The waking dog

The Samoyed wakes Dad up.
She wants to go on a walk.
It was very dozy moment for the dad to go hall sleeping still.
The dog Lexi was patiently kept trying to wake him up until his awake.
She looks like gentle caring to him.

The waking dog


The giant catfish

The Italian fisherman caught a massive catfish in the river.
It was not the largest one which had ever been caught before.
It was 127Kg this time but in 2009 there was 155Kg in the Amazon River.

The large catfish


Octopus vs Crab

An interesting video in Western Australia on CNN.
Battle between octopus and crab

Which do you think would win a battle between an octopus and a crab?

Battle between Octopus & Crab


The guardians

It's very important association to watch and guard the safety of the local town network "Mimamori mates" alias guardians.
I'm very impressed with their volunteer spirits and passion for the prevention from any crimes.
It's absolutely the basic self-defense by ourselves.
We also need watching and making effort to keep peace in our town.
The guardians



Do you know Sala-sen of " Salary man Sanryu"?
This year's 100 are selected.

Here comes Salaryman Senryu contest 2015.
There are 100 selected senryu short poems.
Which one do you make it the best?
I just try to translate the funniest three for me.
How do you like?

My son going to drinking party, my wife going to tea party and I'm going to the neighborhood meeting

As time goes by welcoming hug from my wife to my dog

I wish there were buttery charger for human

Sala-sen 100


A 109-year-old man

It's so amazing that the oldest man in Australia, 109- year-old is knitting for the penguins which are contaminated by oil.
He's been dedicated to help wild lives.
A 109-year-old man


Weekend quiz


1. I ( hate ) to ask this of you.

2. I'll get on it ( right ) away.

3. Are there ( any ) alternatives?

4. ( Let ) me get back to you on that.

5. I don't know ( how ) ( to ) thank you.
Weekend quiz


A drowning dog saved

It's so amazing that a drowning dog in the frozen water in the pond was saved by a brave woman on the kayak.
Although the dog's owner had tried to help their dog in the frozen pond but they were both nearly drown and saved by the rescue. But nobody couldn't help the dog. Finally the woman near the pond rushed to help the dog with her kayak. In the end, the dog was saved after 20 minutes' soaking in the cold water.

A drowning dog saved


Hay fever

It's season of hay fever.
Some people start to get symptoms caused by pollen or allergen included food.
Be careful of those signs of allergy.
hay fever



It's a great quote to learn anything and start learning.
I've learned it on the radio yesterday.
It's not new but really true and fundamental for the everything if you want to learn.
When you were born you absolutely started to learn from the trials and errors.
Here it is, let's get start from the beginning.

You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; and just so, you learn to love by loving.

All those who think to learn in any other way deceive themselves.
by Francis de Sales


She gave him a kidney, he gave her his heart

It's a really miraculous match between Ashley and Danny.
They didn't know each other until Ashley decided to donate her kidney to Danny who had damaged kidneys and searching for a donor.
First Ashley just wanted to help the stranger and finally got a great love!
It's a destiny love in the end.
A miraculous match



When I was driving, this rhythmical song came to my ears.
I was knocked with the uptempo and dancing music.
My heart beat and waved so much.
Now this song is sung by many people in the different version in the world. It's because every one wants to be happy in this song.
Here come bad news talking this and that (yeah)
Give me all you got, don't hold back (yeah)
Well I should probably warn you I'll be just fine (yeah)
No offense to you don't waste your time
Here's why

Because I'm happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I'm happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
from "Happy" by Pharrell Williams


The weak point

It reports about the weakness of LED light for the signal which is arranged in the snowy cold weather in the northern countries.
It happened to be covered with snow because of the low temperature of the light by the economical issue.
It's the problem for the passing not to see the sign so very dangerous when it's cold and snowy.
It's needed urgently to be improved.
LED in the northern area


Weekend quiz


1. The room ( next ) to me is noisy.

2. What are the ( rates ) per day?

3. Where is the ( departure ) gate.

4. Could I have an ( aisle ) seat, please?

5. I'm not ( checking ) any luggage.
Weekend quiz


Cold again

Cold weather with much snow comes back again.
It's not so much as a week ago earlier but it was very dangerous on the icy road last night.
It was low temperature below minus Celsius, not so much snow but slippery road was really careful.
I guess the cold temperature will go away as it comes to March.


Valentine's Day fever

Wherever I go shopping it's now on great sale and queues at the Valentine chocolate gift.
I felt tired just to see the long queues for the pay-counter.
So I gave up buying the fancy rapped brand chocolate.
I'd better plan to find something else for a gift if I really want to give one.
Anyway the fad of Valentine's gift is too stirred to promote buying.
I'm finally fed up with those boom recently.


Kimokawa robot?

It's reported a new release of the four legs robot like a dog.
It's being planned to use for the searching in the army.
But it could be a companion pet for you to run together in the future.
Then I want an Astroboy better.
The robot


The cold weather gone

It was terribly cold and snowy weather for the past two days.
The vast snow piling in so quick, it forced us to remove snow a lot!
The worst thing is to drive the bad road with hard rock ice, waving up and down very dangerous.
I went to see the veterinarian yesterday as I had had an appointment, otherwise I wouldn't go in such a bad day.
Though it was snowy there were already full of visitors.
I saw three dogs owner who took them in the carry cart.
They are like babies but actually old dogs. 9, 11 and 13 years old dogs seemed joyful in the cart.


Winter dipression

Enormous snow covers all over the land and sky, it's the white world.
No sunlight comes into but never ending falling white flakes.
It makes me depressed somehow but I try to be comfortable with blues in the room.
If you feel down why don't you listening to good music and enjoy the moody time.
Take five jazz

How to remove depression
Overcome winter dipression


Huge amount of snow

It's really big snow fall as the weather forecast said; actually I didn't believe it because there hasn't been so much as the weather forecast had said before... But this morning I'm surprised at the snow amount on my car when I went to throw garbage away!
It was very hard to remove the snow on my car.
It's so helpful for the melting water on the road not to remove on the road.


Weekend quiz

* Sorry I failed to answer last night.
I caught a slight cold yesterday I felt backache and went to hot bath and went to bed early.


1. I've ( put ) the past behind me.

2. Is that ( all )?

3. Oh, I ( nearly ) forgot!

4. How am I ( doing )?

5. Do you know what I ( mean )?

Weekend quiz


A mixed funny dog

It's a very funny face dog looks like pit bull and dachshund.
The dog, Rami was a stray dog but now he is a member of a family and a star on the Internet.
He is loved by its adorable face.
A funny dog


A little spring

It was beautiful day yesterday.
I was walking with my dog in my neighborhood and found a little spring.
One was a small bird but bigger than a sparrow, smaller than a grey starling. I wondered what it was and thought about it a bush warbler. It was not singing yet. It might be searching for the Japanese apricot because bush warbler and Japanese apricot are good sign in early spring.
The other was Fukinotou typical early spring buds.
I was happy to find the early spring near me.



It's good season to get bargain-sale. They sell winter products 50〜70% price down. So you can get gain if you find what you really want to buy.
I was wondering when I should buy new boots for next year because the old one is running out this year.
What if I couldn't find good ones on the bargain-sale and I'll give up buying by the low cost.
As I saw around at the shoes floor and almost gave up getting any bargain. Finally it happened a pair of boots attracted me in a shop. It's K.H.biz an expensive brand for me but I asked to let me try on them. It was almost 70% price down and not so bad.
I asked if it included taxes or not.
The clerk answered it needed 8% taxes on from the price.
I was talking and thinking for a while.
"I hate fake leather because it goes collapse early."
" Off course fake leather is reasonable and light but not so longer, this one is leather and fit you so much."said the clerk.
" No one can fit better than you though it was very popular and the last one."
I could buy at once but I found a small scratch near the bottom.
The clerk immediately gave me 8% tax discount. So I could buy the new boots by a bill.


Economist says...

What will happen to Japan near the future...saying the economist.
It seems very interesting for the some of the finance responsible people but for me not so much just concerning about prices of the everyday goods or tax bill.
Economy is very important part of life but not all of life.
I think I'm not rich not so poor, the lower the average rank so I need to work to live. I will never live to work for money.
It's the first spring on the calendar today.
I feel very happy to share the sunlight to break winter sky even only today. It says a few days will be snowy winter days from tomorrow.
We can enjoy a little spring for a moment.
What will happen ...


Capital in the 21 Centry

I noticed the best seller book top is "Capital in the twenty-first Century" by Thomas Piketty at the bookstore.
I happened to watch "Close up gendai" on the TV last night.
There was an interview with Dr.Piketty by the caster Kuniya.
Who is Pikkety and Capital in the 21 Centry?
As long as I heard and understood it says that the modern capitalism makes difference between the rich and the poor extremely and the wage for the workers is much less than the profit of the managing stock of the fund.
It means the rich makes rich and the poor gets poorer.
It might cause uneasy disorder in the world. So let it make the equality and good balance together. Isn't it an ideal?
Capitalism and disparity

What's Piketty's Capital


A little spring

Yesterday it was February 1 and the worst news which we would never want to hear reported in the early morning.
I felt very sorry all day and couldn't believe such cruel incident was caused by the people. There is no humanity nor humanitarian thought among them but lunatic, evil mind against the law of the universe.
No life can compare with privilege, status or money.
We never allow the arrogant murder and hellish revenge.
After tomorrow will be "the first spring" on the calendar.
I wan to find a little spring and relieve my heart.


Weekend quiz


1. Nothing could be ( further ) from the truth.

2. You deserve ( better ).

3. Don't ( let ) it get to you.

4. Is anything the ( matter )?

5. You ( got ) it!
Weekend quiz