The North West Pacific Ocean Farming

I've watched the tv program which is the interview with the architect Ando Tadao.
He advocated the plan of farming ' The North West Pacific Ocean'. It will promote for the food shortage problem.
Each country from the coastal areas should cope with each other to increase the natural resource in the sea.
I really adore this plan that Japan should lead to unite the North West Pacific Ocean and make effort for the world.


Save a sleeping account

When I cleaned up in my house I found an old bank book of my daughter. It was almost ten years ago and the bank name has been changed because of merger.
I took it to the bank if it could still work and check some money left or not.
I remember that money in sleeping bank accounts will be moved to government account.
So I just want to wake the sleeping account up and active for my daughter who is absent here for a while.

I met my financial planner and asked her finance these days.
She talked to me in confidence financial crisis turns around every decades and older people know enough to invest timing just for now.

I couldn't accept what she said and felt scary those who engages in the finance field have to believe in expanded economy still.
I left the bank only to find my daughter's account has about 7,000yen. Anyway I saved sone money for her.


What makes you happy?

I was excited to go around busy places, Theme Parks like Disney Resort or Fashionable places like Odaiba, Harajuku so on with kids.
But recently relaxed and abundant of natural places are more pleasant than before. It may be from getting old and getting to know what the most important to me is!
I feel grateful for the life.


Hawaiian restaurant

I had dinner at the Hawaiian restaurant in Ginza.
They served fula dance show with tropical food and drink.
It was still cold outside but hot in there.
I felt like in Hawaii and had a great time.


Good morning and day, Mt. Asama

Frozen cold morning and beautiful day.
Time goes by, the appearance of the Mt. Asama change.
I enjoy it's slide show.


Snow field and Clear fine sky

We are going to cross the ridge from Joetsu to myoko IC. It's restricted to wear chains on the tires because of snow. But we put off the schedule to start until the restriction will be released.
It's getting sun-shining and warm so we might go without chains.
I know over the ridge there is a different world from the north west pacific ocean area!
I will enjoy earlier spring soon.



It suddenly began to hail at around noon when I was driving in a car.
It's been strange weather so cold these days. Too cold for cherry blossoms to bloom this year. They will postpone their peeks of the year.
I just hope they will be in full bloom as long as possible.


Brushing teeth

A week has passed since my baby dog Marrie got surgery of periodontal disease. I tried to brush her teeth.
It was amazing because she had been refusing to let her brush teeth for a long time. It was because she had pain when I touched her teeth brushing and never let it done but the veterinarian.
I appreciate him who committed her a right treatment to remove the affected part by surgery.
She is now fine to be brushed teeth in her mouth.
That's a great result for the operation.


Moxa cautery

My oldest friend, 92years old soon, Sadako claims back ache. Today when I visited her, she lay in bed because of heavy back ache.
She couldn't move well and stayed in bed almost of all the day.
I suggested her if she could endure the Moxa cautery. She had never done such treatment by cauterization. But she wanted it if she felt better.
I got 'Sennenkyu' at the drugstore and gave it to her.
I pointed 8 places along the both side of back bone. And the bottom of the thumb and index finger called 'Gokoku' which is the point of treatment. I gave it both of the hands as well as mine.

It was only 20 minutes treatment.
I was glad she liked it then.

Later in the evening I got a phone call from Sadako.
She was very excited to talk to me.
She is now no pain in her back so she could clean the kitchen and set up her room easily. She was very happy with painless body.
I was also very happy to hear that.
Anyway I love such a pretty old girl who lives easy to be glad and cheerful to make someone happy.


Crocus waited for spring

Pretty small bud of crocus appears to meet spring in my garden.
It's so cute and lovely color.
But it's still cold for them to bloom fully. I just want babies to grow slowly and live long.
I will enjoy they will appear in full bloom day by day.
I really love the color of nature.
Any color of nature makes me heal and give energy. No life without flower.


Chilly morning

I woke up and found white roofs around here. It was cold weather that brought snow late last night or early in the morning.
I didn't let the planter of tulip take into under the roof. It was covered with snow.
But they are strong and survived in the snow.
I'm really happy and relieved to see their growth.
I respect such tough and durable stance.


Vernal Equinox day

Why is it called equinox?
On the equinox, night and day are nearly exactly the same length – 12 hours – all over the world. This is the reason it's called an "equinox", derived from Latin, meaning "equal night".

However, even if this is widely accepted, it isn't entirely true. In reality equinoxes don't have exactly 12 hours of daylight

The March equinox occurs the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from south to north. This happens either on March 19, 20 or 21 every year. On any other day of the year, the Earth's axis tilts a little away from or towards the Sun. But on the two equinoxes, the Earth's axis doesn't tilt neither away from nor towards the Sun, like the illustration shows.
( from timeanddate.com)


Brave heart

What is brave heart?
I ask myself a question.
1. You can say 'No' whenever you don't accept it.

2. You can come back when you get lost.

3. You can allow those who's ever betrayed you.

4. You can understand who you are.

Brave heart exists in yourself so
always ask yourself.

I think brave heart will be cultivated and bred in the society, too.


My imagination

Life is not a plain path
But winding, broad and narrow.
It seems like a shape of that drawing
In the story of 'Little Prince'.
An elephant swallowed by a snake
Life start from minimal and rise up to maxima. Finally the end of the life reaches to minimal.
It's my own imagination.


Walk in the rain

It's a stormy rainy day.
I hate to go out in such a day but I have a party with some old friends in the evening.
We recently come to have chances to eat out and enjoy drinking and chatting more often than ever. It may be from the age of nostalgia or having more free time than before, in the period of parenting. We are almost free from children, they are grown up and independent.
Having free time or having own schedule without family once a month is very important.
We can say anything selfish or emotional because we met when we were immature. They can accept their faults and failures.
I'd like to walk in the rain and get my old memory back.


Walk and Lift your head

Since I feel spacious in my world I notice something lucky falls around me. So I would like to lift my head when I walk.
I look up to the sky and thank for everything. You better love and appreciate first before wishing.
We will see how blessed you are.
You are the only one in the Universe.
Given life and live a life for now.
I don't want to get much in the flood of food, information and new items.
Just being yourself, hearing your inner voice you can only choose what you need.


Simple is the best

I've been still doing 'throw away and set-up in order' guided by Konmari's lesson. It's almost done 90% of all.
I started from clothes next books and other small things, memorabilia or keepsake in the end.
The point is only to choose what you want to leave not to choose to throw away.
You can say goodbye to old memorable things which you used to have but you don't use anymore.
Your life will be simpler, lighter and more free space!
Possess less and you can find that simple life is the best.



An 109-year-old woman had appendicitis and had to get surgery of appendectomy.
It's amazing such a old woman should get an operation for more than an hour. Of course it was worried that old people could bear the surgery.
But the doctors dared to commit their best to save her life.
I hope she will live longer than 120 years old.


Periodontal disease

My pet dog,Marie has bee infected periodontal disease and she's going to have veterinary surgery in the evening today.
All I need to do is not to let her eat nor drink for 20H before the surgery because she has to get anesthesia during the operation.
She can't let her bad teeth pulled without unconsciousness.
You might think of it really strange but I trust him as a good veterinarian around here. I'm sure he will treat my baby dog to remove problems.


What makes you healthy and young...

Cold weather comes around again after again and it brought snow fall!
I can't stand cold weather so long !!!!
I complain about such coldness and really want to move to the land somewhere warm.

But it's not so bad for your life to live healthy and young, according to Dr.Bagumo alias Naguchan.
He is telling about the new theory that hunger and coldness turn our gene on and it works to keep our healthy and young body. That's why he recommends 'meal once a day'. Otherwise taking too much food will spoil the body with diabetes.
Human body has been planned for the risks such as hunger and coldness.
He said.
It makes me think that the tulips in the planter are growing without care even having snow this morning.
So it makes sense that we also need coldness to turn inner fat burning up to protect from the coldness. It's natural power existing in our body.
I will be careful when I eat and I won't complain about the weather because my tulips are patient and stable even in the coldness.


Mournful Sunday

We are all giving condolence at this time today 2:46p.m.
May all souls and lives saved be peaceful forever.
Never forget 311 in 2011.
It will make us fear the nature and human disaster.
We will never let it fade away forever.


The future and the past

Isn't it true that the past was happier and happier the future would be more and more boring?
If so.....I don't want happier in early days but a happy ending finally.
Life is not easy but not so complicated if you don't take it too seriously.
I convince life in future would be in my hands whether I should feel happy or unhappy.
This is a story of Yoko Ono which she had from the past.
She had a happy life and terribly unhappy life in the past.
But now she is calm and recalls both sweet and bitter memories.
Old memory in Karuizawa
I'm learning that
'Don't look back if you feel pain in the past, but remember and refrain the past if you can comfort yourself from the memory.'
I also give the quote,
“Fear not for the future, weep not for the past.”


Cleaning and saving space

I did start to throw and clean my clothes which were flourishing in my closet. I liked my clothes but they were packed hanging and no space to walk in the closet. So it was hard for me to look for the favorite one each day.
And it almost make me impossible to use drawers efficiently.
Of course I did often throw away unused clothes once or twice a year when season changes.
Thanks to 'Konmari', I could clean up and reformed my closet in the end.
Half of my clothes were thrown and then most of them are set into drawers in order, called 'attractive set-up in order' by Konmari.
Before I hang most of my clothes but after organization there are as much as 100 hungers left unused!
I really feel refreshed and like to see my closet.
Next set-up in order would be books.
I would clean my bookshelf...

This is a pile of clothes from all my closet. I had to choose each of them, leave it or not.


Danshari VS Mottainai

It comes up the battle
Between Danshari and Mottainai

It's a funny short poem recently.
I've found a new word 'space cleaning'
It's almost the same as 'throwing away and keeping clean'. It's from the culture of 'feng shui'.
Cleaning up your space will open the door and produce a new life.
Let's get start space cleaning now.


Uncovered with snow

After the snow melt and disappear, I find the sprouts have been already coming out under the snow.
The farmer ones in the planter which had been protected from snow fall during winter has grown up much bigger than in the ground.
I'm looking forward to seeing them growing well every day.
I had planted tulip, crocus, narcissus and grape hyacinth last autumn.
They are almost ready to catch the Sun.

Some good quotes from minimalists 1

I happened to find a good quote and kept thinking and searching for the deep thought.
As I looked for the similar philosophy and more and more good quotes came up.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupe

Other ones are blow such the same content as minimalists.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” - Albert Einstein

“Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; love more, and all good things will be yours.” - Swedish proverb

“Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say let your affairs be as one, two, three and to a hundred or a thousand. We are happy in proportion to the things we can do without.” - Henry David Thoreau

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” - Socrates

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - Lao Tzu

“A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” - Lao Tzu

They are what I used to have in my mind. I will live with those wise word and make myself happy.


A magical set-up in order

One of my resolution at the new year's day, throw things away and set up in order. I've wanted to start but not having done until now.
I feel like ' out on a limb' to set my room in order.
I finally found a magical strategy for it.
I've got an ebook at the Apple store.
It's Kon-mari's book 'The sensational attractive way to set in order'.
I'm really into it and keep on reading.
I will start my task as soon as possible and one my resolution would be achieved.


Stormy weather for telling spring

It's said that it will be stormy roughly in the first spring from tomorrow during the week.
It warns there will be strong storm and it might cause bad effect.
So be careful if you should go on a trip . You will have to check every day's weather forecast.
After the storm, it will be spring warmth and watch out the pollen spread in the air, too.


Our planet, the Earth and environment

I've been to the exhibition 'The Earth and environment'.
I've very impressed how old our planet Earth is and how young our human beings are to be compared with other former creatures such as dinosaurs, and ancient mammals.
It's said that the era of dinasors had lasted for I.5 billion years and ended by the collision of the meteorite.
I really think clearly that we can learn from the history.
Human beings are still new for the Earth but we developed only for our profits and destroyed nature much more than it had been taken in its history.
Our life can't exist without natural gift.
I hope all of us notice and care for our mother land.


Mr.News says...

I read an article about Middle East Asia and peace by Akira Ikegami, who is famous Japanese news anchor person, announcer as well as journalist and now a professor.
He regularly posts his column on a web magazine.
I'm not good at Middle East Asia and its history but very interested in it.
I'd like to learn from lots of knowledge on the web and pick up some good news here.

Akira Ikegami news



It was a very impressive science documentary program on NHK special.
'Human ; Why they could be human beings?'
I've watched the 4th series of the special program early this morning at midnight. The title was 'Money'. The history about when human began to use money and change the society.
It said that they lived on equally in the big family or village exchanging food, clothes and anything they needed.
But after money they went to be rich or poor by their own effort. Money made the society separated and individual from the oriented group.
The ancient originated civilizations, from Mesopotamian to Greek, they developed their own culture and life from self producing and changing things to buying and selling by using money.

It makes me think very much of our life which we are now standing.
I don't think we could go back to self producing life without money but need to learn how should we live on from the history.
Anyway we need to beware of getting along with nature as those who passed us lives.

Human; Why they could be human beings?