The New Year's Eve

Finally the end of the year has come around. But I don't feel like the usual Christmas nor the last moment of the year.
I'm in the summer still being in 2014 so long.
I'm sure I will feel to be lost time like Urashima Taro who had been in the Dragon Castle when I will be back to Japan.
Anyway we are getting to meet A New Year 2015 soon.

My daughter has finished knitting of "dragon costume" for Jace.
She is enjoying to dress his son with her favorite design costume.
We are going to New Year fire works at around midnight near the park. She will let him wear it.

I'm sorry there seems much snow for a few days between the end of the year and the new year in Japan.
Wishing you happy New Year's Eve.


Medical check

It was the sixth week medical check. Jace got about 2.5Kg gain after birth. He is 2 times as much as the weight from the birth.
Clothes are needed more bigger ones. My daughter changed his clothes from the small to larger ones in the drawers.
It is getting hard to let him sleep in his bed because he likes to sleep in arms.
He is now very strong though having born prematurely and now heavy.
It's so hard to sit a baby all alone by a mother.
I'm sorry for my daughter to stay by herself with her son during the day. I'm leaving soon.



There are many wineries in Swan Valley.
People can easily taste and take any favorite bottles of wine away.
I tasted some kinds of wine and bought as a souvenir.

There are also some kinds of bars, garden bar, spot bar and restaurant bar around the shopping center.
We ate late lunch at the garden bar. Fish and chips are typical menu as well as hamburger, sandwich, pasta, pizza and so on.
They can drink beer and wine lightly with lunch even a driver.
And some couples including us took new born babies in a cram car.
Of course there is a changing room where parents can use for babies.
So to speak, people and social are all different here from Japan.


Lost in translation

10 days have passed since I visited my daughter to see my first grandson. It's the sixth visit here in Perth not on purpose of the regular trips like visiting sightseeing one but going around the usual daily life in here.
I feel most people here speak so quickly that I can't hear them very well. So I sometimes lost in translation.
When I offer some help for my son-in-law to wash dishes or hug the baby while mammy is busy, though my son-in-law likes to do anything to do housekeeping, he reply "If you want ?"
Actually I just wanted to help not wanted to do but he doesn't take it for my kindness but for my option!
It's the difference of culture, too.
I realize that we Japanese tend to care about too much to behave for others...is it only my opinion?
My daughter has been oversea and adjusted different culture so she doesn't care too much about others.
I'd better say "Not really but just want to help you" if I were asked "If you want?".

Hillarys beach


Garbage truck

It's funny to find a different way of the daily life.
I saw a garbage truck to pick up every house's container and put into the truck by the machine arm.
One man truck driver only operates the system on the car.
What an impressive cool one!
In Japan we each bring garbage to the garbage station and the garbage truck comes and a few staff take those plastic bags filled with garbage into the truck. What a horrible work!
But there are very different town situations between the two.
The first one is houses scheduled along the big streets in Australia but the latter one is houses in the narrow streets in Japan.
We call it "gomi shushusha" can pass around the wide street that's why we need to take garbage plastic bags to the place of the garbage station.
There are some differences and other same in the different countries.
I've never seen any "washlet" nor "warmlet" such as in Japan comfortable toilet here.


Boxing Day!

December 26 is Boxing Day which is the day for workers who had no Christmas holiday were given gift box from the owner after Christmas.
The big sale is promoted around the countries of *Commonwealth.
Many people expected big present after Christmas on the bargain sale.
We are going to leave early before the store open.
It will be crowded too much.

* イギリス連邦(イギリスれんぽう、英: Commonwealth of Nations、旧名 British Commonwealth)は、かつてのイギリス帝国(大英帝国)がその前身となって発足し、イギリスとその植民地であった独立の主権国家から成る、緩やかな国家連合(集合体)である。 英連邦(えいれんぽう)、コモンウェルス(the Commonwealth)ともいう。 実態は、民族の共通の利益の中で、また国際的な理解と世界平和の促進の中で、協議し、協力する自発的な独立の主権国の組織である(コモンウェルス原則の宣言前文)」と再定義され、ゆるやかな独立主権国家の連合となった(連邦国家ではない)。




Happy Christmas!

Today is the world wide special day to wish you Merry Christmas, even you are not a Christian, our pure mind to make world peace and happiness all over the world.
"This is Christmas" makes family gather and cerebrate once a year in the western culture.
I'm making sushi roll to take the daughter's family party today, thank you!



A five-week-baby is eating mother's milk too much. Jace sleeps short and wakes up to want milk very often. He is very busy with milk, pee and poos all day and night...such a baby's life.
He becomes like a dinosaur such as a snugglesaurus, which means wanting to be hold in the arm when he is awake, otherwise he never stop crying in the bed.
The three of us, my daughter, her husband and me are taking turn to have him in our arms until he goes to sleep.
I remember my daughter was like that, sleeping less and crying to want milk so much that made me mad so much!
I know it was a short period of parenting to raise a baby.
A crying baby should be protected like a prince or a princess in the warm arms as much as possible.


The best worker

Aussie life is easy going and enjoying life as it goes.
They are not workaholic nor stressful but prices are high and daily costs, I feel more expensive than those in Japan.

I'm impressed the best worker in the house is the robot cleaner which clean the whole floor by sensor.


Dad changes diapers

I saw my daughter being very happy because she and her husband are helping each other to raise their baby.
In the weekend When dad was at home and mom was tired giving mother's milk and changing diapers during night, dad helped day time instead.
It was not seen in Japan so much when I was having babies.
My husband had never done such changing diapers because he didn't think it not man work.
Time has changed or different culture is it?
How's it going now in Japan?
" Ikumen" is familiar in the new age , isn't it?


Walking in the evening

It was beautiful sunset and night illumination for Christmas light.
Even not white Christmas, there are so many light up houses around here.
I also found orange color blossoms in the wild field here and there.
There are many different things in different places.


Smart cart

It's so cool that cram chair change to the baby chair in the car.
It's so helpful for parents to go around shopping or visiting places from the cram to the capsule.
I've never seen such a smart item in Japan but not sure if it were.
I often see baby holder in front of mother not back.
Ombu is no more useful style recently, isn't it?
The new parenting is developing!


Baby bathing

I helped my daughter to take care of her son, Jace the first my grandson.
He is really a little monster to cry and bother her to have a rest.

But he is also a little prince as well. Even his crying let us keep attention and notice a lot.
We are almost servants of him.


Good morning summer

I've landed in the Australia continent in summer.
I already took off my sweater and thick stockings in Singapore where the airline transition.
It's a beautiful summer morning, I saw a daybreak dawn from the air plain.
I felt sleepy and tired but awaiting for a long queue of the immigration check.


Explosive low pressure

It's an extreme low pressure here now.
We are having terrible cold weather above us in Japan.
Some parts are ordered to prohibit going out and imposed curfew for the horrible cold weather.
Please take care and stay warm at home!

But now in Tokyo is brilliant fine ....sorry for the difference.

Explosive low pressure


Winter weather

I'm leaving Toyama much earlier than the schedule because the weather is getting worse and stormy weather might disturb the route of the line.
I determine to take the first train and the express to Tokyo today.
It says that weather would be minus in the upper air and cover the whole Japan tomorrow and after tomorrow.
I really hope the airline will be safe and on schedule tomorrow.


Baby sharks from the dead mother

It's so a rare and terrific incident that three baby sharks were found and rescued from the dead mother.
It was a fantastic story like a fairy tale "Sharks will return to reward" may be happen!
Baby sharks from dead mother


Weekend quiz


Fill in the blanks.

1. No ( Way ) !

2. My ( pleasure ).

3. What do you ( say )?

4. Go ( ahead ).

5. You ( bet ).

Weekend quiz


An infant prodigy

It's an amazing topic that a seven-year-old, the first grade of the elementary school boy passed the Math licensing examination.
Since he got passed the first step test when he was 5, he had kept studying for the examination.
He is not like a normal boy when he talks about mathematics but actually he likes to enjoy playing soccer and Shogi in his daily life.
I can't imagine what a man he will grow up and really hope he could work something great for the human life in the future.
An infant prodigy


Fall in love

It's one of the lovely stories of the two, one is a stray cat and the other is a pet dog.
They are in love each other and live a happy life now.
Their heart are pure though their bodies are different species.
It's wonderful that even without words nor the same feature they can understand and care each other.
It makes me very warm.
Fall in love


Special talk

I found an useful interview article with Mr. Chida who is a specialist to manage English teaching skill to support English learners as well as English teachers who belong to schools.
I've joined his workshop for 120 minutes with my coworker English teachers before. My daughter had also had his continuous lessons at school when she had been at the "Super English High School".
His lecture was not like those passive one but active and interactive. It was really attractive and full of joy to study English.
Of course he adopted smart jokes. I really admire such a sense of humor as he.
There is one in this article.
When he asked his father what Kuchizuke meant, his father answered that was an American pickles.
Oh....my! Kiss is a type of American pickles LOL!!!
It made me laugh a lot.
Special talk


Green in winter

I grow green in the room.
It happened to sprout in the kitchen.
It doesn't make useful to eat but just enjoy watching.
What do you think it is?

The answer is below and click!
What's this?


Airline fuel surcharge removal

Its a good news about the airline fuel surcharge will be removed from next spring because of the price down of the oil.
But I'm not sure it will cost down of the total fee of the flyer.
They say it depends on the careers.
I hope a reasonable price with a good service otherwise we can't fly with safe.
Fuel surcharge removal

Airline fuel surcharge



It's so amazing technology to connect human brain B.M.I . as abbreviation of " Brain-Machine-Interface."

It's said "That is, we want to translate our thoughts (mind) to activity of neurons (brain) to action (machine) for improving health or overcome impairments. For example, can we use this brain-mind interface to help a patient with paralysis to control a wheel chair or an amputee to control a robotic arm and hand prosthesis with his or her thoughts alone? This is the new frontier of Brain-Machine Interface (BMI)."
It's been used for cars or robots to help human life.

We are looking forward to seeing the future life but somehow feeling insecure for the use whether good or evil. It might have a dark side.
Anyway I hope to trust the bright future.



Weekend quiz


1. I think I'm ( in ) over my head.

2. What's ( done ) is ( done ).

3. I think we all agree ( on ) this matter.

4. I'm not sure ( who ) is ( who )in my new office.

5. Could we ( switch )the meeting from Tesday to Wednesday?

Weekend quiz


Alarming for snow fall

It's been snowing since last night.
It piled up more than 10cm.
It's impossible to drive without snow tires...just before hours I had my tire changed into snow tires.
I was very relieved with stud less tires when I drove back to home during snow falling.
Everyone, be careful when you drive on the snowy road.

Alarming for lots of snow fall



I happened to see the paper animation by TEKKEN and Disney movie"BAYMAX" collaboration work.
It's really heart warming film presented by genius fingers.
I was also moved with other Tekken's works.
His animation tells about something important in our life which tends to be missing in our busy life.


TEKKEN animation


What a lovely baby!

Baby, I love you
I love you
I love you
I've found the only one
Only one that is meant for me
I'm always by your side...

It's really cute and happy feeling in my mind that the twin giant panda's babies were born in the Wakayama zoo.
They should be taken a good care of as treasure of Japan!

What a lovely baby!


Enjoy baking

It's coming Christmas season.
Every bakery is very busy for this period.
Home baking is also enjoyable.
I'd like to taste home baking Noel.
Let's enjoy cooking and having party!

Roll cake Noel


Weekend quiz

Weekend quiz


1. What's the most ( popular ) fish here?

2. Are you ( ready ) to order?

3. What's the ( specialty ) around here ?

4. What's this ( called ) ?

5. Do you have this ( in ) different color?


Blooming late

It's getting shorter and shorter of the day time and gets dark earlier in the evening.
It was too late to bloom in my garden that the chrysanthemums, which I had never seen before as I had removed last year.
I had thought it had grown tall and big without any buds or flowers.
I couldn't wait for their blooming.
But this year I was too busy to clean and remove weeds in the garden. Suddenly two days before I had never expected that the flowers began to bloom!
I regret what I did last year....I should have waited for their bloom lately.


Speech contest

It was full of enthusiastic and energetic in the speech contest 2014 last night.
There were 12 entries who had very interesting and various topics.
I really enjoyed with each passionate speaker.
I was very impressed both of my classmates got the prize.
Thank you for your great effort to give us great impression.
I admire all your amazing result!
Speech contest 2014


How to survive

One of the world wide problems is serious about food. Food is lacking for the amount of the increasing population.
Hunger and poverty are threatening people now.
While there are some people who don't care about hunger or lack of food, who had not eaten or drunk regular meal but some vegetable green juice or something like herbivores.
It's incredible miraculous life but it makes sense in some ways.
Can't you live like them?
People who had not drunk for six years.
About people who don't eat
A movie " people who don't eat"


Smiley baby

I love to see your smile.
You are born to make me happy.
I also smile at your smiley face.
Please be my baby smile again for me.
Please be my baby having fun in your life.
Please be my baby growing healthy and strong.
I wish you could do anything without fear and be brave.
You could change the world if you would.


The final beauty

There were final beauty competition in the woods yesterday.
I enjoyed orange, yellow and red colorful leaves in the end of this season.
It will be fading away soon but I kept the impression of those in my eyes as well as in the photos.
The last color leaves 2014


Holiday topic

It's an old but new topic about National song "Kimiga Yo".
I thought it was very difficult to understand because of the words were ancient and noble in the old days from " Kokin Waka Shu".
But the author of this topic says that this song has the most beautiful meaning in the world and peaceful mind in it different from other countries.
Oh, I see the words in this song has something with naturalism and animism in harmony with nature.
It's very simple rhythm and poetic.
It's interesting to find the value in our culture.
The awesome National song


Weekend quiz


1. I'm just a ( social ) drinker.

2. I can't drink a drop (without ) getting drunk.

3. I've ( drunk ) too much already.

4. You are ( holding ) your chopsticks wrong.
5. Oh, no! I ( spilled ) my coffee.
Weekend quiz


Playing in the park

It was a beautiful day in the morning and afternoon.
I couldn't help taking a walk with my dog in the park in the afternoon.
There were many people walking and sitting relaxed in the park.
There were off course dogs and cats walker, too. I also saw some young mothers walking with babies. They looked happy to let their babies feel the first Indian summer.
The leaves were getting fade and dead but we are looking forward to the new sprout next term.


A wonderful morning!

It's cold in the early morning but gets shiny and warm.
I walk my dog in the brilliant beautiful morning bright.
I can finally see the emperor dahlia in my neighborhood.
It seems later than usual blooming but it is as gorgeous and dignified as the emperor.

Can you see tiny Marie in the left beside the emperor?


Lucky bag targeting to foreign tourists

More foreign tourists visited to Japan than last year since the Yen has dropped down and cheaper to purchase goods in Japan.
New Year's lucky bags are typical in Japan though it seems risky to buy because there might be unwanted things in it. But the habit to buy lucky bags are a kind of pleasure or gift to family just like giving small money to children as it were Christmas present in the western countries.
But who wants to buy unknown things but recently shops announce what's in the bag before hands. So it might attract foreign tourists for the New Year's gift by themselves.
It's a challenging to sell Japanese style gift to the world.
Lucky bag targeting foreign tourists


The mysterious birth of life

My grandson born last Friday has left the hospital with her mother for two days.
He is growing up day by day working with sucking mother milk, sleeping and crying.
My daughter who is a new mother is busy and tired all day and all nigh without a help.
Fortunately her husband can take work off for the child care leave for two weeks.
So she can take a rest sometime and happy with her husband's hands.
I'm also relieved to hear that she has a lot of friends to care and help her though I can't go to help her immediately.
I really adore how independent of her without her own family.
I was not that like her when I had a baby. Is it her gene from somewhere or from the environment?
It's interesting topics where the human being comes from.
How the baby will be brought up in the future? Is there a blueprint in his gene brought up in the past?

What is gene and genome?


Vege Broth

Did you know vegetable broth?
I've just known it from the TV information program in the morning.
It's about the soup made from vegetable which is to be garbage such as leftovers.
It's said it includes very rich nourishment for half an hour boil with a litter water in a pan.
I'm really interested in that kind of ecological and economic way to reduce garbage and save things.
Next time I'll make use of leftovers and try to make Vege Broth.
Vege Broth


What is personality hiring?

This article makes me think something about how fancy and fun working abroad.
She is telling that the skill of human is her talent and its ability made her successful working abroad until now.
There are lots of oversea Japanese working around the world. Their effort to live in the different countries seem like depend on each person but it's important to know well about themselves or what they can or being needed.
Personality hiring


Weekend quiz


1. Show me ( what ) you've got!

2. He is ( straight ) as an arrow.

3. Could you answer the ( door )?

4. Third time is the ( charm ).

5. Could you turn ( up ) the TV?

Weekend quiz


A new born baby

My daughter has finally delivered a baby safely yesterday.
In the early morning before yesterday she had a water broke and sent to the doctor immediately.
She didn't have any pain after the water broke but it didn't seem to be long before the baby born.
But it was a month earlier than the expected date.
I was worried about her premature delivery.

I just prayed for the both of the healthy birth of the mother and baby. And it came true in the afternoon yesterday.
I was made a grandmother at last!
Thank you for giving me a great present.
I want nothing but the new born baby's happy life.
I can't give you anything but my love and life.


General winter

It has turned cold low temperature under 10 degree like the General Winter is approaching.
Chilly rain brought a bit frost so really cold outside.
It's very hard for walking dogs in the chilly rain. Marie doesn't like walking in the rain but she wares rain jacket and go a around quickly.
She likes staying in the warm blanket.


Weird disease

It's strange and rare diseases reported in the U.S.

"Landon Jones, a 12-year-old from Iowa, woke up one day with a mysterious illness. Although he can taste, swallow and digest food normally, his body no longer tells him when he's hungry or thirsty."

A day after his 11-year birthday he suddenly got ill with no appetite.
He has never urged to eat or drink but being dizzy and congested.

It's very hard for the family to have been worried and not yet solved by the developed medicine.
There is no parent who doesn't care about the child.
The mysterious illness


Surreal life

It's being announced that the big name and great work founder has still casting long shadow at Web Summit.
His name is Steve Jobs who was the late Apple co-founder and produced iOS, iPod and iPhone.
Of course the recent technology can't be without Steve Jobs.
I also thank his products a lot.
His surreal life affected many people and still being after his life for three years.
I'm one of the many no names but very feel proud of Sharing the great works from him.
I appreciate for the upcoming technology based on those surreal life.
Steve Jobs still affects


Beware of 3D printer

It's foretold that 3D printer will be everywhere in our life and help our daily life from fashion, food, medical and more and more.
I can't even imagine 3D printer print out pizza and pasta for feast. It can print not only document but also food!!! It's incredible.
Likewise internet had been dream tool only 20 years ago but now every home has it, so the 3D printer will be must thing in near future.

Awesome! 3D printer

3D printer now


Battle with alien species

It's reported very serious and dangerous to our life that alien species are coming into as it goes free trading.
Such as red back spider, Asian predatory wasp or Argentina ant have been introduced from the southwest to the east Japan.
They are not only harmful but also destroying the natural Eco system.
It's alarmed that we need to know about them more carefully and protect ourselves, otherwise we can't solve the problems.
In danger with Alien species


Access problem

It was yesterday morning just after uploaded my article, the blogger spot.jp was disconnected for a day!
I tried to seek the problem and searched for the solution but it didn't recover.
I sent mails to the blogger support community earlier and someone sent back it was a contemporary problem and it would be solved soon.
He seemed very optimistic and he could see my webpage clearly ...my be in the US by blogspot.com.
It seems a problem in Japan Google server because they say you could see it by changing the DNS from jp to com or crt.
I'm not sure about DNS on the detail about Internet.
Anyway finally it comes back!
Thank you for your attention!
I will upload my blog even the server crush so please book the following address in case of the Google problem. Thank you.
Blogger trouble

This is a big present for you.
As I said about yesterday's blog "a long lost song with Queen and Michael ".
I got find it!
Please listen to it.
There are great soulful heart meeting. I can't be without tears!
There must be more to life than this


A long lost song

I was really fascinated with the song which was on the radio in the car.
It was new but familiar and nostalgic. Then the personality announced about the song. It was a long lost unfinished song with Queen's Freddie Mercury and Michelle Jackson when they were in 1980's.
But they were both big stars in British worldwide and the other American world top star.
They've never done to finish the collaboration work yet.
The long lost masterpiece is finally to release soon, 12 in November.
I'd like to inform Alice who has been crazy about Freddie and fell in love with his songs.
I had also in love with his ...actually his great talent and charm will never die after his death.
It's a good chance to get a gift from the heaven in the end of the year....don't you think, Alice?
Sorry to talk about too private thing.
I'm sorry I can't let you listen to it yet.

Queen and Michelle long lost duo


The soup-bubble maker

I saw a young man making soup-bubbles and entertained kids and their parents, almost mothers in the day time.
It was a fine afternoon when people enjoyed sunbathing and walking in the park.
Another day I had seen some guys juggling, seemed like practicing a performance.
I think it very wonderful that many performers enjoy their own skills and show in public.
Thanks to peaceful and happy world.


Bring back home

A friend from NY has come back and we've met after half a year since when she had been back last time.
She can't stay longer than two months and go back after next week because of her business.
She is trying to stay more in Japan and with her husband in Toyama.
At next visit she is planning to take her pet dog "Kiki" for 3 months in Japan.
I'm going to take them to the dog cafe with my dog.
I hope her life in Japan will be main and on business trip to NY in the future.
Wishing her family will be extended and prosperous in Japan.


Fantastic evening

It was gorgeous evening color yesterday.
I met many people gathered to enjoy beautiful day and sunset view after the rainy days.
Dogs walkers were also seen a lot because they couldn't enjoy walking in the rain so much.
I met a month baby dogs with their mother. The Papillon family was very lovely. The babies are incredible cute and innocent.
One of them sat sleeping on my feet. It was a fantastic evening.


At the end of color

Leaves and fruits seem to fall down after the autumnal rain storm.
It's the sigh of the beginning of winter and we need to warm as well as the natural things getting into hibernation.
I remember that song which I used to sing at the music study in my school days.
We sing different part and in chorus in harmony with each other.
It's familiar, isn't it?
The red leaves


Holiday quiz


1. It doesn't ( matter ) anymore.

2. It's very ( thoughtful ) of you to say so.

3. ( Neither ) sounds very good.

4. Do you ( mind ) if I sit here ?

5. I know ( so ).
Holiday quiz


Funny news

It's reported that a monkey in the hot spring operates iPhone.
The funny photo won the prize of the contest.
There is a story about this photo.
A man who tried to take a photo of the monkey was robbed the phone by the monkey. Then the shot was at that moment when the monkey having iPhone.
It was the best shot of the year in the photo competition in London.
The monkey having iPhone


Fallen leaves

It was yesterday evening when I was walking my dog.
No one but fallen leaves carpet and colorful leaves in the park.
It was not cold evening yesterday.
My dog was joyfully playing on the leave carpet for a while.
Colorful leaves are beautiful but fallen leaves are just garbage.
Someone has to clean the garbage. It will be annoying.
Thanks to someone for the effort.


In the season

The season comes when it's good to eat and look.
My mother really loves to eat "Motsunikonikomi udon" so I sometimes take her there when I like to eat. When it comes cold I like to eat that hot Motsunikomi udon. The restaurant was still full though we went there 2:45 before order stop.
I think the restaurant is a long ran champion of Toyama B gourmet.
Next topic is "Salmon back" in my neighborhood stream.
There comes regularly in this season salmons come back and lay eggs. They are seen for a few days in the river.
I could catch in my eyes but difficult in the iPhone's eye!


Short day plants

It's getting shorter and shorter of the day time.
As it goes by short day plants such as chrysanthemums,zinnias and poinsettias.
There are some chrysanthemums in my garden.
They are getting to bloom in the late autumn now.



There are three pieces of tunes that will entertain you.
The song is old but it got to change and arranged versions appeared.
As time goes by something happened and changes.
I want to hear how you feel after the entertainment.




PC trouble

My daughter in law always needs to make documents for the work and she's writing at home and bring a memory stick to the office and print out.
But her PC Win Vista, which she had used since her school year for 6 years had a problem so she can't work at home and had to go to work early to work at the office.
I remembered my father's PC vista, which he had used when he was alive until 1and a half years ago.
I used it to help his New Year's greeting cards with it in 2012 for the next year.
It has not been used but just a box in the store room.
I tried to check it if it could work for her but it didn't work.
I had used Win95, 98, Me, XP and Vista for more than 10 years but since I had used iPhone I changed to use Mac and synchronize them together.
I found there is no problem with Mac OS such as happened with Win OS.
I had been suffered a lot with Windows and troubles after troubles and bought many PCs.
So I don't buy a new Windows any more but I just wanted to help my daughter in law to use Vista.
First of all, to start Safe mode not Windows.
Safe mode is the original Ms-Dos light version before heavy Windows. It easily appears and turn off safely.
Next start from Windows and if being appears normal appearance you should try disk clean and Defrag (Defragmentation) from the program accessory.
If you want it faster you need to uninstall unwanted files and programs from the manage control panel.
If it doesn't work well the last two secret strategies here.
One is to use "go back tool".
It will go back to the point being alive and refreshed.
I did it and it went back to 1 and a half years ago.
The last strategy is to recover the PC when you bought and make it new but you will lose all files and programs. You need to burn files away from the old memories.

Finally I did it. I made it to use go-back tool.
She can use the PC for now but who knows that Windows would have dead line to support like XP.
It forces to purchase a new PC....I really hate that style.


Trip to Awaji

I've been to Minami Awaji to see the whirling waves at the Naruto Channel.
I stayed the cape of the Southern part of Awaji and saw the both of the east and west Setouchi Ocean.
The sunset view had a tremendous beauty and gorgeous scene but the sun rise was a little scale because of the clouds.
I'd like to stay more another day but no empty room at that resort place.
There are whirling waves between Awaji Island and Tokushima (Shikoku) under the Naruto big bridge.
Taking an hour cruise in Kairinmaru I could see many whirling weaves at the point.
It's too bad to stay short and long way trip for 1000km's drive.
Trip to Awaji


Weekend quiz


She likes ( to ) play sports.

Do you work ( out ) often?

I ( score ) a point!

I used to ( do ) this exercise every morning.

You’re drenched ( in ) sweat.

Weekend quiz


The most beautiful cafe

I'm now in Awaji Island.
When I crossed the Akashi bridge there was a rest parking with special facilities such as Ferris wheel, Starbucks and wide dog park.
People were staying bench or cafe wide viewing the bay of Seto.
I think the Starbucks cafe there, with round view of Akashi bridge is the most beautiful cafe in Japan.