The end of August

It's the last day in August.
Saying good-bye to summer holiday and hello to the new term in September.
I also make myself to depart from the lazy life.
Even the summer heat is gone the sun is everlasting with us.
Though the old days never return, every day is new.
I just live and die each day.
I'll start from nothing.
Tune to depart


Blackberry jam

A friend of mine came to see me and gave me her hand made jam of blackberry.
It's so good for every morning yogurt. I love it very much!

I used to get blueberry source or jam in my yogurt before but recently eat just plain with no sugar because of cut of sweet.
But this time I'm into blackberry jam because of their seeds and granular taste.
I'd like to make one by myself to get blackberry in a while.


Time to say good-bye

There are a lot of fun in a life but lots of sorrow as well.
I recently saw my dearest important person off.
I didn't want to say good-bye but it was impossible to avoid it.
I'm looking back to his great life and delighted death in my eyes.
I'm always sending him grateful appreciation and at most prayers.
There are great quotes to heal me.
Death may be the greatest of all human blessings. ~Socrates
Death is a delightful hiding place for weary men. ~Herodotus
Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. ~Norman Cousins


Scattered clouds

It was yesterday a lot of different shaped clouds scattered all over the sky.
I had a good moment to see those clouds changing and moving in the sky.
Scattered clouds


Moon in the morning

I looked up at the blue sky around 8:00am in this morning to see the sunflower in my garden.
Almost of all the sunflowers are gone and dying but the biggest and earliest one which was given by Mariah is still alive and giving flower next to next.
It's really strong and long life even through the hottest summer days.
I'd love to share it with my oldest friend Sadako. I'm going to cut it and bring to her later.
It's a nice shot to appear in the blue sky with the moon in the morning.


Autumn weather

It's a good weather, cool in the morning and sunlight comes gently and blue sky.
What a perfect lovely autumn day it is!
It's good to taste fruits, especially Japanese pear 'Kosui'.
I really enjoy its juicy and sweet products.


An emergency alarm

I've got an emergency alarm in my cell phone that says an emergency alarm of Tsunami along the Toyama bay from Toyama prefecture.
I was very surprised at the sudden alarm from the government.
But it was the test alarm for the training exercise.
I was very relived with the whole sentence.


Weekend quiz

Quiz this weekend.

I've been under the (   ) all week.

I feel a cold coming (   ).

I'm going to be (   ).

I'm really tired. I'm having trouble (   ).

I'm starting to feel (   ).


Sotsuju, 90th birthday

The article about Jakusho Setouchi, an author as well as a Buddhist monk gets 91 years old over Sotsuju(90th birthday).
She is said to be getting ready to the trip to the heaven but still full of energy.
I really admire her spirit and forever young heart.


Need tissue to watch the video

It's so lovely and charming couple in the video.
You can't watch it without tissue to wipe tears.
They look really happy in love but sorrowful because the husband is sick in the hospital.
Their daughter caught the good moment to make them remain the unforgettable love.
It shows us how nice of the golden ages.
You are my sunshine


The solar storm

It's reported the sun fires solar storm directly on earth in the early morning yesterday Aug.20( U.S. time)
It seems very serious according to the NASA space weather observation.
Storm clouds attack on earth caused by Coronal Mass Ejection.



Cool down

It's very cool this morning different from latest days before.
Not only me but also all of you are already disgusting these steamed hot weather.
Usually I felt missed of fading strong sunshine or heat in these days of the year, at the end of summer.
But this year I never feel like that, I'm totally tired of summer heat.
It says about weather alarm on the net. I don't want any disastrous change of weather but hope coolness coming along.
Weather information


Extraordinary continuous heat

It's been really hot temperature going on.
I can't leave my dog without AC on. I'm afraid of her getting heat stroke during my absence at home.
She's been staying cool inside the room with AC.
I've never done such too cautious about my pet during the summer before.
I feel this summer is extraordinary hot temperature and lasting long enough to get sick easily.


Weekend quiz

1. I can't tell which is ( ).

2. Are you with ( )?

3. Same as ( ).

4. It's a nice ( ) of pace.

5. It's coming ( ).


Pray for rain

It's been extremely dreadful hot weather. It's the highest record in these years.
We've never had such hot as hell!
I'm praying for rain for my garden.
The plants are drying and dying because of strong heat.
I'm worried about strange weather and the bad effect from the drought.


Summer note 2

It regularly comes the larva of swallowtail butterfly in my garden.
There are several babies in the parsley.
I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful yellowtail butterfly they would grow up later.



Cicada's shell

It's got very cool in the early morning.
I walked my dog and bought a bottle of milk at the convenience store.
It was very comfortable before strong sunshine, still dim light.
I've found a cicada's shell high on the tree.
It's one of the symbols of summer.
But I feel the end of summer soon.


Summer note

It's over the mid summer these days.
We say "zansho omimai".
Let's stay cool during lingering summer.



It's reported that ribbonfish was caught in the area of Japan sea.
It's said to foretell the earthquake.
It's so rare to be caught but worrisome about the disaster near future.


The mayor's essay

It's been printed an essay by the mayor Mori in Toyama city in the paper of the city information published twice a month.

He's been writing casual interesting essays 94 series until the latest version.

It's written about the topic of "futon drying".
In Japan it's a kind of habits to let futon soak in the sunshine and dry and clean.
When we are at home during sunny day we tend to dry futon. It makes us comfortable sleep at night.

He referred to his futon that he couldn't dry it because he didn't stay home so long in case of sudden rain.
Futon drying is necessary to be cared by someone at home. You need to take it as soon as starting rain.
When he went on a trip to Tokyo area he used to find futon drying at the balcony in the apartments. He wondered if there were more house wives at home in Tokyo than in Toyama because he seldom saw futon drying in his neighborhood recently.
Toyama is one of the high rank of working house wives in Japan.
He thought it why futon drying hasn't seen in Toyama.

I'm very enlighten with his smart and frank essay seems like chatting in the saloon.


Good morning sunshine

Today is a lovely brilliant morning.
A piece of cloud is hanging over the sky but the other parts are growing blue and bright.
What a lovely day it is!