Every dog has his day

It was gloomy Sunday morning but began to be bright around the moon. I started to walk to the downtown and enjoyed to find something new.
I tried to find the good place to rest and eat going around the town.
When I went up to the round way to the station, happened to find a small pretty shop door with crepe decoration photos.
As I was too hungry and can't wait to go into the crepe shop.
I first ordered tuna & bacon not sweet but good for lunch. It was so nice to eat for a light meal.
I wanted to eat more and sweet one, berry & cream cheese cake.
It was also good for dessert.
The tapioca and coconut milk was also great to be like in the tropical land.
I really enjoyed on Sunday afternoon.



What day is it today?
I've noticed today is " meat day " because it's pronounced "iiniku"...in Japanese that means good day for meat.
There are lots of meat bargain sale in the supermarkets and restaurants serving meat dishes, especially yakiniku restaurants.
It's only one of the pleasures to enjoy life such as cake for Christmas, giving chocolate at Valentine's Day.
So if you like meat you can eat meat to your heart content today.
I'm not so favor of meat recently as getting old so I'd better eat fish meat instead.....I ate pork block in the stew pot last night. I don't want to eat meat every day.
How do you like to eat meat dish today?


Rainbow at 2:00 o'clock

It's reported the first snow in some areas in Japan yesterday.
I noticed sleet dropping on the front glass of my car when I went on my way to work.
It was cold rain during the morning but sometime sunlight came in and out through the breaks of the cloud.
I happened to see a part of arch of the rainbow on my way back home around 2:00 o'clock.
It's "Rainbow at 2:00", it means "gogo Niji no Niji" I was very glad to catch the lucky moment before winter.


Special week

There were annual speech contest last night. 13 contestants at TCFL Senshu course gave great speech about each different topic. The three from my class made entry and had passionate works.
Ms.Murai spoke tenderly and elegantly about her special decent moss garden which relieves annoying from her.
Mr.Shoji gave his speech about his final stage of Toyama Marathon. He's devoted his life in the marathon not only in all Japan but also in the world wide more than 13 countries. He made his mind to enclose his marathon life but decide to keep supporting for the marathon.
Ms.Koshihama made her life work painting experience and great work and talked about her decisive art observation.
They are all worth getting applause and admiration for their good life.
Thank you for the effort and encouragement.


Sakekasu recipe

Last night " Tameshite gatten" specialized Sakekasu, which is traditional recipe in Japan. It was first produced at the ancient era in Nara. " Naraduke" is one of the famous local preserved products from Nara now. They have more than 10 year-old Naraduke.
It seems very interesting.
The program introduced to make home Kasuduke such as "my Kasudoko" which is self produced Kasuduke with anything you want.
After watching tv I really want to taste " Gatten Maro" whose ingredient is mashumaro in Sakekasu for a few hours.
It's said a new taste and not so sweet cake.
Does anyone try it?


Mos Gee Bah

Did you know "Mos Gee Bah"?
I've heard of it last night on TV report about lack of workers among restaurants in Japan recently and it'll be worse year by year in the future deadly problems.
It reported one of the solutions at a fast food chain shop, they adopt senior aged person in short period of time and make good shift in a week.Though the aged people don't work too long but they can share working of their spare time.
It's been a good reputation because the veterans can give good service to customers even they sometimes forget orders....LOL
Anyway we can make effort to solve the problems in front of us.

Mos Gee Bah


Taste of bread

Long weekend is over. I had good rest and self care days during the day off. My pain in my arm and shoulder as well as upper back is almost gone. I think it was because of fever I didn't notice well.
I finally made myself cure without medicine! But I tried to see the bonesetter and had taping in my pain.
I also tie my elbow with armband to remove the pain. It's so helpful.
So I order supporter to defend the elbow so far....
Anyway after painless I feel like getting hungry. My appetite sees some taste. It's a taste of bread to have different stuffs.
It attracts me a lot! I'd like to make it soon.
Stuffed French bread


Two meanings of "Soba"

There is an interesting advertising to show the direction of the bank at the subway station.
It describes that "Soba" means nearby and soba noodle for the foreigners. It might be a little complicated to them.
Two meaning of "Soba"


What is Black Friday?

It's often seen Those key word "Black Friday". Did you know?

It's said after the Thanksgiving day on Thursday, people take day off next day on Friday. They can have long weekend.
Then shops give a big bargain sale. It is saying why Black Friday?
"Nobody's entirely sure, but most suggestions surround how businesses and retailers detail their finances. Many shops see the biggest profits of the year on Black Friday. Many businesses will detail their gains in black ink (and losses in red ink), hence the name."
What is Black Friday?


Fast cooking Pasta

I watched a regular weekly program "Sawako no Asa " on Saturday. This is Sawako talks to
the different guest every week.
Today's guest is Remi Hirano, who is famous as a cooking original arranger and food coordinator, I think. She herself says "a great lover of cooking".
It's so amazing to see the quick done pasta without boiling but very healthy and delicious.
I'd like to try soon!
It's very friendly for me to cook fast and good for healthy and tasteful.
Fast cooking pasta


Medical and nursing care rank

What about ranking of medical and nursing care in each area in Japan?
This is the whole map in all Japan according to the survey on medical and nursing care facility.
It's different between urban and local cities or big population and small ones.
I'm not sure whether this rate covers the rich life because cared long life is not always happy ending but healthy and lively life at home would be better.
Though as I get old I feel uneasy with my healthy status, I wish I could walk by myself until the end.
Medical & nursing care rank


Risk of heart disease

It's reported one of the way to avoid heart diseases.
According to Swedish study low sugar prevents to have heart failures.
Of course we know that taking daily can of sweet drink or spots drink make people obesity and diabetes easily . We've been much careful to focus on children or younger generation.
While this report tells for middle-aged and elderly men, so the results cannot be generalised to the overall population and both genders.
Anyway this is alarming for the sugary drink would be cautious to be taken for all generation.
Risk of heart disease


Helping each other

Here comes the season that apples are main fruits in these days.
We can taste delicious season gift gratefully.
I watched about the apple farmer to produce their fruits with so much effort and need lots of labors.
But it's been so hard do with them because being lack of workers.
Then great helpers are coming,
They are "marukobachi" a bit smaller than regular honey bee.
Farmers are taking care of marukobachi and in return they help farmers to work with apple flowers to give pollen instead of human powers.
What a clever idea! It's also Eco-friendly.
I thank to all of their efforts including marukobachi a lot.
Helping each other


Chinese cabbage recipes

It's good season to use lots of Chinese cabbage.
It reminds me of Japanese nabe cooking, sukiyaki or quick salt pickles and so on.
Recently I like to make the leftover for the using nabe, into sour pickles of Chinese cabbage.
It's really easy and healthy every meal.
These are the extended recipes of Chinese cabbage.
Please take them into your meal.
Chinese cabbage


Goromaru in Toyama

There's still much fever of the name "Goromaru". We are very proud of a Japanese new field hero in Rugby.
On the other hand, there's a different field named "Goromaru" in Toyama. It's been a traditional Japanese sweet long-established shop.
It produces new type of sweet by the young generation.
It's so interesting to hear that.
Hope to see Goromaru in Toyama, don't you?
Goromaru in Toyama


Mourn for tricolor light up

It's incredible like a nightmare occurred in Paris. More than 120 people were killed by the terrorist suicide bombing.
It reminds of 2001 tragedy in New York again.
We need to be corporate and make effort to solve the problems over the world. All the countries are facing to avoid and fight against the evil power.
We are being tested to be able to survive from the destruction by way of great humanitarian.
The US shows the mourns by enlightening tricolor on the building which was attacked and rebuilt. It's a kind of friendship in the same boat.

Lightening up with tricolor


Special harvest in late autumn

Dried persons which John and his wife made by themselves from the sour persimmons for more than two weeks are very delicious.
It's absolutely natural slow sweets, nothing is compared to the taste.
I'm very happy to eat it with green tea.
The other one is citron.
Julia enjoys taking citrons from her father's tree in the garden. After her father passed away it's been keeping giving fruits to her.
It's a special gift from her father every year.
The sour and fresh taste gives us great different flavor.
Thank you John and Julia for your great harvests.


Imperial dahlia

Though I'm caring and watching a small plant of imperial dahlia still short about 80cm with no blooming in my garden, I see the big plants of dahlia blooming in the neighborhood as every year.
I'm very sorry for my poor soil and environment. In the other hand, they are more than 2 meters tall and beautiful.
I'd like my garden with big blooms.


Candy tooth brush

It's reported a new type tooth brush called " Candy type toothbrush".
It's produced by a dentist who has been investigated oral and dental care to protect from the problems.
He tells brushing effect not only dental care but also keeping the beauty and health in the oral environment rubbing by the candy type ball opposite side of the brush.
It seems so interesting that I'd like to use it soon.
Candy toothbrush
An inventor Dr.Watanabe


What's for today ?

Today November 11 is special "1111" four No.1 arranging.
We seem to like to give the special meaning of the day.
This is a quiz from the old Japanese history. November 11 is said to be "day of folding paper" in Japanese "Origami no hi".
It's originated from the square. It's based on document in the ancient Japanese.
I like folding origami.
It's a good craft to make an easy enjoyment.
It's an old tradition but still a new good idea for fun.
Let's fold origami and have fun!


Developmental disability

It's reported as serious problems among adult business persons who need to work hard and survive in the marketing field.
As the world business is getting globalized and many kinds of technology and methods as well as high communication skill are needed in many aspects of the society.
Developmental disorder is ADHD, Asperger's syndrome or Autism.
There are not a few having problems after their career from the depressions.
We are caring and seeing it seriously and solve the problems for the mutual future.
Developmental disability


Costco review

I visited Costco in Japan for the first time.
I remember it was more than a decade ago when I visited Costco in California.
But I only knew that it was one of the supermarkets in the U.S. not so special but normal large size shopping store there.
Recently Japan has that American huge sizes supermarket like a store house and finally it has opened in Toyama.
I bought a membership and tried to shop in the weekend.
So there were not so much to me but something I got there.
I bought roasted chicken and whole grain bread which is the number1 seller.
They are very good but so much quantity so I kept them in the fridge for a week.
I can tell the merit of the roasted children for me because of my better condition. I used the bones off from children meat to make into soup. It's abundant of collagens. After I ate it, my arm which had pain gets to remove. It was a wonder for me but I know the collagen soup brings me good remedy result.
Thanks to collagen soup now.
I'd like to buy roasted chicken regularly.



I've ever ridden an ambulance when I was accompanied with my father in emergency. It's one of my worst memories in my life. I would never want that moment again.
Yesterday I had to follow the ambulance twice in the morning and the evening.
Sadako had a fever and heart shaking in the early morning and I was asked to follow her but I drove by myself after the ambulance. She got examination in the emergency room and finally the doctor sent me back home with her because the result was not so serious but with a little fever.
I took her to the senior apartment house and gave the message from the emergent doctor, it was 11:00am.
After a few hours, her home doctor saw Sadako and he decided to send her to the hospital again because her condition was getting worse and called 119. So I followed the ambulance again.
She stayed in the hospital for a night yesterday.
This morning when I see her she gets much better and looks fine not like yesterday.
She is telling to me
" Why am I here?"
" I don't remember anything about yesterday or anything about my family. Am I all alone without my siblings?"
When I ask her name she answers well but how old she is.... she knows maybe over fifty years old though she's actually 95 and a half year old.
And it's really interesting to hear that she met someone to come along with but she declined to go not then, because she felt sick and would go later when she gets well.
She remembered it and told me but soon she never knew what she said to me.
It's a kind of progression of dementia quickly. But she is a very lovely and cute lady.
I think she is blessed by her destiny so much.
It's because of her life by her own way of life.
I'm learning a lot from her.


"I chose Malala"

Malala Yausafzai is well known as the youngest Nobel Prize Award as well as a brave young girl who never stops to fight against Non-humanitarianism.
This report says her passion is made from her father's spirits a lot. But she tells herself
"My father only gave me the name Malalai. He didn't make me Malalai. I chose this life,".
I'm very impressed with the great relationship between father and daughter.
I also remember how much I'm given from my father.
I chose Malala


The weather

It's been sunny fine days for a week.
According to the weather news it'll start raining from tomorrow for a few days. I'm sure it'll be colder and colder after the chilly rain.
We can see the top of the mountains more covered with white snow now on.
I'm waiting for the imperial dahlia, which Jan gave me this spring.
But it doesn't seem to bloom even not seen any buds.
I wonder it will be soon cold and wet so much....I don't want them to miss the season.


Coffee as a new seasoning

I was watching "Tameshite gatten" on tv last night and very impressed with great use of coffee in different dishes. Among them I'm very interested in the way of using coffee as a bitter seasoning. Coffee has itself bitter taste but it makes food deeper and special taste such as "umami".
Actually I sometimes put coffee or chocolate into curry roux. Then it's said to be "secret ingredient".
I like to use more coffee as a secret flavor into other dishes.

A new seasoning


Japanese " Mansion " problems

It's been a big problem that Asahi Kasei Corp. then said one of its units had falsified data for foundation piles in condominiums.
It spreads all of their projects and now under investigation.
Actually I live in a over 30 year-old condominium and it was discovered some problems by degradation recently. So I had to pay for the interior parts even caused by outer walls which were responsible for the home owners association, we pay and manage fund by ourselves.
It costs me too much to maintain the old building later on.
But I think even the house would cost to maintain a lot if it took old, too. Nothing is forever as we are!
We can't take care of the cost in the future. Just focus on living now and so on.
Japanese condominium apartments


Fight chemical vegetable soup

It's getting colder and colder and good to eat something hot to warm yourself.
It's reported " Harvard style soup to prevent cancer".
It's a recipe of vegetable soup.
We already have great miso soup with some vegetables in it.
I'm very interested in tasting different kinds of vegetable soup every day in this cold season.
Fight chemical vegetable soup


Toyama Marathon 2015

It was really fine and beautiful yesterday for the first Toyama Marathon.
Though today is rainy and cold it was very lucky yesterday!
I'm very relieved the weather did the great job and gave us pleasant gift yesterday only one day "sun day".
We can't control the weather but it naturally smiles to us by chance.
But even if it would not be blessed with good weather I won't claim any time because I had great gift so much ever.
There is happiness where is appreciation.
Toyama Marathon 2015


The first Toyama Marathon

Today it's going to start the Toyama Marathon at 9:00 am soon.
It's said more about12,000 people entry to run from 47 prefectures in Japan and from overseas, too.
One of my friends joins from Hiroshima.
I'm glad the good weather is blessing the event today!
I hope they can enjoy beautiful scenery and great nature as well as good running.
The first Toyama Marathon
Live report

Just starting from the gate!