The gardener

There are some old trees in my garden. They have grown up big and tall and it's getting hard to take care for me.
Then I asked the gardener to cut them not trim this year.
Because of their pollen annoyed me so much this spring I couldn't help to remove the allergen for the coming years.
I'm sorry to those trees for the decades of years' growth.
But I hope their new young roots and branches are alive and keep growing.


Lily in the garden

It starts to bloom of the lily in my garden. The first one is downside from the top and downward. So it's hard to take a picture.
It has more three buds. They will fully bloom soon.


Weekend quiz


1. ( How ) ( have ) you ( been )?


2. I know what you ( mean ).


3. It's ( supposed ) to be rain today.


4. That ( sounds ) ( interesting ).


5. I can't ( put ) it into ( words ) well.

Weekend quiz


Mommy rabbit fights with snake to save her babies

It's an awesome and heart aching video.
The mommy rabbit rushed and attacked at the snake which was squeezing and making food of her three babies.
The mother bravely fought against the snake after the snake escaped and left them.
It happens such a painful incident in the nature but we can't help it and we are also the one in the nature.
We are all struggling to survive.
Mommy rabbit fights against the snake


Tama the cat, the cutest stationmaster

The most popular cat in Japan, Tama who was a stationmaster has died.
She has worked at the Kishi station in Wakayama prefecture since 2007.
Her performance greeting visitors was a big attraction and contributed to increase travelers there. She saved the struggling train station from the financial ruin.
I'm sorry that 16 years popular cat Tama is not seen any more. I hope there will be the secondary stationmaster will appear after lovely Tama.
Tama the stationmaster died


Treating foods with hot water

There are different ways to cook food, especially vegetables.
When I boils vegetables such potatoes, pumpkins, radishes as root vegetables it takes for more than several minutes but when you cook leaf vegetables or tomatoes which to peal, you can't boil it into the hot water but treat with boil water. It means that there are different ways between boil and scald(treat with hot water).
If you mistook with boiling and scalding it will make it a bad cook.
Be careful!
Boiling and treating with hot water


The chair taken over

It's horrible to sit on this chair because the backer of it was covered with bees!
See that and what do you think?
Is this chair taken?


Seven faces

My daughter sent me the grandson's collage for seven months old. There are seven different faces in seven months.
He's changing day by day and month by month....also year by year!
The hydrangeas are getting to change color these days.
At first pink ones are getting to purple and the blue ones are also nearly purple.
I think no life no change!
I'm going to change day by day in the positive way!


After the rain

I think it one of the beautiful things that is shining in the sun, blue in the sky and brightly greenery.
Today is such a lovely morning after the rain.
I'm filled with energy and feeling happy just for it.
Life is beautiful even having full of pain and bitterness.
If all the goodness and badness were gone with the rain I could remember the good memory in my mind as long as I stayed in healthy.
I also believe health in my heart covers my body so I'd like to give my mind the rain and the sun power.
It means I need to take all the troubles and fortunes easy and enjoy the journey called "a life."
Rain drops falling on my head


Happy Father's Day

To my father
You were the only one who cared and protected me so much.
You were always by my side and covered me.
I didn't notice your deep love until you left.
Thank you for all you gave me.
I'll keep you forever as long as I live.
Happy Father's Day!


Rainy season

It's finally reported that rainy season has come in our area.
Humid and wet weather makes me gloomy but it's necessary for our life.
It was unexpectedly joyful walking in the rain on the way to have dinner with friends.
I enjoyed the weekend party in the rainy season.

It was one of the interesting one of the things on the table.
What do you think it is?


An adorable octopus

It's called "Adorabilis" because of its adorable looking. It's a really cute pink octopus not existing in the normal sea but in the secret deep sea in California.
It's the same as genus as "Pearl," the octopus from Finding Nemo.
The scientists are researching how it works in the deep sea and having been experiment to hatch eggs and raising them.
See this video below, it's so fantastic and brings you to the wonderland.
An adorable octopus


Battle with cybercrime

It's so awful that cybercrime hacks the important organization of Japanese pension as well as other networks all over the world.
We should protect ourselves and let the government stand for the cyber attacks.
It's sad if we could never trust anything but if being betrayed or deceived it would be more worse.
We need to be much careful about net fraud.



Medicine or Poison?

I'm still wondering what it is growing in my garden.
I've found other useful sites which indicates what it is. It says if it might be a medicine plant "Shaku" , otherwise a poison plant " Poison carrot".
They are seen almost as the same and makes people mischievous. If they eat the poison one they might be killed.
It seems so awful if it was the poison plant "Poison carrot".
I'm not going to eat the plant whether it might be medicine or not!
I'm just waiting when it will be solved.
Wild plants
Poison plants


One day in a share house

It's so interesting that a man lives to learn English in a share house. He seems to enjoy his life with many people sharing the spare time and having English lessons twice a week.
It's a kind of challenging in a life. It sounds so exciting and various life style much welcomed as long as you are a challenger and still young in the heart.
It's said suffering in the youth can be worth while buying. You never count but trust on it.
One day in a share house


Warm hug with Jutaro

It's a heart warming story about the dog Jutaro and his owner apart for two weeks because of the eruption in Kuchierabu Island.
The family was forced to take a refuge without Jutaro but they believed Jutaro would be strong enough to survive.
It was the moment after the refuge that they met each other and took Jutaro to their residence.
Jutaro and his family


Medical treatment in the future

It's reported that medical treatment in Japan is so much care and makes elderly people being in bed alive for a long time.
Is it a right way for medication?
I'm worried about current medical situation in Japan.
Medical treatment in the future


Not tired but a tire topic

It's so interesting topic about recycled tires.
It's said more than 100 millions of tires are deserted in all Japan.
It's really ecological and economic of reusing tires.
I'm feeling much fun of the creative and eco friendly activities.
Tire story


Challenge drill

It seems like rainy season as I feel very humid these days.
I was very tired in the afternoon yesterday, so I took a nap for two hours in the evening. It was very rare for me.
Anyway it was so refreshing to take a nap sometimes.
I'll give you a challenge Japanese quiz from the newspaper.
It's very tough!
I couldn't make it well.
Challenge drill


IT for Agriculture

It's reported IT is not only for industrial technology but also for the agriculture.
Now is very minority and lack of workers in the agriculture field in Japan. So we are very worried about food in the future in our country for the decreasing of the self-production of the food.
Agriculture can't stand by itself without being supported by the government because of the hard work and low income by the damage of the natural disasters or bad weather.
If the venture industry is adopted and big data is to be used in the agriculture formers might be much easier and getting to be popular among young people.
I hope more food production will increase and self food product rate should rise in the future.
But the organization of the traditional Japanese farm style will be destroyed by the IT agriculture....It will cause another problem ....I'm afraid of.
IT for agriculture



Morning shower

It was raining last night and until early this morning.
Lilies in my garden seems really enjoying the shower.
I hope they will show the gorgeous flowers soon!


Do you know the name?

I weeded and cut branches of the trees in my garden on the weekend. When I removed unwanted weeds and avoided pulling out for these weeks and found a tall ( about 30cm ) and gorgeous plant in the end.
I wondered it like leaves of carrots or cosmos but it appears different at all so far.
Then I ask you what it is?
It was not what I planted but I didn't remove it.
Does anyone know this plant?


Weekend quiz


1. ( Honestly ) speaking, the movie was boring.

2. ( Grammatically ) speaking, this sentence is correct.

3. Quite ( frankly ), I'm mystified.

4. I ( must ) say, I've been disappointed by your recent work performance.

5. Here is what I ( will ) do.

Weekend quiz



An aging society

The plan of the government for the serious aging society is declared that elder people in the areas of urban town in Tokyo have better had a choice to move to the local districts such convenient cities as Hakodate, Aomori, Toyama, Fukui, Okayama, Matsuyama and Kitakyushu, which seem to have high quality of life support.
I'm afraid of it might be a kind of "the mountain where old people were abandoned like in the legend of Japan", isn't it?
The plan for an aging society


To stop bullying

Do you know "bully"?
I've watched a very serious documentary film yesterday on BS.
It was "Bully" and the subtitle is "Oitsumerarete" in Japanese title.
It was a real story about a few cruel incidents at school children who had committed suicide and kept being bullied by school kids.
Their parents who were suffered from loss of children and got hurt stood up and started to stop bullying in the public.
Their parenting spirits reached to the mass communication and spread as a movement.
It was really hard to watch it but we can't avoid it because everyone should care about children to be healthy and happy.


The challenge of the 14-year-old youth

I happened to see a junior high school student working at the super market as a challenge of the 14-year-old youth.
A boy cheerfully said to me, "irasshaimase" and gave me a basket with a cart.
I was very impressed with his good manner and service so I gave him smile back and said " thank you".
I remember my two kids were also working in the kindergarten or at the bookstore.
It was their first experience to work in the society and among the adults.
I hope such small training at the work place will work well with the 14-year-old juveniles.


Solar plane Impulse 2

It's reported that bad weather forces aircraft, Solar Impulse 2 which is the single-seater aircraft and solar-power airplane in Switzerland, to make unscheduled stop on its way to Hawaii.
It began its 5,079-mile(8,174km) flight to Hawaii from Nanjinh, China, early yesterday, but storm are said have forced the plane to land in Nagoya.
Solar Impulse 2


What's Netflix for the next net broadcasting

It seems very interesting to see the new wave of Netflix coming to Japan in fall.
It's one of the net broadcasting content, like Hulu or UNEXT.
I've been subscribing to Hulu before NTV took over it. It was full of foreign dramas which I had been mad but after the Japanese TV got M&A, it doesn't seem so much fun because a lot of Japanese films take instead of foreign films.
I sometimes enjoy a few of old movie films recently on Hulu.
So I'm very interested in the Netflix if the cost is not so bad.
It's a kind of entertainment to see and know different culture and new culture. That makes me far away from going to see the movie theatre...I don't care if I can't watch the new content on the roadshow.
To change the next broadcasting "Netflix"