What is Globish?
A simplified version of the English language, not created but consisting of the most common English words and phrases, enabling non-English
It's formalized by Jean-Paul Nerrière who is French.
Globish allows you to communicate using only 1500 words.
It seems so interesting for us, non native English.

Globish Newsweek


Fitness tracker for your dog

It's a new product for your dog made in Japan if you want to manage your dog's exercise and health check.
This is ' Wandant ', means dog's pendant.
Wan is dogs' another name in Japanese.
I don't know every dog owner wants it or not. You can buy it Amazon.jp, it says.

Dogs' step counter in Japan


Life and longevity

I regularly read some blogs and found interesting and attractive one.
I'm interested in life art and quality of life.
This theme is very valuable for me how to live in the rest of my life.
Dr.Takeda is well known as a scientist of chemical industrial and a big author of many numbers of books about environment, biology, economics, human nature as well as science.
He tells in his recent blog
" What about living and dying naturally? "
I'm very impressed with the opinion because it has almost the similar what I had.
Let me quote some of them
" It doesn't mean to live long but to make effort and contribute to the society that lives perfectly and die naturally. "
I did not much done to the society yet but did almost my responsibility. So I have no idea to live long so far. I've so much satisfied with my life and appreciate for the gift just now.
What is the most important for me is not going to die before my parents.
I should see off the older anyhow.



It suddenly came to me a song.
It refrained in my memory which recalled to feel sorrowful and painful but lovely.
It's ' Serenade ' by Schubert.
I really like this tune, especially the sound of the violin.
I healed my mind listening to this song today.
I don't know why I wanted to listen this so bad today...it may be because of chilly rain and dark outside.
I remember this song was so good to waltz while I didn't like to dance.
I will be relaxed with ' serenade ' and will dance in the dream tonight.

Serenade (violin)


A 72 year-old man model

It's so funny and surprising news that a 72 year-old man performed a fashion model for his daughter's design brand in China.
He is a good grandfather for his grand daughter to promote her business.
He looks so fancy and elegant, never seen that old man!
Time has so much changed in China.
New young generation would arise waves to compete with the old tradition.
I expect new trend will bring revolution among old fashioned people.

A 72 year-old-man model


Life is wonderful

The leaves are dying.
Naked trees are patient in winter.
The sunshine comes back brilliantly.
The shape of the snowy mountains are gorgeous.
We can share the Indian summer in the beginning of winter.
The lyrics in the song says...
I say it's fun to be 20
You say it's great to be 30
And they say it's lovely to be 40
But I feel it's nice to be 50
I say it's fine to be 60
You say it's alright to be 70
And they say it's still good to be 80
But I say I'll maybe live over 90
How many times will I see the beauty of the cherry blossoms and the color of the leaves change....
We will open the door of the life one by one and will know the value of life.
And we will live for the loved ones.
( quoted from The door of Life)


Warm biz

I used to knit scarf during winter. But I'm learning how to knit caps this season.
It's new for me to muffle head as well as neck.
I'm making cap matching with scarf.
It's very warm in cold winter outside.


Today's color

It was rainy all day.
I watched color outside in the car.
Being wet, deep red and orange were really impressed with the final art in this season.
I always fall in love with red, orange and yellow at the seasonal color.


A good heart story

I was so moved with the story on the web news which was posted about heartwarming care for a stray kitten. The caretaker picked up a stray sick kitten and gave a good treatment and brought up to be a beautiful pretty cat.
I really love such a beautiful story.

Click to the web page
A stray kitten was saved


My boom in winter

My boom in winter season has come!
I've stuck to knit by my fingers for recent several years.
I like to look for fancy yarn as well as knitting.
I've got some kinds of interesting yarns at the shop.
I was just knitting watching tv or listening to music to have lost myself for the pleasure.
I really enjoy my time knitting during winter.


Afternoon tea with Sadako

Sadako is fine though she knew her rival Mitsuko had passed away ten days before.
She used to say she was fighting with Mitsuko Mori because they are the same age born in 1920 in the Chinese year of money.
I hung her out for afternoon tea to encourage.
She enjoyed seeing the view of the Toyama station area under construction for the new bullet train station.
She seemed very happy in front of the dessert.
I was also happy to see her smile.


Beautiful word

I can't give you anything because I'm poor
but young leaves swung in gentle breeze in May and my pure love to you

Will you marry me, won't you?
Will you marry me, won't you?

It's phrased in the tv drama by Mitsuko Mori 'Hello my darling in the heaven'

I happened to watch the special program for remembering Mitsuko Mori.
It was introduced in there.
I was much into the word which she said in the drama.
It made me really feel true but sorrowful love. I've found something which I had lost for a long time.


Chinese quince

I've got a lovely fresh Chinese quince from the tree.
It looks like a lemon but smell so sweet and hard.
I put it on the table in the living for two days enjoying the pretty appearance and scent of it.
Finally I make it cut into pieces into the honey.
I will wait for the fruit melting with honey and making honey drink.
They say it will prevent to get serious cold. I knew that 'Kari hot water drink' as a healthy drink special in winter.


Coming back to the home stream

It's the season for salmons to come back to the home stream to lay eggs.
It has come to be usual period for a couple weeks since several years around here.
It seems the end of term that I saw a few of them in the stream in the evening yesterday. After the lying eggs, they go dead and the bodies turn to the food for the nature.
I also saw wild duck family swimming around here and there.
There is no wasteful in the mother nature.


It's a beautiful day

It's a beautiful day
The sunshine is shining
I feel good
And no-one's gonna stop me now, oh yeah

It's a beautiful day
I fell good, I fell right
And no-one, no-one's gonna stop me now
( by Queen)

I feel like to sing this song out in my car.
I'm very happy to see beautiful color arch.


Special food in winter

It got rapidly cool down like in December.
It's reported snow fall in the suburb near the mountain.
Chilly rainy makes feel us much more coldness. I really want to eat special hot noodle "Motsu nikoni udon" in this season.
But many people almost like it and very crowded at lunch time.
So you'd better change time to eat in the late afternoon.
It's one of my favorite local gourmet food.


Hair cut

Yesterday I was waiting for the doctor's appointment of my mother's at the hospital and found someone passed away looked like very beautiful actress, slender, tall and fashionable lady. I followed my eyes after her back to the consulting room. Her hair was tidy semi long. It inspired me to have my hair cut later.
As soon as I returned home, I asked a friend who owned hair saloon to cut my hair like "Amami Yuki".
She looked puzzled and said "impossible...because you are not an actress!"
"but I can cut your hair 20cm just to the shoulder like her."
I couldn't but accept it and I needed to change my hair then.
It happens to me...I was supposed to model myself but it didn't make it just as the image.
As I compared the photo of hers with mine, not similar but the length of the hair. Just laugh and loudly by myself.


Recovery from stomach flu

I've got stomach flue since last Saturday night after returning back from the end of the year party.
I've been suffering from vomit and diarrhea during midnight.
I was almost fatigues with frequent dashing to the toilet. It was such a nightmare.
I was sick in bed for two days fasting for 48 hours.
Sunday and Monday were all blank.
So my day starts from Tuesday and all recovers now.
I'm very glad to come back in order and careful not to catch cold again.
To avoid sickness, wash hands and gurgle carefully.


Roses final bloom

Mariah is good at gardening. She grows many kinds of flowers, especially roses in the garden.
She gave me a bunch of roses with heliotrope which is used for perfume.
So the bouquet is beautiful to see and also good scent.
She picked up the final bloom in this term. She said 'These are the longest life until now.'
She cut them to prepare for the next bloom in spring.
I really appreciate for the beautiful mind of her as well as the elegance of roses. I think that natural beauty existing in the mind is more valuable than anything.


A stick to assist you

Last Sunday I went trekking as it were "senior trek" for the first in recent life.
It was for the beginners hike course but for me getting tough after an hour past.
"The goal is near here! A little more walk takes you goal and good view as well as lunch."
My friend Misako encouraged me from behind.
I did know but my foots didn't work to go up the stairs. They were almost tired and stopped on the way.
I looked for something support to my legs such as branches which were fallen down beside the way.
I grabbed one of the long sized branches as a stick to help my walk.
Another friend Takashi cut it as a good length of mine.
Then I could climbed up the last hard slope with the stick.
It reminded me of Sadako who got old but still fine ...however she nowadays needs a stick or a silver car to assist her walks.
I felt like having got old then like her on the way to climb up a hill.
I also needed sticks when I were tired to trek up-down hill.
I really had an important simulation when I got old.
When I came back home I brought my support stick with me.
It's a good souvenir for the first trekking trip.


The first day of winter

It was strangely changing in a day yesterday. As a whole rainy chilly weather but for a few hours around the noon was sunny and bright. In the evening, lots of thundering effected problems in some areas.
I didn't know it was the first day of winter on the calendar until the evening news. Those thunders, as it were enlightening to winter season, informed the change of the atmosphere.
I'd like to enjoy the cold season eating hot food such as Udon or Zosui at the familiar restaurant.


Starting to color

It starts to color with the cherry trees which were full bloom in spring.
It's delayed to change the color than regular season because of lingered heat this year.
But I can enjoy slow autumn color late in this season.


Chance encounter

It was at the end of trekking excursion on Sunday. We were passing through kind of small sacred forest (in my feeling) and felt calm and abundont of natural spirit. It was really a wonderful moment.
At the end of the wild road there was a wide paved road. Some crowds of family were taking walks and giving smile to us. The family of young parents and kids seem enjoying the country side.
I wondered what it was around there.
See...one of the big reputation spots in Toyama. It was the model house of the movie ' ookami kodomo' directed by Mamoru Hosoda, which was on the roadshow during summer.
I was glad to find it by chance!
I went into there for a while and had a good time there...the owner of the old house still lives in the house but open to show visitors inside and welcome people from all around.
They hospitalize visitors warmly in their living room with heater.
It was the lucky day for me.


Flower in the evening

When I walked my dog in the evening around 5:00pm, found the blue pretty flower like morning glory.
But it was in the evening, so not morning but evening glory ...called moonflower in English.
The shape of the flower is the same as morning glory but the shape of the leave is different.
I saw the blue moonflower for the first time.
While it's November now...I can't believe that I should find such flower in this season. They might made mistakes to bloom yet?!



Hiking and BBQ party with 8 people yesterday was canceled because of cold and rainy holiday.
But today three of them including me went on a small trekking instead.
We were lucky to walk in the beautiful day and saw a lot of excellent view of the Mountain range of Tate.
My friends said it's my debut for the mountain girl.....not too late.
We walked totally for two and half hours. As I was a beginner of trekking, so tired but great meet with nature.
I'm going to enjoy walking and trekking step by step.


New York marathon

It's a bit pity that annual event New York marathon is cancelled because of the devastation by the Hurricane Sandy. It was supposed to be held on Sunday.
I think it a courageous decision but governors have to take safe and secure way than risky one.
They apologize
"We are really sorry to the runners who have come from around the world," Wittenberg said. "We ask for their patience and understanding."

New York marathon cancelled

Apply to 2013


Walking in autumn

It's so good to walk under the colored trees and watching them.
The colder the weather goes on
The more beautifully the leaves change
I don't like to be getting cold outside but love to enjoy the changing color in the cold.
Walking fast makes me warm and healthy.
Dogs seem to be happy to walk in the cold!


In my thought

Under the same sky
We share the same sky on the earth
But we see different color and appearance at the same time
Though we are under the same sky
We meet different weather and phenomena at the same time
The bright day and the dark night
The beautiful sunset and stormy night
We are having the same life on the earth
But we have different thought and outlook
We are sharing the same world
Difference is not the matter
We are all for each and each for all
That's the simple word to live together
I wonder why such beautiful nature should turn harmful
We are not knowing the mystery of the silent great nature