Dining at home

I planed to cook pizza for lunch with a friend to help me from the strong flour and made topping with what I have in the fridge.
I had bought strong flour for baking bread or something fermented.
But I didn't use it yet. So I search for the easy recipe on the cook pad. It taught me great idea and started to cook at once.
You need only to scramble strong flour with some sugar, a bit salt, baking powder or dried east and olive oil adding 80C hot water depends on the quantity of flour. I made it each 300g, 4 small spoons, twice pinches, 6g, 4 small spoons and 400g.
You don't have to ferment it just knead until making two smooth ball. Each ball to make into flat thin sheet by hands not using stick, having bank on the edge.( as the recipe said)
Then put on tomato sauce and shredded cheese. Finally topping with anything you want.
I made topping with hashed beef and potato, shimeji mushroom, paprika, green pepper and olive.
It took me only 20 minutes but another 30 minutes are needed to burn in the oven.
Late in the afternoon almost 2:00 we started to eat home made pizza lunch.
It was crispy and very tasteful.
I can't buy or order any pizza any more! Nothing is more delicious than dining at home ....I felt it yesterday but not sure after tomorrow.

Today is Halloween from the western culture. I'm not having any event but cooking pumpkin in the fridge today.
Eating pumpkin is good for your health in this season to avoid sickness as well as in Japan eating pumpkins on the winter day, December 22th this year.
I love pumpkin, trick or treat?


Dental infections

It was two months ago when my pet dog Marie had a swelling under her right eye. It was getting bigger and bigger day by day and couldn't wait for the day of the next appointment.
The vet immediately saw my dog and gave medicine to treat it. It was periodontal disease extended by gum disease for several years. She had to pull her teeth a few years ago because of the gum disease. I needed to brush her gum every moment after meals but it was impossible to do brushing regularly but for the occasions.
Suddenly she got sick from her oldness or weakness of immune system because oral germs are always existing in the mouth.
She has been cared by taking pills and cured right now. But I need to brush her gum to clean her mouth every day very hard.
Maintaining good condition in the oral health should be needed by brushing gums and removing the resting food between the teeth.

By the way I've got a book from my senior of the university. Her husband has published the book " Dental infections" and sent books to her dear friends to let us know not only the dental diseases but also effected diseases caused by periodontal diseases.
Her husband is a dentist and own a clinic for a long time.
Now he announces that some sort of chronicle diseases might be caused by dental infections.
That's what happened to my dog, too. The vet warned if the syndrome would be ignored it would have caused other serious diseases, for example heart shocking or lung problems. It would of course happen to human, too.
I really understand well and learned a lot from his book.
I would take care of the dental check more carefully.
Dental infections by Dr.Nakajima


The right man in the right place

It's not talking about a man but a wild pig.
It's said to be found on the mountains at the height of 2,600 meters level at the Mt. Alps behind the Mt. Tate.
It seems incredible that such a wild pig should lives in that place because wild pigs would live in the outside of the villages next to the human residence. They might not be able to find anything to eat and moved to the warm higher environment for the food.
It's alarming that the new invader might destroy the ecosystems of the sacred mountain ecology.
But thinking about us.....human life is more harmful than any other creatures.
Where is a right place?


New version up so frequently

It's been five times version up since iOS 9 had been released. It's so amazing frequency of alarming version up.
Actually I didn't install the quick version up of 9 and 9.01 for a while because I was cautious about new OS wouldn't work well.
But soon the third version up released for 9.02 last two weeks before. But it made me much problems. I had been suffering from the problems happened to my iPhone, which couldn't backup or couldn't sending and getting emails on 4G.
I asked for Apple and au support many times but not mended perfectly. At last I made the final way to make formatting the iPhone and set up from the beginning without using backup datas as it might had been something bugs in the backup datas in my cloud.
I started with a new iPhone setup by myself again from last week.
During those sessions two more versions up had been released, iOS9.1 and now announced 9.2.
It's so worrisome and annoying for me to catch up with the new versions so often.
Why Apple should release version-up so frequently?


WHO report

It's announced that processed meat such as hot dogs, ham and bacon raises the risk of colon cancer and that consuming other red meats “probably” raises the risk as well. But the increase in risk is so slight that experts said most people should not be overly worried about it.
I don't usually eat meat so often but twice or three times a week. I try to eat more fish and vegetables more often because of my condition is much better than eating meat. So I understand what its report saying and don't want to eat especially processed food never often so much so on.
WHO report


Twilight in autumn

I was walking along the riverside seeing the orange sky at the end of sunset and "susuki" typical autumn plant.
It's not special nor impressing view but ordinarily just a shot of a twilight scene. I don't know why I put it up.....I notice a bird and white moon in the sky.
Now I appreciate for this beautiful morning that the last evening brings here.
Every day never stops passing me and my memories fast disappear in my mind as time goes by.
But I'll never forget the dim dark twilight before the sunny bright day.


Weekend quiz

Fill in the blanks.

1. I'm starving. ( ) I see a menu? [ at the restaurant ]

2. I tell you the address. Please ( ) to this place. [ in the taxi ]

3. Thank you for the order. Is this ( ) here or to go? [ at the cafe ]

4. I was lack of sleep last night. I'm going to be ( ).

5. I heard you went around the world cruise. ( ) was your trip?

The answer is
1. Could or can
2. go
3. for
4. sick
5. How


Autumn special sweets

Here are bitter kind of persimmon given by Mr.Muir yesterday.
I tried to make them dry outside in the veranda. John advised me to hung them for more than a week.
They will be sweeter and sweeter as time takes.
I'm looking foreword and wait for the good occasion patiently.
Other sweet persimmons by Jan and John are really tasty to eat.
I ate them to share with friends so happy. Thank you for giving us good harvests!


A trivia today

When I can't find any good topics to share on this blog, I try to chat with friends and chat for a while and get some hints.
Today I've got an idea to make a question. This is easy and funny.
Here it is.

"We have two companies in Japan. They King and Prince. But Prince is much older than King.
What are they?"

It's a very trivial and nothing special question.


Amazing hero's motivation

It's Kohei Uchimura a Japanese gymnastic champion make a great decision.
He has an amazing motivation for Tokyo Olympic in 2020.
His great effort to get to Tokyo Olympic will make a lot of next generation to join the historical event.
We're very proud of Japanese hero.
Hero's motivation


Season food

I've got a message from Cookpad about some new recipes to cook.
One of them is the easiest and fast cooking one.
I love to cook it soon...may be tonight.
Let you know the one.
It's radish steak with soy sauce.
It's popular cooking radish such as "buridaikon" or "oden" and "nishime". They are very precious slow food in Japan.
But I sometimes prefer fast and low cost cooking. So this is very attractive for me.
Let's get radish.


Lack of storage

There is 5G free storage in iCloud. I've been having iPhone for 6 years and having had 6 devices including 2iPad and 1 MacBook Pro. This time iCloud has announced "lack of free storage" more than 5G since updated 9.02.
I checked into the storage in the iCloud and found the all unused app back up and nearly 3,000 photos including videos in it.
I immediately had to set them clear before buying extra storage.
But during doing another problem happened. The carrier exist mobile mail can't work under LTE
but only work through Wifi.
I have to work to get support very often on the phone.
It's very wasteful and fatigued work for me.
Mobile cloud is very convenient and helpful but it also has a lot of risk and costly. You should know it.


Autumn scene

On the weekend I was hiking the suburb village and found some familiar scenes as usual in this season.
As I introduced this blog last year, they are found between the trees to hunt food.
They are "jorougumo" like devil spiders but not so dangerous as "seakagojegumo".
Then the colored leaves are getting to be seen here and their as regular Autumn.
It's one of my therapy in my eyes.


In danger by aliens

It's so serious problems invaders which came from overseas " Tsumaaka suzumebachi" has reached to Kyushu in Japan.
We are very in danger for the native creatures because they may expel all other native bees such as honey bees or hive bees.
And the more, Tsumaaka suzumebachi is very harmful for us too. Their poison easily kills our life. We are very careful and avoid their coming into the mainland.
I really want their enemy would come and cease to exist from Japan.
Attacked by aliens


Developing sushi in urban

This is challenging sushi dish in the urban, which is supposed to aim to the international dish from Japan.
I think it a kind of art food and beautiful dish as well as good taste.
I expect it will be in the local town.
Artful sushi with wine


What's My Number?

It'll be mailed to each home from the government soon.
What's My Number?
According to Pakkun's blog, United States took it earlier called " Social Security Number " and there are many profits as well as not a few crimes.
We are not knowing what will cause us.
I really hope that SSN would not be SIN( Social Insecurity Number).
What's My Number?


Happy 11 months

It was the 11 months old birthday yesterday. Jace is now perfectly walking by himself.
It's really amazing.
He grows so fast and I can't catch up with his rapid developing.
I'm afraid I'm getting old such fast.
I'd rather like slow life as possible.
Happy 11 months old Jace


Awesome communication

Imagine if you lost words or no useful languages, what will you do?
This twin babies have great communication without words but "tatatatata".
They seem to understand each other by their own tool.
It makes me great laugh and think something good feeling.
We might communicate without languages but mutual understanding by using special signs. It's very funny.
Babies talk


Love for Japan

The program of NHK special "My love for Japan with great Japanese novelists by Donald Keene" was very impressive for me.
I've known him very well since he had moved to Japan and decided to be a Japanese at his age 89 because of 3.11 in 2011. Many foreigners gave their life away from Japan but he barely came to Japan and lived forever in the rest of his life.
He is now 93-year-old and trying to make efforts to translate Japanese great literature into English because he really loves Japanese culture and wants to let the world know the virtue and the beauty of real Japan.
I'm really moved with his amazing passion as a Japanese! He is as it were more like a Japanese than anyone else.
What's the really beauty of Japan by Donald Keene


Holiday quiz 2

Two people are talking about family. Guess what Billy's saying.

Abbie; Hi, Billy.
Do you have any siblings?
Billy; I have a sister.
But my sister is my mother.

P.S. This quiz can't be solved by English meaning but by Japanese translation.

My sister is WAGA MAMA.
It's my mother.


Holiday quiz 1

Please relax and have fun on two days holiday.
I'll give you a funny quiz.
Hope to enjoy it.

Two tomatoes are playing tag. One is Tom and the other is Tommy, Tom is chasing to Tommy and catches up to her.
Then they crush and something happens.
What's it?



On my way to walk with my dog Marie, she likes to make friends with something she is interested in the neighborhood.
Yesterday she noticed a cat in front of the someone's house. She really wanted to close to the cat with shaking her tails. Usually cats immediately ran away when Marie tried to close to them and making voice of her friendly heart not the barking one. But this cat didn't run and kept staying lying there.
Marie kept shaking friendly tail until I tied the lead to stop approaching to the cat.
They were meeting for a while apart from one meter.
I didn't want to disturb the cat so I let Marie take going away from there.
I wish Marie had a good friend to meet regularly on her way to walk.


Autumn sweets

Chestnuts given from friend's garden are very precious.
I peeled outside and left inside.
Then I cooked them in sweet.
It's a wonderful home made sweet, special in Autumn.


Autumn fly

I saw dragonflies a lot in my garden. They are a symbol of autumn. We call them " Autumn fly " or " Autumn red " in Japanese.
They are often sung by children's songs.
I happened to see one in the morning. It didn't quickly move then because it was not so warm yet. So I finally succeeded to catch it in my photo. But never could the second shot.
It flew away after the first shot.

This photo is taken by Mr.Muir.
Red dragonfly


Art & Nature yesterday

It was the final day of arranged flower exhibition yesterday.
I went out to the art exhibition by waking along the riverside.
It was such a fine day to take a walk and found some beautiful things.
I saw hydrangea as if it were smiling to me in this different season. I wondered what was happening. But it made me smile to them, too.
Then, there were a pair of ducks swimming on the stream very cheerfully. They seemed enjoying warm sunshine and cool water.
I also enjoyed bright sunlight and gentle breeze. Finally I met a lot of gorgeous masterpieces of flower arrangement.
I got both art and natural beauty yesterday.


Eddie Japan

Go on Japan Way!
Japanese cares about "No mistake" too much but he says "We learn from the mistakes so we should make mistakes."
It's very impressive how Eddie Jones leads Japan "Sun Wolves".

NHK professional archives


Small color

It was the early color beginning in the southern west of Toyama city.
It's weak red orange because of the difference of the temperature between day and night. It might be 10 degrees difference, day time was around 20C and night was around 10C.


Burning plants

I saw impressive burning red plants in the garden of a restaurant.
I asked the owner what's it called.
She said it's "Kokia" which was first green and after summer it turns red or pink very beautifully.
I'd like to plant it next year.


What's a " Collective House"?

It's very unique and new life style recently.
I've heard a " Share House", which is very popular among young people in Tokyo who lives alone and work very busy every day. So they don't feel lonely and help each other if they live in the share house at home.
But this is not a share house but similar to it because of having share space such as living room and kitchen but not only for single life but also a small family with babies. It's amazing people living there are from 0 to 89 years old and each have their each role to help each other.
It's said that there is " a lot of relationships " but no more
" isolated society ". I think it so meaningful.
What's a "Collective House"?


The promise in a life

It was yesterday the Hikiyama festival in the port town in Imizu.
A movie named " The promise in a life" will be released early in next year, which was located in the area of Hikiyama festival.
I'm very interested in it and looking foreword to watching for the good casts and beautiful location in our familiar places.
The promise in a life


It's October, what's new?

Today is the first day in October. Not a few new things begin from now.
Do you know what will be and make us happen?
The biggest one is "My number".
I'm not sure of the good effect yet but the bad one would be the security of it.
There are always two sides bright and dark sides. Our life would be more systematic and convenient but we should be careful for our secure life, safer and confident.

Sorry....I have no special topic today.

It's October