Jobless runner

Advertise from the TV program
'Jonetsu Tairiku', The Passion.

It says that they will broadcast next Sunday about the man who is to entry London Olympic for male marathon, Arata Fujiwara.
He is not employed and jobless runner.
But this occasion, he starts to run a company ' Fujiwara Arata ' just the name of his.
The TV camera records the project Fujiwara Arata.
He is now a boss of a company as well as a marathon runner for the London Olympic.

I'm very proud of him because his great grand mother in law is my friend, Masako.
She is almost 90-year-old but keep learning English in my class.
She is very happy to have such a great grand daughter's husband.
She said she felt happy to have lived long right now!
Great life you have.
Your great grand son in law is something!

DIY on Golden Week

I finally fixed the broken door of the closet.
I ordered the same hinge as the one on the board of the door. But it was already out of product. So the hardware shop master tried to find the closet similar hinge.
I changed the cracked three hinges into new one.
It worked successfully.
I saved money by DIY instead of asking professional.

Before and After


The Matsuri part 2

It came a large portable shrine at around 9:00 o'clock in the evening.
There was drum beat and lightening up in the darkness.
That was not my town but another one next to us.
It was really so excited and new.

The Matsuri

The annual village festival 'Matsuri' is held April 29.
People from young to old are cooperated and went round the area with portable shrine.
It's one of the traditional events in the local town.
But there are fewer young generation and kids in the area.
It's a problem to take after the traditional ritual to the next age.
I'm also tiring to join that event.
I'm sure neighbor's association must be but old customs should be improved.


Work in the farm

A good day starts for the Golden Week and for Rice Field to cultivate!
I saw workers in the rice field to prepare for the planting in the countryside early in the morning.
I'm happy to be blessed with the sunshine and abundant of nature.

Thanks to the farming we can share good food in harvest season.
I also saw pretty blossoms on the roadside, which made feel lovely in their color.
I will never be bored with country color.


Joy in Learning

According to the research on education for elementary school children they emphasize 'Joy' in the psychology field.
“In the field of educational psychology, research on feelings is lacking,” the authors note, “and the little that does exist has focused more on negative rather than positive feelings.” Rantala, the principal of an elementary school in the city of Rovaniemi, and Määttä, a professor of psychology at the University of Lapland, set out to remedy this oversight by studying one emotion in particular: joy. (Mind Shift)
There are two aspects of 'Joy'.
One is first impression likewise fun.
It works for break the ice.
The other side is to accomplish or get to the goal.
Educators should know the fact that not a few great workers pursued their goals with joy.
I also can't do my work without joy!
Let children find out joy and make out the future in hope.
Joy in Learning


Lovely word

All my life, I have been in love with the sky. Even when everything was falling apart around me, the sky was always there for me.

Yoko Ono tweets such above.

When I feel down or in trouble it's good to look up at the sky.
From the sky how tiny I am and whatever would happen to me it would not be so big as the sky.
The sky always covers me and loves all living things. It's because uncountable numbers of lives are breathing beyond there.


Day trip of hot spring with lunch

It was a good day to drive to hike on the hill.
I had a day trip 'lunch and onsen'.
Only an hour drive took me to the mountaineer spot.
I'm lucky and happy to have relaxation easily.
I avoided busy period of the golden week.


Name of the flower

Did you know that Cherry blossoms are categorized in roses?
I don't know why they are the same category.
I'm sure they are both beautiful and attractive but cherry blossoms are once in a season which symbolizes subtle, while roses are gorgeous and strong smell and more to say having thorn. It absolutely seems different kind.
Anyway cherry blossoms front has been over here and it's going to the northern part of Japan.
Thanks to them I had a good time this year, too.

Falling cherry blossoms
Still being left in bloom
They are to be all gone
But both cherry blossoms

I want to know the name of this blossoms.
It looks like cherry blossoms but might not be....
It might be a kind of azalea.
Does anyone tell me the name?


Garden with full of flowers and green

Kazuyuki Ishihara is a landscape artist, owns a company which build gardens full of flowers and green.
He has won a prize at Chelsea garden art competition for three years.
He plans natural art in the garden and make people happy.
His dream is to make all Japan full of flowers and green and share the spirit of nature.
I think he is doing good work and he will help to save the sick land as well as sick mind.

While my dream is to make my garden full of flowers in all the season but I'm not good at gardening well, so I need to learn how to plan and plant soon.

Kazuyuki Ishihara


Pink carpet

Seeing the ground, covered with falling petal carpet.
It's gradation of pink and moss green.
They are dead but still sowing and working on the ground. They will make fertile soil and help the ground recycled.
It reminds me of the great picture book of The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story of Life for All Ages.


Tulip story

From February 10 to April 19, I made observation of tulips growing in my garden.
I planted bulbs last November.
In spite of bad weather they came out spouts in February having had snow fall several times.
I really love their wild strength and natural beauty. Their short flower show is supported by long patient power.
It encourages me to be patiently and overcome difficulty.

View of Sakura

It was clear in the sky, blue sky which is one of my most favorite color of nature. It looks very match to Sakura pink color. It's special collaboration in this season.
I could not but ate lunch outdoor, on a picnic under the cherry blossoms at the riverside park.
Being a little windy, found the shelter bank to avoid the wind and sat down to the bank.
Bathing in the Sun and breathing fresh air made me want the scene forever.
The view is one of my memorable fine art in my eyes.


The Extreme Life

The extreme life, which talks about an American man who loves both urban and rural life is introduced in the paper.
He used to be a successful business man in NYC at the Japanese construction Company. At his 29-year-old, he quitted the company in 1990 and moved to an isolated Island in Kagoshima prefecture in Japan.
His name is Jeffry Irish.He has been in Tsuchikure in Shimokoshi Island in Kagoshima prefecture since 1998 and has worked as a fisherman.
He is now a 51-year-old man.
He is the man who loves extreme life, urban and rural.
The Extreme Life

Petal road

It's starting to fall petal of blossoms.
It is a flower design on the pavement.
It will make petal carpet as the fallen petal piles amount. And it will be garbage in the end....

Flower life is too short!
That's why we love and miss them a lot.


In full bloom

It is announced that Cherryblossoms are in full bloom today.
It was warm around 22C in the day tine like in May.
I felt like sweat in my car and drove with the window open.
It was very good time for watching and walking under the blossoms.
we have a great season in the flowery term.

Awake in the season without an owner

I have noticed for a few years that some blossoms and the leaves showed their season bloom and color in the small garden without an owner.
It's been empty since the old woman had gone. But those left plants are still alive and beautiful.
I remember the famous Japanese poem.

When the east wind blows
Bloom and spread the pram blossoms
Even without your owner
Don't forget Spring bell
(by Michizane Sugawara)

It's his farewell word to his home.
He was forced to send to the countryside by the government.
He resigned with sorrowful goodbye.


The bloom

They are all in bloom at the same time.
I've never seen cherry blossoms and tulips both in bloom.
Colorful show time is now on stage.
They are full at their most.


Cherryblossom Chill

Today is rainy and chilly again.
It used to be cherryblossom chill during in full bloom or after the full bloom. It's called "Hanabie" in Japanese.
It means "a return of chilly weather during the cherryblossom season"
But this year not the case!
We haven't got cherryblossom season yet but it comes on schedule on calendar. It's mean!
Although cherryblossoms are ready to bloom, chilly weather blocks them off.
I'm very sorry for their short life will miss their season.


Tulip in my garden

Day by day tulips in my garden are growing a little and a little.
I'm glad that I found small buds in each plant.
They will bloom later soon if the weather goes on mild and sunny.
They were found on February 10th, covered with snow for the first time.
I posted it in my blog.(refer to feb. 10 blog)
For two months they have grown up and will gave made up beautiful flower.
Not only me but all creatures welcome and break out into the air.
Enjoy the Sun and natural fragrances.


Spring out after silent spring

It blooms out all at once here and there . In addition birds are chattering and flying busily high and low in the sky.
I happened to find swallows for the first time in this season.
They seem having great appetite and catching prey in the field.
They are all busy for making nests to raise eggs and new born babies.


Wanted ; hinge of closet door

The door of the closet was suddenly broken because of the hinge cracked.
There are four hinges between the door plates. When I pulled it out to open, two door plates were separated and the three of the four hinges were cracked.
I had repaired kitchen sink doors with different hinges which was sold at the DIY store.
But this time, I can't find the same hinge anywhere even on the net shop.
I asked hardware store but they don't even know. I need to find something alternative but make it work as possible.
My house gets old enough to need maintenance a lot.
I will try to use my ability and save money as possible.
Does your closet door work well?
Aren't they like this one?


Forecast of flowering time

It's reported that the forecast of flowering Sakura will be around 15th this weekend.
My daughter in Australia will come back on that day. She is lucky to meet Sakura in full bloom during her stay here. They might have waited to welcome her because she had missed them for several years.
Thanks for their coming late in bloom this year!
She will enjoy unforgettable natural beauty soon.


Fine view

It was super clear, full of sunshine and blue sky yesterday.
The view of the Mt.Tate was great.
It made me feel powerful and energetic. It also reminds me of those lyrics from 'Imagine'

No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today....

I was grateful to share the lovely moment under the blue sky.
It was a nice time being in peace.


My boom

It gets sunshine after a long while.
So I've waited for making burdock tea in such a shinny fine day.
It's one of my boom for two years.
For the first, wash burdock, slice cut, dry under the sunshine, roast on the pan and boil in the water until making tea brown. It takes a day to finish it.
I can only do it during sunlight season.
I had to give up making burdock tea in winter because of short and weak daylight.
I find a new boom recently.
It doesn't matter of sunlight, free for season.
It's making pickles by molted rice with salt. I put some kinds of vegetables into the bed"the molted rice with salt" a night.
They make delicious pickles which I love! I really love to make every night and eat every day.
They are fresh vegetable such as radish, cucumber, carrot, burdock and season one...Japanese ginger, too.
They say you can make it by meat or fish in that bed.
But I'm in live only vegetable so far.
Does anyone try it?


Dog Whisperer

Cesar Millan is a great trainer to train dogs which make problems with aggressive and violent uncontrollable by the owners.
He knows how come the problem behavior being from?
He counsels the pet owners first and advises them in right way.
He insists on being a mind leader and strict first and affectionate second.
He is a great mind reader of dogs but I'm not sure he might be a leader of people.


The first Sakura

I've found the first blossoms in my area. It's small and young tree but the color is strong pink red.
It's the first view in this season.
It gives me a little pleasure.


Still in bud

Season for fresh students at school in Japan.
We used to have school entrance ceremony under the cherry blossoms full or almost finished with a shower of blossoms at this season.
But this year is too strange and different from the usual year.
I found that cherry blossoms are still in bud yesterday.
Low pressure stays around here after the bomber low pressure.
I miss lovely blossoms but expect they will come out slowly and give us big pleasure.


Buckwheat noodle

After the bomber low pressure passed away it was gradually brighter in the sky but still chilly cold outside.
I went to eat out for lunch with friend.
We had buckwheat noodle at Soba bar.
We tried the one of the recommendation 'roughly ground' wheat. It was hand made noodle and original soup.
We enjoyed good taste as well as good chat.


Spring storm

It's said strong spring storm attacks all over Japan today. They alarm that you should come back home early to pretend problems effected by the storm.
There is an old saying
' If strong wind blows coffin dealer will be busy.'
It means that storm is very dangerous enough to kill people by an accident.
Spring storm is also harmful to the blossoms to bloom yet. I hope they are strong enough to be patient with the storm and bloom in later soon.


Earthquake and Headache

According to a new intensity distribution map released by the science ministry, Tsunami disaster caused by Earthquake will be more damaged than previous one.
It is very scary and serious report.
We can't avoid natural disaster so government should quickly guide to rescue people in danger.
By the way I had a dull headache like an earthquake and made a vomit like tsunami disaster this morning.
I felt natural disaster in my body by a slight cold.
I think it tells me simulation of a disaster.


April Fool

Happy April Fool's Day!
I don't know why they say it because it's from western culture.
We Japanese don't have such background but almost of all Japanese know 'April Fool's Day' and enjoy light liars or jokes.
We are free to choose Happy events and exchange different sense or thought.
I can try to understand different culture but can't accept all of them.
You'd better have your own sensibility to be happy in the globalized world.