Good-bye and Hello

The end of the year 2015 today, I say good-by and hello for the next year 2016.
It's said it's been dog year or mouse year in recent occasion in the 21 Century because of rapid technology development and advanced communication. The world has got a small one like light going through.
But human life has not reached to ultimate completion. The rich and poor, hate and love, peace and war, fair and unfair and so on.....there are differences around the world.

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one
"Imagine" by John Lennon

This song always reminds me of my mind set, always start from this. Thank you for all this year.
Thank you every one for the goodwill. See you soon!


The Eve of the end of year

It's really warmer than usual year end.
It alarms "hot winter" in the world because of terrible El Niño.
We're worried about extreme amount of snow fall after the strange weather in winter.
I hope normal and mild weather not having abnormal and unexpected phenomenon.
Every one, be sure for the worst and take care of yourself but enjoy life each time.
Warm winter


Final check list

There is an sample menu list for osechi. I'm not so eager to cook osechi but some kinds of those which are easy and healthy. I usually cook "osubae", "nishime", "gomane", "kuromame" and "kurikinton". I'd like to check and arrange kazunoko and roast meat( beef or pork or chicken not sure yet).
Anyway I don't want to go to the market so often every day.
I can't make kobumaki, sudako and narutomaki so I'll go to buy them.
Let's check!
Final check list


Wise to survive

Crows are often seen here and there in Japan. They are adjusting to town life to hunt garbages even if lacking natural food recently.
They are sometimes noisy and annoying for us because of their outlooking and arrogant behaviors to drive other small birds away.
But you know they are so smart that they can survive more than other creatures. For example they can make use of tools to catch food. It's unique when they want to eat walnuts they let walnuts to put on the road and hit by a car. So the crushed walnuts can be eaten easily! So cool!
Not only in Japan but also in New Caledonia they are found to survive so smart. The report says the New Caledonian crows can use tools to catch food and never give up to survive. It's owe some.
Wise to survive


Useful video 2

When you go on a trip by air you need to check which you can take in the bag.
I remember at the baggage check that alarm noticed in my bag.
They banned my a small scissor to cut eyebrows. It was not allowed to take in the bag but I should have put it into the check in baggage. It was too late!
Fortunately I could get it at the destination airport.
I'll never forget it.
Everyone be careful and check your carry-on baggage.
What is OK to take?


Useful video

It's a useful video for busy daily life recently.
Cooking everyday recipes especially around New Year holidays.
If you are bored special food in New Year you can refer to this site.
It may help you.
Useful video


A small charity

It's a great project that you can donate small and give charity for the people who needs help.
For the new year greeting cards which couldn't be sent of failure can be helpful.
If you don't get refund of them you can give charity instead.
It'll be a small gift but help a lot.


Freeze and stock

It's so useful to keep food economically.
I can't use it all of the stuff of vegetables. Leftovers are sometimes thrown away so I hesitate to buy whole things.
It's getting smaller of family size with a couple or a single. It's no need to buy a lot.
It's very useful to freeze and keep leftovers even for vegetables.
Homemade freezing requires a big freezer....it's another problem/;_;\
Freezing stuff


Citron in the bathtub

It was winter solstice yesterday.
On the day we have a habit to eat pumpkin and take a bath with citrons.
I was hoping to get citron bath at the public bath in my neighborhood. It's very popular and busy among bath lovers especially full on the weekend. It's almost occupied and no empty locker.
I guessed it would be crowded because of many people rushing to take citron bath.
Then I decided to make my citron bath at home. There was a set of three citrons package for the citron bath at the supermarket. I bought it and enjoyed my own citron bath.
It costs ¥198 (excluded tax), while the public path fee is ¥420(actually I have tickets ten for ¥3880)
Anyway I finally saved a little money and relaxed at home.


A blind cat Stevie

It's amazing that a man takes a walk for his cat to the mountain. And the more the cat is blind.
It's really incredible for a cat to be leaded by an owner.
Cats are not so faithful as dogs to put collar and lead on the neck.
But this blind cat obeys the owner and keeps in good company and taken for a walk.
It's so rare and interesting.
How wonderful their relationships!
A blind cat


Gorgeous mountain view

It was brilliant sunny and beautiful yesterday. It really seemed like a gift and so appreciated from the sky.
The great range of Mt.Tate was awesome.
My dear friend John sent me the gorgeous view and let it share with us. Thank you John for the great scene.


Weekend trip info

It's so interesting video which two press workers were searching articles on trip.
It was very amusing and delicious one even for seniors.
It seems one of the compact and one day trip in there just like ours having trotter to the Mt.Tate, Unazuki or going cruise on the bay areas.
There're a lot of nature and healing spots in the local areas in Japan.
Having a fun trip


Weekend short poem: the year end

I've noticed some year-end funny short poems and edited them into English.
I hope you can enjoy and share them.

1. "I hope you have a Happy New Year" here and there hear and say

2. Let us start to change "sigh" to "deep breath" for the new year

3. Often see "black cats running in the town" in December

4. Reading books piled up in this year end

5. Clear and clean nothing left dust nor money


Topic about pain

I've been having pain from the right arm, next to right shoulder and finally the left lower back for more than two months.
I had treatments from a bonesetter and a physician(pain clinic). I don't know which is better but I've known that I needed moderate exercise and care for my affected parts.
I've tried to make exercises regularly and felt like pain gradually fainted.
So what's happening?
I heard " Brain's false memory" for pain. Once your brain had a pain it would memorize the pain and wind up until it comes to end.
I'm learning about my brain offends and battles with pain to care myself.
I'm very surprised how much self-defense system is working.
I appreciate for my brain and body.
I would not cause pain to myself.
Pain 1

Pain 2

Pain 3


A strange hotel

I watched a funny topic about a strange hotel. It's just the "Strange Hotel" at Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki.
It says hotel staffs are robots, front receptionists or porters.
They are very unique and new management as well as a good cost performance.
Do you want to stay there?
A strange hotel
A strange hotel 2


Weather forecast

It's reported that for two weeks forward to the end of the year.
As normal winter the Northwest Pacific Ocean area will be snowy and the Pacific Ocean area will be fine. So we will not able to see the full moon on Christmas Eve.
We have a lot of differences in Japan such a small island but various cultures in our country.
I hate coldness because it's inconvenient to do things, coldness brings bad condition for the health and depression. That's why I'd like to move to the warm country in winter. Though the warm place has some other problems such as big insects, virus and tropical monsoon.
We have cold winter for a reason to refresh the land and expect the renewal products in spring. We can share the good effect from the severe nature.....so I never complain just appreciate for it even the cold weather.
Weather forecast for the Christmas season


New Year's greeting card

I'm getting tired sending New Year's greeting cards for years.
So it's going to decrease both getting cards as well as sending.
Nowadays....I'm being lazy until just after NewYear when I've got cards. So I only reply only which I get. It's the least energy and politeness for me.
I know keeping in touch with people who I can't see so often is very worthy via New Year's card but I already knew some important addresses in my phone and can contact with them if I should.
I'm just off road from the formal regulation. I'm be off traditional standard. Is it lazy?
New Year's greeting card


Full moon on Christmas Eve '15

It's reported on Christmas Eve this year would be full moon.
I'm not sure whether the night of Christmas Eve would be fine and visible or not.
Today Is already in the middle of December is very special for us, which is the last month of the year, the busiest one and resolute for next year as well as result of the passed year.
I hope we'll be happy at the end of the year and welcome the new year soon.
Christmas Eve full moon
Full moon on Christmas Eve


Weekend topic

The movie which was released two years ago " Seeing Piccolos' mother" was very heart warming.
I had looking forward to seeing it on the roadshow but it didn't realize in my area unfortunately.
I could finally watch it on Netflix I try to subscribe.
There are human love and pathos between the aged mother and son facing aged problem. But the main theme is " It's not so bad aging and going senile." In this movie.
It has also a beautiful song in the movie. " Kasumiji ", it means for
invisible and vague path to go as getting old.
Anyway we are not afraid of getting old as long as having gentle and peaceful mind so far so long.....is it true?
The Piccolos



Aging problems

It's reported that research for old cats are mostly infected by Alzheimer's disease which causes dementia just like in human.
Aging problems happen not only in the parts of body but in the brain, which is more often and serious than ever.
As the longevity of life is getting longer and longer both of animals and humans, it's a bit sad to think about how life would be.
I hope life would be healthy of body and brain in balance as long as being alive. Let the time of our life be precious to the end.
Aging problems


Working animals

There are 7 kinds of animals working for the international Airport.
The first one is a therapy dog at the Los Angeles airport.
The second is at the Manchester Airport a mascot cat is loved by the people.
Third is the falcon which works threatening other birds to invade the air in the U.S.
The fourth is the goats, which are being trial to use in Portland as cleaning the landscape by eating grasses. There is no need to use chemicals to die the land.
The fifth at the Portland international Airport to use llamas: The bodyguards for goats from coyotes.
The sixth is the mice at Amsterdam; The security agents for the explosive system sensor because they have an excellent sense of smell, are easy to train and are small, hence easy to transport.
The seventh animal worker is the bees;The anti-drug wardens.
Researchers from Germany's University of Giessen found that honeybees could be trained to detect drugs.
Those 7 kinds of helping creatures are working with effective and also cost-effective!
Working animals at the airport


Parents worry

Every parent wants children to grow well and happy to get old.
I was asked by a young mother who has lower teenagers if she allows them having a smartphone which they really want.
As a parent she worries about her daughter might get into trouble because a smartphone would cause problems as well as convenient and useful effects.
I remember when my daughter was a junior high school student she wanted a cellphone. I couldn't accept her desire easily at once but took time for two years.
It's very tough to persuade young children how parents worry about.
I can understand how hard adults make effort to show their honesty and love.
The most important is having good relationship in a family.
I'm sure using the device rightly and control the safeguard by a parent would be better if you allow young children to use a smartphone.
Smartphone for children


Alarming for PM2.5

It's alarming for PM2.5 the highest level in Beijing.
It's so awful to be in such polluted place but we're also worried about the bad effect that polluted air PM2.5 come into the air above us.
We need to be careful for wearing masks or drying the clothes inside.

PM2.5 forecast


Giving name

I've often heard of "kirakira name " as recent baby name. It's not like old ones ○○子 or ○○郎.
What's Kirakira name ?
Then what about kirakira?
Kirakira name list
But I've known the "shiwashiwa name" for the first time.
What's that?
You'll know how hard to name for babies.
Kirakira or Shiwashiwa?


Bird sanctuary

I walked to the park with my dog yesterday. When I saw the canal a lot of birds warbling and having on the water. But I found something strange.
I used to see some kinds of ducks familiar to me but this time very different kind. They are black and grey body but face and beak are white. I've never seen these before. And the more, as I observed them they dove into the water and caught food in the water.
I thought them cormorants first but they didn't look so large as cormorants.
I searched on the internet immediately and found out what they are!
They are coots which are immigrant from China.
I'm anxious where the regular winter birds have gone.
Are they kicked out by the new invaders?

The coot



I was informed at the mobile phone counter that they will offer the electric energy next year.
So it'll be more economical to use the same electricity career as the phone. It doesn't need any material options nor settings but just the document sign up.
I'm not sure it will be helpful for me but hopefully the amount of payment of both electricity and mobile phone would be lower than now.

Energy change


Coffee with strange topping

It's familiar "morning service with toast and boiled egg" by Komeda coffee. "Shironowarl" Topping soft ice cream on Danish bread is also one of its top menu as well as popular red bean paste.
This time new taste coffee will be released "coffee with red beans paste".
I don't really want it but it would be new coffee taste drink like Japanese Cafe-An.
It's so challenging to attract customers but I like the original deep and strong coffee.
Why don't you try the new taste?
Coffee with sweet & bitter red bean paste


When you catch a cold

It's s very important issue how to avoid catching a cold.
I've often caught a cold when I got up and found myself in a bad condition having sneeze or sore throat. It was when I young but not so healthy at all. I had been having a cold every season and taking medicine a lot.
Fortunately I'm not so often catching a cold recently. That's why I'm careful and eating good food to warm myself.
I try to use vinegar, ginger and onion more than salt and sugar.
I'd rather drink hot than cold.
It's very useful to be strong and effective for defense system.
I'm sure having different problems from the younger days.....
When you catch a cold


Useful expression

It's very interesting and useful to read this article for the English learners.
The first step to learn language is to know and use different expression as it is.
You can enjoy and learn the communicative expressions easily.


How to treat with straight neck

Have you heard of "straight neck"?
I was diagnosed as straight neck from the X-ray picture.
You know I had having problem with my elbow first and next shoulder and upper back having pain.
Yesterday I went to see the physician if I needed medical treatment, he found my neck problem. He just advised me not to have tension when I go to sleep and gave prescription of relaxant to avoid sleepless from the pain.
So all I need is to have my self-treatment such as training to strengthen my muscle.
Thanks to the Internet, it's good for me to search for the key word of "straight neck" on the net. It will be useful for me to learn to treat by myself now.
Straight neck


Self-health check

It's publicly casting on the web page that Takeda pharmacy supports for the self-health check.
Do you think it very helpful ?
I'm wondering how my bad condition might need to be cared.
To see doctors is the last thing for me and I like to do self-check before having medical care.
What about you?
Anyway the first thing is not having cold and stay warm when it comes cold winter.
Takeda Web page


Every dog has his day

It was gloomy Sunday morning but began to be bright around the moon. I started to walk to the downtown and enjoyed to find something new.
I tried to find the good place to rest and eat going around the town.
When I went up to the round way to the station, happened to find a small pretty shop door with crepe decoration photos.
As I was too hungry and can't wait to go into the crepe shop.
I first ordered tuna & bacon not sweet but good for lunch. It was so nice to eat for a light meal.
I wanted to eat more and sweet one, berry & cream cheese cake.
It was also good for dessert.
The tapioca and coconut milk was also great to be like in the tropical land.
I really enjoyed on Sunday afternoon.



What day is it today?
I've noticed today is " meat day " because it's pronounced "iiniku"...in Japanese that means good day for meat.
There are lots of meat bargain sale in the supermarkets and restaurants serving meat dishes, especially yakiniku restaurants.
It's only one of the pleasures to enjoy life such as cake for Christmas, giving chocolate at Valentine's Day.
So if you like meat you can eat meat to your heart content today.
I'm not so favor of meat recently as getting old so I'd better eat fish meat instead.....I ate pork block in the stew pot last night. I don't want to eat meat every day.
How do you like to eat meat dish today?


Rainbow at 2:00 o'clock

It's reported the first snow in some areas in Japan yesterday.
I noticed sleet dropping on the front glass of my car when I went on my way to work.
It was cold rain during the morning but sometime sunlight came in and out through the breaks of the cloud.
I happened to see a part of arch of the rainbow on my way back home around 2:00 o'clock.
It's "Rainbow at 2:00", it means "gogo Niji no Niji" I was very glad to catch the lucky moment before winter.


Special week

There were annual speech contest last night. 13 contestants at TCFL Senshu course gave great speech about each different topic. The three from my class made entry and had passionate works.
Ms.Murai spoke tenderly and elegantly about her special decent moss garden which relieves annoying from her.
Mr.Shoji gave his speech about his final stage of Toyama Marathon. He's devoted his life in the marathon not only in all Japan but also in the world wide more than 13 countries. He made his mind to enclose his marathon life but decide to keep supporting for the marathon.
Ms.Koshihama made her life work painting experience and great work and talked about her decisive art observation.
They are all worth getting applause and admiration for their good life.
Thank you for the effort and encouragement.


Sakekasu recipe

Last night " Tameshite gatten" specialized Sakekasu, which is traditional recipe in Japan. It was first produced at the ancient era in Nara. " Naraduke" is one of the famous local preserved products from Nara now. They have more than 10 year-old Naraduke.
It seems very interesting.
The program introduced to make home Kasuduke such as "my Kasudoko" which is self produced Kasuduke with anything you want.
After watching tv I really want to taste " Gatten Maro" whose ingredient is mashumaro in Sakekasu for a few hours.
It's said a new taste and not so sweet cake.
Does anyone try it?


Mos Gee Bah

Did you know "Mos Gee Bah"?
I've heard of it last night on TV report about lack of workers among restaurants in Japan recently and it'll be worse year by year in the future deadly problems.
It reported one of the solutions at a fast food chain shop, they adopt senior aged person in short period of time and make good shift in a week.Though the aged people don't work too long but they can share working of their spare time.
It's been a good reputation because the veterans can give good service to customers even they sometimes forget orders....LOL
Anyway we can make effort to solve the problems in front of us.

Mos Gee Bah


Taste of bread

Long weekend is over. I had good rest and self care days during the day off. My pain in my arm and shoulder as well as upper back is almost gone. I think it was because of fever I didn't notice well.
I finally made myself cure without medicine! But I tried to see the bonesetter and had taping in my pain.
I also tie my elbow with armband to remove the pain. It's so helpful.
So I order supporter to defend the elbow so far....
Anyway after painless I feel like getting hungry. My appetite sees some taste. It's a taste of bread to have different stuffs.
It attracts me a lot! I'd like to make it soon.
Stuffed French bread


Two meanings of "Soba"

There is an interesting advertising to show the direction of the bank at the subway station.
It describes that "Soba" means nearby and soba noodle for the foreigners. It might be a little complicated to them.
Two meaning of "Soba"


What is Black Friday?

It's often seen Those key word "Black Friday". Did you know?

It's said after the Thanksgiving day on Thursday, people take day off next day on Friday. They can have long weekend.
Then shops give a big bargain sale. It is saying why Black Friday?
"Nobody's entirely sure, but most suggestions surround how businesses and retailers detail their finances. Many shops see the biggest profits of the year on Black Friday. Many businesses will detail their gains in black ink (and losses in red ink), hence the name."
What is Black Friday?


Fast cooking Pasta

I watched a regular weekly program "Sawako no Asa " on Saturday. This is Sawako talks to
the different guest every week.
Today's guest is Remi Hirano, who is famous as a cooking original arranger and food coordinator, I think. She herself says "a great lover of cooking".
It's so amazing to see the quick done pasta without boiling but very healthy and delicious.
I'd like to try soon!
It's very friendly for me to cook fast and good for healthy and tasteful.
Fast cooking pasta


Medical and nursing care rank

What about ranking of medical and nursing care in each area in Japan?
This is the whole map in all Japan according to the survey on medical and nursing care facility.
It's different between urban and local cities or big population and small ones.
I'm not sure whether this rate covers the rich life because cared long life is not always happy ending but healthy and lively life at home would be better.
Though as I get old I feel uneasy with my healthy status, I wish I could walk by myself until the end.
Medical & nursing care rank


Risk of heart disease

It's reported one of the way to avoid heart diseases.
According to Swedish study low sugar prevents to have heart failures.
Of course we know that taking daily can of sweet drink or spots drink make people obesity and diabetes easily . We've been much careful to focus on children or younger generation.
While this report tells for middle-aged and elderly men, so the results cannot be generalised to the overall population and both genders.
Anyway this is alarming for the sugary drink would be cautious to be taken for all generation.
Risk of heart disease


Helping each other

Here comes the season that apples are main fruits in these days.
We can taste delicious season gift gratefully.
I watched about the apple farmer to produce their fruits with so much effort and need lots of labors.
But it's been so hard do with them because being lack of workers.
Then great helpers are coming,
They are "marukobachi" a bit smaller than regular honey bee.
Farmers are taking care of marukobachi and in return they help farmers to work with apple flowers to give pollen instead of human powers.
What a clever idea! It's also Eco-friendly.
I thank to all of their efforts including marukobachi a lot.
Helping each other


Chinese cabbage recipes

It's good season to use lots of Chinese cabbage.
It reminds me of Japanese nabe cooking, sukiyaki or quick salt pickles and so on.
Recently I like to make the leftover for the using nabe, into sour pickles of Chinese cabbage.
It's really easy and healthy every meal.
These are the extended recipes of Chinese cabbage.
Please take them into your meal.
Chinese cabbage


Goromaru in Toyama

There's still much fever of the name "Goromaru". We are very proud of a Japanese new field hero in Rugby.
On the other hand, there's a different field named "Goromaru" in Toyama. It's been a traditional Japanese sweet long-established shop.
It produces new type of sweet by the young generation.
It's so interesting to hear that.
Hope to see Goromaru in Toyama, don't you?
Goromaru in Toyama


Mourn for tricolor light up

It's incredible like a nightmare occurred in Paris. More than 120 people were killed by the terrorist suicide bombing.
It reminds of 2001 tragedy in New York again.
We need to be corporate and make effort to solve the problems over the world. All the countries are facing to avoid and fight against the evil power.
We are being tested to be able to survive from the destruction by way of great humanitarian.
The US shows the mourns by enlightening tricolor on the building which was attacked and rebuilt. It's a kind of friendship in the same boat.

Lightening up with tricolor


Special harvest in late autumn

Dried persons which John and his wife made by themselves from the sour persimmons for more than two weeks are very delicious.
It's absolutely natural slow sweets, nothing is compared to the taste.
I'm very happy to eat it with green tea.
The other one is citron.
Julia enjoys taking citrons from her father's tree in the garden. After her father passed away it's been keeping giving fruits to her.
It's a special gift from her father every year.
The sour and fresh taste gives us great different flavor.
Thank you John and Julia for your great harvests.


Imperial dahlia

Though I'm caring and watching a small plant of imperial dahlia still short about 80cm with no blooming in my garden, I see the big plants of dahlia blooming in the neighborhood as every year.
I'm very sorry for my poor soil and environment. In the other hand, they are more than 2 meters tall and beautiful.
I'd like my garden with big blooms.


Candy tooth brush

It's reported a new type tooth brush called " Candy type toothbrush".
It's produced by a dentist who has been investigated oral and dental care to protect from the problems.
He tells brushing effect not only dental care but also keeping the beauty and health in the oral environment rubbing by the candy type ball opposite side of the brush.
It seems so interesting that I'd like to use it soon.
Candy toothbrush
An inventor Dr.Watanabe


What's for today ?

Today November 11 is special "1111" four No.1 arranging.
We seem to like to give the special meaning of the day.
This is a quiz from the old Japanese history. November 11 is said to be "day of folding paper" in Japanese "Origami no hi".
It's originated from the square. It's based on document in the ancient Japanese.
I like folding origami.
It's a good craft to make an easy enjoyment.
It's an old tradition but still a new good idea for fun.
Let's fold origami and have fun!


Developmental disability

It's reported as serious problems among adult business persons who need to work hard and survive in the marketing field.
As the world business is getting globalized and many kinds of technology and methods as well as high communication skill are needed in many aspects of the society.
Developmental disorder is ADHD, Asperger's syndrome or Autism.
There are not a few having problems after their career from the depressions.
We are caring and seeing it seriously and solve the problems for the mutual future.
Developmental disability


Costco review

I visited Costco in Japan for the first time.
I remember it was more than a decade ago when I visited Costco in California.
But I only knew that it was one of the supermarkets in the U.S. not so special but normal large size shopping store there.
Recently Japan has that American huge sizes supermarket like a store house and finally it has opened in Toyama.
I bought a membership and tried to shop in the weekend.
So there were not so much to me but something I got there.
I bought roasted chicken and whole grain bread which is the number1 seller.
They are very good but so much quantity so I kept them in the fridge for a week.
I can tell the merit of the roasted children for me because of my better condition. I used the bones off from children meat to make into soup. It's abundant of collagens. After I ate it, my arm which had pain gets to remove. It was a wonder for me but I know the collagen soup brings me good remedy result.
Thanks to collagen soup now.
I'd like to buy roasted chicken regularly.



I've ever ridden an ambulance when I was accompanied with my father in emergency. It's one of my worst memories in my life. I would never want that moment again.
Yesterday I had to follow the ambulance twice in the morning and the evening.
Sadako had a fever and heart shaking in the early morning and I was asked to follow her but I drove by myself after the ambulance. She got examination in the emergency room and finally the doctor sent me back home with her because the result was not so serious but with a little fever.
I took her to the senior apartment house and gave the message from the emergent doctor, it was 11:00am.
After a few hours, her home doctor saw Sadako and he decided to send her to the hospital again because her condition was getting worse and called 119. So I followed the ambulance again.
She stayed in the hospital for a night yesterday.
This morning when I see her she gets much better and looks fine not like yesterday.
She is telling to me
" Why am I here?"
" I don't remember anything about yesterday or anything about my family. Am I all alone without my siblings?"
When I ask her name she answers well but how old she is.... she knows maybe over fifty years old though she's actually 95 and a half year old.
And it's really interesting to hear that she met someone to come along with but she declined to go not then, because she felt sick and would go later when she gets well.
She remembered it and told me but soon she never knew what she said to me.
It's a kind of progression of dementia quickly. But she is a very lovely and cute lady.
I think she is blessed by her destiny so much.
It's because of her life by her own way of life.
I'm learning a lot from her.


"I chose Malala"

Malala Yausafzai is well known as the youngest Nobel Prize Award as well as a brave young girl who never stops to fight against Non-humanitarianism.
This report says her passion is made from her father's spirits a lot. But she tells herself
"My father only gave me the name Malalai. He didn't make me Malalai. I chose this life,".
I'm very impressed with the great relationship between father and daughter.
I also remember how much I'm given from my father.
I chose Malala


The weather

It's been sunny fine days for a week.
According to the weather news it'll start raining from tomorrow for a few days. I'm sure it'll be colder and colder after the chilly rain.
We can see the top of the mountains more covered with white snow now on.
I'm waiting for the imperial dahlia, which Jan gave me this spring.
But it doesn't seem to bloom even not seen any buds.
I wonder it will be soon cold and wet so much....I don't want them to miss the season.


Coffee as a new seasoning

I was watching "Tameshite gatten" on tv last night and very impressed with great use of coffee in different dishes. Among them I'm very interested in the way of using coffee as a bitter seasoning. Coffee has itself bitter taste but it makes food deeper and special taste such as "umami".
Actually I sometimes put coffee or chocolate into curry roux. Then it's said to be "secret ingredient".
I like to use more coffee as a secret flavor into other dishes.

A new seasoning


Japanese " Mansion " problems

It's been a big problem that Asahi Kasei Corp. then said one of its units had falsified data for foundation piles in condominiums.
It spreads all of their projects and now under investigation.
Actually I live in a over 30 year-old condominium and it was discovered some problems by degradation recently. So I had to pay for the interior parts even caused by outer walls which were responsible for the home owners association, we pay and manage fund by ourselves.
It costs me too much to maintain the old building later on.
But I think even the house would cost to maintain a lot if it took old, too. Nothing is forever as we are!
We can't take care of the cost in the future. Just focus on living now and so on.
Japanese condominium apartments


Fight chemical vegetable soup

It's getting colder and colder and good to eat something hot to warm yourself.
It's reported " Harvard style soup to prevent cancer".
It's a recipe of vegetable soup.
We already have great miso soup with some vegetables in it.
I'm very interested in tasting different kinds of vegetable soup every day in this cold season.
Fight chemical vegetable soup


Toyama Marathon 2015

It was really fine and beautiful yesterday for the first Toyama Marathon.
Though today is rainy and cold it was very lucky yesterday!
I'm very relieved the weather did the great job and gave us pleasant gift yesterday only one day "sun day".
We can't control the weather but it naturally smiles to us by chance.
But even if it would not be blessed with good weather I won't claim any time because I had great gift so much ever.
There is happiness where is appreciation.
Toyama Marathon 2015


The first Toyama Marathon

Today it's going to start the Toyama Marathon at 9:00 am soon.
It's said more about12,000 people entry to run from 47 prefectures in Japan and from overseas, too.
One of my friends joins from Hiroshima.
I'm glad the good weather is blessing the event today!
I hope they can enjoy beautiful scenery and great nature as well as good running.
The first Toyama Marathon
Live report

Just starting from the gate!


Dining at home

I planed to cook pizza for lunch with a friend to help me from the strong flour and made topping with what I have in the fridge.
I had bought strong flour for baking bread or something fermented.
But I didn't use it yet. So I search for the easy recipe on the cook pad. It taught me great idea and started to cook at once.
You need only to scramble strong flour with some sugar, a bit salt, baking powder or dried east and olive oil adding 80C hot water depends on the quantity of flour. I made it each 300g, 4 small spoons, twice pinches, 6g, 4 small spoons and 400g.
You don't have to ferment it just knead until making two smooth ball. Each ball to make into flat thin sheet by hands not using stick, having bank on the edge.( as the recipe said)
Then put on tomato sauce and shredded cheese. Finally topping with anything you want.
I made topping with hashed beef and potato, shimeji mushroom, paprika, green pepper and olive.
It took me only 20 minutes but another 30 minutes are needed to burn in the oven.
Late in the afternoon almost 2:00 we started to eat home made pizza lunch.
It was crispy and very tasteful.
I can't buy or order any pizza any more! Nothing is more delicious than dining at home ....I felt it yesterday but not sure after tomorrow.

Today is Halloween from the western culture. I'm not having any event but cooking pumpkin in the fridge today.
Eating pumpkin is good for your health in this season to avoid sickness as well as in Japan eating pumpkins on the winter day, December 22th this year.
I love pumpkin, trick or treat?


Dental infections

It was two months ago when my pet dog Marie had a swelling under her right eye. It was getting bigger and bigger day by day and couldn't wait for the day of the next appointment.
The vet immediately saw my dog and gave medicine to treat it. It was periodontal disease extended by gum disease for several years. She had to pull her teeth a few years ago because of the gum disease. I needed to brush her gum every moment after meals but it was impossible to do brushing regularly but for the occasions.
Suddenly she got sick from her oldness or weakness of immune system because oral germs are always existing in the mouth.
She has been cared by taking pills and cured right now. But I need to brush her gum to clean her mouth every day very hard.
Maintaining good condition in the oral health should be needed by brushing gums and removing the resting food between the teeth.

By the way I've got a book from my senior of the university. Her husband has published the book " Dental infections" and sent books to her dear friends to let us know not only the dental diseases but also effected diseases caused by periodontal diseases.
Her husband is a dentist and own a clinic for a long time.
Now he announces that some sort of chronicle diseases might be caused by dental infections.
That's what happened to my dog, too. The vet warned if the syndrome would be ignored it would have caused other serious diseases, for example heart shocking or lung problems. It would of course happen to human, too.
I really understand well and learned a lot from his book.
I would take care of the dental check more carefully.
Dental infections by Dr.Nakajima


The right man in the right place

It's not talking about a man but a wild pig.
It's said to be found on the mountains at the height of 2,600 meters level at the Mt. Alps behind the Mt. Tate.
It seems incredible that such a wild pig should lives in that place because wild pigs would live in the outside of the villages next to the human residence. They might not be able to find anything to eat and moved to the warm higher environment for the food.
It's alarming that the new invader might destroy the ecosystems of the sacred mountain ecology.
But thinking about us.....human life is more harmful than any other creatures.
Where is a right place?


New version up so frequently

It's been five times version up since iOS 9 had been released. It's so amazing frequency of alarming version up.
Actually I didn't install the quick version up of 9 and 9.01 for a while because I was cautious about new OS wouldn't work well.
But soon the third version up released for 9.02 last two weeks before. But it made me much problems. I had been suffering from the problems happened to my iPhone, which couldn't backup or couldn't sending and getting emails on 4G.
I asked for Apple and au support many times but not mended perfectly. At last I made the final way to make formatting the iPhone and set up from the beginning without using backup datas as it might had been something bugs in the backup datas in my cloud.
I started with a new iPhone setup by myself again from last week.
During those sessions two more versions up had been released, iOS9.1 and now announced 9.2.
It's so worrisome and annoying for me to catch up with the new versions so often.
Why Apple should release version-up so frequently?


WHO report

It's announced that processed meat such as hot dogs, ham and bacon raises the risk of colon cancer and that consuming other red meats “probably” raises the risk as well. But the increase in risk is so slight that experts said most people should not be overly worried about it.
I don't usually eat meat so often but twice or three times a week. I try to eat more fish and vegetables more often because of my condition is much better than eating meat. So I understand what its report saying and don't want to eat especially processed food never often so much so on.
WHO report


Twilight in autumn

I was walking along the riverside seeing the orange sky at the end of sunset and "susuki" typical autumn plant.
It's not special nor impressing view but ordinarily just a shot of a twilight scene. I don't know why I put it up.....I notice a bird and white moon in the sky.
Now I appreciate for this beautiful morning that the last evening brings here.
Every day never stops passing me and my memories fast disappear in my mind as time goes by.
But I'll never forget the dim dark twilight before the sunny bright day.


Weekend quiz

Fill in the blanks.

1. I'm starving. ( ) I see a menu? [ at the restaurant ]

2. I tell you the address. Please ( ) to this place. [ in the taxi ]

3. Thank you for the order. Is this ( ) here or to go? [ at the cafe ]

4. I was lack of sleep last night. I'm going to be ( ).

5. I heard you went around the world cruise. ( ) was your trip?

The answer is
1. Could or can
2. go
3. for
4. sick
5. How


Autumn special sweets

Here are bitter kind of persimmon given by Mr.Muir yesterday.
I tried to make them dry outside in the veranda. John advised me to hung them for more than a week.
They will be sweeter and sweeter as time takes.
I'm looking foreword and wait for the good occasion patiently.
Other sweet persimmons by Jan and John are really tasty to eat.
I ate them to share with friends so happy. Thank you for giving us good harvests!


A trivia today

When I can't find any good topics to share on this blog, I try to chat with friends and chat for a while and get some hints.
Today I've got an idea to make a question. This is easy and funny.
Here it is.

"We have two companies in Japan. They King and Prince. But Prince is much older than King.
What are they?"

It's a very trivial and nothing special question.


Amazing hero's motivation

It's Kohei Uchimura a Japanese gymnastic champion make a great decision.
He has an amazing motivation for Tokyo Olympic in 2020.
His great effort to get to Tokyo Olympic will make a lot of next generation to join the historical event.
We're very proud of Japanese hero.
Hero's motivation


Season food

I've got a message from Cookpad about some new recipes to cook.
One of them is the easiest and fast cooking one.
I love to cook it soon...may be tonight.
Let you know the one.
It's radish steak with soy sauce.
It's popular cooking radish such as "buridaikon" or "oden" and "nishime". They are very precious slow food in Japan.
But I sometimes prefer fast and low cost cooking. So this is very attractive for me.
Let's get radish.


Lack of storage

There is 5G free storage in iCloud. I've been having iPhone for 6 years and having had 6 devices including 2iPad and 1 MacBook Pro. This time iCloud has announced "lack of free storage" more than 5G since updated 9.02.
I checked into the storage in the iCloud and found the all unused app back up and nearly 3,000 photos including videos in it.
I immediately had to set them clear before buying extra storage.
But during doing another problem happened. The carrier exist mobile mail can't work under LTE
but only work through Wifi.
I have to work to get support very often on the phone.
It's very wasteful and fatigued work for me.
Mobile cloud is very convenient and helpful but it also has a lot of risk and costly. You should know it.


Autumn scene

On the weekend I was hiking the suburb village and found some familiar scenes as usual in this season.
As I introduced this blog last year, they are found between the trees to hunt food.
They are "jorougumo" like devil spiders but not so dangerous as "seakagojegumo".
Then the colored leaves are getting to be seen here and their as regular Autumn.
It's one of my therapy in my eyes.


In danger by aliens

It's so serious problems invaders which came from overseas " Tsumaaka suzumebachi" has reached to Kyushu in Japan.
We are very in danger for the native creatures because they may expel all other native bees such as honey bees or hive bees.
And the more, Tsumaaka suzumebachi is very harmful for us too. Their poison easily kills our life. We are very careful and avoid their coming into the mainland.
I really want their enemy would come and cease to exist from Japan.
Attacked by aliens


Developing sushi in urban

This is challenging sushi dish in the urban, which is supposed to aim to the international dish from Japan.
I think it a kind of art food and beautiful dish as well as good taste.
I expect it will be in the local town.
Artful sushi with wine


What's My Number?

It'll be mailed to each home from the government soon.
What's My Number?
According to Pakkun's blog, United States took it earlier called " Social Security Number " and there are many profits as well as not a few crimes.
We are not knowing what will cause us.
I really hope that SSN would not be SIN( Social Insecurity Number).
What's My Number?


Happy 11 months

It was the 11 months old birthday yesterday. Jace is now perfectly walking by himself.
It's really amazing.
He grows so fast and I can't catch up with his rapid developing.
I'm afraid I'm getting old such fast.
I'd rather like slow life as possible.
Happy 11 months old Jace


Awesome communication

Imagine if you lost words or no useful languages, what will you do?
This twin babies have great communication without words but "tatatatata".
They seem to understand each other by their own tool.
It makes me great laugh and think something good feeling.
We might communicate without languages but mutual understanding by using special signs. It's very funny.
Babies talk


Love for Japan

The program of NHK special "My love for Japan with great Japanese novelists by Donald Keene" was very impressive for me.
I've known him very well since he had moved to Japan and decided to be a Japanese at his age 89 because of 3.11 in 2011. Many foreigners gave their life away from Japan but he barely came to Japan and lived forever in the rest of his life.
He is now 93-year-old and trying to make efforts to translate Japanese great literature into English because he really loves Japanese culture and wants to let the world know the virtue and the beauty of real Japan.
I'm really moved with his amazing passion as a Japanese! He is as it were more like a Japanese than anyone else.
What's the really beauty of Japan by Donald Keene


Holiday quiz 2

Two people are talking about family. Guess what Billy's saying.

Abbie; Hi, Billy.
Do you have any siblings?
Billy; I have a sister.
But my sister is my mother.

P.S. This quiz can't be solved by English meaning but by Japanese translation.

My sister is WAGA MAMA.
It's my mother.


Holiday quiz 1

Please relax and have fun on two days holiday.
I'll give you a funny quiz.
Hope to enjoy it.

Two tomatoes are playing tag. One is Tom and the other is Tommy, Tom is chasing to Tommy and catches up to her.
Then they crush and something happens.
What's it?



On my way to walk with my dog Marie, she likes to make friends with something she is interested in the neighborhood.
Yesterday she noticed a cat in front of the someone's house. She really wanted to close to the cat with shaking her tails. Usually cats immediately ran away when Marie tried to close to them and making voice of her friendly heart not the barking one. But this cat didn't run and kept staying lying there.
Marie kept shaking friendly tail until I tied the lead to stop approaching to the cat.
They were meeting for a while apart from one meter.
I didn't want to disturb the cat so I let Marie take going away from there.
I wish Marie had a good friend to meet regularly on her way to walk.


Autumn sweets

Chestnuts given from friend's garden are very precious.
I peeled outside and left inside.
Then I cooked them in sweet.
It's a wonderful home made sweet, special in Autumn.


Autumn fly

I saw dragonflies a lot in my garden. They are a symbol of autumn. We call them " Autumn fly " or " Autumn red " in Japanese.
They are often sung by children's songs.
I happened to see one in the morning. It didn't quickly move then because it was not so warm yet. So I finally succeeded to catch it in my photo. But never could the second shot.
It flew away after the first shot.

This photo is taken by Mr.Muir.
Red dragonfly


Art & Nature yesterday

It was the final day of arranged flower exhibition yesterday.
I went out to the art exhibition by waking along the riverside.
It was such a fine day to take a walk and found some beautiful things.
I saw hydrangea as if it were smiling to me in this different season. I wondered what was happening. But it made me smile to them, too.
Then, there were a pair of ducks swimming on the stream very cheerfully. They seemed enjoying warm sunshine and cool water.
I also enjoyed bright sunlight and gentle breeze. Finally I met a lot of gorgeous masterpieces of flower arrangement.
I got both art and natural beauty yesterday.


Eddie Japan

Go on Japan Way!
Japanese cares about "No mistake" too much but he says "We learn from the mistakes so we should make mistakes."
It's very impressive how Eddie Jones leads Japan "Sun Wolves".

NHK professional archives


Small color

It was the early color beginning in the southern west of Toyama city.
It's weak red orange because of the difference of the temperature between day and night. It might be 10 degrees difference, day time was around 20C and night was around 10C.


Burning plants

I saw impressive burning red plants in the garden of a restaurant.
I asked the owner what's it called.
She said it's "Kokia" which was first green and after summer it turns red or pink very beautifully.
I'd like to plant it next year.


What's a " Collective House"?

It's very unique and new life style recently.
I've heard a " Share House", which is very popular among young people in Tokyo who lives alone and work very busy every day. So they don't feel lonely and help each other if they live in the share house at home.
But this is not a share house but similar to it because of having share space such as living room and kitchen but not only for single life but also a small family with babies. It's amazing people living there are from 0 to 89 years old and each have their each role to help each other.
It's said that there is " a lot of relationships " but no more
" isolated society ". I think it so meaningful.
What's a "Collective House"?


The promise in a life

It was yesterday the Hikiyama festival in the port town in Imizu.
A movie named " The promise in a life" will be released early in next year, which was located in the area of Hikiyama festival.
I'm very interested in it and looking foreword to watching for the good casts and beautiful location in our familiar places.
The promise in a life


It's October, what's new?

Today is the first day in October. Not a few new things begin from now.
Do you know what will be and make us happen?
The biggest one is "My number".
I'm not sure of the good effect yet but the bad one would be the security of it.
There are always two sides bright and dark sides. Our life would be more systematic and convenient but we should be careful for our secure life, safer and confident.

Sorry....I have no special topic today.

It's October


Jace a toddler

It's Jace for 10 months and 2weeks. He starts to toddle.
He can't be taken eyes off because easy to fall down.
I'm sure he'll be good at walking day by day.

Jace a toddler


Do you know "Sakura neko"?

It's an article "Sakura neko". It means stray cats and let them give sterilization not have to give birth babies any more. Abandoned or stray cats increase if they don't finish that operation.
It's a problem to kill them being increased.
It's a pretty sign with each ear cutting Sakura mark.
I've never seen such mark on it.
I hope it will be promoted and stop the killing kitties.
Do you know "Sakura neko"?


Before the super moon

It was after 5:40 pm when the full moon appeared from the clouds in the east sky. I was waiting for the full moon rising just before the sunset in the park.
It was more beautiful than I had expected.
The night before super moon
Super moon in the world


Weekend topic

It's a small and lovely crew cat in Toyama New Port.
Her name is Mie and loved by every one as well as tourists.
A lovely cat

17:40 full moon appears!


Wise quote

"Nature never deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

It's very golden and inspired word to make me assured.
We can't avoid anything what will happen in the great nature but it should be.
I really respect great nature and protect as it is. So I easily get along with the nature near me.
We should know we are only a part of nature as well as lots of creatures.

In harmony with nature
Sunshine on the palms


Rainy blue

It had been great fine day for all the silver week but it got to drop rain fall after the holiday.
I remember the beautiful color in my photo album showing the short and top beauty.


The sea, the clouds and the mountain

In the silver week, ocean blue and the sky are beautifully reflecting on the mountain behind.
People are playing with the waves at the beach.
I was enjoying collecting stones which might contain jade but if not so doesn't matter because the shape of the stones are round and smooth. I like those of different color of stones. They seem to me like jewels.
And then I had a great holiday lunch near the seaside valley.
It was a very relaxing holiday.


Autumn taste 4

I made up "umeshu" and started to drink from this week.
But I don't want to waste the ume fruits left in the bottle.
Actually I threw them all of the leftovers (liquored ume) last year.
This time I tried to reuse them for my taste.
First I picked five pieces of ume and cleared alcohol in the microwave. I removed seeds from the fruits and cut into small pieces. Then I made miso and sesame powder mixed up into paste, and then get together with ume and into"ume miso ae"
I wonder how it could use for? I tried to eat on the cucumber. It's so much and tasty!
Next one is "ume jam".
I just boil some ume in a pan until boiled up and then put sugar into and kept boiling for more than 30 minutes. While boiling the ume I added some dried fruits such as plum and berries. It made it from dark green to red. So that makes mixed jam including ume, plum and berries.
It's more natural and sour than the commercial items.
I'm very satisfied with my taste from the leftovers.


In the latter half of Silver Week

It's in the latter half of Silver Week.
Many people move around not only in Japan but also overseas.
There are different ways to spend the week. Those who unfortunately met awful disasters have to spend hard life. I used to convince that every life should be equal, devised and given blessing but something misfortune makes me confused a lot. But I'm sure whatever happens we can make our life fulfilled until the end and find out the better satisfaction by ourselves.
This is an aspect of recent change of life. This topic is hard to solve but we can't help accepting it.
What do you think?
Hating marriage


Autumn taste 3

It's season for fresh fish and vegetable in the kitchen.
I like to eat out and drink with friends once for a few month.
These are some of the good food and drink recently.
Season sashimi fish such as buri, suzuki, tai, shorebirds and so on.
Cooked fish kajihata is also nice.
"nasu and sanma agetoro" is really tasty in this season.
I love autumn because good food and abundant of delicious taste.


Weekend quiz


1. That'll be (all).

2. Give me a ( ride).

3. How should I (put) it?

4. Let me (get) ready.

5. (Hang) in there.
Weekend quiz


Autumn taste2

The second menu is fried chestnuts. It's special and season food this time.
It's very simple and natural flavor.


Autumn taste 1

I was given lots of persimmon from a friend in the garden. They are almost matured enough to be eaten quickly. I chose some of them and made into persimmon jam.
It's useful for topping into yogurt or tea. I can taste special autumn taste and introduce it first.


The super moon

It's reported that the super moon this year will be the fourth Sunday night on 27th after the silver week, 10 days forward.
I hope the day will be clear fine so as to see the super moon.
The super moon


A lucky wan!

It's been a week since the devastating down pour and the refugees from the disaster.
It was a good news no other victims in the list which were missing.
Among it there was a heart warming topic here.
A brave man saved a drowning dog in the stream in front of his house. The dog was rescued and taken care of by the warm hand and finally returned to the owner's.
It was really a tiny but good news.
A lucky saved dog


National census

Every 5 year there is all National census in Japan.
This year they offer an Internet reply. It's being advertising now on TV.
I knew it and made it on Internet at once.
It took me only several minutes and easy.
I think it very convenient and effective for low cost because of not using man power to get back.


A dreadful nightmare

Suppose the river Arakawa were destroyed by the unprecedented downpour what would happen in the central metropolitan Tokyo.
This is the dreadful nightmare but it might be unless the cautious protection and secure provision should be done.
It happened that east Japan enormous flood disaster unexpectedly. It was an awful devastating.
They say it may happen in everywhere in Japan. I'm really worried but we need to learn from the bad experience and seek for better life.
A dreadful nightmare


Weekend quiz

1. He is in the ( prime ) of his life.

2. I'm having wheels ( replaced ).

3. One thing's ( for ) sure.

4. What's it ( going ) for.

5. She called ( in ) sick.
Weekend quiz


What's in the bag?

A dog is walking having a plastic bag. Wondering what she had in her bag, it's clear!
Can you find what's inside the plastic bag?
A dog walking with a bag


An awful unprecedented downpour

It's an awful unprecedented downpour yesterday.
We can't take our eyes off on the horrible scene on TV.
Though we are in the safe but very sorry and heart aching to see them in the disastrous area.
We know how powerless for the nature.
It's reported by English news.
A wife and husband waiting for the rescue with two dogs on the roof
Great rescue


A therapy dog

It's about a therapy dog which was called Baddy.
He was brought to an elementary school and spent with students.
He gave children a lot of pleasure and potential to be active at school. No student failed to come to school at last. Being with a dog affects the life of school children a lot. Thanks to Baddy school life gets joyful and happy. That's great.
Baddy saved children


An elegant flower

I planted the small plant of hydrangea which was brought up by the warm hands. It was made from a cutting tree by her and gave to me.
I will try to breed and let broom flower after next year or after next.
Thanking for the lovely heart which was in it.
I also found an elegant flower, very charming white in this season.
It's called "Tamasudare." I like this because of being simple and noble not so showy.
I can see colorful cosmos here and there. I also like their bright and pastel color.