New year's eve

A beautiful fine day, warm in the car but cold outside.
Cleaning,washing,going on shopping and everything is very comfortable to do!
Many heartache things are packed in this year and we will never forget the pain of the hard time.
But we need to move on and restart.
I'm convinced life is not so bad if you have never ending story in your heart.

I hope you will have a great new year eve.


to live or to be lived

There are two days and today left in this year end...in 2011.
It was a terrible hard year in history like in bad dream or in hell. Not only in Japan but also world wide on the earth, we are facing the crisis to live forward.
I used to talk to myself that nothing is forever but I still seek for something forever in my life. It made me think like that because of the death close to me.
We can't avoid death nor control life time even through I offered to give my time to someone dying. We can't live long more than 100 years. Life is short so we accept the limit and just live cheerfully in the end.
I learned to live fullest to enjoy time Now. The power of Now is very important.
Natural disaster and human disaster killed a lot of people at that time. Even though one life I missed brought me grief and sorrow. While the thousands people lost their life in the water and under the crashes, it occurred to me that life is too tough to live ...I thought of rather dying than living left alone.
But life is more precious than anything else....I still imagine great pleasure in life and I can live and support as well as being helped by someone else.
The year of 2011 gave us great task and testing in the future.
Empty mind and hopeless bring me nowhere but I just want to hear the sound of nature and ask who I am.
I think Now is the time to think of
'Memento mori', means 'think of death' in the end of the year.


A blessed day

It was very very beautiful day between winter cold days.
No yesterday and no tomorrow we won't have such a lovely day as today.
I was mad going to the good position to watch the mountains and took photos.
Some other people also stayed there to view the beauty like me.
I really felt like happy to see those incredible panorama of the mountains.


Natural food

Cold weather finally is weakening though much snow is left on the ground.
I went out for lunch at the natural food restaurant.
I like to eat no oil nor meat but vegetable and brown rice. Natural food is healthier than rich tasteful food.


Kotatsu warmer

It's so cold and I set Kotatsu to warm efficiently after a long while.
I've avoided Kotatsu because it makes me lazy and too comfortable to move out.
But I can't stand single AC heater.
Kotatsu is one of the economical ways of warmer. It's said 'cool on head and warm on foot', kind of old Japanese wisdom.
I carelessly took a nap after lunch in Kotatsu ...
It was my fault! That's why I've been avoiding Kotatsu.
Anyway I will enjoy relaxed time in the end of the year in Koratsu!


Busy in Winter

There appears a temporary skate link special in winter season.
Many visitors enjoy skating on the ice.
It's been recent popular spot in Toyama.


Incredible lucky Xmas eve

Got an incredible sunny day on Xmas eve. Though weather forecast insistently reported it would be terrible winter weather in the North West Pacific Ocean area including my area.
But....lucky enough!!!
We had only slight snowfall early morning but now brilliant sunshine at noon!
I checked the weather forecast, it tells no snow nor rain and fine later on today.
Happy, Lucky and Lovely Christmas eve! Wishing you Merry Christmas and have great fun!


Winter weather

I've been worried about snowing during Christmas holiday since yesterday.
As I saw clear fine night sky last night and walked my dog for a while seeing the polar star, I didn't feel like bad weather then.
Actually it's still mild not snow fall yet here.
According to the weather map, terrible low pressure attacks the northern part from ours, Tohoku and Hokkaido area.
I'm relieved and worried at the same time. We are now better weather than northern part of Japan.....except Tokyo and Nagoya.
I can see the difference of the winter season weather.


The farthest Sun

There comes winter cold weather during Christmas holidays ...it's said.
Today is the winter solstice. We are now the farthest from the Sun.
Low temperature and short day time make me depressed.
But I can think that day time will get longer and longer as time goes by.
I can imagine hope will be born from the hopeless such as wise words describe.

Only those who got through coldness can feel warmth of the Sun.
Only those who had pain in their life can take the value of life. By Whitman

We need bitter as well as sweet to find gratitude in life.


A helpful item

I've wanted to try one application in iPhone ' Nike + iPod '. I didn't know how to use this App to work out for jogging or running. While I was indifferent for running because it seems tough for me but I started to walk fast recently for my health.
That's why I began to notice this training App.
I was searching about the App and learned how to use it.
There are two ways to start it.
One is to buy a sensor for the App by ¥2,200. It's adjusted to one of the shoes. So sensor catches the time, distance and location, finally records those results. It's strict and correct record for veteran runners.
The other one is ' Nike GPS ' by ¥170.
It's a kind of time keeper and help support runners to keep jogging even for beginners.
I surely bought the inexpensive one because I'm not going to aim the strict record nor tight running but just fast walking every day.

I'm very satisfied with this App and feel like to keep walking even in the cold day or night. I promise myself wether day or night, at least once a day I walk out 30min or 5 km.
One problem is that I can't take my dog for my regular walking because dog walking is not so practical one.
She likes stopping and smelling to check her places because of their native habits. If I hurry her for my practice she would not like walking!
I need to find spare time for her walk.


Life in winter

I feel pain sometimes in my neck or back and mostly headache because of fever in my body. It's low fever but stay longer than high fever.
I find a good way to remove the pain.
I get cold and too careful to stay in the cold air. But it makes me worse to spoil myself.
I decided to go out with warm down coat and walked fast for 30minutes in the cold air. As I walked I didn't feel cold and got warm by myself.
I finally found to warm by myself without heater and removed sickness.
So I'd like to walk at least 30 minutes as possible to make myself warm.
I think it's the ultimate Eco system to warm by myself.


A blue heron

A poem of a heron at the riverside

Standing alone
Living his own life
At the withered riverside

Aiming the prey
Holding wild life
With his eyes wide open

Never seen his family
He is always alone
Deeply impressed

Oh the blue heron
Standing wild and proud
you are the one of the brave


Typical winter

We start to have snow now and it will long for this season in winter.
It's typical winter here in the west pacific ocean is snowy and cold but in the east has no snow and fine cold weather. It's because of 'high barometric pressure to the west and low pressure to the east'.
I sometimes feel envious of the different clear weather in the east.
I really miss sunshine in winter.


Be careful for the car maintenance

I happened to see a car stop on the road with its bonnet open left alone.

It must be an engine trouble and needs help.
I'm worried about something wrong might happen next after next.
I hope the problem will be solved as soon as possible.
Traffic jam will be settled soon.


We will miss the retro coffee shop

One of my most favorite coffee shops 'Ebian' will close for its 50 years life time.
It was announced on the free paper that it will be finished in the end of this month.
There are a lot of coffee shops around here and there but almost of all are owned by franchised not by one owner.
I really loved one owner's small shop because it serves us comfortable hospitality.
I will miss the heartwarming service.


What a hell cold!

It was a perfect Sunset yesterday and it's the sign of the fine weather for the next day.
It's lovely beautiful morning but very freezing cold!
It was 0C on the thermometer.
I found icy road and frozen grasses in the park.
It will be sunny in the day time...
I will soak in the sun to warm myself.


A wonderful twilight to the West

I drove to the West from the East on my way home in the evening around 4:30p.m.
It was amazing beautiful sun set view though being hard to face forward for the burning red of the Sunset.
I couldn't but took the shot of each view from the car. They are far from the natural view. We can't copy the genuine beauty but by naked eyes.
I'm sure the beauty can't be long but stay long in my memory.
I enjoyed orange red strong color at the of the day time.



Today is 12122011, December 12 in 2012. 1212 seems like rhythmical. It makes me finny to think of the next year 1212'12, triple 12.
Every day is only one time and never comes back. That's why we need to make the better day as possible.
I also think of the date coming 10 years later, 222'22. (February 22 in 2022)
I'm not sure I will be there or not, but I won't see the date, 2222222 for 210 years later from now.(February 22 in 2222)
A life is not so long less than 100 years.
I can count the number of the rest of the life mindfully.


Change tyre

It was a good day to change the tire from the normal to studless winter tyre.
I know it's hard to handle nuts to release or fasten from the bolts.
I wanted to buy an electric impact wrench to help the work easier and faster.

I've just got it at the DIY home center and let it be done economically.
I paid for it about ¥5,000 and expect it will help me more than 10 times after
I don't want to drive on the snowy road but need to be prepare for winter days.


Toyama gourmet

Here comes the season for the party in the end of the year.
I hung out with friends to eat out great feast in Toyama, special in winter.
Good fish, super fine liquor and tasty cook totally satisfied us all.
We enjoyed one winter night with good food and conversation.


Snowy sky

It was a slight snow fall this morning but the weather has been changing from snowy to cloudy or sunshine time to time.
I couldn't stay at home without taking my dog for a walk before the snow cloud coming back.
But the temperature I felt was very cold because of the snowy air deprived of heat from the air.
I think it's the coldest when it began to snow for the first time. My body is shrunk with cold and I can't stand without pocket heater in my pocket.


What is HP?

An interesting topic about life science, what prolongs life.
I've watched the TV program last night ' The dramatic life '.
It explains about the hibernation of squirrels during the winter.
They save life by hibernation to use the least energy without food.
Studies research that hibernation is one of the best way for creatures to keep long life. Without hibernation the life time is said to be much shorter than those which has hibernation.

So what causes hibernation?
That's the Hibernation Specified Protein, it's abbreviated HP.
Squirrels as well as other creatures that have hibernation are controlled by HP. It seems survival wisdom!

Scientists are studying how about human being with HP.
HP might bring us new life without disease nor death....!?


Birds watching

When I walked around the park after a long while,I noticed something strange.
It was the birds staying at the canal differently as usual as before.
I had often seen a big seagull among the other seagulls. I thought it was a boss of the flock and I named him a pig gull. It was twice as big as the normal ones.

But this time I didn't find that big seagull but the heron instead of the pig gull. I'm worried about the boss if he lost his seat.
I need to admit nature is sometimes severe and cruel.
There seems to be classes between the heron, seagulls and ducks. They stay on classified places to get along each other.


The wild panther Manana

I've watched the tv program at midnight.
'The dramatic earth'.
It was about the female panther's life documentary for 17 years.
A cameraman, John Virty was allowed to follow her to take video of her mysterious life from the former bond with her grandmother panther.
He couldn't help anything for the wild life but only once he saved her and her two babies from the fatal disease.

Manana's life was very tough because of hunting, surviving and raising babies. I couldn't see it without great respect and deep breath.
Once her only baby was attacked and eaten by a big snake while she was absent for a hunt.
She found a big snake lying with its stomach swollen near the nest. She got angry enough to fight against the big snake for a while until the snake spewed out the baby. She got back her baby from the enemy and she held the dead body full in the grief.
It was the same as ours...the mothers' love itself. She knew how to get over the sorrow. She started ahead for the wild life to give birth new life.
It's said she gave birth 8 babies but only 4 babies could grow up.
Before she went dying just after 17 years, John and Manana were both lying near the place.
That film was nonfiction and the wild savanna tells us a lot from wild animals.


The rainbow

A colorful arch bridge in the sky suddenly appeared in my eyes when the Sunlight broke into the air just after the rain.
It was very difficult to catch the different color rays in the photos that are natural prism effect.
I'm sure nothing is more superior to our naked eye sight, even any other technological products so far. I'm sorry that I can't find the view of the rainbow in the pictures.
So I can  remember the beauty of the rainbow in my mind.


Art of the view today

I noticed the top of the Mountains appeared for a moment when I was driving. I chased at the view changing every moment.
It was like an art in the sky which attracted me.

This tune is ' hating Tuesday '
by Jimm Burrell


B class gourmet in Toyama No.1

It was cold outside like in the refrigerator. I felt like freeing and wanted something warm to eat.
I can't help eating Motsu Nikomi Udon in this season.
It's obviously to be said one of the Toyama B class gourmets!
It means ; they are reasonably and cost efficiently cooked ones such as Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba and etc.
I think this Udon with simmered giblets is one of the special in Toyama. You can eat it near the modern art museum along the R41.


Color in Kyoto

I've heard from a friend of mine in Kyoto. She attached beautiful pictures there now on!
I'm really impressed to see the amazing beauty of them.
I'd like to share the great grand views together.