Fascinating ice state

Ice skate international match is hold in Russia a month later from the scheduled period in Japan.
My favorite Japanese athlete Mao Asada, who won the champ last year, failed but she keeps in the seventh grade in the short program.
I wonder if she might be slump getting away from the girl to the woman.
Her performance is very sharp and elegant but something passionate punch is missing.....compared to her rival Kim.
Kim's performance seems much more mature than Mao's even though Mao's skating were strict and perfect.
Mao is now on the way to grow up and still unknown possibility.
I really love to see her revival performance as a mature woman.
We are all together, Japan! Cheering our Mao!

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Something strange happens to bamboo shoots

It's season to eat bamboo shoots.
Every year I enjoy tasting wild mountain plants especially, bamboo shoots are abundant as natural gift.
I happened to join lunch at the bamboo shoots restraurant olly open for two months on the season of bamboo shoots.
It was very delicious.
There are 5 dishes, including rice and soup, tempura, stew and salada with vinegar. Those dishes are from the ancient priests who were having lessons to gain high spirit such as SATORI.
I'm sure one could get growth like bamboo shoots.
But I'm sorry to hear that bamboo shoots this year don't grow well.
They are the worst little products ever before.
The owner worries an extraordinary climate change might have caused wild plants badly.
I felt uneasy with something bad phenomena happening here and there.
I just thank natural gift I tasted.
I'm happy to share nature life.

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A nine-year Aussie boy represents friendship

"Dear Prime Minister Gillard. I've heard you can speak to other Prime Ministers in other countries.
Can you give my message to the Prime Minister in Japan?"
This letter is written by a nine-year old boy, who lives in Perth in Western Australia. His name is Ashwine Kleswell. He appealed his good will heart to the Prime Minister.

"I saw a boy in the news paper whose name is Toshihito Aizawa. My mother read the article for me.
It said …..there is a boy walking around hanging a board in the 2,000 people backed up in the gymnastic as the temporary refuge. The board is made of thick paper and it is something written on it.
He was only a survivor in his family in a car. On that day when the big earthquake hit he and his family were in a car and rushing to the hill. But Tsumani attacked their car and they were drown.
He goes around every different refuges to find his family and hanging board with his family's name."

"I ask him to come to my home if he can't find his parents. If he lives with me we can go to school together and share toys, too."

The Prime Minister Gillard was moved with his note and promised him that she would surely make it to Japan.
At last she handed his letter to the Japanese Prime Minister, Kan.
The Aussie Prime Minister said to the Japanese Prime Minister, " We are one."
She called to Ashwine that she delivered his message and she made it.

                                                                    The Prime Minister Gillard visiting Soma City



I've got allergy this year.
It's said there are getting many people who got affected by pollen but it was not for me since last year.
I felt dry skin around my eyes and getting to feel itchy and found more wrinkles around eyes in the mirror in the beginning of March.
I went to see the doctor and got prescription of eye drops. It's effective for allergic conjunctivitis.
So I need to drop the eye lotion three times a day and it's improved my eye condition.

But now, I've had running nose and sneeze a lot. It seems like allergic nasal rhinitis.
I can't stay for a minute without blowing my nose with tissue.
So I wear mask outside to protect me from allergens.
It makes me very calm with a small drop of peppermint oil on the mask.
I have to endure for the seasoning disease so far so long.


Animals in ghost towns

Abandoned pets around 10km from the nuclear plant where people were forced to evacuate to the place of refuge without their pets. While they were not allowed to take pets to the refuge, they had to leave them at home, in the ghost town.
These films are reported sneakily by the animal right group.

Many pets are being left....

It was almost two weeks ago that this article had been uploaded.
I hope those pets dogs would have been taken care of right well and meet their owner in the end.

Dogs wonder around a town of Minami Soma, inside the deserted evacuation zone established for the 20 kilometer radius around the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex in northeastern Japan Thursday, April 7, 2011. (AP Photo/Hiro Komae)

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Keene on path to Japanese citizenship

Donald Keene, a prominent scholar of Japanese literature at Columbia University, has decided to move permanently to Japan after he delivers his final lecture at the university later this month, sources close to him have said.

The 88-year-old professor emeritus has started the process of acquiring Japanese citizenship, they said.

While he has been spending half of each year in Japan, he determined around January to live in the country full time, partly because travel has become physically demanding for him.

The sources also indicated the March 11 calamity has distressed him and intensified his desire to make Japan home.

He was awarded the Order of Culture in 2008.( Kyodo )

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The show must go on

A brilliant Sakura flower show time this year....in 2011

Such a cruel year but more beautiful than usual.

For a week show time is too short but that's why Sakura makes their lives beautifully. We will miss the beauty of them soon.


Personal Communication

One psychiatrist referrs to the topics about ' communication ' in his book published last year, on his last lecture at the university from retirement.
He dedicated to work for his patients with ' personal communication ' throughout his career as a doctor as well as a professor. He once put his name on the 'mass communication' and his name was well known to people and very popular when he was a medical school student. His name is Osamu Kitayama. He was a member of the Folk Kuruseidars.
They got a prize of the year hit song, ' The drunkard lives twice ' .

After his graduation, he disappeared from the mass communication and went into private communication. His duty was the opposite side of the surface on mass communication but insight of the human mental. He was very careful for his patients to touch the heart inside invisible and keep it hidden untouchable by any hands.
He said to his students " You never step into the secret place nor reveal it into the world. You should rely on personal communication well. Avoid the mass communication to protect your patients."

His lecture was very natural and very tender to my heart.
I was much inspired by his consistent view of life.

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Where has the oasis gone?

Where has the blue ocean gone which provides rich resource ?
Where has the green field gone which cattles and horses graze in spring?
Where has the fresh pupils gone who wear new bags on their backs?

It's Sad Silent Spring covered with distruction.
It's Scary Sorrowful Spring never been before.
It's Severe Savage spring never had in my life.

If the persistent natural disasters were the punishment, what was the sin?
If the evil mind in human were the the crime, we should remove illness from our heart.
If the the manpower were too arrogant, let us behave to respect the mother earth.

Please stop the flame of anger
Please stop the shaking and waves
Please let us share the peaceful land again.

[Spring attacked by monster disaster]

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Zubin Mehta to conduct Tokyo charity concert

Acclaimed conductor Zubin Mehta has arrived in Japan to conduct a charity concert benefitting the survivors of the March 11th disaster.

Mehta arrived in Tokyo from Russia on Friday. He held a rehearsal with the NHK Symphony Orchestra, which will perform Beethoven's Symphony Number 9 in Tokyo on Sunday. All proceeds will go to the disaster-hit areas.

Before the rehearsal, Mehta told orchestra members that he hopes for Japan's recovery, and that his thoughts are with the people.

"All the world is with you and with your country.

Everybody is crying with you.

I want to do part of something to lift the spirit of people.

Don't ever underestimate the power of music."

NHK online

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Season to bloom

It's time to bloom cherry blossoms. But today is not good day for watching and walking under the trees because of raining.
I took a shot of pretty blossoms from my car on the street.
I will take better pictures of them next week if it will be fine.

Another big earthquake hit North East Japan late last night. It effected badly again after the shock from the first damage.
We need to know the true information and pay attention for the situation we don't know what will happen next.

I'm sorry I can't find any good news recently.
Now I'm trying to keep myself steady from uneasy.
Prayers for the people being happy and smiling as soon as possible.

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The rescued dog on the float after three weeks has met the owner!

The good new has uploaded.
The dog floating on the water was rescued in Kesennuma a few days ago.
The news was broadcasted at the refuge in Kesennuma and the owner found it and he offered the dog might be his.
Finally the female dog met the owner and she will be taken care of warmly.
The press reports that she was really showing her joy shaking her tails happily.
I'm very relieved to hear that.

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A symbol of the disaster the only pine tree

A single pine tree is pictured near the coast of quake- and tsunami-devastated Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, on March 25, 2011. The area was well-known for its beautiful pine trees, which were all knocked down by the powerful tsunami on March 11, except this one. (Mainichi)

The ruins are being removed and cleaner than before and the solo standing tree is significant memory of the deadly disaster.
This tree is one of the 70,000 pine trees and it only has been survived.
The city of Rikuzentakata is to assign it the city memorial tree.
It will be an unforgettable tough incident but need to keep it in the history.

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Power of music

This song 'Hey 和' is written to promote peace and happiness in your mind with human love by Kitagawa, one of the Japanese duo of 'Yuzu'.
He released it on January this year almost two months before the disaster.
But it really helps to remedy the lost and hurt.
We are all on the same planet, given birth and share the life.
As long as we are on the same boat, we can help each other thinking what I can do for you.


A dog on the float rescued after three weeks

It's amazing and good news!
A dog on the float on the water was found and saved after the disaster!
Wishing the dog would be treated well and warmly and taken care of by the owner soon.

A dog rescued on the float


Ex English teacher came back to treat as a doctor

N. Stuart Harris, a doctor at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital and former English teacher, rushed to Kesennuma for a five-day volunteer relief trip.

The wilderness medicine specialist first went to Japan in 1989 to teach English on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program in Iwaizumi, a small fishing town on the Pacific coast of Iwate Prefecture, north of Kesennuma.

Reaching Kesennuma by the next morning, he began assisting those who sustained injuries in the earthquake and tsunami.

The Medical College of Virginia graduate worked with local nurses at community centers, a junior high school gymnasium, a Buddhist temple and at any place people gathered in temporary shelters, waiting for aid. His team members treated a total of more than 1,000 people during their stay.

An American doctor's goodwill