Special in winter 3

White, gray and sometimes blue in the world....those color contrast is special in winter, too.
I've enjoyed the various color changing from yesterday to now.
We say such changeable phenomena ' cats eye' in Japanese but not that meaning in English.
Does anyone know such a changeable situation to tell in English metaphor?
For example, it was changeable weather like .............
In Japanese we say like cats eye.


What a lovely morning

Bright sunshine appears but the road is still frozen.
It's really dangerous to go. I have to drive very carefully on the iced road.
I hope sunny sun light melts thick ice on the road.


Special in winter 2

Low temperature all day like in the fridge and snow leaves steady on the road if it were not for the water shower in the ground.
My neighbors are luckily supported to melt the snow by water, so I don't have to fight against snow hard.
I don't like to drive in the snow and give up going out to drive all day.
But I dream of special food in winter, which I had the other day.
The colder, the more delicious of the fish in winter.
I remember Tsuna Bowl called 'Tekka don', it means red like fire on the rice.
It was really good taste in winter!


Special in winter

Much snow falling on and on
Never stop mounting

It's hard to walk on the snowy road
Narrow and slippery

I went out to the new year's party
To see old friends in school days

I found some good special things in winter


The heavy snow fall

The greatest cold weather attacks this week until next week. I hope this weekend would be the most snow amount in this winter. But they say still cold weather will stay for a while.
We need to get along with much snow and think about making good use of snow.
But I have no idea to make use of snow but skiing or pleasure activity in the snow. Winter sports attract you a lot if you have fun with it.
I would better have open air bath in the snow.


Guardians 2

After the listening to the part3 of episode 42, today's Little Charo2

As I talked about Dread and Kanon as good guardians for Charo in the story, it is indeed just a story but it could be real in my life.
I remember there were and there are guardians in my life and instead I would be a guardian for someone else.
I'm really inspired by the beautiful mind of the both guardians, strong and tough mind like Dread, lovely and patient one like Kanon.
I want to grow such beautiful mind in the rest of my life and live to be helpful as possible.
I feel that every soul is connected in the bottom of the unconscious world and go back to be nothing.
Dread and Kanon show me how to go and spend decisive life.


Afternoon tea

It snowed heavily but sometimes stopped and bright in the sky. It was strangely changed in a day.

I had a good tea time with Japanese sweet cake. The one is 'sprout' and the other is 'snow wall'.

I enjoyed hot and sweet time for a moment while it was freezing cold outside.


Weather forecast

The weather forecast says the cold weather will stay longer, more than a week from now on.

I found snow flower this morning here and there on my way to work.
It was very beautiful though the coldness was on the peek.
We will have to be patient with coldness and snow on the road.
But sprout of spring will come out soon.



I remember Episode 42 of Little Charo2 last year. The guardians are Dread and Kanon who are indispensable and important characters to guard Charo.

This week is just the one 'Guardians'.

'I've never expected to find you here.'

The deep, low and familiar voice was Dread's! My eyes bursted into tears when I had heard of his, almost at the same time as Charo.

It was unexpected and surprised moment when Dread had appeared again.

Kanon had also appeared in the same chapter.

I really appreciate to get such a touching episode here.
I'd like to review my page last year.



Song book

TV program 'Song Book' is one of my favorite one.
Tonight, song about 'Shall we dance ?'
by Janis Ian.
I like her song very much.
I used to sing 'Love is blind' of hers.
Her lyrics is impressive and symbolistic.
Angela Aki talked about her song like snap shots....it was just the word.
I was really glad to hear her song and got pleasure. Thanks for the good tv program.


Complaint in her mind

"My mom seems busy these days.
As it has been still wet on the road I hate walking on such watery road.
My body is easy to get dirty and wet because my legs are too short and my stomach touches to the grand. So I'm not so often taken to walk recently.
My life style in winter is staying at home and in warm blanket, in the kotatsu. I'm almost lack of exercise and gain weight!
I have to be patient to eat extra food.
But I can do it....waiting 'mate'."

It is reading in Marie's mind.
Look at this cute photo!


The coldest season

The season the coldest in a year
But I feel like hopefully on the top of the coldest
Because it's much easier to be getting warmer from the freezing coldness.

They say the coldest season from around 20th in Jan. for a couple of weeks until Feb. 4, the first day of spring on calendar.
I also like day breaking getting earlier and evenings coming later.
Be patient for a while to catch lovely spring!


Cosmic front

The birth of the earth was said to be an accident...Dr. Hawking told in the tv program.
Our body is made up of the same material as the Universe.
It means that human beings are a part of the Universe and the same fate.
There are other galaxies like ours in the Universe. Our planet earth is more precious than others. We must protect our one world.


TV every night

I'm looking forward to watching some tv programs this week.
The first one is tonight 'Wild life' about
gorillas' life in the forest. I'm very interested in homo sapience, the roots of human beings. We will learn from the natives how to live in the future.

The second one is tomorrow, 'Cosmic Front'. Dr.Harking will explain our planet from the birth of the Universe.
I've heard that learning astronomy will reduce wars on the earth because we can know our world is still young and tiny in the history of the Universe. No need to fight or kill each other for little things....I'd like to feel how small but important our life is!

The third is after tomorrow, Tameshite Gatten, the topic is very attractive.
' How to remove forgetting' it is saying that there is an effective medicine to make people stop forgetting..really?

Anyway there are my expecting tv programs. But I don't force you to check it. I'm telling just my favor.


Madam Butterfly

Today, I watched the TV program ' Madam Butterfly', which was produced based on the book by Shinichi Ichikawa who had passed away just before the program was broadcasted for the first time last year.
This is the third time on air and I happened to get a chance to watch it today on Sunday morning.
The Madam Butterfly is famous and well known for a tragic heroine on opera music scene.

In its drama, I took a notice of this phrase.
' Love of the greatest is one of secret which can be patient.'
This is from Samurai spirit 'Hagakure', one of the strategy of hiding in the leaves.
The Madam Butterfly was said to be the last samurai spirit daughter and the symbol of Japanese nostalgia.


Reminder for a long life

I found good reminder for a long life at my senior's house who I pay respect.
It says that

You should know if you want to live long, mind of those things...

If you were welcomed at 70 years old, say ' I'm busy with work '
If you were almost picked up at 80 years old, say ' too early! '
If you were announced to go to the heaven at 90 years old, say ' I'll come a little later.'
If you were told to be off at 100 years old, say ' I'll come after the meeting with association of the long life.'
This is what you should remind if you live long.

It's funny and easy to live without worry. Long life would be more excited.


Soba lunch

I like eating noodle and can eat every day. I also love every kind of noodle, ramen, udon, soba, spaghetti and so on. But recently I care for the health so I choose the one of the healthiest ...that's it! Soba is healthy food if you don't have allergy.
I ate three kind of soba pots, mountain plants and grated radish and yam in it with a dish of tempura.
This is a reasonable price for ¥997.
Why don't you try?


A forgotten reservation

I've got a mail from the city library which I had made a reservation of a book about half of a year before.
I almost gave up borrowing from there and already forgot about the book.
The book had a big reputation when it had published and I was interested in it but not enough to buy it because the new publishing books are hard covered , heavy and expensive...that's why I don't buy new books at once until being republished into small sized soft covered.
I seldom buy hard covered ones except 1Q84 3 volumes, I bought them soon after it had published. But I don't possess them any more.

I have to read the hard covered book after winter holiday...
I wish I could have read it during the holiday.


aloneness vs loneliness

'Aloneness is different from loneliness'.

It's remarked by Dr.Pillay in his book.
' In my practice I have noticed that high-achieving people always find ways to enjoy themselves --- that is, they enjoy literally enjoy being with themselves, rather than focusing on loneliness, they focus on how their success will attract people to them. Simply put, becoming an expert requires practice, and practice requires spending time alone.'

It reminds me of runners as well as all of athletes are alone, possessing high potential for their goals but not lonely.


Shape of the cloud

I saw unique cloud long vertically in the sky. It seems like smoking from the chimney. But it could be seen as someone walking.
Seeing the sky makes me think a lot.


Why I like Benjamin Button

I watched the movie review on TV, Benjamin Button last night. It's one of my favorite movies ever seen a few years before.
It's about weird life of a man who was born 80 years old and grew younger and died 0 year old.
I felt sorry and moved with love and pathos of life in it.
I couldn't help tearing when Benjamin made up his mind to leave his family because he thought of his no worth being a good father for his daughter as he was getting younger and younger.
But I was deeply impressed with the last scene that the baby,Benjamin himself was dying in the arms of his love, Daisy
who loved Benjamin from the bottom of her heart.
I found kind of true love in it.
Life is different every person but true, pure and goodwill heart are united between the people who love each other.


Lunch in early spring

After the new year's holiday I ate out for lunch. It's called 'Lunch in early spring'. Though it's still cold in midwinter outside, my stomach was filled with warmth like in early spring.
Fresh raw fish was delicious and I enjoyed special lunch at a Japanese kitchen restaurant.


Mother of invention

Being shut out by snowy days, but I was devoted to make something useful by some knitting yarn and hands.
I wanted a holder of iPhone when I go walking regularly which helps me time, distance and good music as a company.
So my need was enough to make it by myself and made trials and errors for hours.
Finally I finished knitting my own original holder and scarf,too!
I went out walking with them and had a good walk even though on the snowy road.
I'm very proud of my manufacturing and can say ....
' Necessity is mother of invention '
That's it, isn't it?


lightening up

I started to walk at night after two days off for the first time this year.
I walked longer distance than usual for 20minutes one way. I reached to the park where winter illumination was lightened up.
It was one of the most fantastic views I had ever seen.
I couldn't leave there for a while.
It made me happy and stop walking because I felt like dreaming.
It was the end of New Year Holidays.
I'm fulfilled with the perfect light up view.


Ekiden relay road race

My new year event, start from Ekiden relay road race for three days.
Among of them I was looking forward to seeing Kashiwabara who is called God of climbing mountains.
Their team, Toyo University closely lost championship last year. So they had hard time to revenge the race and come back to win!
Their relay and each runner was perfect and almost like God work.
But I feel sorry for other losers who also had great effort to win the race.
Ekiden race is New Year big event for me but those youth who have been training for the race are incredible having pressure and abnormal life time!
I'm sure their life for the race must be so special and only a few can be allowed to entry the race.
I give them big hands and blessing countless the results.
Good job guys and come back next year!

First dream

My first dream this year was in the fog.
When I try to remember the dream it goes away from my memory.
But I don't care if I can remember the dream or not. I'm just interested in what was in my depth thought in my subconscious.
What do I want to do, what do I want to be and who am I...etc.
I'd like to go forward to my step with love and happiness.


A tiny new year resolution

A Happy New Year !
I hope you have a great new year and fun with family and loved one.
My new year's day is not so special but more quiet than any other years.
I made up my mind to save time and energy more efficiently this year.
First....to walk as often as possible without using a car.
Second....to possess as little as possible,not to buy useless things nor buy things immediately.
Third....to throw away disuse things, clothes,books, tapes and books from my room, first of all.
I want to be as light as feather so as to fly. My first dream at the new year's night would be flying like a bird.