Green fall

It was wet and cold in the morning yesterday but got sunny and blue sky appeared in the afternoon.
I took a walk in the park and sunbathing for a while.
Doing exercise and stretching, found it funny to see the green scenery upside and down.
It was like a green fall.


A temporary shelter for homeless

It's very serious the number of homeless in the U.S. are increasing. There are also families including children who are jobless, getting sick or having disaster for the different reasons.
In Seattle there are big number the third population of the homeless in the U.S.
According to this article, the big name of the company "Amazon" offered the homeless who were living on the road to move into the apartment buildings, which are owned by Amazon.
It's a good welfare instead of the government. It will provide to make use of human resource as well as giving hope to the homeless people.
But it's only a temporary shelter so it'll be needed a permanent housing for them to have in their life.
Temporary shelter for homeless
Japanese version


Rainy and cold back

Today turns cold and rainy and tomorrow will be also rainy at the entrance of the Golden Week.
It's bad luck for people who have plans to go out or outdoor events but not for plants growing now.
No need to water is somehow good if you have to water every day.
It was yesterday when I walked my dog and saw swallows flying in the sky for the first time this year.
I wondered why they didn't appear yet in season recently. It's obvious that there are less and less green fields for them to catch worms.
Only seen crows or starlings in the town, such as eating leftovers.
I also found wild plants but having pretty flowers in the street gutter, which was not cleaned not removed dirty sand in it.
I saw some sticky wild weeds in the gutter and took away from there. But this is like a flower pot gutter!
I don't know the name of the flower but I could do nothing but gazing it for a while.


How Englishization works

Mr.Mikirani the founder of Rakuten – Japan’s largest online marketplace started conduct all of its business, from official meetings to internal emails, in English five years ago.
"The only way to compete in this interconnected Internet age is to speak the language of the market – and that language is English. Though the number of native English speakers is dwarfed by the number of, say, native Chinese speakers, English is the language of global business."

How "Englishization" Changed Rakuten's Business

I'm not concerned with business but "Englishization" must be needed to compete in the globalization.
Not only Japanese companies but also young people in the future are now on the edge to shift to work in the world.
Anyway English by Mr.Mikitani's is very easy to read. So you can learn how to express Japanese English. It's okay for Englishization.


Greenery life lives longer?

A new study shows that living in or near green spaces can be a boon for longevity, and seeing more greenery may also boost mental health, according to a team at the Harvard School of Public Health.
It seems natural that ecology and wild environment support us to live in comfortable and healthy.
I'm not sure about only for women to live longer but for men?
I think it effective for men, too.
Greenery life lives longer?


Double cherry blossoms

A month later from the Someiyoshino it's blooming the Double cherry blossoms now!
It's really pretty and gorgeous.
Their color is cotton pink and lovely.

They look more like peonies than cherry blossoms.


Cholesterol in food okay!

It's said you should be careful if you have high cholesterol in your healthy status.
I'm one of them having had high cholesterol for years but not taking medicine to mend the figures. The doctor advised me to control the right number of your blood test, it's better taking medicine than food or exercise.
Of course I'd better like to be careful having food or exercise than medicine even though I would not live longer. Am I wrong?

This topic is not new but it's important for us about diet.
Cholesterol in food is not the matter but you should take it in moderate.
Taking food in balance not too much of one material.
Small portion and a lot of different kinds of food such as in miso soup or boiled vegetable stew and so on.
What I'm trying to avoid is chemical products such as margarine, salad oil, snacks and so on. Eggs are both cholesterol and protein an ideal perfect food I think but a few a week. I'm not caring about too much when I cook or eat as long as having problems in my condition.
Anyway foods are supporting our health, I don't want to waste food.
Cholesterol in food OK


Awesome 70-year-old Japanese woman

I saw an amazing woman on tv.
She is a Japanese 70-year-old lady who moved to Italy to study opera 43 years ago.
Her name is Tomoko. She performed pole dance on TV show " Italian Got Takent ".
All the people with judges and audiences were stunned with her wonderful performance.
70-year-old Japanese woman show off her talent
Japanese version


How to learn ...he says

It's a good way to learn English by Mr.Naruge who had been the first Japanese CEO of Japan Microsoft.
He made himself learned English following after the English people saying. He tried to do like Bill Gates speaks. He did impression of his English.
That's what he recommends to master yourself a perfect English.
But he was surrounded with English all his time and survived.
What if Japanese is forced to speak with English speakers who can't speak Japanese, we would have to speak English and learn it.
If so....you're not welcome, aren't you?
Otherwise you put yourself into English shower for a minute every day.
Learn from the native


Banana disease

Recently I see bananas are price up than ever used to be. When it was around 100 yen for several packed I ate banana every day.
I wondered what happen to banana even though other imported products have been price down.
There is a reason for the fact.
It's the epidemic disease of bananas over the world. It's very serious and need to improved urgently. Even though the banana plantation would be distinctivr other kinds of fruits such as mango, avocado, orange and so on should help the farmer instead.
I hope agricultural technology will save our world food.
Banana disease
What if banana gets extinct?


Arranged sushi

Yesterday I made decorated sushi rice called "chirashi sushi" by myself.
Actually I found the sauce of "Sushitaro" was already expired.
But I tried to use it and happily decorated and made fun.
I put on colorful ingredients with leftovers and something new in the fridge.
And I cooked a bamboo shooting, too.
It was a kind of my smugness and self-satisfaction.



It's still confusing and aftershocks are causing things worse and worse.
Without water, electricity and no house and lack of food bring people healthy problems.
Hopeless and disappointment are the poison for the life.
How can we kill the hopeless and disappointment?

I saw wisteria blooming in my neighborhood when I walk my dog regularly. It shows momentum beauty for us. I wonder nature doesn't have depression.
Anyway its beauty notices me how to live.


Dog adoption

After the long persistent earthquakes, there are only rubble not town or houses in Kumamoto.
People who took refuge are all disappointed and lost.
I hope they are strong enough to find the way and start a new life soon.
Today's topic is not about the earthquake.
A baby stray dog which needs to be adopted. The NPO Tokyo Ark is dedicated to rescue and rehoming abandoned animals.
Dog adoption


Natural disaster

It's very stormy this morning.
It's said rainy and cloudy all day.
All Japan are uneasy with Kumamoto and Kyushu earthquakes for more than three nights continuing.
We are all weak for the natural disaster and can't help it but worrying though.
We'd better think what if we were in their case having forced to refuge in the community hall or in the gym.
I can send charity donation and give prayer.
What's help ?


Continuous shaking

It's been very anxious and dreadful for the people in Kumamoto prefecture to have continuous shaking and sleepless night since last Thursday night.
It could happen everywhere in Japan so we can't stay easy at all.
We can't know what will happen next and when and where the earthquakes occur.
In our area also has some dangerous plates to cause the earthquakes. So we should learn from the real world.
Active channel for the emergency


Unpredictable disaster

It was 9:26 pm last night a big earthquake, intensity of 7 occurred. There were aftershocks and as time goes, more and more damages are reported and getting serious.
We've been so much cared about earthquakes and tsunami disaster since March 11 in 2011.
Though it was no tsunami this time, destruction and fire caused to suffer people.
You never know when and where natural disaster happens.
It's very scary and worrisome so much because we're in the same boat.
All we need is to survive with wisdom and love.
Unpredicted earthquake


By using Junior high school English

It's a very interesting article to read for Japanese learning English.
As this writer says using even junior high school level English is much effective.
The point is the mind to communicate using tools of language.
Having confidence and strong will to continue and practice in every day life.
I'm sure " better to learn by yourself than study. "
By using junior high school English


Risks of SNS

Do you know SNS?
It's an abbreviation of " Social Network Service ", such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Line so on. They were networking on PC but as the increase of smartphone rapidly expanded among young people.
They can communicate without facing each other and even not knowing who you are talking to.
It maybe very exciting and thrilling way of activity to get new friends and chat mates. But it's so dangerous because crimes are often reported on SNS recently.
So the government alarms how to use the SNS.
We're caring for the young people.
Risks of SNS



There are lots of information for the health.
We learn a lot about healthy tips from the media but they are "easy come and easy go".
This time there will be very interesting programs on TV.
Especially April 27th, "How to clean your blood vessel by yourself" seems to worth watching, doesn't it?
I'd like to check it on calendar in my phone to remind not to miss.
Information guide


A man who loves Japan

It's a really nice book to read.
"The reason why I became to be a Japanese" by Donald Keene.
He had been attracted by Japanese literature since the age of his university and so much effected by Japanese people and Japanese culture even during the World War 2.
He really love Japan more than Japanese because he learned to know the most valuable and its quality of Japan.
He decided to become to be Japanese after the great east Japan disaster 2011 and took time until next year.
He talked in the interview about Japan.
" I love Japan because of the not clear( aimaisa ), the sympathy for the uncertain, politeness and working hard".
He amazed us that such a blue eyes and blond hair man proves how much he loves and cares for Japan to the world.
I really respect him and want to explore for his deep intelligence as well as great love.

Donald Keene


17 months Jace speaks...

There are several words and phrases Jace speaks recently for his 1 year and 5 months years old.
The first word "Mamma" and "DaDa", after that "car", "duck" and "fish".
The first phrase is "Oh, no!", "look!" and these days
"What's that?" is his favorite phrase. You can hear it "Wasa?"
Jace is speaking

Jace is learning



It's a serious situation if you have a wheat allergy.
You can't eat bread, pasta, sweet cake or anything made by wheat.
It would be very hard if it happens.
But you can try something gluten-free.
I'm not sure I could try gluten-free for some weeks if I had a wheat allergy. It will make me sad.
gluten-free products


Allergy caused by dentistry metal

It's very awful issue about allergy.
I'm worried about my oral condition is not good because there are more than 4 pieces of dentistry metal. They are very old but not fatigue yet.
Though I have a regular dental check it doesn't prove with allergy.
It's hard to remove those metals as for now.
Allergy caused by dentistry metal


The world's happiest countries

The world's happiest countries top 10 in 2016 are published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations.
They're almost and in the northern part of Europe.
Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden are all rank in.
The Netherlands and Switzerland are also as well as the northern part of America, Canada.
From the South hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand are in the list.
I hope the happiest will never die in the confusion of the world problems and they will show the initiative to lead the world happiness.

The world's happiest countries top10


Renewal energy

Our life can't be without electricity.
But we are facing the problems how to keep going the safe electricity to protect our globe.
I think it very preferable sign in the world that renewable energy by solar and wild source are replacing from fossil fuel energy which caused global warming, changing the weather such as rising sea levels, severe droughts and flooding, widespread food and water shortages and more destructive storms.
From the article,
"The average global cost of generating electricity from solar panels fell 61 percent between 2009 and 2015 and 14 percent for land-based wind turbines. In sunny parts of the world like India and Dubai, developers of solar farms have recently offered to sell electricity for less than half the global average price."

I also think it very important that the all year round steady amount of electricity should be supplied.
So the point is here.
"Batteries capable of storing energy for use when the sun is not shining and the wind isn’t blowing are still quite expensive, though their costs are falling."
Renewal energy


Bloom after bloom

It comes to in my garden tulips are blooming now. 
This season is very colorful and joyful seeing a lot of flowers blooming.
I'm planning to seed some kinds of flowers in summer.
But now I'm suffering from hay fever so I can't stay in the garden even a minute longer.
I hope pollen allergy would be end as soon as possible.


Walking and massage

It's so effective that walking and massage make cure of problems of eyes for glaucoma.
As we grow old our eyes get old and weak, too.
So we need to care our eyesight before getting worse.
Please take a notice.
Walking and massage effective


Gentle heart

It was the final story of the morning drama " Asa has come " yesterday.
The title was " gentle heart " but I put it into English from the Japanese original 
" Yawarakai Kokoro ".
I've very moved with the words by Asa, who is the main character and the pioneer of the women's right to have education as the same as men. 
She told that both men and women need to have smart brain and gentle heart for the future.
I thought Yawarakai means soft but soft mind is a little strange, so gentle or flexible are better.
I mean Yawarakai Kokoro is also generous or big capacity to accept anything good or bad.
It's always ready for unexpected incident and head for the problems.
If you have tight or narrow heart you can't get with the difficulties.
Life is not easy but not so bad as you worry. Making chance by yourself with gentle heart.


April Fool's issue

wI fell into the article on April fool.
It was very interesting but I didn't agree to the new trend that robotics join the child care center because of the lack of workers to care children. It's called RoHo care.
It seems a kind of technology business for the childcare but I felt uneasy for the lacking human warm caressing.
So I sent my opinion to the paper and immediately got a feedback.
" Thanks for your thought!.........
Happy April Fool's Day!"
I couldn't help laughing then.
April fool's issue


Human like robots

Can you believe in the near future human like robot will help us and work with us even more having their family?
Sophia the robot and other AI robots are ready to start lives.
Some scientists and technologists warn that AI will harm human like the SF movie "Terminator", they might be used by evil hands.
I hope not but who knows.
Great technologies have always two effects, one is effective to human, the other is to destroy us.
When we use AI we should have higher intelligence than AI, otherwise humans will be controlled and overcome by AI.
AI robot