It's announced that the northern part of China is contaminated with PM2.5. It's not only for China but in Japan, we are also infected by the poisoned air from the continent.
It seems terribly to cause lung disease such as asbestos which is removed from all Japan because of its toxic substance.
We are worried about the toxin from coal flown by the air strongly during winter season.
We need to protect ourselves from the poisoned air.


Getting colorful

It's wonderful morning sunshine.
I can't go out but walking in the park to catch the sun.
It was getting to be colorful to red and yellow but it'll take a while for the full color in the season.
I like to soak in the sun in the short daytime.


Study says...

Study researched that 75% of the data proved its theory.
According to a study conducted by Sadahiko Nakajima of Kwansei Gakuin University, the eyes of dogs look similar to those of their owners.

Pet dog's eyes are similar to their owners'


The Tiger Mask movement

The first movement of the Tiger Mask who has kept giving charity to the orphans since 2010.
The movement has spread in all Japan by some people who share the charity with him.
He names himself " Naoto Date" as the same as the hero's name but his real name is covered.
He had been suffered from an orphan and lack of affection. He insists that you can't change the past but change the future. He wishes children who are not raised by their parents should get chance to change their life in the future. That's why he kept devoting to give them heartwarming presents.

Tiger mask movement


Weekend quiz

Fill in the blanks.
1. I have a ( ).

2. What time does the store ( )?

3. Do you ( ) this credit card?

4. How was your ( )?

5. Turn right, and it's ( ) your left.



We have been forced to cancel or postponed a lot of schedules this weekend by the couple typhoon 27 and 28.
It's the season for lots of events in autumn. Good season for sports, hiking and BBQ etc.
To avoid the worst result nothing is too much to care and protect safety from the disaster.
I'm lucky and happy to have been apart from the typhoon attacks.
But we should not forget that disasters would come around whenever you are in safe.
We will be able to share sunny days for a while after the typhoon according to the weather forecast .


When the north wind begins to blow

It's getting darker and darker as it gets cold winter around here.
I unconsciously hum this song by myself...

"If the sky above you
Gets dark and full of clouds
And that old North wind begins to blow
Keep your head together
Then call my name out loud..."

That's it "You've got a friend".
This is one of my favorite songs.
I've found very fabulous site and want to share the great video with you.
Hope you'll enjoy even in the gray day.
You've got a friend


Today's wisdom

The moon comes up from the mountains and lightens up the shape of the mountains.
It's just like the human behaviors such as,
" Troubles are cause by the careless whispers, which get back to break yourself."
" Happiness are brought to you by your own heart."
It means that all the things around us are up to ourselves.
I can't almost handle them by myself but I'm convinced it could happen.


Frost starts on the calendar

It's said that today is the day of frost stars on the calendar.
The cold air freezes and gives notice for the winter.
Everything needs to be prepared for hibernation.
I'm also beware for the cold or problems from coldness.
We will miss sunshine and blue sky for a while.
I'm happy that pretty sunshine this morning for the laundry and enjoy the moment at the most before the storm.


Next typhoon No.27

It reports an awful weather forecast that typhoon No.27 is coming up just the same way as the previous one No.26,which caused serious damage to Izu Ishima.
What's the worse the next one might be stronger than the former one.
They say that so many typhoon attacks this year were because of the warmer sea water in the south. It help easily to produce many typhoons.
It will come up 25th to 26th on this weekend.
We won't go out during the stormy days.
Let's make another plan to do indoors.


To start becoming minimalist

What if you lose all things but life by natural disaster?
What would you take with you if you meet sudden disaster like earthquakes, tsunami or flood?

I wonder if I could make myself calm or not in the confusion.
I have no idea for the serious problem but I come to the conclusion that I'd better possess less as possible in my life because we will lose all the things in the end.
I've been trying to make myself train to be a minimalist for years.
That's the best thought which I choose to prepare for the problems in my life, not only for the natural disaster but in all life itself.
I want to avoid annoying inside me and free from the annoyance or regret.
A minimalist would be ultimately peaceful and happy.


Weekend quiz

Fill in the blank with the right English.

1. Time is running ( ).

2. Come ( ) !

3. Do you mean twelve ( ) all?

4. I'll ( ) it up to you.

5. Yes ( ).


Typhoon No.27

It forecasts that typhoon no.27 is coming up to Japan next week...again!
It seems lots of typhoon attacks this year, so irregularly.
We are so much afraid of the stronger power attack after the damage caused by the previous one.
We can't be more careful than taking refuge to the safer place to avoid risks.
I wish no more typhoon any longer.
The typhoon No.27


Jump into the hot spring

I went to the open air bath in the woods in the afternoon yesterday.
It was a beautiful fine day and expected color leaves.
Though the leaves didn't turned color yet there, I just enjoyed the hot spring for a while.
To my surprise there was no person but a grasshopper at the side of the hot water and then he jumped into the hot water with me.
He swam back to the end of the tub and climbed up to the side again.
I thought he was a regular visitor to the open air bath.
Later he jumped to the rocks and went away.
It was a nice moment in the nature.


Brilliant lovely morning

After the typhoon, it gets beautiful morning this is!
Marie eager to go for a walk to the park and bare the sunshine.
I take her to the park and spend time to find the slight autumn color getting to grow.
But there's still brilliant green here.
I will see the color leaves next month.


Flow my tears

I happened to hear the music on the radio. It was on the FM classic program "Labyrinth of Music".
I was very much impressed with the tune and revived by the modern artist.
It's who the most favorite singer I like, Sting he is!
I immediately bought his song of his album "Labyrinth".
His "Flow my tears" is very attractive and deep heart knocking to me, a kind of religious one.
I'm sorry it isn't seen on my device but can be seen on PC.
I will pick up classical one on this site.
Flow my tears


Unseeable weather

Today I could walk or hang laundry outside.
For these days I was stranded to walk by the sudden rain and went back home. But it turned to be fine later soon.
I gave up walking last two days in the evening.
Today I was able to walk and hang the laundry outside this morning but it changed to start rain. I was lucky today.
The change of the weather is so quickly today. It's said " unstable autumn weather like men ".
It's originated from old Japanese proverb.


Malala won the Novel Peace Prize?

It's good news that Malala's almost won the Novel Peace Prize. But it was not real ...I'm sorry...I was flying to start for my mistake!
She said
“I wanted to speak up for my rights,” she told the BBC on Monday, when reminiscing about her early activism. “And also I didn’t want my future to be just sitting in a room and be imprisoned in my four walls and just cooking and giving birth to children. I didn’t want to see my life in that way.”
I want to say her good will influence in the world. There will be a hope with her.
Malala closely won the Novel Peace Prize


Stormy day

It's stormy day break early in the morning.
The typhoon24 is coming up here soon in the afternoon.
It sometimes happen sudden blast of wind now.
I'm afraid of being blown up by the strong storm.
Be careful not to be fallen down by the storm.


Typhoon no.24

The 24th typhoon DANAS is said to be very strongly approaching to Okinawa now.
We don't know where she will go.
They say too many typhoons came this year, almost reached to the average numbers of those years.
By the way I saw an interesting sports at the beach. There were some kites flying in the air.
They were enjoying kite surfing on the windy beach.
It seems exciting but very dangerous.
I wish I could fly like a kite in the wind.


The air is fragrant

It's very fresh and fragrant with the smell of fragrant olive in my neighborhoods.
They bloom and spread sweet smell to cause me lovely feeling.
I was made clean and refresh in my heart in the air.
The day light is getting weak and then cold and chilly weather will come soon.
But you don't miss your warmth in your heart.


Without care for me

It was a fantastic TV drama"Amachan" means women who work to catch seashells.
The drama was devoted to people in Tohoku area who had been divested by the big earth quake in 2011.
I was really made impressed and laughed every morning during breakfast. It was one of my big fun time in a day.
I loved the word being talked by Natsu Bappa, who is the grandmother of the heroine, Aki.
"Ogamainaku" means "Thanks but don't care about me so much".
What a humble and considerate word it is!
I can't but admire those painful and strong mind in their heart.

Don't care about me so much


Toads tell secret

It's so fantastic and amazing video which National Geographic presents.
One of them is "Toads survive in the deep valley" in Guyana, which explores the native ancient frog climbing the branches on the trees.
We never know the secret of the lives in nature. But I'm conscious about most of the life on the earth are full of mystery.
Ancient frog climbers