and natural in her garden stuff.
It's really amazing collaboration with smart nature.
I really adore the fansy cool biz.