After the disaster

It was awful and horrible disaster, hurricane Sandy in the northeast coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Millions of people are still suffering of black out and flooding in NY,NJ and those areas also.
It is very shocking and shrinking on our life.
It tells us never disregard the natural disaster again.
It makes me think seriously how we should live to get along nature for the future.

I'm very sorry for the people we met the disaster and in trouble...hope things come back in order soon.
Tracking storm Sandy


Warning of historical hurricane 'Sandy'

The killer perfect storm 'Sandy' is attacking the northeast cost of the U.S.
It's the most strongest and dangerous hurricane ever been.
Many people are forced to evacuate and needed to make sure of the secure.
It's so heart breaking news and worried about it.


Hot noodle

I like noodle, anything like Japanese udon, soba, yakisoba or Chinese noodle ramen but almost the Japanese taste.
I sometimes miss this taste so much...rare in Toyama.
It's white soup and simple taste.
It's been a long time this noodle shop started. I just remember it was there when I was an elementary school kid.
I didn't eat it when I was young but it comes to my favorite recently.


Bad pressure

It turns bad weather by the low pressure from the west covers all of Japan.
Though it was lovely day and night until around 9:00 pm yesterday.
I was walking under the full moon light called 'jyusanya' means 'fine night for the moon watching' on the calendar.
But after the late night it got windy and became stormy from night before and until this morning, still now on.
It says winter low pressure comes around and makes storm and cold air.
It's not the good Sunday for going outdoor today.
You'd better put off the plan next weekend.


Food in autumn

Food from the sea, the mountains and from the field are abundant in fall.
The season getting close to winter used to be lonesome and broken heart to me in juvenile but actually good season for appetite!
I like this season best of all, not only because of food but beauty of the natural color and clear fresh air.
I can enjoy the fruitful season for a while.


Evening sky

It was a jet cloud for a moment.
Making the track line in the colored sky in the evening.
It sounds like air show above but it disappeared soon.
It seems like scar on the skin of a person with super natural power to be cured immediately in the SF drama.
I felt like in the SF fantasy at the moment.


Life is...

Sadako often talks to me that she dreamed of dying for the first time the night before.
But it's not the first but I've heard of her such dreams more often since last year. I felt very sorry for the first time to hear the word...but now I get used to it and say it to her 'again?'
Yesterday she told that she was attempted to go by the hand to cling with her hand but she was scary and let it go away from her. Finally she was awake from the dream. She recognized alive.
Is it so real, isn't it?
I always reply to her that word
" If you are invited to the heaven, you should say No, it's too early! "
She always gives me lovely smile to hear the word.
She seems to show hesitation to live long but she doesn't want to die at once. But she is always getting ready for the time limit when she should leave.
Life is very rare to be born and die peacefully.
That's why we learn a lot from the older people.
They say people would die as how they lived. I'm convinced good life includes good death.
I always wish her perfect happy life.


Peaceful evening

Clear fine evening
Seeing the pink burning sky
Felt like peaceful for tomorrow, too

Going back home
With the crows crying loudly
Wishing the calm night for tomorrow

The sign of burning sky
Promising the fine day tomorrow
Even the dark night is lovely in your dream


Day of frost

It's been raining all day long from last night.
The temperature got down more than 10℃ compared to yesterday.
I need to wear knit scarf on my shoulder and want to drink rather hot drink than cold.
I ate hot noodle for lunch while having had cold noodle two days before.
Today is 'Day of frost' so people are getting ready for winter. It's a kind of Japanese regular seasonal event.
We change our life style to the nature.
It's the better way for us to follow the nature than to make change the nature.


Left alone no one notices

I saw the okra left alone in the vacant field.
It's too late to eat ...so they are still left alone their until going dead.
I wonder why they are only left but other plants were already cleaned out there.
It seems like okra plant is special among other summer vegetables.
I like the taste of them for salad or tempura.
I'd like to enjoy winter vegetables such as radish, white rape and so on.


Getting ready for winter

Though the day time is warm, morning and night are already cold these days.
I get ready for winter. I was suggested to cover the window with plastic seat that helps to cut the cold air outside.it will reduce the electric cost not to waste the heat inside last year by a friend. But I couldn't find the useful products any more because of being sold out. So I plans to do it early before going cold and being sold out.
Regularly the electric fee rose more than 30,000 yen during the cold season. This year, I try to challenge the cost down of the fee by covering the window.
It will not certain that will really work to cut the energy cost. But it's good to be conscious about saving energy these days.


Warm back

It's warmth back again.
I saw the frog in my garden still playing around there.
When I watered the land he suddenly appeared in my eyes that said
' I'm not going to sleep yet! '
It's funny to take photos of him from the front and behind.
He was a good model enough but I was not a good photographer...sorry about that.
I will be skillful next year.


Japanese traditional flower arrangement

The other day I visited the flower arrangement exhibition which is Japanese traditional flower arrangement association cooperated.
There were lots of masterpieces of flower and craft art. The beauty of nature and color as well as human imagination.
No creation win the natural beauty but their works compete with great art.


Long term friendship

I've been keeping in touch with a friend for 9 years in the U.S.
I got to know him in the chat room when I started chatting on the Internet.
It was the first time for me to go to free chat in English, where people gathered chatting on line in the world.
I happened to have a conversation with Jimm, who was as my age and smart to chat with me, while I was nonnative poor English. He was very kind and gentle even if he sometime couldn't understand my Japanese English. He was so patient as to guess what I meant. He had and still has an ability to listen to voice of people who is almost a foreigner like me because he is a musician who can communicate with his sense of nonverbal language.
I really adored his generous mind and talent. He also had great sense of humor. I fell in love with him easily.
I chatted with him last night after a long while. I heard that he retired from music teacher at a school and plans to go to Brazil to teach English and different culture.
I chatted with him face to face on Skype last night and exchanged recent life each other.
I gave my best heart to him wherever he goes he will be blessed and a good friend of mine.
My wish flies
Freely in the sky
Meet the mind with wings


After rain

It's getting darker and darker in the evening and colder and colder after rain.
Today it was supposed to be summer day around noon but it turned to be rainy and cool down.
I feel it seems winter is around here.
They say the period of autumn season is very short in Toyama.
I really agree that we had a long summer day but mild autumnal days are gone already.
Now is raining for the sign of winter.
We need to get warm against the cold.



Finger yoga

It seems very useful to remove pain just press or rub the hands and fingers called 'finger yoga'.
You can do it by yourself using the other hand and fingers each other.
Here's the picture you can try it by the case, shoulder ache, backache, headache, tired eye, cold body and so on.
Check the each problem and resolve.



The marigold which I usually plant as companion plants for vegetables is strong and vivid in bloom now.
The vegetable are already gone in the field but they are alone alive.
I regularly buy young marigold every year with some young vegetable plants because their lives are only a year.
I wish these strong gene marigold would stay here after years.
I'm trying to replant their branches into small vases.
May their life rebirth next year.


The fist snow fall on the Mt.Tate

It's reported that the first snow fall on the Mt.Tate this year though it was18 days delayed as usual year.
I'm very impressed to see the photo in the newspaper today.
I was there a day before in a lovely sunny day.
Only one day brought change the color of the scene into white world....amazing!
Here are the contrast before snow fall and after ...


Kimono reform

I asked a professional sewer to reform the old kimono into jacket.
She has been devoting to design and sewing anything to make reformed into new clothes such as jacket, skirt or suit and so on.
I'm very lucky to have done it.
It is like a magic to me.


Panorama on the cloud

It was really a good view on the 2,500m height.
Passed colored leaves out, I found a great view of the naked mountain range Tate.
It was about 7 degrees C rather 15 degrees colder than in my area.
I've got refreshed and cleared in my mind.
Great nature is steady but lovely to me .


Autumn frog

I've seen the frog, which is a inhabitant in my garden.
Though I've heard his(her) voice regularly before rain fall, never seen recently.
Actually he is really a good weather forecast.
He predicts when it will rain because he speaks his words, a ribbit.
I guess it's the last meeting with him before the hibernation.
' Good sleep Mr.Frog, have a good winter. See you next spring. '


Empty bee hive

I found a bee hive high on the wall inside the roof corner.
When I was gardening, exchanging pot and cutting the branch I happened to find it unexpected.
I really worried about the bee hive again because I had found two years before back of the compressor of the AC. Then I had to buy new AC and exchanged the old one.
I don't hate bees so much but they gave me damage and I had to remove them from my house.
Then I soon examined the nest for a while if bees in there. But it seemed almost empty. I killed the nest by the killer spray and asked my father to remove it.
It was about 7cm round, not so big as before two years ago.
2 years ago


Why are they calling?

I woke up early in the morning and heard the big voice of crows calling and shouting loudly recently.
I wonder why they often cry and call in loud voice in the early morning like cock‐a‐doodle‐doo.
They say crows predict something unlucky or bad around here.
But I don't think so but they are getting to be arrogant and dominant against other birds around.
I can't hear sparrows and doves twittering any more.



Walking and viewing the blooming
Having fun with meeting a new face
Lucky shot I took
I was very proud of it!

My dog is 9-year-old, an old age.
While the other is only 2-months-old puppy.
They had a quick conversation to smell nose to nose.

Pink cosmos and water lily have begun to show their beauty.
My face also began to bloom smiling at that moment.
I love a gentle autumn day.


A little autumn

It's really good to go for a drive and walk around here and there.
I can take my dog for a walk in the park for a long time after a long while.
She seems very happy because long summer heat prevented me to take her far away in my car.
It's going a good season for doggies' walking and hiking to the field.
She(my dog Marie) as well as I can enjoy good time before winter.


A lot of things in a day

Cloudy and fine almost the day it was yesterday.
But it suddenly began to rain hard in the evening
There was guerrilla shower in fall!
It seemed like evening shower in mid summer, while we seldom had evening shower this summer season not like usual summer.
However I had a good time during the day because an autumn festival was held at the senior care house where Sadako lives.
They had great entertainments there.
I was really glad to have seen many smiling faces in there.
Lots of volunteer people also had great smile for giving happy spirit.
I felt good power of love and thankful.
I also saw great nature, a red hibiscus blooming charmingly in spite of autumn . They were all smiling and blooming yesterday.


Finding a little autumn

Things are getting slowly autumnal color.
I walked and found a little autumn at the river side.
It's been typical autumn sign 'Susuki' on the bank. It makes me recognize the season well but still hot in the day time not like usual autumn.


Autumn on the calendar

Summer has gone
Still lingering heat staying
The cool breeze in the morning and evening
Bringing real fall


Beautiful re-mails

Nowadays e-mail is enviable for us to contact with family and friends.
There was a contest of the very impressive e-mail by the mobile phone company.
There are some of the selected ones in the applications.

My house was destroyed.
My ship was dragged.
But I'm not lost.
I'm alive and my family is all fine with me.
[ Grand-pre of the most heart knocking re-mail contest ; from the friend after a long while since the disaster in North East Japan earthquakes.]

Hi, this is Mom. I was waiting for the day when you leave me. Have a good life!
[ re-mail from the single mother whose son sent her that he would leave home ]

You are in the good luck, not in the bad luck. You can change your destiny by yourself.
[ re-mail from the friend to encourage her in depressed by the unluckiness.