Into the green

I went to the nature to bathe in the fresh air.
I took some good pictures with vivid color after the rain.
I give you a quiz here.
What is this picture?
Can you tell what it is?

Please join to answer my question freely.

The answer will be in the Japanese version in the evening.


Miniature house plant

I saw a pretty potted plant leaves in the waiting room at the clinic.
It was very small and cute even though no flowers but the leaves are colorful like rainbow leaf.
I knew rainbow colored leaves and grew it before. It's often used as a gift pot to celebrate opening shop or anniversary.
But this is not the same the shape of the rainbow leaf, wider and shorter.
I was wondering what it is.

Finally I found it out on the website.
House plants


Beauty competition

It was before yesterday that I watched beautiful hydrangeas here and there in my neighborhood while walking.
They are lovely and sweet color.
Each one has own beauty and nothing compares any more.
I can't go walk in the early morning today because of watching TV....
Cheering Japan Blue!


What a brave dog

Mego chan is six-year shiba dog.
She protected the 5-year kid from the bear which was attaching him.
Mego was said to keep barking and threatening the bear and made the bear run away.
What a brave dog


Hard life for the wild

I've been worried that I seldom saw swallows this year.
Once I saw twin swallows were exclaiming to the crow which might have attacked their nest and had stolen their eggs.
I found the egg crashed on the floor in the park.
I thought the swallows had hard life to raise their babies because of enemies and no safe place to nest any more recently.

Today I read the article about the survey of swallows.
It says that swallows are very difficult to live because there are less food, insects and worms in the earth.
I'm afraid such a destruction of the Eco System. It will not only harm wild life but also us!
Immigrant summer fellow swallows tell us very important thing.
Swallows life


Babies of fruits

I saw some interesting fruits which are still small like new born babies.
They are growing day by day.
The owner of the garden says they are Kyoho grape, persimmon, kiwi fruits, growing day by day.
They will be edible in the end of August.
I'm going to see them ripe in the end of summer.


Buckwheat noodle lunch

I've often been to eat buckwheat lunch these days.
Some of my friends living out of my city took me to their favorite restaurants to eat out.
I like to eat pasta, pork cutlet, curry and rice or sushi etc for lunch but I really love buckwheat lunch very much.
I'd like to show you my favorite ones.

This is "one bowl buckwheat noodle" at Onoue, one of the most popular menu at the restaurant.
All in one bowl dish is simple and easy but full topping with tempura, green vegetables, green onion, grated radish and shredded laver.

This one is special for weekday lunch at "Okina".
It's very light with tempura, egg roll and picked vegetable and green beans rice. The buckwheat is "Sarashina" white noodle.

They are both my favorite lunch which makes me want to eat again.


The ranking

I've read the news about the ranking of the top 50 comfortable cities to live in Japan.
It's so interesting and amazing.
Our prefecture Toyama has 7 cities among it.
Tonami, Uozu, Imizu, Kurobe, Namerikawa, Toyama and Himi are ranked in compared with neighbor prefecture Ishikawa has 6.
I feel very proud of the result because citizenship is highly satisfied with own city in the prefecture.
I didn't join the survey but I'd like to take the survey in the future as long as I love my city.
The ranking of the cities easy to live


Summer vegetable

Three eggplants grow enough to harvest in my garden.
It's the first product this year.
Mr. Muir told more than 40 cucumbers gift in his garden.
What a wonderful blessing!
I thank to all the products which were from someone's effort to put into spirit.
When I eat fresh vegetable on season we get power and good health, so enjoying kitchen garden is really reasonable.


The yellow lily

I was given a branch of yellow lily.
It has thick trunk and many flowers and buds. It's from Jan on Monday class.
He is a good care taker of gorgeous flowers like orchid, especially Japanese original species.
I really respect for the way that it was not built a day.
Of course flowers are not so long but live beautifully as possible.
Our life might be somehow the same as flowers. That's why we love them and give sympathy with them a lot.


Flower festival

There are some flower festivals.
Rose, hydrangea and iris and so on. I visited iris festival in the forest of Ranjo where many kinds of iris are planted. But they looked a bit tired and dried because of lack of water.
It has been hot and sunny in rainy season for days.
They love much rain and humid weather in the typical rainy season.
I'm very sorry for them in such dry rainy season.


Rain and expressions

It's very cold this morning.
I had to turn the air conditioner in my room on but changed from cold to warm because I had set it cold for the heat a few days before.
Rain brings cold air and cool down at once. I also need to wear long sleeve shirt and jacket again.
I feel like to have got rain check from summer.

* rain check
a ticket stub entitling the holder to admission to a future event if the scheduled event was cancelled due to rain



Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful

Makin' love with you is all I wanna do

Lovin' you is more than just a dream come true

And everything that I do is out of lovin' you

What lovely babies!
I'm totally in love with them.

Loving you


Rain in rainy season

Finally it starts to rain in this rainy season for the first time.
It seems that plants and flowers are in joy with brilliant green.
I also feel relieved because I don't have to water in my garden.
Nothing compares with shower of the rain to nourish the land.


The world oldest man and woman

It's reported that the world oldest man and woman are both Japanese just after the man in NY dead on Sunday.
The oldest man is Sakari momoi, 111 years old.
The oldest woman is Misao Okawa, 116 years old.
I hope their long life are full of happiness.
The world oldest man and woman


Dance party

What's lovely flowers they are!
I couldn't help taking pictures of them.
They are like dancing queens.
That's why it's called " dance party", a kind of hydrangeas.
I have one which I bought a pot of branches and planted last year.
But it doesn't show their beauty yet.
I hope they will grow and bloom like dancing queens later soon.



I was browsing at the bookstore for a while.
One of them was the book
"You may die tomorrow."

It seems very unpleasant but it has something attractive because the subtitle is saying " You can laugh and die at the end of your life ".
It suggests 27 key questions to accomplish life.
The book has good therapy to heal the hurt and ease the pain in your heart.

I used to think "what's done is done" and never regret what I did by myself.
But I come to think not to worry too much about failures even I really regret a lot. I'm learning from the failures. I regret and be sorrowful very much so that I won't make the same situations as long as I remember.
I do still make the same problems sometimes. But it is getting easier and familiar to me.
I'm getting along with difficulties and getting tough for the problems.
Getting old is not so bad.....I'm simple and clear.
There is nothing so important in life. I'm not afraid of dying now and tomorrow but laugh.
This book reminds me of good death being in the good life.


It's mild Saturday morning

Walking my dog
Happen to see hydrangeas
Meeting Colon,18-year-old dog

I'm glad he looks fine and enjoying warm day after overcoming cold winter days.


Rainy season

It'd announced that rainy season has come earlier than usual here.
I happened to see hydrangea called "kashiwaba" yesterday.
I'm sure it indicated the welcoming season for their species.
They are one of the symbol of the rainy season.

Rainy season last year 2013


Removing the electroric pole

I saw the work of the removing the electronic pole yesterday just beside of my house.
It took about 3 hours from cutting the pole at the half from the top of the pole. The pole cut from the bottom was hung by the crane and put on the truck. It was skillful to control the handle.
And then they started to dig the left one and pull and cut it.
There are nothing left on the road but the pole which was pulled out.

YouTube Video



Funny news

A black bear was found to be laying down into a hammock for several minutes in Florida.
Wild bears are often seen to seek for food in the area but rare to be seen having a break.
It might be awful if your favorite hammock were taken by the bear!
A bear lay down break


Funny face

It appeared a funny face in front of the drug store which was familiar but not here and there in the city.
A replica of the zebra welcomes at the store entrance.
I wonder it's a kind of attraction of promotion.
It made me smile at the funny face of the zebra in the terribly heat up afternoon.