Not in September

It can be said "September rain" in autumn. But it's still in August now.
It's earlier than usual that autumn rain is coming.
It got cool and wet these days so we need to get ready for the warm clothes.
According to the weather forecast, it will long rainy wet days. I'm afraid of bad harvests of crops and fruits in season.


Weekend quiz

1. I'll ( buy ) you lunch.

2. Let me ( pay ) for your coffee.

3. I'll ( ) this.

4. Is it famous for ( anything ) special?

5. " It's a ( scene ) like a movie", she said.
Weekend quiz


The film trailer debut

This is a great film trailer online debut about Malala Yousafzai who won the Nobel Peace Prize.
It's a true story of her 17-year-old documentary for the girls' in the world equal right.
You can't miss it and watch it without moving.
The film trailer
He named me Malala


Sweets at the end of summer

Cool sweets at the end of summer still attract us so much.
I couldn't live without crushed ice or iced drink on this hot summer.
Cool sweets

Recently I've got a small pumpkin and made it into cold pumpkin soup using the frozen pumpkin pot. It is amazing delicious cold soup which I had tasted once at the French restaurant.


Who is the richest?

The turbulence of the stock market these days caused the world wide confusion in the economy.
Actually I'm not concerned about the stock market but it seems very serious in the world.
Some those of richest men would be very worried about the situation.
On the other hand a large number of those who are not so rich are easy without worrisome, aren't they?
Who is the richest


Ribbon worm

It's alarming that ribbon worms are getting increased in Asia, Taiwan and Korea. It's of course estimated to influence to Japan.
I really hate those alien species won't come into our land.
I hope they will be banned to invade other areas.
An awful ribbon worm
What's a ribbon worm?


The oldest announcer

The oldest announcer Shino chan died at the age of 111 years old.
She was very popular working at the local Amakusa TV and introduced in the world.
Her report was very natural and using Amakusa dialect. She was loved very much.
I really give condolences to her.
The oldest announcer Shino chan died
Shino chan


Today's topic

I've found an interesting topic about saving electric energy.
A couple living in Yokohama have a god method of consuming energy from the solar power.
Their great idea works well and saving money as well as energy.
They use solar cooker instead of gas by heating food from the sun.
It's so amazing and ultimate slow life!
Using the solar power


Weekend quiz

Answer each question.

1. What is called intentional behavior which is found treating or disturbing. It's used with 'power' or 'sexual'.
Answer is "Harassment". Recently in Japanese "moral harassment" is very new.

2. It helps drivers steer the car wheels easily. What is it?
Answer is "Power steering" regularly called it for "power steer".

3. What starts with E, ends with E and only has one letter?
Answer is "envelope".


The population problem

We are having a serious problem in Japan that population is said to decrease 3,000 in 2050. We are population shrinking on the other hand the population is expanding in other countries such as in Africa.
I can't imagine the picture of the future life but I really hope the world would be better and happier after my life.
The population problem



It says 7 reasons you need to eat carbs. But I understand 6, can't find 7th from the article.
Anyway carbohydrate( Carbs ) are necessary to build and maintain body and health well.
1. They Help Your Brain Work Better
2. They Make You Happier
3. They Give You Energy
4. They Contain Good-for-You Vitamins
5. They Help Prevent Heart Disease
6. They Just Taste Good



How do you communicate?

In Japan it's more complicated to communicate depend on who you are talking to.
If you finish working and tell to the supervisor or senior coworkers before saying goodby, "Good job" or "You did a great work today".
They are different nuances in Japanese not those in English.
If you can't understand what to say the magical word to every moment "Thank you" works well, doesn't it?
How to communicate comfortably


Coming bloom lately

The sunflower in my garden the biggest bud finally came out to bloom yesterday.
It's a sorry that the top of the petal was bitten but it looks very gorgeous and beautiful.
The other hand the mysterious glass grows bigger and taller about 150cm but it doesn't still appear the flower yet.


A mountain restaurant

There is an old mountain restaurant open from May to October which serves mountain plants and river fish iwana for a long time...I don't know but may be older than I LoL.
Because the owner is 93-year-old man who has been taking mountain plants and raising iwana from small babies every year.
I tasted abundant of mountain plants dishes.
It was special and fulfilled for me.


After Bon

The end of Bon period I went to the cool place near the mountain.
But it appeared summer end.
The white cloud, the color of the water and the plants. The Japanese pampas grasses began to appear in red. They will change to gold in fall.



Positive and negative

It's clear that optimistic life is based on positive thinking and pessimistic life is based on negative thinking.
The experiment says that even pessimistic life is not destined but it can be turned to change to optimistic one by the train.
You can also change your life by having positive ways in your life.
As Michele J Fox has overcome Parkinson disease because of his positive thinking and making his life optimist.
We can learn it and make our life happier.
Positive and negative


How they protect the water

It's a testing to protect the water from evaporation.
I'm not sure such plastic black balls are effective but there are some different opinions.
A biologist worries "I don’t believe that in the long run this provides a good strategy in protecting the water. I believe that this will increase evaporations due to a greater surface area as well as providing a great place for bacteria to have a nice environment to grow protected from UV light that kills it.
To protect from evaporation


Basil sauce

It's the harvest of the sweet basil leaves about 200g for the first this year.
Actually it's not so good harvest as last year. I often took leaves and made basil sauce several times last year.
Though it's poor the leaves are already hard and final scene this year.
I might make basil sauce this time only once this year.


The most peaceful countries top10

It's reported the most peaceful countries top 10 in the world.
We're very proud of that Japan is rank in the top 10.
We'll have to focus more on peacekeeping than anything else.
The most peaceful countries top 10


The sound of the end of summer

It was yesterday morning when I heard the voice of the cicada"Taukutsukuboushi" in my garden for the second time.
The first one was still in the midsummer but not so heavy heat yet at the end of July.
This time was after the fall on the calendar. I'm sure they sense it rushing at the end of summer in their short life.
They will work hard during summer until their last minute of life.
I feel cool and sound in the morning and the evening the sound of fall.
The end of summer


Jace first stands

It's the next step to grow for Jace to stand by himself on about 9 months old.Though he can already walk by pushchair he'll learn to stand and walk by himself soon.
Jace first stands


Weekend quiz

I watched the tv and knew how to prevent dementia exercise by Kenichiro Mogi. He is well known a brain scientist and a writer.
He introduced how to prevent dementia and how to train your brain by yourself very cheap.
And he is now researching the AI how it works well to the human brain.
This is the answer which he told on the TV.
Q1. Which is the useful way to prevent dementia? C
A. Singing a song
B. Taking a nap
C. Juggling otedama

Q2. Which activity is effective for training the brain? B
A. Counting numbers
B. Chatting with different people
C. Jogging every day

Q3. Which activity is A.I.(artificial intelligence like AI robot) bad at.C
A. To assist the way to go
B. To find out emotion from the face
C. To chat with different people
Weekend quiz


The ranking

It's a ranking of the net user how they are accustomed to the Internet.
It's interesting that each country has its own way.



Making you cool

It's been hot for a week with no rain at all. It really makes us weak and dull.
Think about cool resort when you are at home.
Today the national high school baseball game starts for two weeks. We can enjoy dead heat in the cool.
Making cool


The data talks

How do you think of this data?
It says that Japanese are developed country but poor in self controlled life.
I think Japanese society has been controlled by the spirit of mutual support, such as "okagesama de ikiru" or "otentou sama ga miteiru".
I respect they are great philosophy of Japan. We can't live without helping each other!
So Japanese life in spite of low rank of self control in the world it's full of value and sustainable.
Japanese rank of self controlled life


Nothing ~better than

"Nothing tastes better than beer on a hot day".

It's saying typically in summer season.
What else do you use that idiom for?


The customs

It's reported that survey for the customs which we don't want.
What do you think of them?
What else if you have other unwanted customs?
The customs that are not welcome


Where is Jace?

My daughter talked to me on the phone it was rainy and cold so she canceled the gathering with moms and babies yesterday.
They have monthly neighborhood meeting of the same months babies. It helps mothers to feel easy for raising babies and make good companies. It's obvious that babies grow well with good parenting.
This is the regular meeting with 8 months' babies on the picnic last month.
Where do you find Jace?