The last red leaves

No sun in the dark sky
Cloudy cold weather is more often than shiny fine days.

Winter is just now on.
Leaves have fallen and covered the pavement.
It looks like a carpet with natural color.

I still find brilliant red among bared trees.
They seem burning and trying to show their best lives just before dying.
I'm touched with the color and impressed the last autumn this year.


Duck family

Walking along the river, I found a duck family going in line on the water.
They were very carefully changing their directions as if not to be taken their shots by me.
So it was very hard to catch them in my iPhone camera as they were moving and escaping from me. But I was trying to take their photos and finally got it!

I don't know if they were migrant birds or not.
Never know where they are from and they are going to.
No idea whether their ancestors lived around here.

I just felt lucky to have seen them and shared time for a moment with wild life.
I'm convinced we are saved and healed by nature and we should love natural lives.


Bread made of wheat gluten called ' Fu '

I was given a gift, which is called Fu in Japanese. It's been one of the Japanese traditional ingredient food but had been imported from China for almost a thousand.
It's wheat and gluten bread,as you know, very healthy food as well as Tofu, which is made from soy beans.
We often eat them at the memorial ceremony only with grain and vegetables without meat. Especially at the meal after funerals and memorial services.

I'm going to cook with Fu and planning to make imitation pork and rice ball.
People who like to cook with Fu told me it's very delicious like real pork cutlet.
I will try to cook imitation pork and rice ball  using Fu instead of pork for dinner.


Salmons came home

Salmons have been returning back home to lay eggs.

The river is near my house and it's called "the river Game".
Every year salmons come back at this time but this year is a little bit later than usual because of warmer climate.

Salmons have come to this area for ten years. They seem to have been born this river and grew up in the ocean.

The neighbors are glad to see them come back and people are looking forward to seeing them from the distance.


Ivy in red

I can still find autumn color every day.
On my way to work, found ivy lying on the wall of an old building and showed lovely red leaves.
It seems like a classical time in which the song ' The time when I was a student ' was.
I don't know if you remember or not.
I liked the song and used to sing by myself. It begins from the phrase,
" At the chapel covered with ivy growing and lying on the wall ..."

It reminds me of sweet and bitter memories in the past.
I feel like a wanderer between the past and the present because of Fall for nostalgia.


Myanmar's symbol of hope

This is one of the rare good news in the world that Aung San Suu Kyi released for more than twenty years under house arrested by the Myanmar's ruling military junta.

I wrote about her when I watched the film ' Burma VJ '

Burma VJ

I was worried about her, NLD members and also monks who devoted to recover democracy but they were compelled to break down by the junta.

Now Suu Kyi comes back to her people and starts to work for her people.
She lives in her mother land and never gave up helping people and her strong will never die.

Suu Kyi tells her supporters


iPhone under the water....

I carelessly went out of the car door without noticing iPhone on my lap and it fell down and rolled into the water stream.It was almost taken to the stream and I put myself into the water and caught iPhone! Oh....I won't recall the bad moment. I regret my careless and stupid behavior. I hope I will learn from the failure ....never leave iPhone on my lap.

Anyway...I needed to solve the problem after that.
Firt, I turned off the iPhone and ran into the nearest shop to learn how to deal with the wet and soaked iPhone.
A few weeks ago, I read the twitter of Mr.son who is the Softbank president,had an accident that he carelessly put iPhone into the bath tub and under the hot water. He reported how to rescue iPhone working normally. It had been nothing to do with me until then.
But this time....it got to  really close to me.

Second, I asked the staff of the support shop to put the sim card away from the body and what to do next. I was just advised to tried to keep it dry for a day packed with desiccant in a ziploc and see for a couple of days.

Now I turned on and use the iPhone. It works for me so far....but not knowing what will be going on because once the iPhone had water inside, it will harm it in the future.....they say.
I was warned by the support staff and I understand its all my fault on that.

Promise myself  not to do that failure again !


Color of the day

It was chilly and wet yesterday but turned clear and brilliant today!
I liked to wander around the neighbor and found the beautiful color.
I took pictures in my iPhone and wanted to keep them the best memory of the day.

I talked to one of my friends what lovely color in this autumn and she replied to me that
I had told the same last year as well.
So to speak,as for me the most beautiful color every year!
It means 'No day but today'. I really love this word.

As long as I live,every moment I live is the best and want to make my day.
I really enjoy Now and never be worried about tomorrow.
As time goes by,the color will die and the fallen leaves will be swept away.
We need to be patiently waiting for breaking spring.
I will find something interesting and share with you.....thank you.

Knitting addiction ....

It was cold rainy Wednesday. Chilly wind and rainy have been covered these days.

I was knitting shawl with my fingers as I was given some roles of wool thread by an acquaintance, which she had bought for knitting but will never use. She said it would be wasteful to throw away than letting it reused.

I like to make use of unused things and create something new.
I'd like to save resource, money and recreate precious in my life time.

By the way, my friend is now in Hokkaido,where is much colder than here and the temperature is around 5 degrees C. She is also knitting in such cold weather.
We enjoyed exchanging photo of recent products each other.
But we should be careful for stiff shoulder after the hard work.....so need to be slowly.


Dog remains faithful to dead owner

It's a very sad and heart warming story.
A dog's owner was killed by a car accident five months ago and his dog has been waiting for his owner every moment along the street where he used to meet him.
The dog doesn't know that his owner was dead but he trusts his faith and never give up waiting for his owner coming back.
It reminds me of the Japanese ' Chuken Hatchi '. It was also remade to American movie.

Dog remains bfaithful to dead owner ......it shows us something missing in our mind.



My boom

The season for knitting!
It's been my boom for years knitting in winter.
I'm stuck in knitting at home or gathering friends having knitting cafe especially in winter.

I used to do finger knitting without needles or knitting sticks, made maffler scarf by thick threads.
I've found a new item this time. It's a thread of ribbon tape.
I've already done three pieces of muffler scarves made of ribbon tape.

My winter boom has just started now!