Smile in the morning

Early in the morning, appear their faces smiling in my garden.
I like their familiar faces every year in the early summer.
But these are like mid summer and heavy hot in the day time.
I'm worried their life time end won't be long before real summer.
I hope they will show their beauty as much longer as they can.
What I can do is to water them as often as I possible.


Summer heat in May

It's been summer hot days even in May in all Japan.
It's so irregular such hot days in May.
They warn heat stroke in the day time. You need to drink water often each time.
If you have garden to grow some vegetables, never forget to water in the morning and the evening.
It will be hard for plants to grow well.
The summer heat


Flower today

I see a lot of vegetables in the field along my walking way.
It suddenly appears a purple ball.
It's a kind of onion head "negibouz".
It can be used for flower arrangement because of its showy appearance. It's very pretty to be seen in the field.


Flower today

I enjoy finding new flowers each day.
Time after time it takes turns to bloom and gone.
Life time of flowers is short but it's really precious even for the moment.
I respect the life regulation and appreciate the existence of the beauty.

Not knowing it but their color is so fresh and young!


Snow wall

I went to see the snow wall and walked along the wall about 13m.
It is getting shorter and shorter until melting down next month soon.
I enjoyed blue sky and white snow field for a while.
My daughter's husband was very excited with the first snow for him.
I love watching him having fun in the snow.


Rain drops for flowers

It's raining and cool down the heat land for flowers.
Tiny purple flowers began to bloom as usual in my garden.The white one is given and called "kalmia" in the vase and the rose one is begonia.
Those are all composed with pretty flowers.
They look like vivid in the rain shower outside.


What if life without toilet?

There is a shocking report that 2 of 5 people are still having hard life without toilets at home in the world.
Can you stay life without a toilet?

No life, no toilet!!!


10 Most Popular Coffee Shops in the World

This is an article about the coffee shops which ranks top 10 in the world.
The editor says "The following ten coffee shops are among the most popular in the world and it’s easy to understand why!"

If you are a great coffee lover, is it worth visiting?
I hope you can find where you like to visit!
10 Most Popular Coffee Shops in the World


A global study on trusted pro-fessions

What is the most trusted professions in the world?
They took a research about the professions on the world widely.
It's the result below.
A global study on trusted pro-fessions



It's great gorgeous and glamorous flower.
It's called "shakunage" not "shakuyaku" in Japanese.
Shakuyaku, Chinese peony is a kind of peony and Shakunage is a kind of azalea. They are both beautiful in spring.
I see the head of bouquet in my neighborhood when I walk my dog.
I enjoy the beauty of flowers every day.


Special attention

I found a pretty flower on the road.
It's tiny and lovely orange color.
I saw it for the first time from the crack of the concrete.
I thought it was one of the "guts ones".
I searched it on the internet and finally found its name.

It's called "Long-headed poppy" a kind of poppy. But it recently spreads rapidly with its enormous fertility.
There are warnings for this, it might bring overwhelm the ordinary plants behind the beautiful appearance.
We must be careful for the plant to extinct original plants in the land.



What's this tree?

I've been watching the tree since before last month.
It was naked and seemed like a dead tree with no leave.
I wonder what it will be....and kept on watching sometimes.
It has changed and full of leaves at last.
What do you think of this tree?



I saw a lot of small green cherries falling down under the cherry tree.
There was stormy the other day, a few days ago.
But I happened to find some red cherries still in the leaves.
They were very soft and delicate.
When I touched and pulled the neck of the fruit it was smashed easily. I had to be careful to take them from the tree.
They were very shiny beautiful faces!


The guts ones

There are some full of guts plants from the hard place on the road.
They call them "Guts ones".
I saw the guts dandelion as last year.
It's called "uzuraba tanpopo" whose leaves are special pattern and tall stalk.

Guts asparagus


The happiness point

OECD reports the happiness point highest best 10 among developed countries.
The top is Australia because of its employed and economic situation.
Although Japan is 20th of 36.

This makes me understood because my daughter has lived in Australia for 8 years and she's lives happily and enjoyed life. There are many people from around the world getting along each other and working and helping not too hard. It's a small world of cross-cultural communication though the price is high and salary is also high.
People seem enjoying peaceful life without fear in the future.
I think it's the point!

The happiest life


After the storm

It was heavy storm yesterday. It made me worry about the noises and thrown things.
The iron chair was fallen down even a big stone putting on the bench.
I couldn't take my dog for a walk last night so I took long time this morning.
I was enjoying seeing the flowers survived after the storm.
In my room there came out full bloom from the bud yesterday.
It's another color of Chinese peony given by Mariah the other day.
Today is mild and soft breeze in May like not knowing the day before, stormy weather.


Smile with flowers

There are a lot of season flowers given by my sincere mates.
They are "the lily of the valley", "the purple and yellow irises", "cotton flower", "fan columbine",
"spirea",and "Chinese peony".
I made them put into three vases and enjoyed decorating in my house.
Lovely flowers brought much smile and happy.


The yellow flower

I saw very rare color of flower.
It was the first time to see the yellow of this kind.
Can you tell what this name is?

The normal ones are pink, red and white.
They are the main flowers in May.


Japanese joke

It's very popular among for seniors especially aged women.
It's Kimimaro Ayanokoji.
He is the one to have established sense of joke by his own way.
It's a kind of cynics but makes big laughter.
How come he's been so popular?
It's because from his experience and sharpened sense of humor for many years.
His talk is short like senryu and based on real situations which he has had. That's why people are into his jokes easily.
Here's the one of his.

"I'd rather like to hand my resignation out to my wife than my company."

I'm not sure you can understand it.

Ayanokoji Kimimaro


The irise

I see some kinds of irises in my neighborhood when I walk my dog in the regular course.
I know there are different names for those and confuse every year.
Ayame, Shobu and Kakitsubata are typical name in Japan. But these days new biotechnology and new comers from foreign countries appear. Not only purple but also white, yellow, rose and colorful are showing their beauty.
I love seeing them regularly on this season.


Holiday quiz

English riddle

8. What pet is always found on the floor?

Today is the final one series for 8 days.
Good job guys!


Holiday quiz

English riddle

7. What has no beginning and no end?

Please think different and simple, it's always around us.


Holiday quiz

English riddle

6. I have three eyes, all in a raw; when the red one opens, all freeze?

Holiday quiz is to be arranged two more until after tomorrow.
How are you doing with?
Even you can't solve those, you should be easy and relax to enjoy different culture....please get use to it!
Today's is familiar to our life.
Please think it carefully.