Komeda Coffee Open

A franchise system Komeda Coffee restaurant from Nagoya opened today.
It's famous for good morning service, toast and boiled egg with a cup of coffee.

I've ever lived in Gifu city, where is almost the same area as Nagoya on the Noubi plains.
Peope at the area are open mind and like chatting at the cafe very often. So there are many kinds of coffee shops in every bus stop.

When I came back to Toyama I was at a loss not being able to find any coffee shops aroud here and there.

I wonder such casual tea rooms would be gradually welcome to Toyama.
Toyama is one of the best score owning houses, they seemed to prefer inviting tea at home before.
But recent young generation would like to go out and eat out.

When I went to the new cafe in the morning, a lot of cars packed in the parking space and many elderly people were waiting at the entrance in spite of much rain.
I couldn't even enter the parking space but passed through just at a glance of the over view.
I'd like to come over after a few weeks.

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grilled saury

September night

grilled saury

the most delicious feast

with grated radish and sour


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A pretty good view

I've found a good view of red flowers living along the riverside.
It's called red spider lily.
It's over the season of the equinox day, September 23.
I'm not sure if it would bloom at the vernal equinox day.
I'd like to come back to see it next spring.

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What are they doing?

There is a big boat with a mobile crane in the canal.
I've often seen that scene a few times a year.
It regularly removes water weeds to clean the water in the bottom of the pool.
I guess it's not natural stream and it doesn't have its self-cleaning action of nature. That's why it should be taken care of to keep it clean.
It seems to cost much to maintain an artificial park.

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The sad news of the great woman

Kenyan Wangari Maathai, the first woman from Africa to win the Nobel Peace Prize, died Monday after a battle with cancer. She was 71.
She was famous to have adopted Japanese word 'Mottainai', which means to remove wastefullness in Japanese traditional spirits.
She respected Japanese humble culture a lot.
She dedicated to build human right, especially womens' humanitarianism and corporate with the people in the world wide.
We miss a great spirit but her achievement will be inherited to the next generation.
I pay my condolence to her very much.
Kenya's great woman died

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Walking on the hill

About 30minutes' drive brought me to the foot of the mountain.
I took lunch and enjoyed small hiking in the woods.
Bright sunshine and fresh air made me great.
Rice ball and some side food were so delicious outdoor.
I met a giant silk worm preparing for the winter clothes. It was big enough about 15cm length to make a silk cocoorn.
I've seen the wild silk worm for the first time.
There are an abundant of surprise in the nature.

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It's a beautiful day

It's a beautiful day
The sun is shining
I feel good
And no-one's gonna stop me now, oh yeah

It's a beautiful day
I feel good, I feel right
And no-one, no-one's gonna stop me now

Sometimes I feel so sad, so sad, so bad
But no-one's gonna stop me now, no-one
It's hopeless - so hopeless to even try

'It's a beautiful day' by Queen

I love the song and it really fits to today, sunshine and beautiful day it is!
This lyrics seems somehow depressed and sorrowful but still the hope alive and never die if you don't give up.
I'm sure you can even find cheerness from hopelessness.
A lot of thought of Freddie Mercury...if he were alive he would be 65 yrd this month. His voice is with me.

tribute to Freddie's 65 Birthday by Google logo

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Thick clouds today

Two days after the typhoon, still thick clouds covers in the sky and sometimes sunlight breaks into the air, makes me feel like Indian summer for a while.
But it began to rain unexpectedly and stopped soon.

I feel the air is getting cooler and cooler even in the day time.
You feel very comfortable with the window open while driving a car.
It's best season to take a walk or hike on the hill with lunch box.
You can relax at home seeing clouds in the sky and sitting in the breeze.

I had a good time having lunch and afternoon tea in the fresh open air just before the shower of rain.  It was good luck for me.

I took pictures of clouds before starting rain in the car.



It's been a sensational news that KDDI will release iPhone5 since this early morning, a new version of iPhone series which had been annaunced to start to launch next month. I'm also one of those who are looking for owning it as soon as possible.
I had never expected that KDDI should deal with iPhone5 because that company has just released Windows phone which is an enemy company's phone, Windows. And au(KDDI's mobile) has its original music tuner, Lismo. It seems very different from itunes of Apple's.
How will they organize different kinds of products?
Anyway it makes us good to extend choices, from the only one carrier.
I just want to buy lower cost and good quality.

These are iPhone4 images, iPhone5 is not shown yet!
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Paradise forever

Nadine Hays Pisani was desperately seeking a permanent vacation.

She and her husband, Rob, both chiropractors, had a comfortable life in York, Pennsylvania, but they were miserable. Both were working long hours, hated their jobs and felt burned-out.

So they came up with a bold plan: Sell everything and find a country with a warm climate where they could live for about $1,000 a month. They would stop working and live off their savings and interest.
They settled on Costa Rica.

Escape to great paradise


100 years old

I will be 100 years old next year.
Through work, war, marriage, giving birth a baby, poor life
Being bullied, annoyed
Got suffering and met sadness in my life
I dreamed a dream seeing the sky
I smiled seeing at the flowers
I felt relaxed to the breeze
How much encouragement I got from the nature!
Time flew away even for 99 years
My parents, husband and friends all passed away
But I'm sure to see them in smiling next time
I'd like to talk to them a lot
I will make a step of 'the 100 years old'
And going over the goal with confidence

From " One hundred years old " by Toyo Shibata

Marrie will have to live more 13 years in a dog age if she reached to 100 years old in a human age.
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Longevity Project

It is in the news that the Longevity Project reported the reserch for more than 80 years with 1,500 people.
It says any kinds of healthy tips or medical care are not always concerned with the length of the life. But you don't have to prolong life nor take notice of healthy myth.
Longevity could be given to whom, who has own self-conscience and trust on life.
I can understand a little about the secret of the Longevity from the topic news. I want to live with less desire and little compliment.
Longevity Project

She is full of the longevity life.
Her name is Toyo Shibata.
She reached to be 100 years old in June this year.
I'm reading her second poem book, 100 years old.
I'm really surprised her fully life and her active life in her age.

Even suffers and bad memories makes her good lessons.
She owns her life and come to the end happily.

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Daytime singing

It was hot and humid after rainy days.
Summer still stays during the day time in the woods.
Cicadas are singing at the final call of summer.
It reminds me of an old animation
character, Woodpecker.
Their singing is sunny and funny.

YouTube Video

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a funny sign

It's a funny sign to make me laugh.
I found it somewhere in the rest room in my town.

I'm sorry this joke can't make sense for the English because
it is composed with both Japanese and English sound.
Can it make you laugh?

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Harvest season

It's time to get crops in the rice field.
They are golden heads appearing tall enough to be harvested.
A fine good day in the blue sky gives farmers great gift.

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Music in my heart

'Thank you for the music' by ABBA

It's one of my memorial and heart warming songs I've ever had in my heart.
I like this lyrics as well as tune because these words embedded in this song is full of joy and smile. I also love to see them singing in beautiful smiling.
I think music is a kind of magic to make me feel great.
I appreciate music can make me find great love in my life.

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Late summer heat

According to the weather forecast, it will long the heat of the late summer during this week. Strong heat and high humidity will kill us without caring.

On Sunday I helped to clean the garden; weeding, cutting sweeping and etc. from morning till evening under the sunshine.
I was almost tired out and fell asleep soon after in bed. So I missed the soccer match at the last half.
I've not been able to stay up at night since then.
Though I wake up early with the sun it makes me more going sleepy much earlier than usual.
I feel like tiring in summer so I'm sure sleeping is the best treatment from fatigue.

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My favorite quote

It's well known phrase from the movie, "Lime Light" by the king of comedy, Charles Chaplin.

"What you need in your life is courage, imagination and some money."

It makes me really love simple and humble life.
You know, it tells you that you need some money but not much.
As I'm not rich so the key word comforts me a lot.

But this time, I found orginal words in the movie.
It's a bit different from the well known one.

"All it needs is courage,imagination,… and little dough."
little dough doesn't mean for some money but little money.
It says money is less important for life.
What a bold expression it is!

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Bhutan is well known to the best score of GNH, not GNP.
It means Gross National Happiness and the other is Gross National Products. Actually Japan's GNP is the third in the world next to China, used to be the second until last year.

I've read an interesting column about that country Bhutan by which is written a Japanese woman, who is working for the government of Bhutan.
She used to work as a consultant of companies after having got MBA, which is a license of management.
She has a job of fellowship for the government and supports for the country.

She introduces Bhutanese life and philosophy why they are the happiest in the world.
One of the topics from the columns, Bhutanese believe in Tibetan Buddhism and it teaches that no life is mightier than nature so they are optimist and easy to get along with the nature. They don't complain but better think themselves happier.
That leads them GNH the No.1.

Gross National Happiness

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No one at the beach

I stopped at the beach where used to be popular resort in summer.
Now the season is over, no one having fun any more.
I could hear the sound of the waves, which made me calm and quiet. You might feel lonely or sad at the empty space.
I had a good time seeing holizon for a while. Wide sky and the view of the water gave me great relaxation.

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Cool morning

It wasn't any clouds last night, so the heat went out of the ground and the temperature this morning was around 17C.
It's the lowest for the last two months.
I felt very cold and sneezes and runny nose came out....so terrible!
I've got an allergy nose recently.
It's because of getting old or something weak in my immune system.
I think it's really bad for me that the difference of the temperature such as hot and cold a day causes me serious allergy symptom.
I need pill to stop sneeze whenever it makes me allergy active.
I will be more careful in the sunny cold morning when the the air would turn cold in the blue sky.

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Clouds break

Clouds break in front of me on my way to work this morning.
It seems thick clouds are broken into pieces and blue sky is getting to appear instead.
It's as usual after the storm.
The sky would be wiped away and cleared by the cool air.
That's why the sky in autumn is pure blue.
But I feel very sorry for the people in the Kishu area where the enormous damages were caused by the typhoon 12.
They might have to be patient with the destruction to be recovered for a while.
Dark clouds will hang over them
after the disaster.
we should never disrespect nature.

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Making a good game

It was a tough and strict for Nadeshiko Japan to get a point.

They need skill, power, speed and wisdom.

Japan Nadeshiko made the third victory VS Australia.

I'm very impressed with the team leader Sawa, who is a splendid game maker to let members play the game.

But I'm worried she got a yellow card this time, so she needs to be careful not to get another one. I know Nadeshiko can't do without her but her strong spirits cheered her team mates a lot.

Now that I'm a really core follower of Nadeshiko Japan as well as Samurai Blue.

Next kick off VS North Korea will be on Thursday 16:30 !

I won't miss it ♪(v^_^)v

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Curry & Udon

Being rainy and wet, I couldn't find what to eat. I didn't feel hungry coz having weak digest, so I ate out Udon whose soup is curry, called Curry Udon.

I think it Japanese specific Udon menu.

It made me wake and pop up.

I was also surprised at the hot and deep taste, satisfied with happiness.

I recommend you Curry and Udon instead of curry and rice if you feel tired of eating.

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A last minute goal

It was a very worrisome game, the world cup pre league match between Japan vs North Korea.
Though I'm a recent light soccer watcher, I'd better watch live than video even if it were on air at midnight or early in the morning.Actually the game yesterday was at home in Japan so it was on golden time from 19:00 ~21:00.

Zakk Japan lacked main two players, Nagatomo and Honda who got serious injured off the regular member.
It seemed very tough to break out super strong NK's defense.
But the Never Give Up spirit of Samurai Blue made it at the last minute goal in additional time!
I almost screamed with joy.
It was not my mission to cheer them but I got surprised at their high skill to keep potential and cool.
Bravo!! Cool Japan U^ェ^U

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He is back to be Japanese

An American eminent Japanese literature, Donald Keene has arrived at Narita to get Japanese permanent citizenship.
He had already announced that he would be Japanese and live the rest of his life in Japan after the big earthquake.

From my archives
Donald Keene, path to Japanese

I was very touched with his affection to Japan and Japanese culture at that time.....he is not young but his passion is so powerful and strong that even young people can't try.

His decision is based on 'Mercy' and 'relief' for Japan, he never let Japan leaving destroyed, feels sympathy with Japanese who are suffering disastrous shock and wants to encourage Japan.

I'm very impressed with such altruistic action beyond the boarder and very proud of having such brave heart American.