Message board

There are some message boards around under the pass of the Toyama station.
It's called "Before you die...."
I remember the movie "The list", the Japanese title was "Ten things which I should do before I die". It was about a young mother who was to be declared the limited life because of cancer.
She had a baby who needs a mother and good care so she had no time to waste for crying nor cursing her life but searching the way for her baby's and happy dying for herself.
She made ten lists to complete her finish"Before I die...".
Finally she made it for her baby and her husband. She found a lady as a mother and a wife both of her loved ones.
It was kind of sad but was totally happy ending because she completed her life even short.
It made me think "What is really happy?" My answer is the happiness lives in the mind how happy you create and give goodwill to others.
It might be one of the way sometimes to think about yourself deeply "What do you want to do before you die?"


Machinaka saloon

I've found something funny which you can't eat but it really looks like delicious special Toyama fish sausage "kamaboko".
What do you think it is?
They are sold in the town market, "Machinaka salon" where some housewives offer home made cooking and also other different handcrafts.
You can visit and take a rest with some tea, coffee or light lunch such as omelet rice, Japanese noodle, rice balls and sweets by the cheap price.
A cup of coffee is 150 yen and foods are one coin(500yen) with drink.


Game over

There were hot spots in Australia.
Asian cup of soccer tournament and all Australian tennis match are held at the same time.
We had an enthusiasm with soccer and tennis so much!
But the game was over suddenly.
We were very shocked at the failure of our national team and the player.
There is a good old saying in the lyrics.
" Don't be noisy or claim for the result of having won or lost. The most important point is the afterward however you've got failed."
As long as I remember, this encourages spirits to raise "Never give up!".
I'm convinced there is always hope if you don't give up.


The precious words

The season of the New Year's resolution is getting over.
Do you still keep in your mind.
It was very impressing that Masako's words who is the oldest in my class. She has been studying English for 18 years since she was 72 years old.
Her resolution last year was to see the Hokuriku Shinkansen the following year, actually this year.
This year she thinks about Aguri Yoshiyuki who has passed away 108 years old last year, so she made a decision she would live to see the Tokyo Olympic 5 years forward.
That positive speech made us moved and gave us great encouragement.
There are words expressive of deep feeling.


The cleaner

I've wanted the code less powerful cleaner which I had bought for my daughter. It's "DC 62 digital slim" one of the best products by Dyson.
It's useful not only floor, carpet but for futon by changing the adapter head.
It's the strongest powerful cleaner in the code less cleaners.
I finally found the good price and the good set of the model at the real shop as the same price as on the online shopping.
So I immediately decided to purchase it.
I'm using it very much. The big merit is easy to pull out the dust.
The stylish storing and light body are also attractive.
I like cleaning every day in an occasion.
It was my big expense but a wonderful item to help me.


The signal of pain

It's telling about the pain, the important part of showing the signal of the danger of the health.
People can notice and care for the healthy problem from the pain.
So pain is not bad but the very useful alarm for us.
No pain but we'll not able to be conscious about healthy life.
The signal of pain


Weekend quiz


1. Oh...I could have ( shown ) it to my mom.

2. I'm ( coffered ) out today.

3. I should learn to take it ( easy ).

4. You never know ( until ) you try it.

5. I'll go one step at a ( time ).
Weekend quiz



I ate old fashioned ramen after a long while, the last I ate might be a year ago...
I really loved it and often went to eat it before.
Recently many kinds of ramen taste, tonkotsu, seafood, black and with many toppings.
I like classical soy source base and clear soup.
But I felt it a bit different from before, it seemed like less flavor than ever and 50 yen raised up to 600yen.
I'm not sure my tongue has changed or not.
I'm shocked because one of my favorite is disappearing.


New wave

It's an interesting topic for clothes.
Actually I recent prefer to wear stretch type clothes and flexible easy pants to wear to go as well as at home.
Jersey suits is very nice for men and women who have to wear formal every working days.
It will make people relaxed and comfortable on week days.
New wave


An awful topic

Parasite invades in the brain

It doesn't seem to be that parasite worms exist in your stomach in Japan any more.
But this news tells a man living in England who traveled in some area in Asian countries got infected by tapeworms in his brain.
What is happening to him?
If you are nervous and worrisome skip it and never read this article otherwise you will be sick.
Only who are logical and reasonable can read this topic!
Worm in your brain


Aroma candle

I've got a aroma candle holder made of Himalayan salt stone.
It was given by my daughter's mother in law.
I've never seen it nor used before.
I needed to prepare for the tea candle and aroma oil.
It works to heal both spirit and body well.
I put Eucalyptus oil to prevent flu every day.


The coldest day

Today is the coldest day on the calendar, Daikan.
But it seems not so cold today and the coming 10 days forward.

It will be spring in 2 weeks called "Risshun".
The day is getting longer and longer after the winter solstice.
Though the temperature is low the route of the sun is getting closer and closer.


Memorial frame

My grandson Jace has been 9 weeks birth.
My daughter made a memorial hand and foot print by herself.
She learned everything from Internet how to make handcrafts.
Knitting, memorial goods and some interesting things are really her mother's love!
It's cool it's said "The need is mother of the invention."


Weekend quiz


1. You know ( where ) I'm coming from.


2. She called ( in ) sick.


3. Your plan may ( backfire ).


4. You'll just have to ( live ) with it.


5. Where were ( we )?

Weekend quiz


Hokuriku Bullet train

JR East promotes "Hokuriku Bullet train" starts from March 14.
Some commercial films are broadcasting.
I wonder JR East and West are always annoying us for example, if I order a ticket to Tokyo I buy it JR West. If you want to have round ticket from Tokyo to Toyama for someone from oversea, you need to take a ticket at JR East.
It's not convenient for us to get a ticket because we are in the both way JR West and East to go to Tokyo.
They say they offer no e-ticket online. I hope JR lines are united online!
Hokuriku Bullet train


New CM


A dog rides bus to the park

It's so amazing news that a 2-year-female dog named Eclipse rides bus to the dog park by herself.
She is very popular among the commuting bus in Seattle.
A dog riding bus to the park


Recent research

I've been drinking cow milk for more than 40 years and more from my school days including school lunch.
But recently I have stomach problems after drinking milk even in coffee or cocoa in some beverages.
I once heard milk is not necessary for Japanese because we can take calcium from sea food and protein from beans. So I'd better drink soy milk than cow milk or prefer galactose free processed milk.
This is very indicated article why milk is such harmful to me.
It's interesting not only for me but for you, too.

Why milk is harmful


Sitting and rising check

It's easy but tough to check your physical power by yourself.
If you are over 51 years old, try to worth doing it.
It says the score is perfect you will live longer than other score below.
I'm not perfect when rising.
It means my muscle of legs and thighs is poor. It shows the length of the longevity shorter! Can you believe it?
Phisically check


An interesting topic 4

It's a very heart warming story about the disable dog which was born small legs and no front paws.
The dog Derby is really a lucky dog to be able to run by himself thanks to the new legs produced by 3D printer.
Anderson who fostered Derby and Mr. and Mrs. Portanova are splendid team to develop Derby's perfect legs finally.
The rescued dog by 3D printer


An interesting topic 3

I heard about the TV program "Japanese wives in the foreign countries" from a friend when I had been in Perth.
My daughter sent me the site of the Video of the program.
I watched and enjoyed the one of the wife in Perth.
They say that Perth is the most wonderful city to stay and live.
I think it yes and partly no.
Please check it.
Japanese wife in Perth


An interesting topic 2

I've bookmarked some of interesting news during New Year's Holiday.
Yoko Narahashi is known as a good English coaching as well as casting director in Hollywood movie scene.
It's her great works based on her professional career "Last Samurai."
I'm not sure of the recent "Emperor".
The quote from the article
The amazing actors have excellent senses, and they have a very strong sense of purpose as “I do absolutely want to get the role in this director’s movie!” Therefore they desperately work on learning how to speak English. As a result, they certainly become capable of performing the lines of the movie wonderfully as their own words, even though their daily English conversation skills are not yet perfect.

The interview


An interesting topic

During I was away from Japan but I checked Japanese news regularly online.
I couldn't feel New Year in Japan without cold, New Year's card nor Osechi ...etc.
Among them I picked up something interest in Japanese news.
This is it!
It made me really hot and felt Japanese mind, skillful spirit a lot!
Save the irobot



I arrived at Haneda in the early morning yesterday.
It was fine and shinny.
I went on my way back home in the evening after meeting my friends from Tokyo.
It was blue sky until before Echigoyuzawa.
But there was a scene covered with snow and white world cross over the tunnel.
It was amazing difference between the east and the north west of Japan!


Safe landing!

I'm in Tokyo!
What a wonderful day!
When I arrived at the air port I went to find a Japanese Toilet and felt like in Japan!
When I go into the public toilet I'd better like a Japanese one though I have different one( wash-let ) at home.
No toilet is so good in Japan as in other countries because of its cleanness and kindness.
But I feel like stranger even in Tokyo as much as foreign countries. It's new and not familiar where it was!
My most familiar in my eyes is Jace in the coffee cup!


The last supper

It was the last supper at daughter's house.
It was busy night yesterday because my daughter and husband had to take their two dogs to the vet as soon as her husband back home from work.
So I took care of Jace at home for a few hours.
So we had quick supper of beef meat pie, chips and salad. I only had a glass of wine.
I really enjoyed Aussie life!
Thank you for treating me well!

The crying baby sometimes shows big smile. It's hard to take a good one!
I'll miss you Jace and looking forward to seeing your growth soon.
Bye for now!


Ultimate hot!

It was really hot yesterday here.
The temperature was 42 degrees in the most.
We didn't go out but in danger for the heat stroke.
It's incredible I'm leaving here for the almost 40 degrees different lower place.
There is no place where is perfect.
There is no blue bird but in your mind.
I'd like to live finding happiness wherever I go.

Jace is for 7 weeks and trying to lift neck and getting stronger.


A strange thing 2

Here's going on " a strange thing".
I saw a sign beside the street in the car.
What do you think it is?

You can guess well about kangaroos watching out to cross the street.


A strange thing

I saw a strange thing over there in the air along the street.
What do you think it is?

Now I tell about the strange thing.
It's said the sign of the car for the advertising of the classical car museum.
Much closer to it, I took it as possible.


The National high school soccer

Congratulations! Mizuhashi high school won the first game.
I couldn't watch the game between Mizuhashi and Meitokugijuku.
I found it very happy that Mizuhashi won the victory in the second match.
I remember last year The Tomiichi won the final match and the top of the national high schools.
This year instead of Tomiochi, Mizuhashi high school is represent of Toyama.
I hope they will do their best and focus on the wining point next game. Go on Mizuhashi!

from Webun


Hakone Ekiden

I really miss Hakone Ekiden today.
I regularly watch it on my New Year's holiday.
It really made me feel so great with each power of spirit by the runners.
But I can't see it live here so I need to get the information just by online.
I hope Hakone Ekiden will be broadcasted on the Internet.


Happy New Year

I wish you great moment of life and precious days will be with you!
Happy New Year!