Learning English recently

I watched the tv program "sakidori". It reported AI robot working to support at the cram school( juku ) for children after school.
The juku owner developed software of the teaching program on the tablet. Children can learn by using tablets.
The other hand, it was also yesterday Tokyo Marason was held in the metropolitan Tokyo. To make the 10th annual event the most important part is security.
There were a lot of police officers to guard as well as running polices.
Among them the guard used a special megaphone which translates Japanese into English immediately. It's also an AI robot in it.
There are more and more AI(artificial intelligence) here and there instead of human power.
In the learning field, changing waves are coming into.
This is an unique method of learning language oversea in Philippine. But there is historical background behind its country.
I'm not knowing the best how we learn English.
But I'm sure it the first to learn and master mother tongue well before learning foreign language especially for the young people because we shouldn't lose our own culture and value.
Learning lab


Check sheet

There are "sympathetic nerve" and "parasympathetic nerve" and they are called "autonomic nerve".
We get sick if the imbalance of the two, so it's called "autonomic imbalance".
I had it just after giving a baby because of lack of sleep. Having bad headache and vomiting continuously so I had to stop breast milk and took medicine to get enough sleep.
It was really hard time and never want it any more.
I was diagnosed "autonomic imbalance".
It was almost 30 years ago but I sometimes had headaches ever since.
Fortunately I seldom have such bad headaches recently.
Instead I suddenly got hay fever last year.
It might be caused by imbalance of autonomic nerve.
Let's get check the sheet.
I'm still having strong sympathetic nerve.
I need to have regular exercises more often.
Balance of autonomic nerve



Nothing special today.
But I found there are some sprouts of tulips growing in the planter.
I'm sure I had had those buds earlier than this year before, where it had been much more sunlight when I had lived the former. Since I moved before last year I haven't taken care of the garden so much.
I haven't gone out to the garden because it's in the backyard, instead I had often gone to the garden because it's in front of the entrance even in the winter cold days.
Now that I'm seeing the pretty tulip sprouts, I'm going to see them more often when it's fine.
It's still cold outside, but flowers and leaves will grow well as well as weeds....I'm worried of weeding, too.

Now my room is full of flowers!
Thank you so much.


How protect digital privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked in the interview about following his refusal to cooperate with a court order that demanded Apple work with the FBI in opening the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, the San Bernardino shooter who killed 14 people in December.
It might be very tough decision for him but I can understand his refusal is justified to protect a lot of iPhone users. This is supported by other network builders and digital compliance.
I think crimes on the Internet or using the digital devices will be increasing so the high quality safe and legal investigations should be inquired.
Apple CEO decision
Supportive comment


Delivery service by Drone

It's so challenging new service to deliver by Drone.
It's a collaboration with Ministry of Land and "Mikawaya" Co. still testing though.
I wonder it would help the people suffering from lack of hands in the local area, such as underpopulated "genkai shuraku".
Delivery service by Drone


How honey effects

To prevent getting hay fever, it's useful to take honey each day.
I'm going to try this method in my daily life...putting honey on the yogurt, on the bread or in the curry or soup.
I'm really serious on it. Whether it would be true or false I should test it now on.
Honey protests you


Hanako san

It comes the season for "hay fever" around the corner.
The ministry of environment announces that the webpage of the forecast of "pollen" would start Feb. 29, which couldn't be seen because the server was not rebuilt perfectly.
I'd like to see it each day to prevent getting allergy so seriously.
I remember I had a bad symptoms last year. So I need to prepare before getting worse.

Hanako San


What's an ideal of CCRC

It's reported that Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture known as "little Kyoto" has developed an ideal area, which Japan’s CCRCs (Continuing Care Retirement Community) are, as the government envisions them, villas located outside of Tokyo where the elderly live and have easy access not only to medical and social welfare services, but also a wide range of activities that allow them to better integrate into the community.
Thanks to Hokuriku Shinkansen, this area has got a very convenient and easily access from Tokyo. As well as our town Toyama, the mature society supplies for senior retirements having happy and saved life.
Welcome to relocate our CCRC.
Little Kyoto Kanazawa is the best as CCRC
What's CCRC


Cheering the seniors who have contributed

It's very good to hear for seniors who have worked hard for Japan.
Now almost of them are retired and having good life. But they still have power to give charge for the youth in our society.
This article says that Japan is the No.1 country among the Harvard University professors to visit.
The author Mr.Satoh published the book " Japan is the No.1 among Harvard University".
It's said there are a lot of worthy of attention which we Japanese don't notice.
We won't forget the remarkable achievement by the seniors.
Thanks for them and learn it.
Why Harvard chose Japan as No.1 to want to visit


Weekend topic

" Are you Okay? "
" Yes, I'm Okay."
If you say in Japanese
" Daijobu desuka?"
" Daijobu desu."
" Daijobu " is used for " Okay " it seems but these days I had some weird experiences when I heard it among young people.
When I was in the family restaurant or at the convenience store....the waiter or clerk of part time talked to customer as politely as possible but strange.
"Daijobu" originally means very strong tough guy and becomes to
mean secure and insuring for something. It's the word to make people assure and peace.
If I apologized to have broken glasses at the restaurant and the clerk replied " Daijobu desuka? "
It's a wonderful word.
But if I asked " Can I have a cup of coffee before the meal?"
The clerk said "Daijobu desu." I felt something strange. I would say " Sure( Kashikomarimashita)"

This article just referring to the feeling which I had.
Have you felt like that?
Weekend topic


Today's pick up

It's an interesting article on "Japan- in-depth" by an unknown author but actually she is a media journalist and a student of Doctor course.
She is telling, "Japan is one of the few countries people can learn by their mother tongue because of much dedication from the ancestors who had brought since the era of Meiji period.
As I said before Japanese are not good at foreign languages in the social activities and it sometimes causes not a few problems. But it's not because we Japanese should give away the joy of learning by mother language. It would be lots of loss!"
It makes me think a lot.
I really want to search for more comfortable and useful ways to learn English ever more.
Learning by mother language

By the way I could take a good shot of Ume blossoms in the blue sky yesterday!
It was such a lovely moment.


Two days fine

According to the weather forecast it'll be fine for two days after the first strong storm.
I feel earlier sunrise and the later sunset day by day. It sounds really hamming spring around here.
I saw the first Ume blossoms the day before in the neighborhood.
I want to see it today in the blue sky.


How to keep you fulfilled

It's natural getting old and shrinking brain as it goes.
Nobody wants to get shrinking brain and dementia easily but it's one of the aspects of a life.
It's good view of life,
" As the population ages, what we thought we knew about aging is changing. A shrinking brain may be "normal," but it's not inevitable."
Please check it and assure of safe.

How to get old healthy


Spider VS Snake

According to Australian news a photo was shot by a man, in which a snake was dead tangled down from the web of the spider. A spider was seen on the tail of the snake.
The Australian Museum's Graham Milledge said it was possible the snake was killed by the spider but it was impossible to know for sure.

"The most likely scenario is that the snake got entangled in the spider's web," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

It's so rare and mysterious photo shot!
Spider VS Snake


The first spring storm

It's said the first strong storm yesterday around Japan.
There had not been the notice sign these years.
Though the warm season welcomed, the season for pollen allergy as well. I'm afraid getting allergy so careful not to get infected.
The first strong storm


Problems of air pollution

It's really serious that air pollution caused by coal-fire plants especially in China and India.
The pollution is said to kill 5 million people not only these countries but also far across west cost of the U.S. around the world.
Coal-fire industry had been measure in the developed countries and had come over the problems in the past. It's needed urgent ban of coal-fire project in the world, otherwise our whole air might be covered with harmful and polluted air.
Air pollution spreads world wide


Miracle twins

It's news from the U.S. A couple of white and mixed white and black heritage have twin daughters. One is white while the other is dark skin color.
The BBC has reported that there is a one-in-500 chance of having nonidentical twins with different skin colors. “We couldn’t believe it,” said Yarker. “Kyle and I told all of our relatives and friends, ‘We’ve got one of each.’”
Miracle twin babies


How important to give names

There have been unlucky cars because of their names. Names show the great image of the products so you have to think it very important.
It's saying that different languages have different meaning, you never miss it.
How important to give names!


Cacao in Japan

It's an amazing news that made of Japan brand cacao is produced in the Ogasawara Island in Tokyo.
It'll be processed and made into Japan brand chocolate for the first time.
We'll be able to taste the one which is rich and safe chocolate in the world.
Cacao in Japan


Not "never..."

If you make plans and don't want to do things in your list.
It's saying you'd better make different plans instead of inhibition.
It's because your brain is controlled by the attempt being something interesting and hope to go.
I'm sure we need to try things for the dream in the future.
Not "never..." If you want to stop it


Final income tax return

Yesterday I finished "final income tax return" on my iPad mini and print out via Air Print.
It's so amazing though I had tried from MacBook as usual the day before yesterday.
Unfortunately they announce that if you use OX10 the search engine is only allowed for safari 6 to 8. But I already installed safari 10 upgraded. Instead Chrome and Firefox could be downloaded to my MacBook but it only allows for Windows.
So I fell into trouble not to work with my favorite PC.
But I found it supports for tablet OS, for iOS and android.
It's really lucky for me!
I finally finished tax work from my iPad mini.
It was very easy and fast.
I'm very satisfied with the developed technology....thank you for that.


Lovely photos in the world

There are interesting and lovely photos of animals in the world.
The one of them is two bear cubs are holding hands together and running away.
They are rarely shots in the great wild nature.
What lovely photos!


The best education in the world

It's said that the "happiest children in the world" is Holland.
They have great education.
Children and family are free and open to others because they are not caring too much about others.
They have been educated independent and respecting own way to go not taking the value as the same as others, much different from Japan.
It's very important point for the matured society. I think we need to learn something "different value" in our life.
The best education in the world


What coffee effects?

It's reported that coffee consumption effects good for your daily life such as reducing the risk of liver, uric acid value, blood sugar level and so on.
I usually drink two cups of coffee in the morning and another in the afternoon.
I've not ever cared about it but I'm doing well in my daily habit.
What about you?

Coffee effects to reduce the risk of diseases

Coffee; health benefits


A little police dog

The little toy poodle Anzu was once a deserted dog but she was lucky enough to be adopted by a warm hand who trains dog to a police dog.
It's rare for a small dog to be a police dog. Anzu likes to get trained and works as a police dog.
I hope she will make his own special work.
The police dog Anzu


To avoid the risk of diabetes

It's very important information to avoid getting risks of diabetes.
It says that sitting longer than 9 hours each day may cause diabetes without moderate exercises.
A lot of office workers would sit on the chair much longer than other workers.
We should care for the risk of getting diabetes in the daily life and let the young office workers know it.

Avoiding the risk of diabetes


The end of winter

Today is the last day of winter called " Setsubun ".
It's said to mean that divide the season between winter and spring. So tomorrow is to start spring on the calendar.
We're excited to welcome to the brighter and warmer season.


Rice cake and chocolate

It's an easy and creative recipe to cook. The race cake which is leftover in the fridge and cocoa powder are good collaboration.
I had them and added walnuts and some sugar, salt and butter.
Finally I made chocolate race cake quickly.
You can try it in 10 minutes.

Rice cake and chocolate sweet


How Oxytocin works

Women get to be affectionate when they give birth babies by the hormone called Oxytocin.
Oxytocin works to promote mothers to love and protect babies very much. So "Oxytocin" is " love hormone", which is essential for breeding babies.
But it has another dark side according to the recent report.
Oxytocin sometimes causes mothers too offensive and aggressive to others who help them. It makes themselves maternity nerves.
It happens more often than recent years because of nuclear family.
I understand how it was in my case long time ago....caring and bringing babies are hard work for young mothers.
SOS from mothers