To find sprouting

It's really beautiful sunshine and warm today.
I took my dog to the park after a long while.
I've not had any chances to walk a dog because of snowy and wet road for weeks.
I also expected to find sprouting soon before the first day of spring, next week.
There were interesting flowers blooming in the trees. They were supposed to bloom in fall but still leave there.
It was the one which I found for today's topic.
What kind of the tree do you think they are?


The end of the word

It's the coldest day today on the calendar, Daikan.
Yesterday I heard the famous sumo wrestler died ...his name was used in a typical Showa period phrase, ' Kyojin, Taiho, Tamagoyaki'. It means that most people liked and believed in their steady hero when Japan was developing.
At that time they needed great power to share the same concept to compete in the world.
Giants always won in the champion ship.
Taiho was the strongest sumo wrestler as a great champion.
Tamagoyaki was the best food to be loved by the people.

As time goes by, there are many things full of various concept and different value among us. We are sometimes drowned in the flood information.
We never have to be tagged nor controlled by the sentences....there is no accounting for tastes.
We are not waiting for the hero but we are acting the role by ourselves.


Japanese slow food

I've noticed vegetables are very expensive these days. I can't buy green leaves such as lettuce, spinach, and broccoli.
I don't buy the expensive unseasonable vegetables but radishes, onions, and carrots, some root vegetables in winter season.
They are cooked well for slow food.
I cooked ' buri daikon '.
It's very typical and traditional Japanese dish which takes more than two hours to cook. The buri fish( yellow tail special in winter) and radish are in good harmony with Japanese taste soup. The soup is made of combu ( dried sea weed), dried shiitake mash room and soy source with some flavors.
I love it very much!
Daikon radish is good for winter such as Oden, Nishime, too.
Which one is your favorite Japanese slow food?


Allergies may be linked to Fast Food

Teenagers and young children who eat fast food could be increasing their risk of developing asthma, eczema and hay fever, according to a study published Monday in the British Medical Journal's respiratory journal Thorax.
"The cautionary notes are that this study showed an association, which does not always mean that the link between food and allergies is causal," Williams said. "It could be due to other factors linked to behavior that we have not measured, or it could be due to biases that occur in studies that measure disease and ask about previous food intake."
Study authors say if further research shows that consuming a lot of fast food actually does cause these types of allergies, it could have major public health implications because of the rise in fast food consumption globally.
Either way, Williams said, there is a take-home message for parents. He says you don't have to stop eating fast food entires, " but to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and maybe less fast food - one or two times per week rather than three or more - if your child has allergies." (Quoted from CNN Health)
CNN health


Bomb Cyclone

It was all Japan in panic by the Bomb Cyclone yesterday.
Much snow attacked the central Tokyo, made the diagrams in disorder and many accidents on the snowy road happened.
It's so rare so much snow at once in the eastern area in Japan though it happened often in the north west, in our areas.
It was very contrast between the east and the west yesterday.
The typical winter low pressure from the continent brings snow along the North West Pacific Ocean. But we had just rain yesterday.
We can't tell the Meteorology would cause us in the future.
So we should never disrespect Nature.


Easy come easy go

I'm looking at the progress of the ebook market and trying to buy and read ebooks.
The sale by 85 yen ebooks are easy to buy and read so I bought several ebooks at once and done, recently every day!
It makes me kind of addiction to buy cheap ebooks. But it seems problem for me to avoid to buy by the price just like never buying the eggs by the price at the supermarket.
I'm afraid of getting 'easy come easy go'. It means I didn't get anything, but just surf the book.
I didn't buy the book which I really want to read!!! It's a big problem.
I've kept thinking about buying the new books by almost as 20 times as the price of the ebooks.


Lifelong bilinguals

New study, published Tuesday in the Journal of Neuroscience, expands upon previous ideas that bilinguals tend to show superior task-switching abilities compared to monolinguals.
The pattern of brain activity observed in adult bilinguals was similar to what the researchers saw in younger adults. Their better performance appeared to require “less activation in several frontal brain regions linked with effortful processing,” the study said. In other words, the older bilinguals were using their brains more efficiently than the older monolinguals.(CNN Chart)

Lifelong bilinguals may have more brains


Jean Valjean

I'm very shocked at the suspect of the murder case two years ago, was the police officer.
He had been working as a police man who should keep safe and fight against the criminal.
He is said to be a good socialized man to the neighborhood.
His crime has been revealed and what amazing is that he had sent a CDR which he had written about the detail of the crime to some publishers to ask money.
The whole story is opened on the paper.
I really really feel confused and disappointed with the miserable deeds.

By the way I remember the name of Jean Valjean of 'Les Miserable'.
He was captured in the prison for19 years by the crime of stolen bread for his niece who had suffered from hunger. He had hard time to live as a criminal but got reborn a justice man of mercy by the goodwill heart from the priest. He never begged nor committed rude in the rest of his life.

I feel very shameful for the pity and helpless evil minded suspect K.
I never want to see such a dreadful man any more!
We need to inspire dignified and high spirited value more to the young generation that good life is based on good health, justice and well-managed yourself.


Good tips from reading

It's time to go back to school from yesterday. Students and pupils are seen here and there in the morning.
I'm also getting ready for the new term from after tomorrow.
I've just finished to post carta on the web.
Take reference


Today, I'm going to introduce a topic from another book
" The tips how to make you happy "
I pick a chapter from 45 of them.
"Believe in that you can produce your own life"
It's up to you whether you could change your life or not.
You can even produce your own life.
Life exists in your imagination what you want to be in the future.
All your life is yours.
Although you can't change your fate but destiny. (By Itsuka)

I come to realize in my age, 'Happiness' is what you feel but not the one you catch.
So let it live in my heart and grows up together.


The magic to solve the problem from the wisdom

I tell about some tips which I learned from the ebook I had read.
It's " You can solve the problem by using easy and simple way like magic for a minute "
It's very long word if I translate into English but shorter (not so short LOL^^; )in Japanese.
' ippun kan de tukaeru kurashi no urawaza ' that's it.

I puck some interesting topics up one by one from today to go.

First tip

How to recover sweater which was shrunk by washing.

The solution

You can put it into water with treatment by 15g in it and left for 30 minutes.
The ingredient, AMODIMETHICONE, in treatment makes recover the sweater from the shrink.

I almost threw away the shrunk sweater but I will try it next time.


app book

It's said that ebook started to enroll the counter of the book market last year.
I had bought several ebooks in my devices. But it does not develop so much and the cost performance is not so well enough yet.
What I want to read is not ready to publish to ebook just like the slow pace from the hard covered to the paperback edition. I tend to avoid to buy the hard covered because of being heavy and hard to bring or keep.
So I sometimes have to wait for the lighter and handy book edition.
I found app book on sale by 90~95% off.
I bought three ebooks all by 85 yen.
I read them all easily yesterday.
I'm looking forward to seeing more books on the ebook market.


Clouds brought rain

Yesterday was brilliant beautiful day but some clouds appeared to cover the sky in the late afternoon.
It was the sigh of rain cloud which brought rain today.
It is the photo of the rare view yesterday.


Beginning of midwinter

It's so cold and the road is still frozen.
The amount of snow on the roof is staying and covers all the tops of houses.
It's the midwinter called 'shoukan', small cold weather in Japanese.
We will have more coldness later in February on the calendar.
I walked carefully not to slip nor fall down on the icy road.


Earth Walker

It was very interesting T.V. program for two days special series.
' Earth Walker ' was very instructive and meaningful to know our mother land the Earth.
It showed us how mysterious and irreplaceable, we still don't know yet.
It says in the nonfiction story that we human beings are not the ruler on the earth so we can't control the nature.
One of the story from the program about wolves was impressive. They are almost extinct in every wild forest because of being killed by human beings. They were thought harmful and destructive. But after the wild life without wolves were decaying and dying. It tells that wolves play the roll of the important part to make a good balance of the nature. It means that plants, herbivorous animals and carnivorous animals should be in harmony with each other. Wolves decrease the number of the herbivorous animals, which live on plants mostly. So if the wolves can't eat them the forest is fed up by them and dead.
In the native India's word ' The human beings are the worst in the nature not the wolves '

It was very persuasive and makes sense.
Nothing is wasteful in the world but greedy mind to control others....I thought.


Thanks for the great effort!

There are lots of drama behind the each athlete at the Hakone Ekiden.
They show us ultimate contribution to their teams as well as theirselves.
Their passion and young adventurous challenge encourages me without tears.
I think that whether winners or losers in the race would not matter but they will more learn from the failure.
I used to think life is like a marathon, kind of long distance road race including ups and downs.
So their tears and sweat will make them the simulation of the real life.
Anyway I give them big hands for the great efforts.



It's my New Year's holiday special to watch Ekiden for three days.
The first New Year Ekiden by adult workers from the companies, the second is Hakone Ekiden by university students the first half and the return path on the third day.
They are so excited because there are many happenings both lucky and unlucky just like real life.
Whenever I watch the race my heart always race with them.
I cheer some of my favorite teams and athletes who has been the heroes once a year!
But I can't take my eyes off from those youth. Wishing their grown up to appear the international field.