What a mom's love!

It's very heart warming video the cat's mom hugs her baby.

They are sleeping very happy and peaceful.

I'm sure you love it.


Tears on the rose

It was not enough warmth in spring, so flowers bloom delayed.
I'm uneasy they have unusual season and tears of chilly rain.
Oh well, I didn't see hydrangea good for rainy season yet.

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Herbal medical garden

So many different kinds of peony.

They are very elegant and beautiful.

they are now at their most!


Rainy season & Typhoon race to land Japan!

According to the weather report, the Pacific ocean area in the mainland of Japan has got rainy season today and typhoon No.2 is rushing from Philippine to the northeastern, coming up to Japan and land soon.
Rainy season comes 12days earlier than usual year and typhoon has never been with rainy season before....as I remember.
It'll be raining for a week so far.
I think Nature still gives us another tough lesson.
We miss sunshine but rainy clouds hanging.
The temperature is lower again.
I still need heater in the day time.
I'm worried disorders are increasing sickness here and there. So I will keep myself warm not to get serious illness.

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Free from the glasses

I went to renew driving license.
Got an exam of eyesight, I was demanded to get another check of the wide angle because I had a good eyesight in my left eye enough for free glasses.
I was very surprised at the result that my eyes have recovered for 20 years!? Does it mean I'm getting aged eyes?
Anyway thanks for removing note ' glasses ' on my new driver's license.

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A blue heron

I often see the big bird in the river around my area.
I think HIM is hunting in the shallow stream.
I liked looking at him and tried to take a photo of him.
But mostly failed to take a shot because he was too careful for me to take his picture.
I needed to be careful not to bother his attention to catch his food.
I was patient enough to catch his view in my iPhon this time, finally !!
He flew away with his wings open,about the size as large as 2Ms after I took, luckily.
He seems wild and independent.
I wish we could share the life with nature forever.

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I'm very proud of the long life flowers on the pot outside in the garden.
I planted them in October last year. They have been producing pretty flowers for than 7 months.
This time, I divide their roots and plant to the land from the flower pot.
I really appreciate their beautiful flowers and enjoy very much.
I don't want to lose their lives only a year, so I will try to make a effort to live their life long.
I guess they hate summer heat and get weak and die in summer regularly.
I'm not a good gardener but I will have a passion to take care of them in this summer.
If I could protect them from the summer dying heat, I will meet their pretty color for a long time again.
these tiny flowers are somehow more elegant and attractive than the queen of flower, roses.
I enjoy arranging colorful petals in the small vase.

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Good napping

It turned more than 10 degrees down today different from yesterday! I need hot carpet again after a while.
Marie is taking a good nap on the carpet with blanket beside her care taker Ichiro.

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Summer day has come!

It has got hot temperature by the high pressure having had staying for a while. It was 27degrees in the afternoon. I wanted icecream at the shop of Thirty-one Icecream but I found a new item, Pop up soda, sparkling water with icecream & coconut cake inside.
It seems like kids beverage,sweet and cold, special for summer.

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Japanese movie director Naomi Kawase in new film competition at Cannes

"Hanezu" -- one of 20 contenders for the coveted Palme d'Or to be awarded by jury president Robert De Niro on Sunday -- tells the story of a love triangle in the mountainous Asuka region, seen as the birthplace of the Japanese nation.

"Humanity thought it could dominate everything. The tsunami was seen as absolute evil, but it's merely a natural phenomenon. Other elements in nature can give you a sense of security. We have to protect the place we live in.
"After the earthquake, I became aware of the fragile beauty of the earth."


There is no Heaven....

It's very interesting that Stephen Hawking answered the interview from the press.

Stephen Hawking: 'There is no heaven; it's a fairy story'
In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, the cosmologist shares his thoughts on death, M-theory, human purpose and our chance existence

Stephen Hawking says ;

I remember the lyrics of ' Imagine ' by John Lennon.
He already said ' there's no heaven ' and no he'll.
We should live just for today.
I like his philosophy.
I can get it that we don't regret too much nor waste time for the past,
That we don't worry about too much for tomorrow but live for now!

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No Hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today... Imagine by John Lennon
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A bee hive

It was lovely Sunday morning and I gave water in my garden.
Small flowers were shining and the young leaves were brilliant green.
I was also happy in the bright color and enjoyed the sun.
Then another visitor came around flying near the compressor of AC.
It reminded me of the beehive last year.

A beehive last year

I checked the back of the compressor and found a small beehive! The bee I found flying was staying and taking care of her nest.
OMG! What I needed to do at once was to ged rid of the nest before it goes big and babies are going to be born.
I sprayed insecticide and removed the small hive.
I think they would like to have their residense at the same place,so I will have to take a look on it carefully.
I feel a bit guilty for ridding of their house but I don't want them to live in my garden.
What will you do?

A small beehive


Blogger failure!

It happened to Blogger that I could not comment back nor access to the dashboard to write a new article since yesterday morning,13 May in Japan.
I'm sorry it doesn't still work well.
The last comment I got via email,just before the problem were all deleted and it never recovers even though trying to view.
I wonder Google might strengthen too much security system.


Foggy morning!

I was very carefully driving on my way to work on the country road because it was foggy densely,even late in the morning around 9:00a.m.
It was hard to see forward nor around from the driver's seat. I couldn't see anything over 10meters. So I turned on head light of my car to help the view.
It was terribly scared and felt like in Foggy Lindon. It was the first time I've ever had here in my city.

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Special lunch of mountain plants

I was invited to the special lunch of season food lunch, Sansai cuisine.

Tempura of Koshiabura
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Great decision to request full closure of Hamaoka power plant

I'm very relieved to hear that the prime minister Kan requested Chubu Electric Power Co. to stop all the power plants Hamaoka Power Plant in Shizuoka prefecture.
It's said that the most dangerous power plant in Japan.
I've been worried about next crisis if the big earthquakes might occur in 30 years.
We had too much tough lessons so far, so need to learn from it. Otherwise we will never see the future in our life.

Hamaoka Power Plant closure


Good song to share with you " I'm your angel"

It's my pleasure to share one of my favorite songs with you on a holiday as I feel relaxed and free.
I really like this lyrics because it lifts me up to make someone happy like an angel.
"No mountain's too high for you to climb, all you have to do is have some climbing faith…"
I want to be one who can encourage someone who needs help and care.

Japan needs help to rebuild from the lost heart as well as destruction field.
Now I'm an angle to love life and find tiny happiness in the daily life.


Spring thunderstorm

It's been strange and awful bad weather in this season.
We are now in the Golden Week, holidays in May. It used to be pretty warmer sunny days and good season for gardening, hiking and trekking the mountains. But these days were very cold, rainy and stormy, more worse was the thunderstorm yesterday!

I can't enjoy outdoors but working inside such as reading, watching and good time for cleaning.

Meanwhile, I've got a mail from an acquaintance near the mountains that she could trekking and found to take wild mountain plants as usual year.
She invites me to lunch with mountain plants dishes.
I'm very happy to have the invitation.
My grey Golden Week turns to be brighter with the mountain plants taste.

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