The value of life

There are hundreds of thousands those who are evacuated from the disaster, shivering with cold, staying days and nights on the floor with blanket. The other old people are suffering from sickness without medicine nor any care support.

While the president of the electric company is said to be in hospital for over stressful reactor of the company. But he can stay in warm bed, have a good treatment and enough support.

I know life is different on each person but I believe in every life should share peace as equal as possible.

Though the position of the social status is different, our life would be no difference by nature.

So let our life prove it and share the grief and pain so that the survival life could make the better life in the future.

The baby is cared to change a new diaper

The counsellors are giving support


Operation Tomodachi

It is named "Operation Tomodachi" of the American Navy,Air force and the army troops to help Japan act.
Not only America but also the other countries are coming to help Japan. Thanks to the great support from domestic and overseas it is getting recovered step by step. But the way to the perfect recovery will take more years.
Most of all, shortage of electricity is very serious problem especially in Tokyo. So the electronic company has to give regular regional blackout to make balance of 'the supply and demand of electricity' to cover Tokyo.
It is said that it will be also taken for years.
There is a topic about helping the shortage of electricity.
Thailand government tells that they will lend two of their power generator by shipping. They really comfort for suffering of Japanese and want Japanese people fight against difficulties. Thanks for all the support!

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Definition of the words and understanding

What is 'radioactivity', 'radiation' and ' radioactive materials' ?

I wonder of those scientific complicated words and tried to make them clear.

Radioactivity ; It's "radioactive decay"

Radiation ; Having sufficient energy travels outward in straight lines in all directions from the source.

Radioactive materials ; Emission from nuclei as a result of nuclear instability.

Nuclear plants in Japan

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Japan's nuclear crisis

Japan is now in danger of nuclear plant accident by heavy shaking and  tsunami.
We can't help watching the situation would be set up and the crisis would stop forever.

I'd better have safer than more developed, even though our life would be slow.
I'd better spend life more inconvenient than more convenient and uneasier by the radiation.
Our life should be improved and find out humanism.
May abolish be the nuclear plant which could be a killing machine.
We won't be deceived by a merchant of death.

CNN breaking News about Japan Nuclear plant

Why(or why not)nuclear energy?


A pet dog saved the old owner

At the time on Friday 14:46 M9.0 earthquake hit the area and the pet dog, the owner 83-year-old woman used to walk later in the afternoon hurried her to go outside soon.
The small dog was barking and running to lead her fast enough not to catch up the pet dog.
She had to follow after but it was the different way from the regular walking course, up to the hill.
Soon after, the killer tsunami rushed into the land and invaded, destroyed all the houses and swept all the town away.
She saw the scary view with the dog!
The pet dog saved her from the killer at last.

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Borderless support

So many hands to help Japan.
Not only Japanese but also foreigners living in Japan.
One of them from Pakistan went to the place where the earthquakes and the tsunami badly damaged and he cooked curry for the people refuged.
He was interviewed by the tv reporter why you did such charity so sooner during confusion.
He replied that no reason just wanted to help people in problem. And he said gently,
" There is no border in human mind."
I was really touched and felt proud of having a good fellow.

Help with curry
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To live

"Little Charo2" had an end with episode 50 this week on the radio.
The author of this story, Ms.Wakagi appeared as a guest on Monday.
She talked about the main theme of the story.
' You should live well if you want to die well.'
' To live well and you will have a happy ending'
It makes me very impressed to make my day at the most.

There were so many delightful words in this story.
' Future is yours. Never give up.'
' When your time is up, life will pass on to the next generation.'

Charo is a hope for us to live.
It is very simple and easy just like morning comes after night.
Life time is the most precious fortune and now is the time to pleasure.
No worry, no fear nor regret to the goal in your life.

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Cloud today2

It got darker and darker in the afternoon.
The sky was low and grey all over.
Sea gals were flying on the surface.
They were floating in the wind.
Aiming food and caught
It was their dining.


Cloud today

Clouds in the blue sky
I'd like to ride the cloud
Feel like peaceful

Birds in the blue sky
I'd like to sing with them
Feel like happy

Sunshine in the blue sky
I'd like to hug you baby
Feel like blessed

Stars in the dark sky
I'd like to wish upon a star
Feel like dreaming

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MobileMe for free in April?

Now is the time for Cloud Computing. I have been very interested in having a private cloud in the future because of secure for the disaster or the crush etc.
There will be offering many kinds of cloud service for each person.
One of them I'm focusing on MobileMe on Apple. But it's a bit expensive ¥9,800 cost a year, it makes me hesitate from going a membership.

But it is said in the web news that Apple might release free MobileMe in April. I really love to hear the news. I want to have a small cloud above my head.


on the Cold Spring Equinox Day

I still feel winter today, chilly rainy day is low temperature.
I can't set winter clothes back into the drawer.
We need to wear thick warm clothes to save energy.
But we can't live without heater all day and night.

My prayer will go on

Please don't let them leave in the cold
Please give them warm place and food to live
If I had almighty power,I could take them to the warm Island.
If I were a ruler of the universe, I would scold the Sun to come up to them.

I just pray for them to be safe and happy.
Wishing for my prayers would reach to Spring
Bright and warm breeze would blow up the disaster
Natural energy could make it and let them live.

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Dark side of civilization

I found an article posted by a reader in the newspaper.

It said that natural disaster has grown bigger as the human civilization has developed.

If we lived in the wilds like natives, it would not be so serious devastation.

The accident of the nuclear power plants, which are the highest technology, being caused by tsunami are most dreadful of all the disasters.

I think it is on my mind and tells about it instead of me.

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Evacuation with pets

Many people are evacuated away from home hit by the earthquake and tsunami. They are staying at the place of refuge with pets.

Two elderly Japanese women and a pet dog pass by a ship that was washed into their neighborhood by the tsunami as they try to make their way to search for their destroyed home in the leveled city of Kesennuma, in northeastern Japan, Thursday March 17,2011

A woman comforts her dog during an aftershock at an evacuation center for pets and their owners near an area devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in Kesennuma, north of Japan March 17, 2011

A man holds his dog as they wait to be scanned for radiation exposure at a temporary scanning center for residents living close to the quake-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant Wednesday, March 16, 2011, in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

A cat sits under a blanket at an evacuation center for pets and their owners near an area devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in Kesennuma, north Japan March 17, 2011


Lovely cake

It was extremely cold in the morning, -3 degree Celsius.
But it turned clear fine all day time.

Pound House 

I found lovely cakes at the shop. It's named " bear pudding "
The face on the cake was very cute and didn't  feel to eat up but loved to see it !


Fear for 60 sec at that time when she met the earthquake

The columnist Kaoru Kawai met the earthquake at Mito station after giving lecture and on her way back home.
She really had scary experience for a minute,felt like almost dying.
But she got to find something important which every body can do like what talking, cheering and caring are useful when the situation is getting worse by an unexpected disaster.
She appreciates a lot for the people who talked to her to encourage when she was lost.

The power voice to help me

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Make your confusing clear

If you feel uneasy what will happen next, it may be worth visiting this site and make your vague less!
It's one of my book marks.

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Pray for Japan, message from the UN

It's also one of the heartwarming message to Japan.
This is uploaded on the web thanks to many tweets.
So I can find such valuable things luckily and show them one by one.
I'd like to make our heart reinstalled and have a good step.

Message from the UN

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon: “Japan is one of (the UN’s) most generous and strongest benefactors, coming to the assistance of those in need the world over. In that spirit, the United Nations stands by the people of Japan and we will do anything and everything we can at this very difficult time.” I was moved at his words. What better example that good things happen to those who do good.

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Pray for Japan

As time goes by, the damage by the earthquakes and Tsumami disaster are revealing. More than three thousand people are killed and still missing over three more prefectures, Iwate, Fukushima, Miyagi and other North East Japan.
Houses, cars roads and any lifelines are utterly destroyed. I can tell that nothing is more precious than life so we should help them to live happily.

Here is a great wave to encourage Japan, facing the crisis.

It's made up of great love and peace to lift Japan from drowning.

I can trust human relationships are effective on Japanese spirits.

It's called " pray for Japan " movement.

Many people around the world unite to cheer Japan.

I will show you one of them.

On March 11, 2011 a huge and powerful magnitude 8,9 earthquake hit Japan having become the most powerful earthquake in 140 years and leaving disastrous consequences on the territory.

I felt I needed to upload this video honouring Japan in which we could actually realize how awful the situation has became for the country. I also found very appropriate to create this video showing how this whole tragedy has touched and moved me deeply.

Through these pictures I found on the Internet we can tell how devastating, moving and truly heartbreaking this whole thing is.

By just realizing how many lives and homes have been lost, the desperate families trying to find their relatives who have been missing and disappeared unexpectedly and unfairly, it encourages all of us to create strength and HELP. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to all of these people who have been affected by this terrible natural disaster. Nobody deserves to face such a horrible and powerful situation.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do against mother nature or to the damage which has already been caused. But we can face it through unity, help, support, send positivity and our best thoughts and prayers to all of these innocent people who are being affected by this disastrous earthquake. Let's unite our lives for the ones who are in need.

Let's all unite together, let's have hope and send our best thoughts to all of these people who are having to face such an awful situation.

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The Limits of Safeguards and Human Foresight

It was the worst and longest day in Japanese history a night after the dreadful earthquake.
I give my condolence to those who had damages and lost life.
It will take a long time to recover all.

The New York Times tells that below;

HERE’S the truly scary thing about the 8.9-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Honshu Island and its resulting tsunami: Japan is a country that is lauded for doing preparedness right.
Japan is a rich, high-tech nation with much rough experience of seismic rumblings: those factors have led it to plan, and plan well, for disaster, with billions spent over the years on developing and deploying technologies to limit the damage from temblors and tsunamis.

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I'll come with you.

I noticed this morning that I had made a mistake to listen to and had written a wrong script in my blog " Word to touch you ".
It was Choro's word of episode 48,
" I'll go with you " for " I'll come with you " I did rewite it at once!
I think it from English expression not from Japanese thought because we use the word ' go' when we start a step forward by ourselves everywhere.
In Japanese ' go' is used subjective with ' I ' , for example;
watashi ha ikimasu. (ukagaimasu,demukimasu) But sometimes I use 'come' as " I will come to you soon " when someone waits for me to come there.
It can be 'go and come' are interactive used for both ways among two more people.

In this case, Charo wants to follow Shota wherever he goes. I translated it
' go ' natually but I listened to the radio carefully this morning, it was....
" I'll come with you ". That's it!
I was very impressed to realize native English from the heart!
I think it makes me bright to learn those differences between different languages.

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Sense Of Coherence

"It's essential to have Sense Of Coherence for the power of life." is said in the column on the business leadership by Kaoru Kawai.
SOC is abbreviation of sense of coherence.
It means about the power of the positive mind however hard depressive environment, it's better to go forward even a quarter of one step.
Study proves that high score of SOC enables people to prevent sickness.
The higher score of SOC, the lower possibility of disorder and problem both mental and body, because SOC works well not only to avoid tiredness and burning out with too much stress but also to decrease absence from work. It rather raise people challenge spirits and get over the problems.
What is SOC?
"It's the opposite of restless." it's also said.
So we need to remove the enemy 'restless' and increase SOC.

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Word to touch you

There are two opposite expressions when you talk to someone to care.
Things have two different kind of aspects, for example

Yin and Yang
positive and negative
plus and minus
push and pull
live and die
In and out
top and bottom

I'm inspired by 'Little Charo 2 Episode 48 Life'
When Kanon asked Shota if he had been having another thought; Shota might have thought to see his mom beside going back to the living world with Charo. It was true that Shota was caught in a trap that he could see his mom for a while before going back ...but it was fake.
Kanon strongly persuaded Shota not to go that way to the world of the dead.
It was in vain, didn't reach to Shota's heart, so that there was no road appeared in front of the two, Charo and Shota.

But Charo said to Shota
" If you want to see your mom, I will come with you to the world of the dead.
My life is yours."
Surprisingly it moved Shota's mind and he could understand Kanon's word.

I think Kanon's word was Yang, positive, plus, push, live, in and top.
While Charo's was Yin, negative, minus, pull, die, out and bottom.
As a result, what makes things better if you want, you should have a deep thought to hold both sides.

As for me, I don't like too pushy or persistent advice even if it were right.
It's psychologically true that Charo touched Shota because Charo's word was rather from love than wish.

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White world again after again

So many times cold air comes back. It's said there comes three coldness and four warmth one by one at the beginning of spring.
But it's been terribly abnormally changing unlike usual year.
I really don't want white flower any more but pink blossoms.


Sense of humor 2

I kept searching about ' Humor ' on the web and found an interesting page on the topic.
It says that humor from human, it means that human being should have as a talent and make it wisely in life.
Without humor, life would be nonsense and tasteless.
Let's make fun of life and positive thinking with sense of humor.

They are humorous photos. Have fun !
Tom & Jerry

Oh, my CAT !!

Keep warm with fur and feather


Sense of humor, essential for English

This column tells very high quality of English skill but very important part to learn English.
I understand that sense of humor takes very important part of English to make people help understand each other and more comfortable to keep them relax. Without humor it would be dull and boring communication.

I think People in the world use language in order to live life happily and share joy and laugh each other. Sense of humor surely works well to promote good communication.
But there are different culture in each country. We have own sense of humor in Japanese not the same as one in English.
We need to learn the difference of culture as well as language if you learn foreign language.

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Little Charo ' temptation '

Kanon said to Shota to protect him from Randa's tricks.

In the world of the dead, nothing has ever changed
If time stands still, there is no future.
Shota, you are alive.
You are changing and growing.
There is a future.

It would mean nothing if you became a soccer player without working for it.
There is a future and it's yours.
Little Charo Episode 47

I remember another wise word by Namtaka.

To live is to have limited time to follow your dreams, even when it's hard.
Life is beautiful because it ends.

I'm deeply expressed with those words.
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Cold outside, warm inside

Having been snowy since last two days, got cold temperature.
My friend claims for neck, shoulder and back ache because of freezing cold.
I also hate coldness but I don't feel bad so much as being warm in my heart.

I saw Steve Jobs on the presentation of the Apple's year event.
He is actually taking work off and focus on caring for his health for no limit.
I was very excited to see him being proudly introducing their product.

I guess it would cease the sickness that never ends to be true in his passion. I'm really impressed with his power and it made me hot.

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Apple device

I write every day blog much easier than before because I can write anytime and everywhere from iPad.
It makes me save time and interested in finding new app.
Now that not only me but also not a few people tend to use apple device like me. It says that below.

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King's speech

It was a very beautiful movie that had human love, pathos and humor. Not knowing about the historical background well, it inspired me and gave good impression of the loyal family of the UK.
I'm sure it is a fiction entertainment based on the fact but the theme of serious disorder
'stammer'. The therapist treated the patient, the son of the king at that time as the other patients even though he was a loyal family.
His dedication for the majesty( the son will be a next king later )was superior than anyone else because of his justice in his mind.
The king George Ⅵ would never have had existed without his support.
I think the movie ' The King's speech ' is worthy of the best Academy Awards.
I recommend you to watch it!

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