Dengue fever

Dengue fever has out broken in Japan during this summer.
But in the world there has been many people had affected Dengue fever and caused to death.
It's the world wide serious problem now.
We should watch the solving the problem in the world.
Solution for Dengue fever

Anti Dengue fever


The erupting volcano

It's now very serious situation about the eruption of Mt.Ontske.

It's said "It was the first fatal eruption in modern times at 3,067-meter (10,062-foot) Mount Ontake, a popular climbing destination about 210 km (130 miles) west of Tokyo. A similar eruption occurred in 1979, but no one died."
But this time hundreds of the people were trapped on the slope and ash on the way and injured or dead.
The DMAT and Self Defense Military were sent to rescue the people but it's no easy.
It was the worst day for the brilliant autumn color changed to ash color.
Eruption Mt.Ontake


Weekend quiz

1. What is this ( called )?

2. This will ( make ) a perfect gift.

3. Which one do you like ( better )?

4. What is it made ( from )?

5. Can I ( leave ) my luggage here? ここで荷物を預かってもらえまか?


Intelligence quality

What do you think about IQ?
There are two different theories that the average of IQ is getting down among people than before, the other hand IQ is getting up as the developing society.

It seems contradicted but making sense in some ways that people are getting extremely different, became bipolarity they say.

I'm not sure whether my ancestor was inferior to me or my descendant would be superior to me. What I can tell is life got much easier than a century before if it were not for wars or disasters.
We can share the ancestors' wisdom and send it to the descendants in future.

IQ getting down?

Flynn effect


Salt lemon

Have you tried "salt lemon"?
It seems popular recently...I've seen it on TV information program before. But I've never tried.
If you have ever tasted it, please give me feedback.
It's said very effective for health and beauty care.
It's from Morocco, Moroccan's must seasoning.
It's a kind of pickles like umeboshi in Japan, isn't it?
Japanese can't live without umeboshi in anyway.

Salt lemon


Smart city

Our town Toyama is now commendable as a smart city among the local town.
Not so large a compact city, citizens are comfortable to go everywhere. For example, I can go to the station within 10 minutes by a car or by a street car. 20 minutes' drive takes me to the nearest beach and 40 minutes' drive to the mountains.
It's really good location and size.
So it's introduced in the "President".
I feel very proud if it.
Good citizenship


Sound of wave

It was the final fine day yesterday.
The sea was calm, the breeze was cool and sunshine was bright.
Blue sky and cloud are beautiful combination in my eyes.
All the natural creature attracts me endlessly.

Sound of wave


Lunch time clip

Today's slideshow is about lunch at Kaiohmaru park.
Actually I don't recommend to eat there at Kitokito Kan because it didn't good match taste for the cost performance....you'd better take onigiri bento with you.
Lunch time clip


On the seashore

Blue sky in the morning and cloud became to hang up in the afternoon.
I was sitting on the seashore watching the sky from blue to white.
On the seashore


Weekend quiz

Weekend quiz

1. I'm ( too ) excited to wait anymore.

2. I'm afraid you've ( lost ) me.

3. He has the ( look ) of an honest man.

4. ( How ) could I forget you?

5. I've been on my ( feet ) all day.


Cloud in the evening

A few week ago when I was walking in the park a flock of the cloud appeared and gone in several minutes.
It seemed like a short movie and made me imagine funny.
The cloud in the evening


My review of the movie

"Dear John"

The movie "Dear John" is pretty sweet love story complexed with bitter, sorrowful and human taste.
Anyway I like to see the happy ending and heart warming story to encourage life.
This is the one I really feel moved after watching and reminds me of the affection when I was in love with someone.
And the more the casts are adorable pretty girl Amanda Michelle Seyfried, who was seen in Les Misérables, Mamma Mia!, Letters to Juliet and so on, and a cool guy Channing Matthew Tatum, who has a brilliant muscle body. I've got to be a fan of them very much.
"See you soon" was their steady word when they are apart for a while but cruel fate made him tell to her"Good bye".
What was happening to their love?
It was very sorry for their broke up but their love needed painful moment and time to grow from puppy love to mature one.
If you want to see it, Japanese title is different. Check it online.
Dear John


Ristorante Trattoria, and Bar

There are many Italian restaurants in Toyama as well as in Tokyo.
They are called ristorante, trattoria and bar as their size.
I've checked into the wine bar which is a small restaurant with counter and two box seats.
I like to sit on the counter seat to be able to see and talk to the owner well.
I asked what the menu of the day special and good match for sparkling wine.
I ordered Cava and Rose for sea food Carpaccio with salmon, octopus and scallop and Cioppino, which is Italian seafood stew.
Wine bar is very light and easy so very popular among ladies.
There were almost ladies after 5 or Hanakin weekend.


Dean & Deluca

Don't you think it delicious in the picture if you love bread?

It's Italian bread sold at the bakery.
It's been familiar "Delica foods" in Japanese. I didn't notice that meaning exactly but the word Delica in Japanese origins from delicatessen in German.
But this company "Dean & Deluca" is American company LOL;^^
I met the confection bread in Ebis Atre. I love it very much!
I felt like Italian taste, sort of Sozain in Japanese.
The difference of the culture lives in the neighborhood.
When the bullet train starts to run many different tastes will come around soon.


Coin case

That picture of the kitten face is a coin case.
It's a cute hand made craft sold at the import shop in Shimokitazawa antique street.
Recently I don't need to use coin because of cashless with e-money.
But not always it works and coin must be needed in some occasion.
So I have to possess some coins as well as bills and cards in my wallet.
It's nothing but a small thing...sorry for the poor topic.


Memoir of a trip

I picked some impressive things on the trip in Tokyo.
A kitty cat is a very pretty souvenir for me. I think it will always be with me.
What do you think it is?
I will give the answer what it is tomorrow.

The second is a man from Africa playing the dram in a shop. He is joining the festival at Shimokitazawa.

The third one is also a festival at Shibuya. Traditional Shishimai welcomed us to give bite and happiness to passengers.
I will tell more detail tomorrow.


Funny view

I visited Ginza and saw the funny views.
People are waiting in a line for opening the store and sitting in a raw for days to buy the new iPhone 6. It's the typical phenomenon when Apple is selling new item.

After a while I was walking around Ginza( as it say Ginbura) I saw an interesting painted car.
A pink Kitty car parked along the street. It was really cute and fancy!


Useful phrases

Fill in the blanks, those are the same meaning.

1. You'll ( get ) ( in ) ( trouble ) If you make bad manner.

2. My mother ( got ) ( mad ) at me when I told a lie.

3. My brother ( got ) ( angry ) with me when I used his computer.

4. My father ( scolded ) us when we had quarrel.

* hint 怒る、怒られる


Useful phrases

When you move to the place you can use some useful phrases overseas.

1. Where can I ( catch ) a taxi?
When you want a taxi.

2. Can you ( take ) me to the city hall?
When you ask a taxi driver where you want to go.

3. How much do I ( owe )you?
How much you have to pay.

4. Is this seat ( taken )?
If you can sit or not.

5. At which station should I ( get ) ( off )?
When you ask which station is better to go.



It's season for autumn cherry blossoms, cosmos around here.
It's so lovely and elegant makes me feel healed a lot.
I'm very happy to see the beauty of them this time.
Every season has its own special meaning.
Cosmos is from Greek kosmos.
It means 'world', 'universe' and 'outer space'.


How to eat sushi

It's so interesting video which is highly accessed in the overseas "How to eat sushi" by Mr.Yasuda, who is a sushi chef.
It's so amazing that he explain how to eat sushi in English very natural and fluently.
I'm sure you also enjoy his guidance.

How to eat sushi
How to eat sushi


Harvest moon

It was very big and beautiful moon last night.
The harvest moon was seen from the east to the west as time went by.
It was very wonderful moment to see the moon drinking and eating.
I think it's the best to walk under the moon light but be careful for the werewolf.


Yellow green harvest

It's getting yellow green for the harvest season now.
The rice field are changing more yellow and get to gold finally.
It attracts my eyes so impressive and homely because It's getting fewer and fewer to see such landscape of golden field near my house.
I like to see the beautiful harvest season. I'm looking forward to see the mature color in autumn.


Weekend quiz

Weekend quiz


She ( caught ) his eye.

He ( stuck ) on her.
He is infatuated ( with ) her.

It's on the tip of my ( tongue ).

I'm ( right ) on the memory.


Bad influence

It's been very bad phenomenon that dengue fever is getting increased and spread in Japan.
As long as the news resource, there were found a few people infected dengue fever in the Yoyogi park but now other parks, Meiji Jingu, Shinjuku park and also Yamashita park.
There were found infected mosquitos still alive in the Yoyogi park and it's banned to enter those parks.
I wonder how the infected mosquitos came from the place of origin. It's clear that people infected dengue fever brought them into....but not knowing yet.
We need to learn more about the situation and take a good care if we walk into the park or crowded warm place where the mosquitos are active.
Dengue fever
Dengue fever1
Dengue fever2
Dengue fever3
Dengue fever4


iCloud hacked

When I've heard of the bad news that iCloud was hacked and the the security was broken, I got very nervous about it.
And I really carefully searched on the net and got to the solution for my caution.
Never use the same ID and password for each web service for AAG ( Apple, Amazon, Google )and other social media or shopping site as well as bank accounts.
But it's very tough to use different ID and password it might be totally amount of 20.
So I'm getting to give up connecting social media SNS, which I didn't get involved so much.
I choose and cut which I really need to use and manage them what I can do!
Cloud storage is very useful and easy but very risky if you use it wrongly.
Just use it as you can make use of and never regret if you might lose it!
Don't blame iCloud


To protect hacking


Tongue twister

Tongue twister on Eikawai time trial
It's archive from summer program on Eikaiwa Time trial.
It's very useful to train your tongue fluently to speak English.
Let's try and take exercise until you can do well.

I scream
You scream
We all scream for ice cream.

We've got a date
A quarter to eight
At the corner of the ticket counter
Don't be late

Should she shut the summer shutter slowly
or should she shut the summer shutter swiftly?


A mutter to myself

He has his word.
She tells a lie.
Some one talks cheerfully.
They irritate when they speak.
She talks charming but sometimes cool.
He tells calm and gentle.
There are many words but I think words are not real only the tool to communicate each other.
Words can tell lies but they can let people live and kill.

'Which type are you?'

A pretty liar or an honest donkey?
Clever fox or stupid dog?
Genuine tenderness or strong mind?
Popular or unpopular?
Gainer or loser?
Stressful or stress free?
Flexible or stubborn?
Curved or straight ?
Flattered or self-sufficient?

I have no idea to judge people but I have to evaluate myself and responsible for myself.
Soseki Natsume said in his book "Kusamakura"

"If we work hard it might be obsessed too much and if caring for people too much it might be lost...anyway to be or not to be, life is not so easy..."

Totally saying, it's important to make a good balance in a life. Whether being fine, stupid, making progress, mistakes or failure we should know ourselves clearly to live in good nature in the end.
There is no such mistake in a life.....I'm convinced.

I'm sorry this is what I have in my mind but not perfect yet. It's my private thought just a mutter to myself.

Mutter to myself

It's so cute to bloom this morning.
The morning glory appears in early autumn in my garden.
She seems to like cool autumn than summer.
There is no accounting for taste.


The most liveable city 2014

Melbourne takes first place for fourth year in a row.
The top 10 list hasn't changed since 2011 and of the 140 cities surveyed, only 20 changed score in the last year.
Though any cities of Japan were not ranked in the top 10, Osaka 13 and Tokyo 19.
I wonder if Osaka and Tokyo were more liveable than Toyama.
The report is based on the data of factors so it doesn't count in emotional point for human nature.

Top 10 the most liveable cities 2014



Active at night

It's got cool like really autumn these days. I heard insects in autumn singing at night.
It seems very difficult for cicadas to live in this summer because of bad weather and different temperature each time.
I've heard of Meimuna opalifera( tsukutsukuboushi) more often than large brown cicada(aburazemi) near my house.
It's so abnormal. I guess short and rapid summer heat brought differences.
It also says that this article strange in urban area in Japan.
Cicadas singing at night

If you missed cicadas singing check this site.
Encyclopedia of cicadas