Roses at the final

Roses at the final



It's season of Citron!
I've hot pretty citrons from a garden of a friend.
It's good flavor put into nabe cooking or the fish or meat companion.
It's not main but an important part of the roll to assist main dish.
It's also used for cosmetics and health in the bath tub in winter "Yuzuyu". I like to enjoy Yuzuyu in public bath.

Another Yuzu reminds me of "Yuzu",who is a main character of the TV drama "Daisuki" in 2008. I recently had a chance to watch it TBS on demand again.
It's about the mentally handicapped girl gave birth a baby and lived her hard life over the difficulties. Her baby"Himawari" is growing up in her mother's deep love.
I couldn't watch it without deep impression tears.

I'm also into the tune "clear after rainy" by Yuzu, which is the opening song.
Clear after rainy


Fruits and flowers in autumn

I've given some autumn fruits and flowers to share with good hearts.
Yuzu and persimmons are from the home trees of my dear friends. Apples and pears are from the farmer's of Nagano prefecture, which were bought as a year event of my firiend's.
The chrysanthemum is cultivated in the garden. She is very proud of her gardening very much.
I really admire of her spirit of the gardener.
The end of autumn, I'm happy to taste the autumn fruits and enjoy scent of the flower.
Thanks for them for joining me to their autumnal products!


Season's boom

Cold and dark season makes me depressed but it's interesting to find fun indoors.
It's better to be homebody in such a bad weather.
I saw a nice wreath decorated with wild plants and fruits in the mountains.
It's really cool to make up a splendid handcraft.
She has a good sense of art and fashion.
I respect her to decorate her life time for free. I think it one of the richest life!
And the second hand made craft is pendant necklace made by paper clay and paint.
I've been given one of the designed pendants.
It's very valuable you can't buy anywhere.


Indian summer

It was pretty warm and sunny the day before yesterday.
I went walking for two hours to enjoy autumn.
The color of the leaves were already finished colored but there were more interesting fruits there.
It was like a small willow with cotton cap. There was also a red fruit in the same tree.
There are lots of wonders in the woods.


Weekend quiz

Fill in the blanks.

1. You don't need to ( )( ) a diet!

2. I'd ( ) you not wear that shirt.

3. Go ahead, I'll catch ( ) later.

4. ( ) in there!

5. ( ) yourself together.


A tortoise

I happened to see a tortoise taking a walk and eating grasses.
It was sunny in the morning though a little cold.
The tortoise is a pet from Africa.
The owner took after the former one and breeding instead.
I was very surprised at the large size of the tortoise. It was as tall as 1m and the hard shell was round and tall with a pattern.
I wonder if the difference between tortoises and turtles.
They are said to be whether living on the land or in the sea.

A tortoise


Cold but lovely day

A beautiful day it is!
After the first snow fall yesterday
It brought a blessed sunshine.
I hate cold but
I really enjoy the cold clear air
The lovely color, blue, white, yellow and red.
I feel the nature and warm in my heart.


Magical Sake

As I said that I enjoy watching TV drama "gochisosan" every morning.
It's so interesting enough to find new things each time for me.
I've got to know "Magical Sake" in it last week.
I tried to taste it by myself.
It was so delicious to drink much and finally got fallen sick and hung over!
It's a secret sake because it might make you sick, I'm afraid.
Only people who are regular of "gochisosan" knew it!


How automatic brake works

It's reported that updated cars are set up with automatic braking system by 50,000 yen.
It's said to be effective to avoid car accidents on the crowded road. The sensor works to set the car speed down and stop the car for the emergency.
I think it very smart and effective technology but something odd for the human ability.
It might be a kind of advanced skill like the change from shift gear to automatic.
It won't be long before cars almost employ the automatic brake system.

Automatic braking system


Thanks for the good meal

I'm not sure for the word "Gochisousama" in English but it's said " Thank you for the meal or delicious plate" something like that.
I'm enjoying the TV drama "Gochisousan" every morning after "Amachan".
It's also very interesting and attracts me a lot.
It's about food and cooking in the story of the drama.
I will learn a lot about the traditional food in Japan as well as the life in the previous era, Taisho and Showa.


Cool snack

I've tasted really nice snack.
It's much different from those which I've ever had.
It's "Sala Pasta" by Glico.
It's new taste snack for wine.
But I can't find it any more but online shop.
I really want to eat it more.


My favorite ramen

My favorite ramen is an old type brown soup based on soy sauce.
It's very rare to eat such a traditional taste recently.
My friend also likes it because of its transparent clear soup.
I really agree to its point!


Today's topic

I have nothing special topic today but I enjoyed yesterday that Rakuten Eagles won the Championship of all Japan baseball league.
I was really excited with the game to the end.
By the way I found an interesting word in Toyama dialect though I've never known.
It's one of the quiz in the Toyama dialect examination.
Do you know the word "enzoro"?

Today's topic

“We’ve won the title in the club’s ninth year,” Rakuten manager Senichi Hoshino said. “This is all because of the players. They responded well to my harsh leadership.”


Weekend quiz

Fill in the blanks.

1. That was ( )!

2. Don't ( ) heart till the last minute!

3. ( ) up the good work!

4. That will be ( ).

5. I have a big ( ).


Fly to the sky

"My heart is going back into the sky.
Nothing is left at all there but the empty body itself."

It's an interesting short poem about the cool laughter in old Japanese culture.
The author compares the finish of the programs between two casters on TV.
One ends with no regret like the poem above but the other is full of regret with tears.
Which one is better for you?
It depends on each case.
Anyway I like the the poem which tells no anxiety will be left after the fulfillment.