In the season

The season comes when it's good to eat and look.
My mother really loves to eat "Motsunikonikomi udon" so I sometimes take her there when I like to eat. When it comes cold I like to eat that hot Motsunikomi udon. The restaurant was still full though we went there 2:45 before order stop.
I think the restaurant is a long ran champion of Toyama B gourmet.
Next topic is "Salmon back" in my neighborhood stream.
There comes regularly in this season salmons come back and lay eggs. They are seen for a few days in the river.
I could catch in my eyes but difficult in the iPhone's eye!


Short day plants

It's getting shorter and shorter of the day time.
As it goes by short day plants such as chrysanthemums,zinnias and poinsettias.
There are some chrysanthemums in my garden.
They are getting to bloom in the late autumn now.



There are three pieces of tunes that will entertain you.
The song is old but it got to change and arranged versions appeared.
As time goes by something happened and changes.
I want to hear how you feel after the entertainment.




PC trouble

My daughter in law always needs to make documents for the work and she's writing at home and bring a memory stick to the office and print out.
But her PC Win Vista, which she had used since her school year for 6 years had a problem so she can't work at home and had to go to work early to work at the office.
I remembered my father's PC vista, which he had used when he was alive until 1and a half years ago.
I used it to help his New Year's greeting cards with it in 2012 for the next year.
It has not been used but just a box in the store room.
I tried to check it if it could work for her but it didn't work.
I had used Win95, 98, Me, XP and Vista for more than 10 years but since I had used iPhone I changed to use Mac and synchronize them together.
I found there is no problem with Mac OS such as happened with Win OS.
I had been suffered a lot with Windows and troubles after troubles and bought many PCs.
So I don't buy a new Windows any more but I just wanted to help my daughter in law to use Vista.
First of all, to start Safe mode not Windows.
Safe mode is the original Ms-Dos light version before heavy Windows. It easily appears and turn off safely.
Next start from Windows and if being appears normal appearance you should try disk clean and Defrag (Defragmentation) from the program accessory.
If you want it faster you need to uninstall unwanted files and programs from the manage control panel.
If it doesn't work well the last two secret strategies here.
One is to use "go back tool".
It will go back to the point being alive and refreshed.
I did it and it went back to 1 and a half years ago.
The last strategy is to recover the PC when you bought and make it new but you will lose all files and programs. You need to burn files away from the old memories.

Finally I did it. I made it to use go-back tool.
She can use the PC for now but who knows that Windows would have dead line to support like XP.
It forces to purchase a new PC....I really hate that style.


Trip to Awaji

I've been to Minami Awaji to see the whirling waves at the Naruto Channel.
I stayed the cape of the Southern part of Awaji and saw the both of the east and west Setouchi Ocean.
The sunset view had a tremendous beauty and gorgeous scene but the sun rise was a little scale because of the clouds.
I'd like to stay more another day but no empty room at that resort place.
There are whirling waves between Awaji Island and Tokushima (Shikoku) under the Naruto big bridge.
Taking an hour cruise in Kairinmaru I could see many whirling weaves at the point.
It's too bad to stay short and long way trip for 1000km's drive.
Trip to Awaji


Weekend quiz


She likes ( to ) play sports.

Do you work ( out ) often?

I ( score ) a point!

I used to ( do ) this exercise every morning.

You’re drenched ( in ) sweat.

Weekend quiz


The most beautiful cafe

I'm now in Awaji Island.
When I crossed the Akashi bridge there was a rest parking with special facilities such as Ferris wheel, Starbucks and wide dog park.
People were staying bench or cafe wide viewing the bay of Seto.
I think the Starbucks cafe there, with round view of Akashi bridge is the most beautiful cafe in Japan.


Fine day

It's finally a fine day coming back after a couple of cold days.
It seems a present from the nature for all the living things.
Nothing doesn't hate the sunshine warmth except bats such as being nocturnal.

I found pretty autumn on my way walking my dog.
It was colorful and lovely day in fall.


Starting for winter

It was cool down like in November or December yesterday. I wore fleece for the first time this year.
I feel a little bit earlier to wear winter clothes than usual.
We need to prepare for winter not only clothes but also for shoes, cars, some equipments for snow fall and so on.
I don't like cold season but somehow happy to knit in the warmth.
I've done lots of knitting mufflers and caps and gave them to my friends or familiars.
It's my habit to knit in my spare time.


Drug eruption

Have you had "drug eruption" ?
It's one of the side effects by taking the wrong medicine.
The Dr. Nakamura says you might easily die for having drug eruption by taking the cold medicine. It includes such dangerous ingredients as causing drug eruption.
I had once having taken the drug for asthma. I had awful eruptions all my body except on face. I had to take the emergency drip treatment from the night to next evening for the detoxification.
Ever after I've been cautious about taking medicines. That's all.
drug eruption


News archive

It's not new but a great archive of the news about a great owner of the company.
I didn't know about him but from the interview I got very impressed with his management how to make his workers being the best for the company without rules.
It's most important that he trusted his staffs and he never stop thinking to develop and improve himself. And the more interesting that he managed his company like a drama making. He worked as a director to make his drama being well to those who act in his company. It's a very unique company.
He passed away a few months ago but I hope is gene spirit would be live there after him.
A great management


Amazing view

It was like a fantasy to see the colored leaves and the scene on the water.
It's located in the park of "the Old Castle Park" in Takaoka.
It's famous for the stage of singing Manyo poem once a year.
It's very quiet and calm with few people there.
I felt very sorry for such a splendid place hidden behind from the people on season.


Weekend quiz


1. I know that without ( being ) told.

2. I promise I won't ( let ) you down.

3. Let's ( grab ) a bite to eat.

4. You have to keep a ( close ) eye on it.

5. She's (drop-dead) gourgeous!
Weekend quiz


Eggplant in fall

I saw an eggplant in the garden at my friend's. She is raising the second harvest after the summer one.
Taking a good care of the vegetables are necessary for the rich products.
They say "eggplants in fall are so delicious as not to give the daughter in law."or "eggplants are too unhealthy to give the daughter in law."
Which one do you think of?

Eggplants in fall
Growing up
Under the blue sky


The best virtue of Japanese

There are ten good virtue of Japanese in this article.
Have you thought we Japanese have many good points which are admired among in the world.
Think about how happy we are having such valuable view of life in our society.
So we need to be conscious about those merits and bring after the children. And the more we have to cultivate our beauty of life and share in the world.
The virtue of Japanese


Amazing Toyama

I've found the Toyama hot just now.
It's called "Amazing Toyama".
It's being promoted by Toyama city to declare its compact and convenient city as well as amazing beauty and excitement.
Actually we are very proud of our city and make a lot of reputation among us.
Let's take a notice for "Amazing Toyama".
Amazing Toyama Project

This is my photo of Amazing Toyama recently.


Malala's speech at Nobel Peace Prize

It was very impressive speech which Malala Yousafzais had at the award of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Though she is only 17 years old having had much difficulties for fighting against the Taliban's unfair power and almost being killed by the shot caused by an assassin. Fortunately she was guarded and protected by the UK government supported by UN and now she is an very important person in the world.
I'm very impressed those word which she referred in the speech.

"Quoted from her speech"

First of all, I would like to thank my family, my dear father, my dear mother for their love, for their support. As my father always says, he did not give me something extra. But what he did (was) that he did not clip my wings. So I thank my father for not clipping my wings, for letting me fly and achieve my goals.

I had really two options. One was not to speak and wait to be killed. And the second one was to speak up and then be killed. And I chose the second one because at that time there was terrorism, women were not allowed to go outside of their houses, girls' education was totally banned, and people were killed. At that time, I needed to raise my voice because I wanted to go back to school. I was also one of those girls who could not get education. I wanted to learn. I wanted to learn and be who I can be in my future. I also had dreams like a normal child has. I wanted to become a doctor at that time. Now I want to become a politician, a good politician.

Malala's speech

Malala's movie


The typhoon track

It was very serious of the typhoon after the typhoon, No.18 and 19 next to next in Japan.
It was awful and uneasy last night.
But we were very lucky to have had not so much harm or destruction. But we are very sorry for the destructive area and referees in some parts of Japan.
We can't avoid but care for the disaster as much as possible.
Protection is the best way to avoid from the disasters.
The typhoon track


The spider

There was a big spider between the tree and the fence at the park of the supermarket.
I've never seen such giant and queer spider in front of me on the daily life.
I had thought it were dangerous one with poison and red on its back called "seakagokegumo".
But it was "jorogumo".
I was relieved with that but we might have one some day because it was discovered in the next prefecture in Kanazawa.

We can't be easy for that.

This is a silk spider.


Weekend quiz


1. OK. ( Pay ) over there.

2. For here or to ( go )?

3. Where is the ( women's ) bathroom?

4. ( Have ) a drink.

5. You'd like to make a ( reservation )?

Weekend quiz


The heron

It's very funny and interesting shot which Alice on Friday class took.
The heron was standing on the edge of the stored water and looked very dignified.

She said "The gray heron was standing there for about 30 minutes.
After that , he walked away with his wings spreading in the water."

He seemed hunting and watching carefully.
I think it's hard to catch heron in the photo. I always missed to shot because they are very cautious and sensitive.
I praised her "Good work!!" and asked to share the good shot of the heron.
Thank you Alice to share the good picture.
I made it collage and give a word.
"What are you thinking?"
He will reply just
"Nothing but there isn't so much food today."


An apple a day...

It's on season for apples, shining red, yellow and green.
I like Akibae of the taste hard and sweet.
I try to eat an apple every day because of the reason " An apple a day keep the doctor away."
My doctor food apple is a must for these season.


Typhoon 19

It's warning that the strongest typhoon No.19 is getting close to Japan and land during three days holiday.
We can't be too careful for the weather effect what will be going on.
It's better not to take a trip those days.
I hope no harm will be caused by the typhoon.
Typhoon 19


9 bad habits to make you unhappy

There are 9 bad habits to make you unhappy in the lists.
We tend to do some of them unconsciously and feel bad after that.
Please notice and care about them if you need.

1. Talking of people's gossips.
It's kind of too curious for nothing.

2. Negative thinking
You should better be positive and optimistic.

3. Comparing with others
You don't have to compare with others but live busy with yourself.

4. Caring about how you look
It's important to see yourself what you are but you don't have to too much care how you look or being evaluated by others.

5. Being furious or feeling grudge
It's not healthy but stressful to be in the mood. Forget it and what done is done. You should find the better future.

6. Never listen to others
It's said everything except myself is a teacher. You will know better than now if you open mind to others.

7. Too much expectation
It will kill you if you expect a lot to others. It's better you promise yourself.

8. Too much thought
You'd better think a little and hope big and act responsibly.

9. To live in the past
You can't live back when you were young so you should look forward to making your history.

9 bad habits


Special lunch

A friend of mine asked me to join lunch at the cafe restaurant.
She regularly visits and helps there at the lunch time.
As it rained heavily yesterday because of typhoon it would be a lot of vacant seats she offered me to spend quiet lunch time with her.
Though I found it very crowded and no empty seat at that time I could sit later finally.
It was late afternoon lunch when I started to eat delicious Gokko special lunch after 1:00 o'clock.
There were 10 kinds of organic vegetables with some home made sources ( they are cucumber, radish, potato, sweet potato, petty tomato, green pepper, eggplant, bitter gourd), tofu, egg roll, salmon meunière and vegetable miso soup & brown rice.
It was much more healthier than I had expected and so reasonable with coffee and sweet after lunch.
I really felt healthy and satisfied with good food.


Blue Monday

Typhoon 18 hits Japan and many people are warned to refuge and forced to stop traveling by the air or transportations.
We've also having heavy rain since yesterday and worried much because of recent tragedies by unexpected disasters next to next these days.
I feel rainy blue and blue Monday today.
Feel about the song nostalgically.

Rainy days and Monday


Weekend quiz

1. The whole plan went up in ( smoke )

2. How long has it ( been )?

3. ( Feel ) free to raise your hand and ask.

4. I'd like to ( raise ) an issue.

5. ( Maybe ) you could change the colors.

Weekend quiz


Morning glory

There are some morning glories lingered quietly in the narrow path.
They bloom time differently for the late coming ones which were also given birth behind the high season.
It's very interesting and worth to know the wonder of the nature power to give birth all of the world.


Rainy blue

It's got cool and rainy this morning and seems to continue next week.
It finally "fall" season, flowers and leaves. But some flowers like cold and they are getting to appear after the autumnal equinox because they are said to feel the shorter day than night.
Chrysanthemums, daffodils and cyclamens are popular in autumn and winter.
I'm looking forward to plant pansies in a flower pot.

(Images of pansy garden)


Taste in autumn

I was given autumn taste such as persimmons and chestnuts.
They are natural mature color before getting dark and cold season.
Natural creatures are getting ready for the hard season to go into hibernation.
We are also getting ready to change clothes and equipments for winter soon.


Beauty in autumn

In the cool air after the warm heat big elegant but gorgeous flowers are blooming.
It's really impressive in this flowerless season now.
It's Hibiscus mutabilis.

Hibiscus mutabilis