How to remove fear

Extensive practice and improvisation both deepen attention.
Extensive practice leads to the ability to replicate learned sequences, whereas improvising involves experimentation.
Both of these exercises turn off the fear circuit.
(quoted from Life Unlocked by Dr.Pillay)

This lines remind me of the recent incident about a person who is a man of honest and an English learner.

I will introduce an example of the man who entered speech contest to have got over all of his difficulties and finally won an unexpected prize, because he had thought that he made it a value to get an entry for the contest and keeping his tension for the preparatory.
He devoted himself practicing English speech to improvise all his sentences for two months. Though he got tired of memorizing and repeating the same activity every day on the half way, he never gave it up. He suffered from the resistance of his brain what he said... his brain persistently reset all his memory what he wanted to speak out when he tried to practice his speech.
He just tried to control himself to adjust to improvise his story by heart.
Then he gradually got back calm and peaceful mind and headed for the speech contest.
He spoke out greatly without any hesitation. The result was the best score and he won the first prize.

This shows me how you can get over fear in your mind.
I'm very impressed with his strategy to win the goal. He overcame himself.


Red gone but Yellow on active

All leaves are gone but yellow leaves are on their stage now!
It's also really beautiful as red ones.


What bothers you

As cold weather is coming I get cold and headache. That bothers me in this season.
When I asked someone what was bothering her, she replied that of dying leaves on the ground.
I understand what she says.
Falling leaves are like carpet in the park but once they are scattering on the road, being only garbages and bothering.
They used to be natural source to go back to the ground and food for living things but in the modern life they are useless.
They say about such useless things
'Nureochiba'. It means dead wet leaves in Japanese.
But they are needed for good land to grow vegetables and flowers.


Heartbeat song for me

When I was driving, a powerful sound was streaming on the radio. I was almost caught by the message song at that time...just remembered the name of the artist and the title of the song.
The strong word in the song left in my ear for a while and kept hamming to get home.
The phrase is
" That's that's that's when we all win."
I didn't lose it and searched it on the internet. I found it easily.
The artist is Nickekback from Canada.
The song is "When we stand together"
I'm very charmed with this song because it has bold passion and simple message in it and I really love the voice of the vocal.
His voice is deep, wild and somehow gentle.
It drew my heartbeat without singing it loudly.
Heartbeat and Drumbeat carries on.


Lovely weekend

It was quite a lovely Saturday though cold weather had started with chilly rain and storm since last week days.
I appreciate soaking the Sun and enjoyed the beautiful view.
I'm uploading today's photos and video.

This tune is 'with your dream' presented by Yukio Arisawa


Warm news in cold winter

I've got a heart warming news about a loyal pet dog.
The dog is 7-year-old labrador retriever female dog, her name is Junior.
She saved her family, a 3 year-old grand daughter and the grandfather in a car crashed by an accident. They couldn't move out from the car though the windows were broken.
It was winter in Hokkaido, the temperature was minus degree Celsius. Junior had protected the grand daughter warmly by her body all night until they were found next day.
If it were not for Junior the little girl would not live any more...the news said.
That's why Junior got a prize to have saved life from the mayor.
I'm sure she will grow up a lovely person who has never had such a severe but wonderful experience. Love dogs as well as you!

A pet dog saved life
-- iPhoneから送信


Thunder in winter

I had thunder roar this morning for the first time in this winter.
It's called 'Buri okoahi' in our local dialect, which means that Japanese Yellowtail can be caught much now for the fisherman's works.
It's told differently as 'Yuki okoshi'. It means the snow fall will bring Yellowtail to the fishery.
The colder the more tasty the fishes go... The season for Fish has come now on!

-- iPhoneから送信


The mother goose

The wild duck family is swimming in the river near my house.

The season has come when we can watch migrant birds staying here and there.

I've heard that the flock of swans had arrived at the regular nest in the rice field where they usually rent during winter for several months.

I'd like to see the wild swans next fine day when the mountain view would be great.



I took a visit the art exhibition 'Nikaten' which is famous annual art selection in Japan.
It travels some parts in Japan.
I was lucky to see it in my area this time.
Not only famous artists but no name amateur artists presented their masterpieces.
They are all powerful and energetic and made me very impressive.
Among them I found a few names of acquaintances.
I really respect them to spend their life fullest after retirement.
I guess they are not retired from their life.
It's said that life is short so you should make your each day at the most.

-- iPhoneから送信


Color collection

I'm loving color in autumn.
But it's dying and falling.
I remember the color last year and enjoy comparing it with last year and this year.
I think leaves couldn't get so deep color as last year because of warm weather in this Fall.
Anyhow I can count colorful season as long as I live.

this tune"Afternoon Sun"is presented by Jimm Burrell


The odd photo

I add the information about the odd photo.
I know your guess is almost correct ....but it was on the small river on the edge of the fall.
A tv monitor was thrown in the river as a garbage.
Of course it must be illegal.
I'm sorry for that!

-- iPhoneから送信

An odd photo

I happened to see a strange thing in my neighbor when I walked my dog.
I closely watched it and found it out what it was.
What do you think of this odd thing?
What, where and how is the situation can you tell?
Write to me if you have a good guess.

-- iPhoneから送信


Food Steve jobs loved

It is said that Steve Jobs loved sushi.
An article is picked up about a Japanese sushi restaurant in California, which Jobs often went to eat out with his coworkers, friends and family.
The owner misses him very much and answers the interview for the paper.
I feel very close to him because he loved Japanese food sushi and ate Nabeyaki udon,too. Wow....it's very Japanese!!

I wonder his abnormal splendid idea and freely flexible mind were a bit from Japanese food that makes us gentle and calm rather than aggressive or warlike.

Job's favorite sushi restaurant


What's about Siri?

It's voice assistant service in iPhone4S which I wanted to use and talk to her. It's a kind of voice robot to answer you but only three languages in English, French and Germany.
At first, I asked her a question in English.
What day is it ?
Wednesday 17 November 2011
What time is it?
It's 5:55pm.
She could both answered rightly.
But I asked
Where is it here?
I'm sorry, I don't know.
She doesn't seem to figure out in Japan as well as Japanese.
Who do you like?
This is about you, not me.
She answered cooly.

I'm going to ask her to wake me up at 6:00 am in the morning before going to bed.
I wonder how she will do for me?

PS; When I talked to Siri to wake me up at 6:00 am tomorrow morning she answered me that she set the alarm clock at 6:00 am in the alarm timer on the iPhone.
So I could get up at 6:00 am this morning by the alarm on the iPhone!
Now that I know Siri can help me smartly. ( 18 Nov. morning wrote)


An elephant baby

There once lived an elephant baby who was lost and hungry somewhere in the savanna.
He traveled to the seashore and found something big creature.
He was too hungry to watch it out and tried to bite with his mouth wide open.
But the big creature took him to the water and they both went into the ocean.
The poor elephant baby was never seen in the land but he sometimes appears in the sky. The End

A tale of my imagination from the cloud today

-- iPhoneから送信


Facial expressions are contagious

The book I'm reading says about facial expressions.
They are contagious because facial expressions are unconsciously mimicked. This facial mimicry sends signals to the brain, creating the emotion that is insistent with the facial change.
It's said like this;

" happy faces evoked increase activity in the zygomatic muscles involved in smiling, and angry faces energized the corrugator muscle used in frowning. Furthermore, happy faces increase the subjects' feelings of happiness, and angry faces increase their feelings of fear. Fearful faces too, such as contraction of the corrugator muscle of the forehead."

I think it means that you should keep smile even if your neighbors are upset, you should be cool yourself not to be affected by the mirror but you can send your smile back instead.


Hello, this is Toyama

I took pictures around the bay area of Toyama and uploaded slideshow.
It's so familiar to people in Toyama but very nice view never bored because the natural beauty always attracts us.
I love the great land scape from the seashore.
Please enjoy the view of the coast of Toyama.


Indian Summer

It was a brilliant and lovely day.

I love watching the sea and bathing the sunlight.

I also enjoyed making the healing photo stream with good music.

Please relax and enjoy natural healing with the sea, cloud and the sky..


Clouds bring rain

It proves that altocumulus cloud causes rain.
It has been raining badly all day long.
I remember the clouds yesterday afternoon just before rain coming.
I edited the photos of the clouds from 1:00 to 3:00PM yesterday and uploaded on youtube.
Hope you share the same sky with me.
Here we go on a trip to the Cloud.


The shape of clouds

The weather reporter says that it will rain after the altocumulus cloud.
It's a beautiful sky blue and cloud white gradation in the sky panorama.
Windy and clear air makes cold but warm inside the car.
Winter is here now.

-- iPhoneから送信


The dragonfly

At the end of autumn almost of all the insects are gone.
The most of all are dead and leave eggs into the earth and give baton to the new life.
I've seen a dragonfly stick on the wall in the morning.
I guess she slept overnight patiently in the cold air.
I hope she can fly in the shinny sky for the rest of the life.
Live the life fullest in the end....

-- iPhoneから送信


The beginning of winter

It was clear and fine in the day time. Though it was the beginning of winter on calendar.

I found a whale in the sky!

It really seems happy swimming in the blue sky.

-- iPhoneから送信


My boom

I've been involved knitting for a few years during winter.
The time has come that I started to knit by my fingers.
It's easy and relaxing to stay at home without thinking too much just knitting automatically to do with my fingers. It makes me think about old friends and try to contact with them sometimes.
It's my boom to knit for a long night in fall and winter. I will never be bored of it.

-- iPhoneから送信


What bothers your brain

I'm reading a book about psychology and brain of human ability and I found an interesting theory in it. I'd like to let you know a piece of episode of them for someone who needs to overcome difficulty by yourself. I refer to the lines from the book here.

I remember playing one of my own musical compositions on the piano at a school concert.  I had practiced very hard for days, and on the day of the concert, as I took my seat after the introductory applause, I saw my music teacher in the front row. I started to play and things were going very well. The music flowed smoothly and my fingers raced across the keyboard without any strain, taking advantage of the automatically that practice confers. Suddenly, for a reason unbeknownst to me, I started to have this perverse thought that I did not what I was doing.  I started to wonder where my fingers should go next, and I realized that I might not remember.  I started to panic. For a few bars, it was touch and go. I thought I have to give up and walk out, but just in time, I looked up at my piano teacher, aghast with terror that I was not going to remember what to play. She smiled at me and closed her eyes, gently chopping the air above her lap with her palm downward, signaling that I should just lose myself in the music. So I did, and all of a sudden, my fingers found themselves and I could play again.
  Much later in my life I came to understand what happened that day: I had practice the piece so much that it had become automatic. And I could play it well, as long as I let it be automatic. Starting to think disrupted the automatic brain processes and started to engage the slower thinking processes. This had worked when I was practicing, but wouldn't when I was playing. This was one of the startling realizations that I had ever had-that fear can disrupt the automatic processes of daily living and throw us into a paralysis of thinking that can stop the music of our lives. Moreover, fear can result from making what has become automatic deliberate once again.
( Quoted from Life Unlocked by Srinivasan S. Pillay, MD)


Good Sunshine

Every body meets the sun.
Every body has morning brightness.
I forgot the feeling how I was in this season last year and ever the past years.
I'm living for now and the future.
Life time will end but nobody knows.
I'm very confident with the truth that the Sun is equal to everyone.
Good morning the Sunshine today.
I'm filled with happiness with the color of today.

-- iPhoneから送信


Autumn color

It's still warm around 24'C these days. I found it very difficult to see leaves beautifully changing color but dark and brown dead leaves can be seen mostly.

I'm very sorry to miss natural art usually in this season but feel comfortable warm for these days.

I could slightly find red and orange in my neighborhood.
It's much better than lost!

-- iPhoneから送信


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

This movie is released from the first one ' the Planet of the Apes' in 1968. This series have been warning of human's egoistic technology and obsessive evolution.

This is named ' Rise of the Planet of the Apes '.

I was very surprised at the CG works which effected the movie realistic and vivid. It reminds me of Avatar but I more prefer to this movie because an actor played a role of the main character,the ape Cesar very well.

His name is Andy Serkis. He is famous for acting in other great movie, King Kong.

It was also thinkable story for human being how to get along with nature now and in the future. We need to watch out our life on the earth otherwise our future will be killed by ourselves....it warns.

Anyway I was not only entertained a lot by the movie but also got moved very much with the story. It contained beautiful and ugly mind but it is life!

It always happens to us and we have to choose the right way finally,using our wisdom even though after the trials and errors.