Buckwheat noodle

I had a great lunch at the Soba restaurant.
There were special kinds of season dishes as antipasto.
The paste of the Fukinotou and steamed tofu with cheese.
The sour radish roll with cucumber, egg, yam and fish paste.
The sushi topping of myoga and sesame.

They are original and full of gorgeous feast before the main soba noodle.

I really love Japanese taste.
I'm very happy to have had such a splendid meal in the end of February.
I feel like getting over and start for the new term.
I'm very proud of that heart warming restaurant in my town.


The sky grey

The sun is off and it's grey in the sky now and for a while.
It's beginning of spring much warmer than the last week.
I'm feeling better and better because spring in my mind being get up.
Nothing is more grateful than the breaking the icy cold in winter.
I'm just really happy to welcome the change of the season.
Coldness and winter make me notice how wonderful the warmth of the light and heat by the sun.
I like the moment of the refreshing season.


The footstep of spring

When I walked my dog in this morning I met an old woman taking a walk with an old dog.
I talked to them hello and chatted for a while.
She was very kind to take the old dog for a walk volunteer. She was not the owner but she couldn't ignore the dog left alone in the kennel outside. She said that she asked the owner if she could take the dog for a walk every morning.
The dog is 18 years old, called Koron chan and very joyfully with her.
I was very moved with her story.

Soon after I left the two, found plum blossoms for the first time this year. They were miniature one very lovely bloomed.
And the more excited to me, I found the first Fukinotou in the vacant land. It was really spring performance a lot!
I was really happy this morning.


This is Washoku

I've found " Prime minister of Japan and his Cabinet".
It's interesting about Japanese food and Japanese culture.
Please take a look.



Busy busy busy

I had a lot to do today....busy in my mind that's why I couldn't upload any topics in my blog until now....sorry for that.

It was not so easy to make clear in my mind to do one by one.
I almost slipped something in my memory.
I closely avoided to throw my key into garbage because I had a lot in my hand with garbage and absentminded to put it into garbage plastic bag to the garbage station. I found that I have lost the key at once and checked into garbage station before it was too late.
I was really relieved and aware I was too careless.

The other thing, after work I was at home and got a phone call from the office. It was inquiry if I had left iPhone in the classroom. That's it! I was almost forgot that I had left it in the classroom.

Today I was terribly bad in my absent mind.
I was not physically busy but in my mind....so to speak my temper was very lost today.



You've done well, Mao
You've been having difficulties and got over it.
We were very sorry to see your crying but you made us cry with your perfect performance at last.

As you know, people all over the world wait for your smile.
You are always loved by many people.
Your aim in the Sochi Olympic was finished but your last dance will never die in our eyes.

We are looking forward to seeing your lovely smile so soon.
Please take a good rest and let your life shine after all.



Mask to camouflage

It's said that wearing mask is being popular not only for preventing flu.

It's useful to camouflage naked face without making up.
People sometimes like to disguise or hide themselves from the public.
Both preventing flu and protecting ourselves make us separate from others.
It's a kind of safeguard when in the rest mode or inactive.
It's such a season for protection from pollen allergy or air pollution.


Scientific girl

There is a new word "rikejo" for a young girl who is good at science.
Dr. Obokata has made a great work of "STAP". She is one of the typical rikejo who is being looked forward to the human science field.
It's very splendid that women scientists are getting active now on.
So to speak about the morning drama "Gochisosan" yesterday was very impressive.
Fuku is a daughter of Meiko. She is a kind of rikejo devoting to chemical theory. She said to Morooka " I want to have a copy of you, a baby of you..."
What was a wonderful word by a rikejo.
I couldn't help laughing at the word.
While it is the very unusual situation in the war period that people were insecure and in desperate for the future but it's a fiction because women are not allowed to be independent at that time.
I feel new wave from the historical drama.


Large is better than Normal

Kasai who became the seventh Olympics participation already burnt fighting spirit for medal acquisition called legend saying "we are with not altogether bad feeling" saying "I want to say after not still catching gold medal of the Olympics, and catching it" when "it is legend Kasai!".
But he's got a silver medal and worth enough to be called legend.
Legend Kasai


Whether win or lose

I get to think of every day enthusiasm in the Olympic game.
There are lots of joy, sadness, regret and fight.
I want to admire every effort and passion of each athlete.
I'd like to give the song which encourages spirits and promotes challenge.

It doesn't matter whether you will win or not.
Even if you lost, the most important is if you could care for yourself later on.

Never mind and going on your own way, Mao and Daisuke!
Don't mind and never give up, Sara, Nagashima and Katoh!
Gold medal is just the color not your heart.

Congratulations! Yuzuyu.
You are a champion now.
But I like your politeness and gentle mind.
Never lose your basis.


Content and Context

Our feeling catch not only content of the productions but also the context. People decide to choose one of the products from the whole information....said Hirotada Ototake.
He talked about Samuragochi who is said to have being a fraud though he had pretended a great composer and totally deaf.
There are two types of people who claimed about "Hiroshima" being masterpiece or not. But those who bought CDs not because of the tune but the story from the background.....as it were 'context' not 'content'.
Whether Hiroshima was great piece or not, people should evaluate its value of the tune.
We sometimes misunderstand from the wrong information or too much reputation.


Child developing psychology

It's a big issue for parents to breed children and make them develop well. Parents tend to expect their children too much and spoil them.
According to child developing psychology, it gives us some good tips to help parents as well as supporters around children.
Everybody had a childhood and grew up having had difficulties.
Nobody has grown up without parents love or fosters care to feed or care for them. Without them children could never grow and live now.
I just thank everything around me to have given me life.
Now we adult should give love back to the next generation appropriately.
We need to learn the right things which is better than what we had.

How to develop your child well


Sadako world

This is what Sadako said that she has Learned from her mother and herself.

I think it is one of the wisdom in life.
I really respect her view of life.

Sadako's voice


Jewel in the body

It was Friday when Sadako was sent to the hospital by the ambulance.
She had a bad pain in her stomach the day before and had examination at the home doctor. But she got worse next day and the doctor made her sent to the hospital.
She had a detail examination at the hospital and stones were found in her gall. It makes inflammation of gallbladder.
She was forced to sleep for two days in the bed having had pain killer by the drip injection.
I was worried about her unconsciousness would come back or not then. But yesterday, after two days she comes back and can speak clearly.
This is her wit to talk with us.
" What's wrong with me? I'm now fine...no pain at all !" Said Sadako.
" You have stones in your gall and they caused injury and inflammation. So you need to take a good cure so far." I said.
" Oh well, I know everybody has stones not only me though. "
" I see, yours are now active. By the way, what color is your stone, white or black?"
" Mine is Diamond or Emerald color! ."
I couldn't help laugh and loud at her positive reply. The young nurse caring her was also gave her good comment to hear that.
" She is never be defeated."

There was a tag on her wrist
" Sadako 93 years and 8 months "
She is really loved by the good luck.

On Friday it was snowy outside.
From the restaurant at the hospital.


Side effects of overprotective parents

It's said overprotective parents cause a lot of problems with children.
I've read the Japanese article of about the lessons for parents. It guides there are 5 reasons for parents to sop doing to their children.
When I was taking care of my kids I was not a overprotective parent because I didn't have any idea to treat well but I liked to make their potential and being independent.
I was not perfect nor excessive but loose and free for my kids. There were so many regrets as well as happiness.
Now I'm a bit satisfied with their growth and independence.
Overprotective parents


The WONderful best couple

It makes me smile and lovely to watch this video.
The dog and the cat are having a good pair.
The dog was gentle and the cat was curious and active.
I wonder if the dog were a female and the cat a male?
They seem like caring each other.

Best friends



It's really cold this morning. The thermometer indicated -5C.
The water in the bucket out side was thickly frozen.
According to the news Sichi where the winter Olympic game is to be held tomorrow, is warm around 10 degrees C. It's amazing much warmer than Tokyo in Japan.
They worried about short of snow for the race and need to follow up with artificial snow.
I wish I could send our cold weather to Sochi!


Snowy and icy road

This morning was terribly frozen cold.
Being covered with hard snow if it were not for the snow melting system.
I was slowly driving on the icy slippery road.
My car had ice on the mirror. It was too hard to go away during in the morning.
I let it go until the ice melts.
I found it disappear in the afternoon.


Wise word today

It's very important to think simple and easy. It's not wasteful to go back and restart. It's not too late to start renewal.

You should better throw the burden off which might make you kill.
Take it easy and relax.


Last day of winter

It's the last day of winter or a day before getting spring.
We call it "Setsubun", one of Japanese traditional season event.
Spreading beans to wish good luck inside and bad luck outside.
Recently a fad to eat roll rice sandwiches "Ehomaki".
I eat special roll cake for tea time.
I think it's a bit expensive to do it on time. Special roll rice or cake for Setsubun are a kind of promotion like Christmas cake, Valentine's chocolate and so on.


Weekend quiz

Fill in the blanks.

1. I 'll ( )Pierre do it.

2. That made me feel like kind of ( ).

3. We can make it ( ).

4. I ( ) Cyrus check English in the letter.

5. It makes me want to ( )again.


The foreign workers increase

The number of foreign workers in Japan stood at 717,504 at the end of last October, up 5.1 percent from a year before, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said Friday.

The figure was the highest since it became mandatory for employers to submit reports on foreign employees to the ministry in 2007.

The rise of foreign workers