Morning shower

It's very refreshed to take a morning shower not only for humans but also for the plants and garden paved by stones.
It makes very clear and cool to start the new day.
In hot summer, nothing is more precious than watering shower.
We really thank for just water not sweet nor bitter.
I love summer but more like showering and watering in the heat.
They say water removes heat when it goes away in the air.


Lack of rain fall

We haven't had rain fall these days though it had used to happen typical summer rain fall in the evening after the hot days.
Thanks to the shower of rain in the summer evening, we don't have to water the garden and don't have to worry about the plants in the garden.
I searched on the internet about the lack of rain fall, and it says serious drought in the world, in the U.S., Korea, and India.
It seems large drought in the world are worrisome though it is still minor news.
But the corn belts in the U.S. are badly attacked by the disaster.
It means our food dependent on their products would be crisis for the poor harvest.
I can give water to my garden. It seems that water is the best feast for them.


The sun at 6:00am

On Sunday morning I drove out to the beach early in the morning.
There were many cars parked in the mortar pool.
Some people were fishing on the boat, others were at the shore waiting for the catch.
It was thickly cloudy and only the slight light were seen in the east sky.
No wind nor sound of water, I just felt steady and calm of the silent nature.


Olympic 2012

Opening ceremony was held from 5:00 am today 28th here, but it was live at 9:00 pm 27th in London.
The performance was like a great movie and musical to attract the audiences in the world.
Not only serious but also comical, cool and so fantastic human illusion theater there.
I enjoyed genius art by Danny Boyle.


Invitation from Mountain Lion

I've got a mail from Apple store to promote downloading the new release update OSX10 version8 called 'Mountain Lion' for $20.
Actually I'm embarrassed to purchase a new version so early since I had downloaded 'Lion' the former version for $30 only a year before.
I've not used it better than ever because I'm totally satisfied with iOS5 in my iPhone4.
I've not often used Mac book better than before because of iCloud.
I can search on Internet or post blogs all from my iOS. It's no use for me to pay for the new OSX.
And it makes me feel uncomfortable that Snow leopard users can only pay for $20 to get Mountain Lion as the same as Lion users.
What was $30 for Lion users like me?
I think it's unfair for me to have paid for Lion should pay the same $20 as the ones who don't have Lion to download the new version.
That's why I'm not going to buy Mountain Lion.


Mid summer

According to the weather forecast, it will be heavy hot for a couple of days around here. So they warn strongly for the heat stroke, being must things to drink water with a little salt and stay cool during the day time.
Heat island like concrete jungle makes worse and dead heat in our life.
We've better know to live in the nature full of forest and wild creatures.
We can visit in nature but don't destroy their natural life.
We need to know how important to protect natural life which guards our life
safely from the heat.
Why don't you share the air in the forest?


The first American woman astronaut

Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, died Monday after a 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer, her company said. She was 61.
"Sally lived her life to the fullest, with boundless energy, curiosity, intelligence, passion, commitment and love. Her integrity was absolute; her spirit was immeasurable; her approach to life was fearless," read a statement on the website of Sally Ride Science, a company she started to help teach students -- particularly young women and girls -- about science, math and technology.
The first American woman in space died


Bitter gourd

A tiny bitter gourd is hanging high from the thin vine.
I saw many yellow flowers on the vine but they didn't grow to make fruits, the rate of maturity around one of tenth...
Nine of tenth died. I wonder flowers are not always to produce fruits without being helped by the nature, for example, insects, sunshine and shower of rain.
Actually this is the fourth gourds in my garden but I've not got any fruits yet.
I'm just waiting for their growth and expecting to cook gourn chample.


Summer face

It comes a typical summer to meet the sun flower and cicadas voice finally this morning. But the sun flower is in my neighborhood not in my garden yet.
I like to say hello to those faces who are laughing,' flowers are laughing and swinging in the sunshine'.
I long for the face in my garden later soon.


One day in summer from Toyama

It was cloudy and muggy hot day.
After the heavy rain attacked, deep green trees swallowed water and grow well.
Nature feels summer at the most.


A dragon fly

I had a visitor of a dragon fly in my garden.
I happened to see it when I was trimming and treating vegetables in my kitchen garden.
It flew down near me and stayed still on the ground. I thought if it was weak and dying but nothing worries at all. It was shaking hands and head to clean by itself.
I was lucky to take a lot of pictures and even close to it. It wasn't scared me and steady.
I felt like a kind of friendship with it.


After the rainy season

A shower of rain brings us cool and comfortable moment in the morning though high humidity and high temperature.
Water is absolutely needed for living things, plants, animals as well as humans. We are refreshed by the shower of rain after the dried up heat days. They say rainy season finished a few days ago but I don't hate rainy season now! Water makes cool and clean the land. I feel better than yesterday.
I can't worry without thinking about those who had heavy rain and flood in some area of Kyushu...rain sometimes causes harm...who knows there are good rain and bad one.
I think we are being tested by the great nature.



It was very hot and good for the 'Marine day' yesterday.
I didn't go to the sea but shampooed the carpet to change the floor rug into tatami like carpet. It's the summer carpet for a few months.
Opening on the approach in the front space, I rubbed the carpet with deck brush. The short hair carpet is easy to clean and shampoo...but it was very tough to hang it dried.
Soaking the strong sun heat it dried early.
I just enjoyed cleaning house during the holiday.


Summer heat

We have dreadful summer heat for a couple day here.
Weather report alarms for the heat island and sickness by the heat.
You need to take care of yourself with full water and making cool.
I'm sorry for the green curtains are deadly attacked by the strong sun heat. They look tired and weak getting too much heat.
I want the solar buttery to keep and use it during winter.


Baby comes out

I found a tiny cricket jumped away in front of me in my garden.
I quickly followed it and made a hurry shot but it was not clear because no time to take it again...I missed the second shot before it disappeared.
I think it's in the mid baby boom in the nature. They are preparing to give birth for the next short life.
Even one season life is full for them.
I remind myself ' Every moment is new for my life, too'.

It makes me notice that I've not heard from cicadas singing yet.


Well breeding

It was a sad news that the baby panda died of pneumonia yesterday.
No one is to be blamed for the dead.
It was amazing that the news seemed like a national tragedy.
Japanese has loved pandas since the first one had been brought from China, 1972.
Anyway, the babies are very welcome because Japan has been decreasing the number of baby birth.
By the way, a baby Goya has come out for the first time in my green curtain. I hope it will grow well and make others also prosperous.


Three months English topics

Charo has come back in the program of 'Three months English topics - Charo in Tohoku'.

It's good for summer holiday but only once a week on Wednesday.
Don't miss it!

Charo in Tohoku


What's the sign?

When I walked I found an unfamiliar sign beside the rice field. It's already covered with green grasses which will produce harvests in less than a couple month.
I guess rice field needs much water so the sign might show the water gate from the stream.
Does anyone answer my question?


Skill to throw away

When you move to somewhere you have a chance to throw useless and unnecessary things.
We tend to save things by keep buying new things without throwing.
Actually a lot of package boxes in which digital gadgets and some equipment for the pcs and etc are full under my desk.
Recently there are decreasing of users' manual because of being up online.
I think it a good idea to reduce bunch of volumes of book.
We would better stop stocking than throwing. So I will try to be 'no possession' and 'no need for hunger or greed.'
And I will get an Eco and Smart life.


A letter from Dog country

When I stopped and read a book at the book store it made me tears and filled me with love and touch.
The book is ' One day a letter was sent from a Dog country '.
It has been edited on the Internet site 'inu no kuni Pitawan' and published in 2009.
There are six stories about dogs and their owners memorial ones.
This book is a killer for dog lovers.


Sadako recently

Almost a month has passed since Sadako moved to the care apartment house. There are more than 20 private rooms, public living and dining room as well as bath rooms in the apartment house. The other two facilities such as day service floor and private rooms for the disabled people with wheel chairs, are connected by the corridor.
She lives independently in her room but getting support for 24 hours.
I often visited her for the past days if she might get used to the new environment.
She got sick and had bad disorder last two weeks. But she is getting better and better enough to go out for a drive with her mates in the apartment.
Yesterday I took her to her home doctor after a month and she really looked fine and happy in her daily life.
Then I talked to her,
' it's said good to laugh 10 times a day.'
She replied 'I do! I always laugh more than 10 times even I were staying alone in my room.'
I'm convinced that is what she is...so positive and flexible that she can survive and being lovely.
Though getting old and can't avoid going senile she lives herself independent and grateful.
It means a lot for me how to get old.


Contrast color

It was yesterday that I recently noticed the colors which are different and interesting at this time.
One is very green, grasses growing well in this season. The other is like rather chocolate than dark red color. Its leaves are brilliant and elegant rare view in this season like in fall.
The former one is ivy which would turn red in fall.
But I don't know the latter one.
It would fall in autumn.
I enjoyed watching the color contrast in the city.


Slow summer

I almost forgot to seed the sunflower and seeded late in June.
I've waited for their coming out and finally could see them.
After the shower of rain, they appear sprouts in my garden.
I will see their flowers slower than usual.
Anyway I'm looking forward to making my summer garden later.