Come back to school

September 1, children come back to school after the long summer holiday.
Though the air is still humid and heat but the day time is getting shorter, the Sun is going away to the South hemisphere.

Here is an odd and funny news in the world.

MIAMI (AP) -- U.S. officials say a man tried to board a flight from Miami to Brazil with bags of exotic snakes and tortoises stuffed in his pants.

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Jonathon Allen says the man was stopped after passing through a body scanner at Miami International Airport on Thursday. Security officials spotted the nylon bags filled with seven snakes and three tortoises hidden in the man's pants.

Don't come back home with snakes and tortoises in your pants. (>_<)

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Life in a day

A social network film ' Life in a day ' is now on the roadshow, which YouTube collected private videos from people in the world focused on one day when 24th July in 2010.
It's a new and challenging project using Internet Social Network Technology.

It was said to be announced before last year but I've known it just recently.
I'm not sure if I could see it on the movie theatre because it's not scheduled in my area.
I've been trying to check it on YouTube and let you know about it here.

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The end of summer

Summer holiday is almost over.
Children are driven to deadline to finish homework.
I remember I used to feel sick in the end of the summer holiday when I was a student.
It was because I didn't save time enough for the homework but spent time for uselessness.
I miss the school days but don't want to have stressful deadline any more. (>_<)

It still seems hot, lingering summer in the day time.
But insects in fall gradually start to sing in the evening.

I happened to see an insect sticking on the car bumper in the park at the store.
It was pity that the body was half cut and not alive.
The young life might not sing long before going off.

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Tyhoon & Hurricane

Natural disaster typhoon in Asia and Hurricane in the north west Pacific Ocean are active on season.
Hurricane Irene changed to tropical storm and New York City is said to have escaped major damage but caused some death, cutting power to more than a million people, toppling trees and flooding some parts of the city and its suburbs.
I'm sorry for the people suffering from the disaster. Hoping to recover the damage as soon as possible.

We already knew that we can't resist natural disasters but can avoid the risk or damage at most.
We should never control nature or others as we are not rulers in the earth and in the whole world.

I always see many bugs and living things such as pill bugs, earthworms, ants and etc.when I work to plant or weed in the garden. I feel like life itself is equal as mine. I don't want to kill other life even a maylife which lives the shortest.
But I always slap mosqitos coz they bite me and annoying badly. Shameful (~_~;)

Back to my thought, it's based on Buddhism saying,
"Don't kill lives" seems to be origined from Animism.

Anyway, my life is sustained by many lives.....
Thanks to the great nature!

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Mr. Takajin

One of my favorite TV programs is ' Takajin's talk show...you can tell anything if you want between you & me'. Takajin Yashiki is the main caster and Jiro Shinbo roles the important part of the chirman and supports the program.
I usually watch this program mostly every Sunday.
I can learn the depth of the news which would never be told by anyone. I also enjoy the vivid debate among not only intelligent speciallists but also a regular funny comedian or some persons of the day.
Today, they have big name guests, the EX prime ministers Shinzo Abe and Taro Aso.
It was surprising that both of the bosses of the former party of the LDP talked frankly in the show.
I really want politicians to stand by people but never be controlled by Mass Communication.
I'm sure great politicians would cover the people and work for the people. They should lead people and have steady mind for establishing peace and prosperity.

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"Diamond" Planet Found

from National geographic news

It's said that they found new planet orbits the pulsar so closely the entire system would fit inside the sun.

An exotic planet as dense as diamond has been found in the Milky Way, and astronomers think the world is a former star that got transformed by its orbital partner.

The odd planet was discovered orbiting what's known as a millisecond pulsar—a tiny, fast-spinning corpse of a massive star that died in a supernova.

Astronomers estimate that the newfound planet is 34,175 miles (55,000 kilometers) across, or about five times Earth's diameter.

National geographic.com
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Season of typhoon

It's reported twin typhoons are approaching to Japan now.
They are said to affect each other and their complicated movement is not easy to be forecasted.
So we need to watch out the activities of the twin typhoons very carefully after next week.
I don't want they will bring any disasters not any more.
Just wishing mild autumn clear days.

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Unlikely friendships

This is one of the best videos which shows ' Unlikely friendships '.

It really makes me smile and lovely for their charming behavior.

They connect inter-sprcies friendships not like out of border, race and gender.


A stray cat

I saw a cat sitting on the flower bench side in the park.
Slowly and carefully I approached to her not to frighten first.
I talked to her in a high cat voice.
'Mew mew' I pretended to be friendly.
Then she came to be close enough for me to take pictures of her.
She made an angry shout with buzz.
Sorry...I couldn't take a good picture of her.
She didn't seem to want to be a good model  but something good treatment.
I wonder she could live wild and safe.

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Autumn rainy season

Autumn rain is coming up from the south and taking over Japan instead of summer heat.
It alarms much rain and flood in some areas as well as high tide alarm in the coasts. Please take care if you have an alrm.
They say it is changing rain in each season.
We will also have typhoons and thunderstorms later in September and October.
It is getting to increase more cool days than warm term.
Each rain brings you close to cold winter though Autumn is the best season to spend in a year.
Now I won't need to buy ice cream for a while.

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Thanks for the great support

Today.....it got 10,000 in the access counter for a year and a couple weeks.
I've started this blog since last year and moved Blogger last Aug.
I put some gadgets one to one and the counter, too.

I'm very happy that I could keep my blog for more than a year because of YOU, who visited my blog so often and shared some thought together.

I appreciate you for sending me gentle and kind heart.
I will revive in this blog watching, thinking and finding something precious to share with us.

I'm very proud of having you as my great supporter.
I will pay you back my love to you.

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Girls' romance

the note of 'Kokuriko zaka'

It was nostalgic and fragile memory in the youth when girls used to have.
Every girl would have had a heroine in her days.
I also remember those innocent feeling long time ago in my history.

The teenager girl Umi is in the second grade of a high school student.
She always missed her father who worked for the navy and died in the war.
She still waited for her father coming back to her, raising flags to show him where she was.
She met her destiny boy who was a year older than she and became to want to be close to him. But they found difficulty to be more than friends.
Umi suffered from complicated life. But she was strong enough to overcome difficulty and trusted herself in the end.

I'm not intended to describe the whole story of the movie but I just want to note my impression from the movie, 'Kokuriko zaka'.

I couldn't stop my tears flowing and let it go in the end.
It was not passionate move but immature, pure and fulfilled feeling in my heart.

After the movie, my heart was filled with satisfaction of confidence.
I had never regretted to watch Miyazaki animation.
This one is produced by Hayao Miyazaki and directed by his son Goro Miyazaki.
I wonder if the father and the son might share creating great view of life symbolized on a girl.
Even getting old, we still remember the young beautiful days and love life again.

Kokuriko-zaka Kara


Japanese Best proud 10 in the world

There is an annual survey of proud Japanese in the world  the fourth result.

Ichiro Suzuki got the No.1 title four times ever since.

No.2 〜No.10 are below.

No.2   Takeshi Kitano   multi talent
No.3   Yuto Nagatomo  soccer player
No.4   Nadeshiko Japan National women's soccer team
No.5   Hayao Miyazaki  Anime producer
No.6   Homare Sawa     Nadeshiko Japan captain
No.7   Ken Watanabe   actor
No.8   Ryuichi Sakamoto musician
No.9   Akira Kurosawa  movie director
No.10  Seiji Ozawa        conductor

I'm sure it was Japanese tend to think that gave depressed Japanese big hope and courage.
Who else would you like to recommend?
I'd like to recommend no name brave heart in our mind as No.11.


Nadeshiko Japan

Congratulations for Nadeshiko Japan having got the National Honor Award.
I think they reserve it very well. But at the same time, I'm worried they won't  be spoiled by the too much reputation and much prize.
Having been hungry and poor they could keep trying hard to make their dreams come true. Now is another problem to keep them potential spirits highly.
Hope they will control themselves not to be affected by the irresponsible information or harmful rumors.

Be brave and confident led by the spirit of Nadeshiko Japan.
Nadeshiko is always lovely and elegant in season.

I like to see pretty Nadeshiko  in my garden.


Far from understanding

I'm sorry that I can't get the good impression from the movie of the big name stars involved, "Tree of Life". I wonder if I was not a boy nor a father. It's much related with boyhood and manhood.
I could refer to mother's love but this seems more concerned to religion or human relationships, especially between father and son like Oedipus complex.
It's beyond my understanding at all.
Please tell me your opinion if you tried to watch it.

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We've had reunion 6 years after the last meeting with friends in high school.
We started to shift sending messages online via e-mails from cards to save money and labor.

It made us many problems first but it will remove more tasks later on.
As a result, we could finally assemble the most number of people ever since.
We can watch pictures on the web and download them as well.
They are more than 100 members at the same grade and 5 teachers.
We expect to see after 4 years, looking forward to seeing them.


The sun flower

The summer heat is now the strongest in the year ....especially this year is crazy hot in the day time. Not a few areas had the hottest record update.

I stay indoor with AC on and see the summer flowers growing beautifully and healthy in the garden. It really looks lovely and cute. The color of the yellow is giving me energy and hope.
The sun flower is the best summer flower of all for me.

I gave service to the grave with some of the sun flowers in the flower pots. They will heal the souls and spirits which come back once a year in our mind.

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Tokyo walker 3

Around Haneda International Airport
On my way back home from the domestic airport, dropped in Haneda International Airport. It was newly built last year but for me the first visit there.
I could have gone to the final station but had got off the train at the second terminal of ANA and caught a shuttle bus to the round trip to each terminal. It took several minutes to each terminal to carry passengers. It was so systematic and the low season before Bon period that the road and terminals were not so crowded yet.

It was really easy gateway to go abroad from Haneda not Narita.
From the local town via domestic airline like me, it would save time and labor.
Actually only limited airlines are permitted to launch in Haneda now.
I wish every route would be realized from Haneda in the future.

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Tokyo walker 2

Gin bura; walking around Ginza

I came back to Ginza and walked around Ginza to Higashiginza.
Took some pictures which appealed me very impressed new and funny.

I like to walk slowly watching show windows and taking notice of many different things from my area.
The worst thing was heat island phenomena in the day time on the street so I needed to go into underground without strong sunlight.


Tokyo walker

Tokyo sky tree

I walked around the river Sumida and watching Tokyo Sky Tree under construction.

It will be built up early next year and a new sight symbol in Tokyo.

It was so high that I couldn't take it all the body.


Around Ginza

I'm now visiting Tokyo to attend workshop at Apple store Ginza.
I reserved the former workshop before yesterday and was not enough to learn most of Mac faculty but a few function.
After meeting with old friends and stayed together, I come back to Apple store again before going home.
Waiting for the Apple store's open at Starbucks Ginza, it's said to be the first launch in Japan.
It's office day on Tuesday morning.

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Summer dinner

My friend made feast special in summer.
She uses kitchen garden vegetable; tomatoes, basil and
mozzarella cheese stakes with balsamic sauce.
It really matches to spaghetti with tomato and mushroom.
Cucumber with sour cream marinated was also cool dish in summer.

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summer blossoms

It's quite beautiful in the hot summer heat. The red pink blossoms are symbol of the tropical plants.
We call it ' Even monkeys slip' but the orginal Chinese name is
' a-hundred-day red', it means that they give birth blossoms for a hundred days.
It seems very strong and passionate. The tropical red pink blossoms love the Sun and keep energy for the cold season. The leaves die in winter waiting for next a-hundred-day stage.
It makes me compose lyrics.

The red pink passionate blossoms
It's like an actress showing her beauty in the tree of life.
She makes her dream come true to bloom her best for a-hundred-day.
I'm sure she'd love to die the end of summer coz she is the lover of the Sun.
She will come around with summer heat next season.
Passion, patience, positiveness and power are all in her.
Counting on her, I enjoy the rest of this summer.

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The other day I hang out with a friend to eat out in the evening.
I drove a car and parked in the building where the parking fee is free if you take food or even a cup of tea after 5:00pm.
So she socialized a glass of wine and I did non alchol drink and then we supposed to go to another restaurant next to the building.
It seems very funny that saving the park fee is not more than two glasses of bevarage.
Meanwhile we orderered only two glasses, the chief flour gave a service of pork & vegdtable dish.
Not only yummy but also hearty meal it was!
Then we ordered another dish and enjoyed there more time than ever supposed.
Finally we found ourselves full and changed not going to the another restaurant.
We were trying to buy parking fee and met a attractive service.
I could save money and it was his hospitality that makes customers charmed.

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Morning faces today

I saw a flock of tiny birds flying high and low in acrobatically high speed.
I convinced they were not sparrows from the stylish shape and the skillful flight.
When they stopped lined on the electric wire, I could recognize them swallows having forked tails. They are young swallows learning flight for the long journey soon.

I didn't know swallows should still stay in Japan after having left the nests under the roofs.

They seem to stay in Japan during summer and immigrate to the South from fall to winter.
They will come back to lay eggs
and raise babies.
I envy their life style. If I could fly I would move to the warm places.
I really love to see their growth next year.

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voice in the evening

I've finally heard of the voice of evening cicada when I ride my bike
to pass on the river bridge.
There were a lot of big trees along the river.
They are staying on the tree houses safe and happy.
I stopped my bike at the riverside and enjoyed their singing.



I've heard a voice of higurashi cicada in the cool morning after the rain a few days ago whose English name is evening cicada.
I wonder if it might miss summer as if it were cool at the end of summer.

Walking my dog yesterday morning and I found a white cicada staying on the wall.
I took pictures carefully before it goes flying. I take a close look at the picture later at home. I could see something brown shell under the feet of the cicada.
Now I can understand why it was still there while I approached and took shots.
You can also notice it just the moment of the cicada that finished molting.
Oh, I didn't know that white cicada was the evening cicada.
Now that I will be careful to hear its elegy in the evening.

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